A long time coming?

Over the years I've developed feelings for one of my very good friends girlfriends. Drunkenly she's come on to me and tried to initiate things also confessing feelings but I've shut it down. Recently she's directly told me and I've long suspected that their relationship is done but my buddy refuses to let go. I'm not the type of person to do something like that to a friend but the temptation is there. At this point though her parents love me to the point that I'm currently house sitting while they travel and the girl in question literally told me she's afraid of my buddy because he won't let her go and refuses to acknowledge the breaking up. They live together in her lake cabin and her parents (living in an adjacent cabin) have made it clear they don't want him around but he still more out less lives there. At the very least I want to get my buddy to move on, he doesn't realize it but he's making them both miserable, but also still get with her? I feel it's one or the other and I'm not sure how to reconcile that.

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  • He sounds like a total loser. She needs to start cutting him off any way she can. Quit feeding the beast. I hope for everyone’s sake your not the reason she’s given up on him. That could come back to haunt you. I would say if she’s worth sticking around for then do it. I like what the other person replied.

  • I could tell you to be the better man, but really, you need to be conniving here. First off, do your best to boost his ego and make him think that chicks want him. Get the chick to start doing seriously irritating s*** around the home so that he'll like her less. He'll want to leave. If you can do it, find a way to hook him up with some new poon. Make him want to leave her. After he leaves her act like his now-ex is a w**** and your going for sloppy seconds, when in reality you are starting a new relationship with her. If the relationship builds then in time you can tell him that you really dig her, but don't tell him about your manipulation. By that point he likely moved on and won't care if you're s******* her. Not ideal, but it may be the most tactful way of managing the situation. BTW - keep her in-the-loop on what you are doing so that you can both play along.

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