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I stole from stores when I was in my early 20's I got caught, did volunteer service and stayed true to my word I would not steal again. Well if that were true I wouldn't be here typing this. This summer in July I stole money from my father in law from his wallet behind a closed bedroom door. I am not even sure what drew me into the room, about an hour later me and my hubby were getting food/snacks and he called screamed at me and told me I better put it back. I did and we left right away, I havent had a chance to say sorry to him and he hasnt come to visit the kids and my hubby misses him however he doesn't want us to visit him either because of me. I want to avoid this because its easier but I am going to be in the family hopefully for the rest of my life.

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  • Say you're sorry and can't explain why you did it and promise to get counseling. And get it. You have a pattern of kleptomania.

  • It doesnt matter what amout you stole. Stealing is stealing.

  • Well with it being close to the holidays i am going to ask for forgiveness

  • I suppose its more the fact that I would steal from family that is the problem.

  • 20$

  • Just wondering, how much did you take from him?

  • I stole 20$

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