Insecure about body

Although I have lost close to 30 lbs (need to lose maybe another 10 to 15 lbs), I still feel like my body will never look good enough for men to find me attractive. I constantly try to improve my physical appearance by continuing to workout and eat healthier, although, it may not be noticeable since I still have that stupid abdominal fat. It’s not like I don’t get compliments from guys, because I do…always seems to be that I have nice legs/calves, which I find surprising (I always thought that my smile was nice). The only other thing that I know guys like would be my b******…being busty (32DDD, larger cup size depending on bra brand) as well as being short (5’0”).

I walk "a lot" for work. I work out regularly (rowing machine, spin class, riding my bike, elliptical/treadmill, and strength training). Obviously, the difficult part of things comes from food. I am picky but I do enjoy food. I don't always eat as well as I should, but I try to make decent choices. It's hard to eat well when you spend time in a truck and running around outside in a variety of weather doing wildlife surveys.

Nov 19, 2016

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  • I like the anorexic look. Keep going. But not too far.

  • Get stuffed, control freak :)

  • Women with large b****** and a little Chubby are the, best. You sound like my ideal woman

  • Boost that already gained confidence with some flirting. Even if you only get some crass guy attention it's good fir your ego.

  • That is so unattractive! Be yourself in the here and now. Don't constantly be someone who you want to be. That is repulsive!

  • I agree with this person, ignore the others. You have already made a great effort to get in shape and little more can be asked of you. Do not think that having b****** as large watermelons are attractive to men, only the incredibly immature ones would encourage you to get implants. As a male, I can reassure you that excessively large b****** can actually be a turn off, many men prefer women to be proportionate.
    I hope you have had good progress in getting in shape, take care

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