Idiots are surprised by Hollywood sexual indiscretions

I am sick and tired of hearing people complain about the predatory nature of Hollywood and all the "s** scandals". Are we being f****** serious here? This is the film industry you morons. The industry regularly "employs" slaves. Sure, they call them temps, but that's a fancy word for slavery. Also, does anyone think that movie stars are stars because of their talent? No, it's because they slept with the right people at the right time and they just happen to be the flavour of the month. It is not a meritocracy! Hollywood fame is based on doing awful things to get ahead. For f*** sakes! You can change Hollywood, but you don't get to act all surprised like you didn't know this was happening.

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  • Somebody needs to take these b****** out and give them the beating they all deserve.

  • Yeh, which is why Hollywood is going to go down the drain and a new place is going to take over its real talent in acting and serious production and money. hollywood is so deadbeat. the fact is everyone is a slave in this world. we are all getting raped and used and pushed aside for young things. and Bollywood and other places are going to be bigger soon. most people who have jobs are f****** the right person for the job or on a promise for a f*** and if they don't they don't keep the job. even at the local kiddy tuckshop.

  • Hollywood is too big. It won't go away unless the rich and powerful choose to move. That's not going to happen anytime soon.

  • Hit the nail right on the head.

  • Totally agree. Rose McGowan (just for one example) is NOT an "actress" by any measure, and no one EVER took advantage of her, much less raped her. She's a tramp and a cheap trick, and she f***** her way into a career in film and TV. Then, when she couldn't get work anymore (again, because she can't act, and because nobody wanted to f*** her ragged-out body anymore), she decided that she'd been "abused". Hey, Rose: go sit down and shut the f*** up. Same, for all the rest of you Hollywood Ho's. You're disgusting, and you aren't making yourselves look like victims: you're just admitting that you're all s**** and mental cases. Go home.

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