I wear women's underwear

I have worn panties since I was a boy; I'm not fifty one. The first time I wore them was when a schoolmate put a pair of his sister's panties in my gym back as a joke. But I went home and tried them on and liked the feel. I hid them and never said anything about them before I finally carefully threw them away.

While my sister lived at home, I would occasionally try on her panties. I enjoyed how they felt; they were much better than my male underwear, and I felt jealous.

I've been married for nearly 30 years and my wife doesn't know, though she occasionally have found stashes of panties I bought for myself. When confronted, I told the truth: that they're more comfortable and that I was experimenting wearing them. My kids even found out once and we had a laugh about it, but I was quietly embarrassed.

Now I wear panties most of the time, though I still haven't told my wife directly. I don't need them to have s**; it doesn't seem like a fetish. Instead, I simply feel more comfortable wearing them. I like most styles, both cotton and nylon, though I'm not much into thongs or ones that are overly tight.

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  • I wear my wife's when no one is around. I want wear them while she gets totally satisfied by a young hung black stud.

  • I too luv wearing panties!! I dont own male underwear!

  • I love to wear panties as well. I don't need them but I just prefer them. It let's me express my feminine side a bit

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