I don't know what to do

ok, so I don't know where to start this may be a lot.

I'm currently in a relationship with someone, [18/M] while I am [20/F]. it's a long distance relationship (2 hours). I knew him because he used to be YouTube famous & is friends with a now popular singer who once also used YouTube. i used to be obsessed with my boyfriends videos so it's a dream were actually together 4 years later. we've been dating for 5 months now. he's really the sweetest boy I have ever been with. very respectful. he's very introverted (I'm a total extrovert). he always comes to visit me. but like maybe a month now I have been feeling mixed emotions about him. like maybe he wasn't the person I thought he was. bc Ive gotten to really know him now. he's very boring. and all he ever wants to do is make music. he doesn't have a job, and he's a freshman in community college. I keep trying to make him get a job but he like keeps pushing it away or isn't trying hard to. idk if maybe like our priorities are different (I know it's only a two year difference but it seems like I'm way more mature then he is.) but at the same time. I wanted this so bad for the longest time. and now that I have him I don't want to just throw it all a way bc it took forever to get where we are.

then comes the curve ball. I met a guy at my job (I work in the food industry & he works in the kitchen while I'm a sever but only on weekends). when I first saw him at work I would never talk to him bc he was honestly one of the most attractive guys I had ever seen. he would say hi to me & I would just smile quickly & look down & try to get away as fast as I could bc he just made me so nervous. recently though, I went to lunch with him. & I did again this week too. it was completely friend like, & it's during the day in public. but I still feel guilty as h***. he's [29/M], he has a full time job Monday-Friday. he has a house. he pays for me (my boyfriend never does). he talks to me so so much. about everything. books, shows, movies, art, the universe, theories, psychology, history. like he knows so much, ands it's so refreshing to actually have conversations of substance. rather then stupid s***. it's like they are complete opposites. this guy from work has no idea I have a boyfriend either....which is bad in my part but it never came up. I think I am so so into this 29 year old & I honestly think he may have interest in me. but I just really don't know what to do. like, I'm thinking about my future here. I do that (while my boyfriend only thinks of the "now" eye roll) I just am so confused with what my heart is trying to say.

I just don't know what to do about my boyfriend [18/M] or what to do about my coworker [29/M]


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  • Don't let the comments put u off. And Don't think for a second you are some fame seeker, you are going out with that guy now because you think he's sweet, maybe you first seen him because of his videos but that's not the point, if you enjoy being with him and he enjoys being with you then you should be loyal. If things become frustrating and you don't like him then sure, go for the guy at work, but you're with the guy you are with now for a reason, you like him that much.

  • Sounds like you fell for his fame. The dream. Easily done. Ditch him nicely and go for the real guy

  • No doubt: go with the guy who is 29. Enjoy life.

  • If your boyfriend hadn't ever made those videos, would you still be with him? I get the feeling that you let his fame cloud your judgment and you don't actually have that much in common with him. If the videos are the only reason you're with him, it's not worth it.

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