She claims she doesn't remember

Last night my wife went out with the girls and she was texting me until about 1:00am then stopped, Around 3:00am the doorbell rang and it was one of her friends who told me my wife needed to be carried in so i went to the car, Scooped her up and carried her into the house as her friend apologized for bringing her home in that state.
I got her undressed and into bed and a few minutes later she went into our attached bathroom, I laid there and didn't hear any noise so i went and checked on her. She was sitting on the floor buck naked and looked up at me reaching out her hands, I helped her up and got her back into bed but didn't bother getting her dressed and i snuggled up behind her.
Not sure if she was awake or having a s** dream but she started grinding her bum on me so i whipped off my underwear and she was already all wet so i worked it in her from behind. I was just going slow and she took my hand putting it on her b***. we started young and our youngest kid is 15 so although she is 38 and doesn't have one stretch mark her b**** are empty and floppy but i always pull on her nipples and she likes it so i started doing that and she had her hand on mine as she moaned and groaned.
Her butt hole is strictly off limits, No tongue, No fingers and definitely no p**** but being as drunk as she was i was rubbing it with my thumb and she wasn't putting up a fight. I rolled her onto her stomach which is always a fan favorite and just kept going slow, I reached over and got the lube out of the drawer and squirted some on her butt hole then pulled out and pressed it into her bum, I got about half in and she squeezed her bum cheeks groaning then relaxed and i pressed the rest of the way in. I am not small but not huge, A good solid 7 inches but pretty thick, Just as i got b**** deep in her she whimpered a bit then groaned "Ooohhhh, Don't do that", I kept going nice and slow while still pulling on her stretchy nips and she kept whimpering saying "Stop...I don't like that..." but after a bit she started sticking her bum out and i reached between her legs rubbing and fingering her.
Eventually she came and i finished in her ass, She went limp and i puled out when i was done, She rolled over and said "F*** that's gross" then got up and went to the bathroom, She returned a bit later and stumbled into bed and passed out.
This morning while drinking coffee on the deck i looked at her and said "So..." she looked at me all hung over and said "So...What?", I said "Last night?" and she looked at me and said "What about it?", I said "How was it?" and she started talking about how she didn't remember half the night with her friends and i asked if she remembered coming home, She laughed and said she didn't so i said "you don't remember having s**?", She looked at me and giggled and said "Did we?", I looked at her and said "Um...Yeah...In the bum".
She looked at me and said "Yeah, You wish" I tried to convince her and she just kept saying "I think i would remember that".
Oh well maybe she will remember it next time LOL.

Aug 24, 2017

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  • When i was a bartender at this killer nightclub in Fort Myers I got to f*** countless babes I met while working. One of them was this insanely hot stripper named Hope. She always had me finish in her ass so her boyfriend wouldn't know she had been f****** around..He was unaware she took it up the ass..

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