My boyfriend wont eat anything

I personally just need some advice. My boyfriend is very insecure about his weight even though he has no reason to be because he is a stick. He believes that he is fat even after I tell him countless times that he is not fat at all.
Anyway all the time he will text me and tell me how he has no eaten at all or has only eaten a few items. Then I get mad at him and say go eat something and I have to beg him to eat something. I have to legit beg him to eat something then he promises he will.
But when I am with him he is always eating. I mean here and there he might say I am not hungry or whatever but he still eats. I see him eat breakfast and lunch and I know he eats dinner. But during the weekends or vacations he just says that he doesn't eat or hasn't eat all day.
So I just need advice or maybe an explanation as to why he is doing this or something. I want to be there for him but it is really starting to p*** me off whenever he texts me and he says that.

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  • Classic eating disorder. Anorexia affects men too.

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