All that truly matters

I was in the dark for so long. Just living on autopilot. Letting people see what they want to see. They think they know me but they don't. Nobody knows me. I don't even know If I do. All the faces look the same to me. All the voices are faint buzzing sounds. Everything blurs together. Nothings matters. I just sit there. But where am I? I'm fading out. Becoming submerged in the shadows of my mind. I see nothing. I feel nothing. I'm nonexistent. But something happens. I see something. I feel something. What is it? Warmth? It's something that is so different in comparison to my cold world. It's getting closer. It's reaching towards me. I want to extend my hand to it but I'm scared. I'm unfamiliar with this new sensation. I feel myself becoming lighter. I'm rising away from the shadows. They're disappearing in a growing whiteness. I don't know whether to be relieved or scared. This is unknown territory. Above the surface of these encompassing white clouds, I see a light. Is this where the warmth is coming from? A hand reaches down and grasps mine in it's warm embrace. It brings me closer to the light. Soon it envelopes me. Now I see not a light, but a face. A kind-hearted face with a smile so bright and dazzling that I can't look away. It is the one and only face of the one that could have pulled me out of my previously dark world. This is the one that showed me the light and helped me feel the warmth. The one that stood out from all the blurs and shadows. I'm now surrounded by feelings I've never experienced before. It still scares me but I don't care anymore. I truly want to be part of your world because you're all that matters in my new world.

Jan 29, 2017

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  • Poignant and beautiful confession :)

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