You have to leave not because of ego but for own self respect



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  • I did, and it was one of the best things ever. Artie, I don't hate you, but I would not be sad to hear that you've died. I don't care whether or not you've found someone else to manipulate; as you know, I'm more content with my man now than I ever was with you. He and I are far better for each other and have lasted longer, through some major life changes no less, than you and I ever achieved.

    Also? The cat adopted *me*, not you. IIRC, you asserted very loudly that she was going to be MY responsibility. And then you tried to use her against me when I finally left for the last time? Just how pathetic are you?

    I'm just glad there's nothing tying me to you now. I'd say "have a good life", but you probably won't. Oh well, not my problem anymore! LOL

  • Meh, have faith, everything happens for a reason.

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