I am too young for this sh*t

I am not even close to being 30 years old and I've been diagnosed with illnesses that would change the course of my life.

I am really upset. People with sh*t lifestyle who don't care about their health should get this, not me: I had always been very careful with my food, work out whenever I can. Both my family have history of diabetes, heart problems and cancer. So all my life I had been taking care of myself.

I hate sugary sweet stuff and junk food. Not even as a child did I eat all those sh*t junk food and sweet. I preferred eating fruits for snacks, I was a strange child indeed.

But no, life decided to a be a b*tch. Life decided that the skinny b*tch with good skin and zero fat can pig on her MCD's, Reese's cups and carbonated drinks while the athletic b*tch who maintains a healthy lifestyle should suffer a lifetime of acne and hormone problems.

And this athletic b*tch inherited sh*tty genes from her parents and should have to suffer before she turns 30.

Being told by your doctor that you're basically a ticking time bomb is not fun. Taking medications and going on a stricter diet is no way to live life one's life. Haven't I scarified enough of simple pleasures in life because I know about my family history?? It feels like despite my efforts sh*t is adamant. Had I known I would have just pigged out like most of those skinny b*tches that dont put on weight despite eating for a family of 10. It's not fair. It's a given for that 300lbs loser in Walmart to have this illness, not an athlete like me.

Say that I am mean, nasty, a b*tch, a c*nt, whatever but someone who put in effort like me should not be sick. I can understand if I am 50 or 60, but in my 20's!

F*ck everything.

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  • Well, aren't you just the sweetest little thing? What's the matter princess, can't handle the crap hand life has dealt you? You think other people who have been dealt different kinds of crap hands should take on your infirmity as well, simply because YOU think they're inferior to you?

    Here's a great chance to learn a little compassion. People like you never learn it without having their own noses rubbed in it. Congratulations cupcake, your companions in life are people like "that 300 pound loser in Walmart"-- the Defective Body League.

    You must've been an even bigger b.itch in a past life to earn this gig, sweetheart. Enjoy living in a semi-useless meatsuit. Don't stroke out over this comment, now... poor delicate thing :)

  • That's a nasty thing to say wishing harm on others and think of others with a weight problem as all losers just because you are not well what a nasty personality I can say I won't be wishing you well

  • I pray that God and many people in your situation will have a long and happy and fullfing life.

  • If it makes you feel any better, my grandfathers heart condition got passed down to me. In all probability, I won’t make it past 50.

  • By the time I was your age I had COPD from asthma, spinal scholosis, and a personality disorder. Join the club.

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