Dad regret.

I have kids.. my newest is a month old. I could just f***ing run away and start a life in Cuba or off the cost of some tropical island. I want to party and meet different people. I want to have s**, get drunk and go off the f****** rails!! I want to drink and smoke weed till I pass out.. NOPE! "Can't do that Mr. Dad. You have to be responsible now, Mr. Dad." When I was single life had its obstacles but it was fun-ish.. now I've f***** up and I'm in to deep.. these aren't obstacles anymore. It's just a massive brick wall that enlarges when you try to climb it. I love em dearly but I'd rather rip my own intestines out through my knee caps than be a dad... I occasionally buy a gram of weed just to feel that bit numb. My wife is a b****. She sleeps all the time and I'm up till 4 in the morning coping with crying demons. I'm slowly losing my ability to cope and not punch a stupid f****** b****** cow in the face!! I dont care what happens anymore. I just want to find tranquillity and another life.

Apr 12, 2017

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  • Poor baby. Should've thought of that before spraying your seed multiple times. But that would have meant thinking and not just pleasing yourself, which you seem to be very good at. Try being an actual adult for a change. If that's beyond your abilities, there's always suicide :)

  • Your post turned me on bigtime. I got multiple Dui too due to frustrating marriage. I think it's sexy you like drinking since drinking turns me on, plus drunk girls are super-sexy! Contact me!

  • Do you love your wife, and you do see yourself staying with her for the rest of your life? Maybe you need to go. Or cheat. Or both.

  • The grass isn't always greener, my friend. Everything we do in life is work to some degree. You work on yourself, you work at work, you work on your relationships etc. But work doesn't have to be a four-letter word. There are a lot of positives and rewards to working, because it means you are actively pursuing to better you and your situation. Right now, you are at the end of your rope and you are looking to escape, which is different than taking a break. Because breaks are nice, but they don't solve the longterm issue. When you leave, the chaos still remains. So you have to figure out a way to fix the chaos at home. If your relationship between you and your wife cannot be fixed and you have exhausted all options, then you need to look ending the marriage. Your kids, kids grow and you won't always be up at 4 am feeding them. But if there is chaos at home, kids are like sponges and chaos can affect them so if avoid fighting with your wife in front of them. As for crying babies - babies don't just cry to cry. They cry for specific reasons..they are hungry, they need changing or they are tired. Routine is especially important for not only the babies so they hit their milestones, but for you as parents so you can get your sleep too and function. Sleep is just important anyway. Call your pediatrician or a sleep specialist just to get some tips on some tweaks to help you two and the babies get through the night. Your wife is possibly a b-itch because she is most likely exhausted and maybe suffering from post partum. Encourage her to seek help. But you need to figure out ways to cope on a daily basis. Go to the gym, if you're not. Figure out ways to enjoy your home life so you don't feel like losing your mind. If you guys can afford it, hire a housekeeper to help with daily chores at least temporarily. Maybe even seek counseling for yourself so you can take control of your anxiety and the issues your facing in your life.

  • Stop being a b**** man the fucc up and be a good'll get ya ass kicced you punk n**** made those kids so you gon raise them right....if i catch ya ass slippin you'll regret it b**** man the fucc up and take care of your kid and your wife you scumbag

  • F*** off its his job to look after the kids not the f****** wife unless she is sick

  • ^^^^^ it's his job to treat his wife right, and he sounds like a s***** dad.

  • I felt the same way at one point i'm 18 years into my marriage and both my kids are getting older .. The way I cope with it all, is by taking breaks every now & then .. See we all deserve a break from the madness and what we do during our breaks is nobody's business ..
    The things I do during my breaks is socializing with friends who always introduces me to new people and let's just say I always c** out the winner once the liquor is up in her .. life is short Op stop letting the madness consume you and learn to take breaks for yourself .. have some "you time" & do the s*** that makes you happy ...

  • Put a knot it in - its called self control dude.

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