Cant let it go

About a year ago i got a message on Facebook off my boyfriends old work mate "Tom" saying that he just found out his gf "Sarah" had shown videos of herself masturbating to my boyfriend. I asked my bf and he flat out denied it. I messaged "Sarah" on Facebook asking her what it was about and she confessed the whole story.
My bf was a taxi driver trying to make extra money and she said he asked to see videos of her. She felt guilty and confessed to her bf "Tom".
Tom then told me she had constantly hit on my bf and even asking "Tom" to invite him for a threesome.
"Tom" said no and was offended. That night my bf took her home in a taxi and showed him videos of herself but "Tom" is convinced something else happened.
"Tom" wanted to tell me sooner but i was pregnant and didn't want to upset me.
Yes, this means, if true, my bf was sleeping with girls in his taxi when i was pregnant with his son.
My bf still to this day flat out denies. I cant let this go. Not knowing what happened. It's driving me insane.
I had almost forgot all about it until my bf said that he wants to get back into taxi driving. I joked and said you just like the girly customers and he gently smiled for a brief second off in a daydream.
You know how when you get a gut feeling? I know him well and i know he was thinking of someone. Whether it was "Sarah" or not i dont know.
He refuses to talk about it saying hes sick of being accused of something he didn't do. Which i get but i cant let it go.
Am i crazy? How do i get over this? What do i do?

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  • You're not crazy, but continually thinking about it will make you crazy for sure. You have some very difficult decisions to make. If anyone is going to cheat, they will figure out a way. But continuing to accuse him or wanting him to confess will just doom your relationship. At this point, your bf just has his word, so how much is it worth? Can you trust him? Can you let this go and move forward? It maybe to your benefit for you both to seek counseling. Not trusting him 100% will only doom your relationship. You both have to move from this.

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