Jehovah Witness at my fathers door

I was visiting my father in his front yard when a young man approached him. The young man said he wanted to talk with my Dad about his religion which he described as a peace-loving faith.

My father said well that's good what denomination? The young man replied Jehovah Witness. My father said well you can forget it.

The young man asked my father what he had against his religion and my father asked him two questions.

Do you believe in fighting for your country and the young man said no. Do you salute your country's flag? The young man said no.

The young man them explained that his faith was a religion of peace. My father replied that his religion was of peace too unless his country was in trouble.

These problems with the JW faith only touch the surface. In addition to not serving their country in any capacity, they do not allow their members to have blood transfusions and children have died because of this. They even brag about it in a pamphlet called "They chose God".

I personally am nicer to these people than my father was but overall I wish they would stay away. Their faith makes them useless citizens.

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  • Also they are not saved, won't go through the SON, Carry a BOOK, not a bible, and NOWHERE in all that satanic literature they carry., not ONE word about the salvation of the soul.I don't mind that they are going to h***, what p***** me off is they go around trying to take everybody to h*** with them!!

  • I admire their persistence and apart from the anoyance factor I'd rather them wander my streets than some other weird people.

  • They are a creepy bunch

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