To the smokers here

My best friend started smoking cigarettes when he was 14. He died in 200 at the age of not quite 53. Heart disease caused by cigarette smoking.

His parents let him smoke as they themselves smoked.

All three of them lay side by side in a cemetery here in town.

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  • Sad story and a sad reminder of what effect habitual lifestyle choices can have on us. I started smoking at a similar age and smoked for nearly 4 decades. I managed to give up 18 months ago and now in enjoy a more active lifestyle. Really happy I mangaged it, but only wish it had been 40 years earlier! We cannot change what weve done but we can change what we will do from this moment onwards. RIP your best friend and his family. And bless you too for sharing.

  • How about people in your neighborhood who died of morbid obesity?

  • You got that right!

  • Complications from obesity. Obesity is a state of the body during part of its life. It itself won't kill you.

  • Not bad. This one should make a try at stand_up. They might make it a night.

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