Cheater Payback with Herpes!

I caught my boyfriend cheating! I dumped his ass and then secretly set him up with a girl who I know has herpes! Last I heard he's burning and itching and is miserable. I thought it was much more effective than keying a car!

Apr 28, 2017

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  • I personally think it's funny. All of you are p***** off are probably cheaters yourselves. Who are you to say that the effects of cheating are temporary? Things effect people differently. It may be extreme but we don't know the ins and outs of this entire relationship. Maybe he gave her the clap or something else curable in the past. You just never know. Keep your self-righteousness to yourselves. This girl is my hero!

  • I agree x

  • Yeah you see it is still not an excuse to spread infection because it doesnt just effect the person you are trying to get revenge on

  • Well, this girl didn't spread the herpes. So shut up! And the op's ex didn't have to sleep with the girl that gave him herpes, he chose it.

  • Right on!

  • Did you think about the other people that would be infected by him that were innocent and then the other people that would be infected by them? you like charlie sheen should be shot

  • Herpes isn't life threatening, unlike Aids/Hiv, asshat! And no one forced this guy to f*** this girl with herpes, he let his d*** dictate his actions, which isn't the op's fault!

  • Did Charlie Sheen personally offend you somehow, asshat?

  • Mabye learn how to use a condom

  • Asshat f*** your little failure of a kid too lol

  • He knew he had aids and he had unprotected s** with a ton of ppl soo f*** you

  • Were you one of them? No? Soo f*** you too!

  • You miss the point then dumbass

  • He cheated probably because you were a s*** lay fatty

  • And you probably are too, needle d***!

  • Ohh did that strike a chord?

  • Your d*** is as thin as a cord!

  • Hahaha! No. Just throwing the same kind of logic back at you. Not the OP here. Just think it's funny you call someone "fatty" based on a post that contains no pictures of the individual. If you think your lame excuse of a comment strikes a chord with anyone then you've really overestimated your effect on people. For anyone who did feel like this person struck a chord then you need to grow the f*** up and not let a dumbass website get under your skin! This site is hilarious!

  • Soo youre willing to dive into the dirt and then critic me for doing the same no insults made here are relevant and are just based on guesses. go suck a d*** you f***......

  • You're amusing.

  • I love what you did, girl.
    That's what I call poetic justice. Keep it up.

  • Haha like you havent sucked someone else off while youre in a relationship f****** hypocrite

  • Haven't, not "havent"

  • Scum you are

  • ^this^ is a GREAT comment! love it!!!

  • Scum you aree

  • You should be in jail or beat up. You affected him for life...your effect in being cheated on is temporary. You my dear are a psychopath.

  • F****** idiot...

  • Lol i find it funny you think that the crime fits the punishment just remember this next time you cheat on whoever cause you feel bored.

  • The op didn't cheat, her ex did.

  • You don't make sense!

  • I agree

  • That is because you are a idiot

  • You are BRILLIANT! I love you!!!!

  • I hope the next person you sleep with gives you aids

  • Aids is worse than herpes. You're bad minded and worse than the op!

  • Um nope i dont have any disease and i wouldnt give something to anyone intentionally but that b**** gave someone herpes....

  • Giving someone herpes, is worse than giving them aids! But I get your point, it's a little extreme lol but cheating is f***** up. Why do some people, never learn?

  • Grow up if someone doesnt want you anymore they will end up f****** someone else

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