Sick of husband ogling my friends

Every time I bring a female friend over to the house, my husband can't stop ogling them. He tries to deny it, when I bring it up, but it is so obvious that it is ridiculous. He'll look at their b**** and say, "That's a beautiful blouse. It fits your curves great." Or look at their rears and say, "That skirt looks great on you, and you have the legs for it too." He is not just making simple compliments. He is thinking with his genitals. I know he must fantasize about some of them, and Lord help me if he does it when we're intimate. It is so embarrassing that I hardly have people over anymore.

Oct 3, 2016

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  • It's natural. I didn't do it often, as my ex-wife's friends were mostly average, but, a few..Yes. One or two, a lot. Whenever her friend and coworker, "Belle" would come over, my eyes went right to her body and I'd make fun, flirty comments. She was a petite, tight-bodied blonde with a perfect ass and healthy, firm t***. She and I weren't fans of each other, but, did have a sexy, love-hate thing going on. I admit, I looked that woman up and down no matter where she went in my house, especially when we'd play pool. Loved seeing her bend over.

    Her other friend was just so damn beautiful. Sexy, too, but had looks and a body you couldn't help stare at. That woman was a vision..

  • What a sicko you are!

  • He's a person not ur property ......

  • She's a person aswell and his wife. He should have more respect for her!! And, he possibly could be creeping out his wife's friends, when he's perving on their goodies! Her friends may feel like pieces of meat!! I wouldn't appreciate a guy perving on me!!

  • Men look at the most attractive woman get used to it.

    If you don't get ogled it means somone is more attractive than you.

  • But don't u think that it is inappropriate to do so? He's in a relationship, pal.

  • I do!!

  • And so is she.

  • I bet she doesn't, ogle her husbands mates!! I wonder how her husband would feel, if she did!!?

  • Girls dress and act sexy. Catch a guy. Then they get lazy. Sloppy. Less attractive.

    Then they have a baby and suddenly they are putting effort in and they look attractive. The yummy mummy phase.

    Then they get lazy again. They blame it on age or meaporse or whatever but the fact is they don't dress sexy.

    Then they complian when hubby looks elsewhere. They are in a relationship and they need to play their part.

  • You're chauvinistic!! There's two people in a relationship. It takes two people, to keep the spice going, it's not solely upto the woman in a heterosexual relationship, to keep her man attracted to her, the man needs to keep his woman attracted aswell, fool!!!

  • Exactly, and with comments like that from him, i bet his woman can't wait to root him, but more likely his woman's left him!

  • Guy here. Men produce 1,500 sperm a second. That is a fact. Of course they think about planting those f****** 24/7.

  • Some of those sperm are f***** up like your ideas!

  • This j*** has zero respect for you. It's time to think seriously about leaving him. It's not your fault for his inappropriate ogling of other women, but is up to you now to make a sound decision on your next move... away from him!!

  • True!!

  • ^Agreed!!^

  • I'm a married guy with a high drive. I don't say inappropriate s*** like your hubby, but I'd be lying if I haven't thought about working over virtually all of my wife's female friends. It's how guys are wired.

  • Well, I don't have that problem. My friends are guys!! My man won't be ogling them lol

  • Maybe he is telling you what he likes. Get off your self indulgent indignant ass and dress up and flirt with him.

  • Love and s.ex goes hand in hand. So if you love your girlfriend then you wouldn't be looking at other women.

  • Love and s** goes hand in hand. So if you loved your girlfriend then you wouldn't be looking at other women.

  • Her man needs to stop ogling his wife's friends and ogle his wife instead!!

  • Don't blame her for his bad behavior. He has the wandering eye and this is not HER fault, but his. Stop being so sexist and making excuses for him ogling other women.

  • Its not bad behaviour. Its male behaviour. Men are visual beings. Women dress sexy, catch the man and then wear tracky pants and sloppy tops.

    I'm not making excuses for him ogling women. I acknowledge he ogles women. If the wife has a problem with that then she needs to be better oggling material.

  • So do you suggest she wear full make-up, high heels and a tight skinned dress while she's cooking his dinner?

  • You're a f****** idiot. Being a hypersexual s**-obsessed pervert has nothing to do with being a man. Please die.

    All of these s**-addict men that make up like 99% of the world's population of men is why I am staying single.

  • You sexist pig!!!!

  • Jesus. "Men are visual beings"? That's one of the more f*****-up rationalizations I've ever heard. He's not a visual being. He's an a******.

  • Like u never check out other guys than the one ur with;)

  • Shut the f*** up. You idiots always say "well I bet you look at other men" to try to justify the man's perverted behavior. Even if she did look at other men that doesn't mean what he is doing is right.

  • I do, but I don't ogle them!! There's a difference between, sneak peeks and ogling, fool!!!

  • My ex bf was like this too. He was always making sexual comments, from my friends to random women in public. He watched a lot of p*** too, which may have been part of it. He never learned that women are people, not simply a body with a hole into which you deposit j***. Dump this guy.

  • Ohh no I got dumped boo Hoooo.... It's like nope I'm free

  • Its alright when he dont take out his c***

  • He's sick of u looking like s*** all the time

  • I'm sick of him, looking like s*** all the time!
    I have 4 pack abs and a toned body! He has a beer gut and balding hair!! I wear slinky outfit's in the bedroom for him and he wears underwear with holes in them!!

  • Go to the gym....

  • I do go to the gym and take pride in my appearance, I always have!! It's my husband that's a f****** slob, with a beer gut and balding hair!! But I love him, all the same!! I show him respect, by not ogling his friends and let me tell you, he has some FINE assed friends!! I have respect for my husbands feelings and myself. He should have the same, for me! He makes my friends uncomfortable!!

  • OMG.. he's immature and inappropriate. And what he thinks are compliments just come off sounding creepy. Any of your friends call him on his s***? and tell him he's gross and should be more respectful. Or do you ever say something? Has he always been like this or is this something new? Sorry, you married this douche.

  • Stfu

  • You stfu b****. Just because a man is looking at other women doesn't mean something is wrong with his girlfriend. 99% of men today are just hypersexual s**-addicts and many of them have hot girlfriends and they STILL look at other women. Please die.

  • Divorce him. I divorced my wife for doing something similar.

  • ^ same here ^. my first wife would f*** my friends and never even care about it.

  • Lol seems like your friends didn't mind!!

  • I'm so sorry that he's humiliating you this way, and I wish I could offer some hope for improvement. But it's not going to improve. He's an arrogant, thoughtless, self-centered, s**-driven a-hole, and he's always going to be an arrogant, thoughtless, self-centered, s**-driven a-hole. I'm not going to tell you to leave him now, but you need to prepare yourself mentally to do that when -- not if -- he actually does step out of line. Either that or begin to treat him like the dog he is and hit him in the face with a shoe every time he embarrasses you in front of your friends. Let him know, in no uncertain terms, that the behavior is NOT okay. Talking, counseling, therapy? None of that will work with a man like yours. He has to have a physical reminder that it's not acceptable to p*** on the rug.

  • He wants em or already has had em

  • I'm going to divorce him and f*** younger guys!!

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