Good for her

The other night i stayed over at my best friends house, We were out pretty late and had been partying. I woke up to go pee mid morning and wandered past their room to the bathroom, On my way back i glanced in as i walked past and her husband was sleeping on his back with the covers pulled back.
They both sleep naked which is no big deal but with the morning light pouring into the room i could see everything and...Holy crap he has a big d***. He is a tall, well built guy, Not a body builder but works a physical job so he looks good and his d*** is way above average, He had morning wood so i got to see it in it's full glory. It's probably over eight inches long, Quite thick and veiny and looks like he has big (I hate this term but...) b****.
I stood there for a few seconds taking in the view and then he moved so i quickly walked away and went to bed but later that day while sitting on the deck having coffee she said "Um...Did you see something this morning?", I knew right away what she meant and i choked on my coffee then giggled and looked around to see where he was, He was in the shower and i looked at her and said "Holy s***, Did I", We both laughed and she apologized for their...lack of discretion and I told her it was fine and it is their house, I congratulated her on his size and we laughed about it, Apparently he woke up and saw me walk away from the doorway...OOPS!!!

Jun 19, 2017

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  • It's nothing short of amazing how many gals have not had the privilege of experiencing a Jumbo P_e_n_i_s. Many men may be considered oversized however Jumbo is much more difficult to have find ; I mean find due to it being chance. A Jumbo P_e_n_i_s is the one, and only those women will know what I mean when I say, you feel everywhere at the same time. I experienced this man for a year & a half who had one, & then he didn't call anymore. Sexual intercourse isn't the same since.

  • Look, I prefer not to use the word either so just refer to it as saying he has large testes or his s****** looked huge.

  • I seen my sisters boyfriends d*** one time, Not very impressive but whatever. Nothing creepy or perverted about it, She walked by and seen it. it's not like she went looking to catch him naked or anything and all she said was "Good for her sister". I agree, Good for her, It's not as easy as you men think to find a good guy who treats you well, Looks good, Supports you in every way and if you can find one with a big d*** so for those of us who have like me i say "you have won the lottery".
    And guess what guys...Size does matter, If she says it doesn't she doesn't want to hurt your feelings but i'll bet she has to finish herself more often than not and YES...YOU are the problem.

  • Agreed,
    Best two f**** my wife ever had, she was visiting her step brother in Germany, and brought her best BFF along. They were both 16 at the time
    They stayed at the Armed forces Base .

    They were out on their first night, and ended up at an club off base, it got wild, really wild, they both drank like fishes and smoked an few joints,
    They both ended up back at the hotel, and my wife was brought back by an French Canadian tank mechanic? And her girlfriend had my wife's step brother,
    They had adjoining rooms with an door,

    My wife's friend ended up sucking my BIL dry, and f****** him once, and then passing out, dead for the night.

    My wife on the other hand was making sounds that my BIL had never heard before.

    He opened the door enough to peak in, all he told me was every juicy detail, from my wife's legs splayed open with an massive French c*** pounding her, he told me the Entire hotel heard her moans, groans , slapping off flesh, screams of pleasure, she got fuckd in every way possible by an huge French c***,
    Legs over his shoulders, doggie, my BIL said the most amazing thing was somehow
    He had hooked her legs behind the headbord(wife was incredibly flexible) and he was above her in the pushup position, started slowly gaining speed, until it looked like an piston pounding his sister, and he said that is when she lost her s***, till this day he has never ever seen an woman lose it like that.
    PS: the wife told me years later that she thought she was having an never ending orgasam, , as soon as it seemed to start to wind down he would change position, and start f****** her,
    She told me that no man has come that many times, 4 times in her p****, twice in her mouth,
    YES SIZE DOES MATTER!!!@!u wife agrees with you 100%

  • Creepy?, Perverted?, She walked past and seen him naked. It has happened to me both ways, I once seen my brother in laws c*** in a similar situation sharing a hotel suite with my sister and him and once i crashed on their couch and wasn't wearing panties, I woke up with no blankets on and realized i was showing my...s*****. I know he seen it because he had left his coffee cup on the end table by my feet but guess what, I was the one who passed out with no underwear and i was the one who kicked the covers off so who wouldn't look?
    I don't think its a bad thing if someone sees your junk as long as they don't take it beyond taking a little peek but that being said i would never show anything intentionally.

  • When i waz 18, i stayed at my sister's house for the summer before college. There wasn't a whole lot of room at her place so I slept on the couch. Sometimes she would have friends stay over and they would either crash on the floor or sleep on the other couch. More than once I would slide my shorts to the side so my d*** was out in full view with my blanket kicked off. I would act like I was sleeping and more than once I heard them gasp as they saw me. They would make comments about how big I was. One girl asked her other friend if she thought my sister would get mad if she woke me up with a b*******. Nothing ever happened, but it was fun hearing them talk about my d*** and how they would love to f*** me.

  • I peeked at my younger brother in law in the shower one time and was also quite surprised to find he is "Well hung", I agree, Good for my sister.

  • Creepy b****! If it was your brother-in-law perving on you, he'd be called a pervert! Same standards in my opinion, you pervert!

  • I'll put this in perspective for you then girl. When we invert that to a man observing some dame [family or not] in the shower, you call it/them "creepy" or "perverted" or what derogatory term surfaces thus ; here that makes you the perverted creep!! While you're at it, Get Over yourself weirdo.

  • I like your perspective! Spot on lol I'm a woman and agree wholeheartedly with you.

    Slightly off topic. But it's sort of similar to when a man and woman are out on a date, why is it thought unchivalrous if the guy doesn't pay the bill? What makes the girl so special that she can't pay for it or at least go halves with the guy. I'm sure the guy is on the date, every much as the girl is - so therefore it's equal. That's just one that p me off lol another is, why does the girl on valentines day expect the whole shebang like they're deserving of s***?! What about the guy aswell. Wouldn't a guy like to be treated and romanced aswell.

  • Thank you!! I'm certain many gals are in agreement although don't deem it necessary to reply to my remark due to me being a man. That makes you special for your response. Be well.

  • /\... I agree with you.. That's the double standards that p*** me off too. Some women stand there a b**** about women's lib and gender equality. Then they b**** that chivalry is dead. Well you can't have it both ways. You want chivalry or women's lib?

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