New Year's Resolution (late): Start smoking at 55

I've always kind of wanted to smoke, but I grew up in the upper middle class and it was frowned on. Three days ago my husband of 23 years admitted he had a smoking fetish and was a light closet smoker. At first I was just shocked. It's horrible for your health, right?

But I'm 55. What are the odds it will kill me before something else will -- or I get Alzheimer's (which both parents had)? In fact, smoking makes Alzheimer's less likely. Anyway, the more I think about it the more excited I get -- and it will blow my husband's mind.

So my resolution is to start smoking some full-flavor cigarette and continue until I'm smoking at least 5 a day. If I don't like them then, I can quit.

I'm really excited by this.

Jan 20, 2018

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  • This is definitely risky. I am curious if you are still doing this?

  • Yes! But I smoke more, as does hubby.

  • Sounds like a plan. Your age, 55, is still too early to be able to escape the risks significantly. But, heck, it's your decision. If I were you I'd go for it also.

  • I'm already a smoker but I think it's wonderful! Smoking really is pure pleasure, and if it gets your husband off too... lovely!

    You might try smokey kisses. I taught a prior boyfriend to smoke that way. It's nice to have them smoke with you.

  • He already smoked. Have not tried smokey kisses.

  • For us fetishers, the smoke/s** connection is pretty strong.
    Want to really get him off. Deep inhales and slow exhales in to his face when you're riding his c***. It smells like s**. Be prepared for him shooting in you when you do. :) Have fun.

  • I started when I was 19 and thought I could just casually smoke. It was that way for a while then it just took over my life. I smoked for 13 yrs before I quit...been off them 16 yrs now. It's very foolish to think you can control something so addictive. It stinks, is expensive and it takes over your life. There's nothing sexy about all the wrinkles and aging it can cause as well as the constant coughing and rattling in the lungs. So bad! I have books that when I open them they smell like smoke and it's been 16 yrs! There are very few people who can only smoke on a very casual basis. It happens, but it's not the norm. Something that's so bad to yours health is a very poor choice just for your husband to get his rocks off. It's up to you, but I think it's a very unwise choice to start.

  • I don't want to control them. I'm up to maybe 7-8 a day (more when we have s**) and am enjoying them very much. My husband is in heaven.

  • An update: I surprised my husband with them one night in bed. I had smoked a few in preparation, because I read that most people coughed at first. I shook out a cigarette, said "light me", put it in my mouth and tossed him the lighter. He looked like I had just grown horns. He started to say something, stopped, and leaned over and lighted my cigarette. I inhaled without coughing! And smoked more than half of it. He was rock hard! S** was fabulous!

    I've been practicing since, but I'm only up to 3-4 cigarettes a day. Yesterday was my first time at 4, and I've only smoked 2 today, but I have hopes for smokey s** tonight.

  • Just an update: hubby loves it and I'm starting to really enjoy them. But I still probably average 5-6 a day, except on smokey s** nights. Then it might approach half a pack or so.

  • This is a bad idea. The yellow fingers and teeth. That stink on you and how it sticks to your clothes for hours. Years for some things. Wasted money that could be used for better things. Buy him male s** toys to spice it up.

    Visually, a starlet on the silver screen can look very attractive. It isn't the smoke, but is the bedroom eyes and flowing sexuality that is doing the trick. The smoke just happens to get included to show maturity. Originally women smoked in movies but had their back to the camera. So the smoking fetish is born.

  • .....its pointless............don't do it....please...

  • Why pointless? My husband will love it.

  • I will admit I loved it when my wife started smoking. After 20 years she would like to quit but she hasn't because of gaining weight if she does. I enjoy so much her hot figure that draws a lot of attn and don't want to see that stop either.

  • If you live in the States be prepared for the big p.i.t.a. trying to find a spot you can smoke when your out and about.

  • Sadly, this has been true, although the gum helps.

  • Nasty

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