Vicious cycle of disability discrimination poverty

I need help with my shopping addictions but I need shoes and is I could stop putting on weight it would help a great deal. I want to afford better foods and weight loss support and make people understand I am not taking this abuse any more, I am just as good as other people with all their abilities sure I have some disabilities but that does not make me unworthy of marriage or being a mother and having friends or skills- I have needs. I am just worthy of employment and work part time as anyone and I am sick of this way of life and people bagging me as a nobody.

Jan 11, 2017

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  • I am a panty addicted male and am always buying panties both at brick and mortar stores as well as on line, wear them 24/7. I would say I have over 500 pairs. Been caught wearing them both at work on out in public but I don't care and yes I am a gay bottom

  • I'm A Male...I Love To Go Bra Shopping For Myself.

  • You should look in supported living services in your area. Or even through your medical coverage. Sometimes they offer nutrition and exercise classes or even discounts on gyms etc. And you can start with doing your own research about nutrition and healthy eating online. To start look up If you go to fast food restaurants..make an effort to choose salads and drink water. Stay away from the fries and sodas. Look online also for groups that offer weight loss support. Weight Watchers does, that could be a really good option for you. For the other things, don't worry what others think. It's hard, but what you think of yourself is most important.

  • We are all nobodies. Get over it. Get up. Get fit. Get rid of the TV. Go out. meet people. Make friends.

  • Then get up off your ASS

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