I'm scared

I think I'm just gonna fail everything in life. For years I thought I wanted to be an engineer on a site like my dad, but only now have I realised I have a massive passion for film. I have 5 days to decide what in doing for college, and my parents think I'm gonna pick engineering but I don't know. They said to pick engineering maths and film for my subjects, but if I do that I can't get into engineering because you need physics. If I pick physics I will probably regret not taking film all my life. And I don't know what to do, film is a weird market because someone's it's irrelevant where you've studied it or your qualifications. And I just think engineering will be so hard and boring. I'm so scared I'm too young to make this decision idk what I'm going to do I'm so scared

Dec 12, 2017

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  • You can always go back to college and take another class. Nothing is stagnant in life :) Trust me. It took me years to figure that out. I'm just now beginning to work with kids and retail, even though I know it won't last forever, it's something I'm good at and I'm using it as a stepping stone to earn money for my real passion! I'm not saying to do the same as me, but look at the bigger picture and don't worry too much. It only takes a decision to create a different life for ourselves.

  • Go with your passion. I'm an engineer. That was my passion. Yours is film go with it.

  • Reality with film you won't make as much as an engineer , I myself am a civil engineer i work when I want any time day hour. I'm stationed in Austin tx building projects I get paid pretty darn good but if you don't like regret I suggest you do what makes you happy unless you want a bright future with good income and stability

  • How are you able to freelance and work when you want as a civil engineer. My dad is one and he says everyone works up to 10 hours everyone has a shift. Although this is UK not America but what do u do

  • Pick film and if that doesn't work out go back to college and take engineering. People change their majors all the time.

  • I would say to pick film because you said you realized that is a massive passion for you and always you have to follow your passion.

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