Caught by Dad

I'm 18f and in my senior year in hs. I've been raised by my Dad, who is a single parent. He can be pretty strict, but lately he's given me more freedom in terms of dating, staying out and stuff.

Well, I invited a couple of guy friends over when my Dad was at work and we were just hanging out vaping and watching p***. Anyway, the vibe got us "in the mood" so we decided to have a threesome. Neither of us were that experienced, so it was a bit of a thrill to play like that. I really like guys.

My Dad came home early and basically caught us in the act--we tried to get our pants back on when he walked in, but what we had been up to was obvious. He was livid. He kicked the guys out and then said that I'm not allowed to hang out with them anymore. He then called their parents to let them know that they played with me.

He's acting all crazy like I'm some piece of trash, but I really don't think what I did was that bad for him to shame me like that. I'm 18 and an adult now. It's not like f****** is some rare thing. It's like breathing air or drinking water.

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  • I believe that your dad did overreact, but so are you.
    He shouldn't have said that you aren't allowed to talk to those boys anymore. But I do think you should be punished, because that is his house. And in his house, he has rules, just as before. He doesn't want his little girl to be having s** with 2 guys in his living room.
    To him, he still sees you as a kid. And you will be seen as a young girl to him until you are 30+.

  • Legally your an "adult." Your still just a kid at 18.

  • Every dad sees his role as a protector for all of his family. so seeing you getting it on has messed his image he has held of you. Give him time and space and he will come back round. He's your dad after all

  • You're a moron.

  • Your, 18 but your not very mature. Your making bad decisions. If your so grown get the h*** out of your dads house and get your own. The only person that has s** in his house should be him. Than your being a s*** on top of it. Watching p*** with two boys. He is wright. Your a two cent w**** and gaping causes popcorn lung you idiot. You put yourself at risk for multiple STDs, your know as a w****, you vape and that causes an extreme form of cancer and you do this in your dads house! Your an idiot! Thanks

  • Judgmental much? Known as a w**** how? They didn't finish. Those s*** boys had more to do with it than her. Would they do the same thing in their own parents house? So it was the guys who arranged to get p*** running in her dad's house while he was at work. You think she put it on before they had the idea?

    The guys probably knew the site address by heart.

    Blame the boys who couldn't respect the Father first. They trespassed the trust that the father needed to worry about having a grandchild before he was 40.

  • You're seriously the biggest f****** idiot I have ever seen post on here.

  • This guy is right. You're just saying that because you vape too, or you have s** all the time.
    She f****** had s** IN HER DADS HOUSE. She needs to move out.

  • You will always be his little girl. The situation you described lives in most dads’ nightmares. Try talking to him

  • Dad is jealous. He wants to f*** you.

  • Hot

  • Jr. Get back to your school work

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