Hubby doesn't notice her.

My wife's friends hubby seems to not give a crap about her. The is so beautiful. Big t*** and a nice ass. She's had some kids but still looks great. She always struts around in this thin robe and I can see all the curves and lines and her hard nipples. Her hubby seems to not even care. She seems to be done with his crap. I have had many dreams and used her in my spank bank many times. I would love to come over and fill her with my hard c*** while he's at work.

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  • I genuinely hope that, by this point, you've begun a torrid affair with the woman you mentioned. In fact, I hope that, by this point, she is carrying your baby.

  • You are a dog and your wife deserves better

  • ???? What's your problem with his confession???

    You're a judgemental pain in the back side who comes to a confession site and judges people. Shove your opinion up your rude bum and go to sleep. This is a place for people to confess. Don't scruw it up with your mortality bug. Over engineered mind!

  • What's wrong? Well let's see here, THEY'RE BOTH F****** MARRIED. You're a f****** idiot and the OP is still a dog who's wife deserves better. Period! Now go f*** yourself loser!

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