I made a fortune demolishing my old high school

I graduated in 1965 and that was the last year students would attend this very old brick school building. It was built in 1925 and the population of students needed a newer bigger high school.

The county wanted to develop the property and my father's construction company was hired to tear it down.

I did everything in my power not to damage the bricks. The bricks were very high-quality Mason bricks and modern bricks lacked the style and look of the bricks I was salvaging.

I finally got the building razed and I cleaned the bricks and a housing authority gave me a fortune for them. My deal with the county was that I could have the bricks and they didn't have to give me anything else.

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  • I do property damage claim clean-outs, and stuff is usually getting tossed or, good stuff taken by the owners after the fire, water, etc incident. Had a home where the owners took off for another state, permanently, and told me to coordinate getting rid of everything and "take what you want". Not a whole lot there worth taking, but, I did make off with a few things for myself.

    Good friend of mine does all of her own remodeling and woodwork, so, I loaded up the wood shop, tools, etc, gave her what she wanted, and sold the rest. Same thing with some untouched, away from the fire, high-end salon items, a bag full of nail polish, and salon-quality handheld hair dryers. Those made me a nice amount of cash.

  • And the confession is....
    Lovely story though. Glad you made money on the deal.

  • African clay bricks are awesome

  • Gee you sound like that doctor who demolished a shop for a parking lot, and everyone knows he is an alcoholic, gyno but drunken pisspot. what happened to make you guys so destructive?

  • Did all of your mother's children live?

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