When Hunter asked for a better car they gave him a bomb shell

The greatest story line in a cop show was when Hunter crashed his POS dodge four dour junker cop car I think it was a Dart or something ridiculous. He had a couple car crashes non of them his fault but the car's they gave him were slush buckets. He asked his Captain for a better police car since he was a detective. I think he wanted to be like Miami Vice but they gave him another sluch bucket a Dodge Diplomat or something along those lines. He gets a new partner Dee Dee McCALL A bomb shell I think everyone that watched the show must of love her. So she drives a bad ** sports car for the time the Shelby Dodge Daytona 2.2 Turbo intercooled 5 speed . She drove it like a race car driver. She was drifting before drifting became something. It was front wheel drive but she used the parking brake to lock up the rear wheels on turns and the Turbo engine would smoke the front tires when she come out from the high speed turns. I loved D McCall she was1 hands down a babe No other female t.v cop can come close toto her 100 percent choice babe. They gave her another Turbo Dodge Daytona a coupe seasons later that was bad ** ** with Louvers on the hatchback it was pretty much the same performance as her first Daytona but something about the new body styling made it look better than a Trans Am or Mustang. McCall had the bad ** sports car and Hunter again got a POS Unmarked Dodge Diplomat or similar car. Chrysler/Dodge sponsered the series with the cars they used. The best part is McCall never ever let Hunter drive any of her sport cars. When the series was on its last season they gave McCall a Dodge Dynasty. When I saw my favorite actress in the Dodge Dynasty I never watched another episode of Hunter. It was at the Detroit Auto show I think it was in the winter of 1983-84. at the show they had car's from T.V shows that were still Pilot episode. I think this was to help promote the t.v show. McCall was at the Auto show with the Dodge Daytona Shelby . I can not remember much about it except the Actress that played McCall was there with the car doing a presentation about it and the T.V show. It could have been a look a like but I think it was really her and then I started watching the T.V show and what made it awesome was I saw this lady that looked like a regular person she was driving Dodge Daytona like seriously better than any other driver on any t.v show maybe Knight Rider and A-team did some crazy driving but for a hot babe she was the one. I just could not imagine her being able to operate that car like the stunt drivers did in the T.V show making it look like it was her. This is what made it even more awesome for me. First she won't let Hunter drive it, he has crappy cars, she comes on the show and has a bad ** car right after he just asked for a better car. They give him the same if not a worse car and she was the baddest female police detective on T.V hands down. Interesting that the show was cancelled after they put her in the Dodge Dynasty. A special episode was done years later it was a Hunter Returns or something like that just one episode or a couple. They were a little bit older now. McCall is in a Mercedes Benz CLK320 , Hunter is in a Police car it looks like he went ahead and purchased it from a police auction it was his personal car. Similar to the Dodge's that he drove in the show that were all ** but this one was in good condition I think it was the Plymouth Grand Fury. Years ago I met a girl with a Dodge Daytona she was not a McCall look alike she was a babe though. She let me film videos of her and a couple of her girlfriend's behind the wheel of her Dodge Daytona with a V6 engine under the hood and a 5 speed transmission. She could do some wicked burn outs with the front wheel drive. The engine was the V6 used in the Plymouth Laser, Eclipse and 3000GT. I filmed pedal pumping videos with her and girlfriends driving it like they stole it. The car ran fantastic but sometimes after it was driven really hard days prior it would take a long time to start up. It was fuel injected but they had to pump the gas pedal and it would finally start up and then they would have to rev it really hard full throttle for a time to clear it out and then it would drive normal without stalling. The first time it happened and I was filming a video and captured the whole incident of her finally starting it and revving it full throttle for a time I thought that the engine was going to Explode. It never blew up never lifted a head or gasket nothing it was bullet proof. If this excites you then check it out at, just type into google , Red-Line Pedal pumping resource . You will be amazed at how awesome pretty women get when they are behind the wheel of a car pedal to the metal, Needle on the Redline, turning and burning!

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