I confess

You are my journey,my happiest destination as well.
Traveling without you is tough.Your absence tries me.
I feel your necessity to complete somethings that lack in my life
It’s my passion ,my unending obstinacy that drives me toward you..
My soul does not belong to me as much as it does to you.
Even when I receive only pain I don't panic knowing it's you.
Many phases I traveled with you.There was a day when I thought to pay in same coins but trust me no way I could take a step which could hurt you.. Could not take myself away from you completely..
My restlessness i might have controlled so that no erratic steps I take but I have never left your hand..My sky searches your ground.
I agree I can feel your void in my life but I even understand now it's not possible to fulfill all things but my heart does not know any other way to live except with you in it.
I sometimes wish not to convey my feelings
Want you to stay unaware of the extreme to which I love you.
It's my journey and is not dependent on any destination
This journey looks even more gorgeous when I think there is someone who travels round the world yet so very unreachable for me but still I love you without you fathoming how much..
Even though I feel incomplete,there is a unique power in this love that roars inside whatever my mind might say my heart doesn't pay attention to it..
Love only..

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  • You could write a million letters,
    but I won't
    You could write a million love songs,
    but I won't

    You could write a million screenplays,
    but I won't
    You could say a million phrases
    but I won't

    I only have one wish & three simple words

    If it sums I love you less
    You have the answer within yourself.

  • I know you're out there.

  • Hm so r u counting loves me loves me not:)

  • Only counting the loves me and skipping the loves me not.

  • That's very sweet of you,negatives are meant to be skipped only.

  • So true.

  • Never doubt my love. I've tried to deny it, to distract myself, but I find my heart bursting with love for you all over again. It's you that my soul yearns for. Nothing can ever compare to you. I've never loved the angel and demon in someone so unconditionally. Only you can fill that secret void within me. You understand something about me that no one else does. You gave me a gift that no one else could. You could never realize the power of the hold you have over me. I feel myself unraveling when I'm around you. I never wanted to cause you pain. I got scared. I only want to love you. You make me feel exposed which brings up some issues in me. I need to confront my fears for you.

  • I only know one thing for sure I always keep coming for more

  • Don't pressurize yourself for this.Dont fight your emotions.Take it easy there is no demand list put in your table. Stay happy scale the height am happy to watch from far .Arise awake and stop not till the goal is reached don't distract yourself from your life's goal .

  • I luv u 2 <3

  • Know am happy but would have been happiest you know how and what.

  • What sweet comment and yet this post is sweet too. I wish the person who wrote it would contact the person whom they want.

  • This is so heartfelt and beautiful. Someday very soon you'll realize you simply can't live, can't breathe without this person in your life. Loving them from a distance will become unbearable. You'll make your move and they will be ready. They probably always were, but you needed to get there, too. That's real love and friendship. All the best.

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