My mom abuses me.
She drinks and she smokes in my face.
She says my opinion doesn't matter because I am just a f****** child.
She yells at me on Saturday nights after she has been drinking and spending time with dad. When I come in the room they are in on Saturday nights she screams like she's being murdered and then teases me. She gets in my face and pushes me into the counters. I get invisible bruises on my hips from that and she rolls her eyes after I tell her that it hurt. When I joke around with her he grips my wrist and yells at me.
Once she asked me to read my diary out loud and she laughed at me.
I don't know if I am overreacting or not.
The other day she said to me that all the good parents PUNCH THEIR CHILDREN. said that that is crazy and she got really p***** at me.
She leaves moldy drinks in her office, meaning this home is not suitable for children. Then she says that I am messier to dad and he believes her.
I don't know who to call. And, even if I did, I can't she would know that I called. Plus my dad is really nice to me and I don't want him to be angry with me, nor do I want him taken away from me too for not standing up for me.
I can't tell a counselor or teacher because I do my work online. What do I do?
I can't confront her either. I would get grounded.

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  • Become a ghost in her life. Avoid rooms with her. Get up and out of the house earlier. Go read a book where it could be quiet. Start a movie she likes and bail. Just spend more time away from her poison.

  • Okay. Thank you so much!

  • Shaun = perfume , goss = cancer, together = karen cooper killer. I am sick of their abuse and lies too. I never abused her. so f*** off.

  • Well I don't know what the first half o your comment means but umm

  • How old are you? There’s lots you can do but it depends on your age and where you live.

  • Well I am in america and I am in my early teens

  • I hope your not one of those bratty teenagers and if you are honey I would give you what I give my ten. Twelve and almost fourteen year old daughters and thats a good spanking over my knee with my hand and their hairbrushes right on their naughtie naked little bottoms after bathing them. Think their grown up but not on mommys watch a good naked bed time spanking takes you little girls down a peg or two and sounds like your daddy needs to blister that bare little bum also..

  • Yexy me to decide on what u owont im in helen ga

  • Where this b**** live?

  • Lmao I don't want to say

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