Always you

We've worked together for a long time. Looking back on the past I realize that you really liked me. Unfortunately I was so caught up in getting my life together I didn't pay you any mind. Yet you never gave up. I see now that all those times you asked me to hang out, or asked my about my day, complimented me, or went out of your way to see me, wasn't all by chance. See I spent my 20's working my ass off to build a life that would provide a future for the woman I would marry one day. Unfortunately I didn't realize she was right in-front of me the whole time. You.

It broke my heart when I heard you got married, though I don't know why. The last time we ran into each other was in a private setting, I will never forget standing inches from your face, I could almost taste your lips. And of course those eyes that can pierce me from a mile away. I won't forget when you looked at me you just kept staring, and you started to sweat, the heat emanating from you was so intense that the air conditioned room felt like as if I was on the surface of the sun. After that encounter I noticed you were constantly looking at me, I could see it from the corner of my eyes.

So here I am now at 30, with multiple homes, good income, at the verge of getting my degree and being even more financially successful. Yet all I can think of is giving it all up for you. I tell myself that if given another chance I would gladly make you mine and put the world at your feet. My childhood friend tells me I should write a letter to you confessing everything. Though my friend has always been the hopeless romantic.

For you young men and women out there, don't be afraid of taking a chance. Success will come in time, no need to rush towards it. Stop and smell the roses. Love on the other hand, you might find yourself waiting for for a while.

Guess it was always you.

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  • Ouch. that's really hurtful brother. I feel your pain. When she really cared bout me I kept playing but its long gone now.
    The only advice I can give u even tho ur older then me is that don't write to her....just write a book like people suggested. if u write to her and something happens to her marriage you cant forgive yourself and you might not be happy!

  • Yes dude be a safe player don't reach out but if you get a chance do play in a close door room with in time frame..
    And if you happen to publish a book as suggested don't ever mention your name I know you won't can be jailed and your so called reputation will be at wear your mask well while you play if allowed..
    Don't let the world know who you are in actual ..

  • Don't write her, write a book about your climb to success and the love you disregarded that was in front of you all along. You are a great writer. Don't be a homewrecker!

    If you love her, let her live her life and don't interfere with hers; she's married now. But if you write a book or a publication like this and she "happens" to see it, it's better imo than trying to reach out to her personally. Cause if you contact her, it seems like you'd risk ruining her marriage to satisfy what you lost out on, and it's not fair to her husband.

  • I think your friend is right, you should write her. Get it out in the open, who knows what might happen

  • Don't kid yourself. Love is a lie.

  • Thank you

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