Whenever I'm feeling particularly depressed or stressed out about things or just feeling down, I self-harm in an interesting way. The veins in my septum (the fleshy bits of the middle bit of your nose) are quite close to the surface and sometimes burst through the skin of their own accord if they get too hot.

When I self-harm, I don't cut myself or anything, but I do dig a fingernail into my nose and burst those bloodvessels. Sometimes I just sit there and watch the blood flow out (there's usually quite a bit) into a cup or sink. Sometimes I draw or make art with it. It's just so peaceful and relaxing to see my blood drip out and count the drops.


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  • You cannot continue this. Please. Really. You must stop. For the very reason you identified -- the highly vascular nature of that area of your body -- it is highly susceptible of infection when an abrasion is left unsealed. This, in addition to the fact that you are setting yourself up for breathing trouble and nasal problems over time. There is no upside to this activity. None. If the artistic element of this appeals to you, take a drawing, painting or sculpting class. But stop using your lifeblood as the medium. Stop TODAY.

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