Shower Time

When i shower my little girl and i, i silently bawl my eyes out so she doesn't know Im actually crying.

How do you tell her that her Dad has up and left because he's so addicted to drugs he is a shell of what he used to be and refuses to get help. He can't be around her because of mood swings and he trips out. Every time someone knocks on the front door she yells 'Dad?' and runs to see. It's never him. He won't even see her under controlled visits. It's breaking my heart because hers is breaking. I don't know how to tell her.

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  • How old is your daughter? If there is any hope at all in rehabilitating her father, you should take every opportunity. Whether it is an intervention or just getting help from his family and friends.

    If her father is definitely a lost cause, you might consider removing him from your lives entirely so he won't effect her at all.

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