It feels so good

I don't self-harm often, but when I do, my my does it have an effect. It's painful, of course, but when the blood is flowing there's really not much that can compare.

The adrenaline rush is incredible, it's like getting high. Sometimes I just sit back and revel in it, it always calms me down or brings me up if I'm feeling particularly depressed or I'm more stressed than usual.

I'm always careful not to do too much damage, and always in places where no one will see. Sometimes my hands shake a bit in anticipation, those times are the best, when I am actively excited or craving it.

One thing that I find interesting though, is that I sometimes get urges to tell someone how I'm feeling, to describe the euphoria. It's an almost sexual thing, to have someone else share in the ecstasy that comes when I self-harm, when I can just sit back and forget about my life for a while.

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  • Nothing like a good spanking to release stress. The occasional whipping is exhilarating. For me relieves depression. Bruises and cuts take about 2 to 3 weeks to heal.

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