I Love Smoking

I am one of those people who just happens to really love smoking cigarettes. It was never about peer pressure for me, from a young age I was curious about smoking and thought people who smoked were obtaining a sensual pleasure that was alluring to me. Unlike many smokers I decided to become a smoker and I knew I was going to get addicted, in fact, the idea of being submissive to a powerful nicotine dependence almost got me excited. Believe it or not, I made this decision when I was just a child of eight, with my aunty's support. Aunty was very patient with me and showed me how to inhale and from that first hit I ever got to my little lungs, I fell in love with the feeling of pumping smoke habitually into and out of my body. When I light up, I always feel calm and secure with my ever dependable cigarette. I also feel warm and it's kind of veyeuristically pleasurable to be watched smoking and watching others smoke. Right from those first few puffs, smoking has helped me cope with the ups and downs of life. No matter what is happening, good or bad, I can always have a cigarette. I really like my sense of identity as a smoker and the way I look with a burning cigarette between my lips. Sometimes I like to watch myself smoke in the mirror. I love smoking in bed with my partner, and sometimes this leads to some erotic pleasure. I am happy that I started smoking and that, despite the propoganda, I sill do. I wouldn't like to quit, I think I would feel like I had lost something very dear to me.

How do ther smokers feel about beings a smoker?

Sep 3, 2020

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  • "I love smoking cigarettes. In fact, I love smoking more than I love people. Sure, some say smoking is disgusting, but I think the human race is far more disgusting." - Me

  • I know smoking is bad, but I love women that smoke 120's. And nothing better than a smoking b******* when she smokes a 120.

  • I can really identify with your story since I also wanted to be a smoker from an early age. A friend showed me the ropes on inhaling and I loved it from the start, along with everything else associated with smoking. Even after nearly 40 years as a pack a day smoker, it still tastes and feels so great. I love being a smoker and can’t ever see that changing.

  • I too am so adicted to way i smoke very proud of my smoking needs attentive the way i watch other women smoke it just turns me on so much cant help myself erom smoking 2to3 packs a day and trying to smoke a carton ps do i qualify as to be a smoker love from a smoker smoke em babyyyyyyyyyyyy smoke them beyond the filter dont ever exhail

  • Thats honest smoking im opening to feel sexy im addicted

  • I also have erotic feelings when I fill my lungs with the smoke of a cigaret or if I see another woman doing it. It started when I was a little girl of 9 yo. I got my frist puff from my granny. My granny is a sexy woman of 53 yo. She often wears high heels and short skirts whith a beautifull body. I liked it when she inhaled deep the smoke of her cigaret. I promissed myself to become such a beautifull woman. So the first thing I had to do was to start smoking. My granny saw that I liked the way she was smoking. So once, I remember it was on a Saturdaymorning, she gave me my first puff. That dat she gave me some more puffs and she could see that I liked it. The next day she was sitting in the garden in front of her house. It was a nice garden next to the street where people were walking. She asked me to sit with her and drink some coffee. Yes I like also coffe! When I was sitting next to her, she asked me if I would smoke. I was suprised but said yes so I get my first own cigaret. I felt very proud that I was sitting with my granny smoking my own cigaret. Smoking together on a place where people could see us. From that moment I was sure that smoking should be a part of my life.
    With love.

  • I think we have something very special in common - a burning, smoke filled allure to cigarettes and the sensual pleasure and erotic desires that we ignite when we light up and pump our lungs fill with smoke. I would really like to chat with you, about our feelings and our journey into addiction at such a young age. If you want to email me a good address to use is paul.horgan@ymail.com - all my love P

  • What brands do u all smoke

  • Hi filling our lungs as much smoke we can

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