Mother in law..

My friend jurked off nwxt to his mother in law while she was sleeping..shoyld he tell his phychiatrist

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  • I used to w*** off while my dad was sleeping, near his bed.

  • My dad use to read me a bedtime story and stroke his c*** while I watched

  • Seems quite normal to me. He is next to a woman and is turned on by this so he masturbates. Nobody is harmed in any way. Anyway we all m*********, it is completely normal.

  • Of course he should tell his psyc. What's the point of having someone to help you if your not honest.

    Mind you masturbation is a sign of weakness and lack of self control. He should stop masturbating and find a wife then he gets release. If he is good of course.

  • If he has a MIL he obviously has a wife

  • There's nothing wrong about fantasizing about your mother-in-law. Whenever my mother-in-law comes to visit, I get into her worn clothes and sniff and j*** off into her soiled panties. Then I taste our juices mixed together. Your friend seems perfectly normal to me.

  • No .. was his MIL hot?

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