In the end

It will all be revealed and there are many layers. I've made mistakes but I love everyone. I live that better than anyone else I know but we each have our unique experiences.

Sep 20, 2017

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  • If there is one thing I have learned from 46 turns around the sun, it's to run far and fast from anyone who says they love everybody. Not only is that not possible, it's a total attempt at manipulation. It's usually teenage girls who say it, which clues you in on the pathology involved.

  • Yeh I see what you mean, now days you are a bad ass if you reject a spaz, the retarted people want sexualness and expressing s**, but does that mean we have to be subjected to it. I do what my therapist does, don't give them eye contact. out today, a druggy drunk came out from the pub swearing and swinging fists in the air and I didn't dare look at him and couldn't wait to get away. I thought I would have to run in the shop for safety. its fine to love in a certain way but now all these groups want too much and its making harded for the normal with a few minor injuries to get rights unless your significantly deformed or retarted your not sexy anymore. and all the spastic retarted intellectually disadvantaged want more s** and sexy rights to be on p*** and s** mags and s** movies and sexy ads and sexy this and that. normal people are run over during all this sexy hearding up of retarted people.

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