My dad beats me

I have been dealing with abuse since I was younger and saw my dad physically and verbally abuse my mother . As I got into my teen years he started to do the same to me but now I’m 21 years old and my dad still finds the need to physically abuse me to the max . In which I have scares and bruises . Last night was the night he pulled me out of bed and started stumping me and I called the police . I did nothing wrong . I’m an very respectful young female . I actually tried avoiding arguing with him by walking away going in my room . But he came behind me anyways . He said some hurtful stuff while stumping me . He told me he doesn’t want me their and also telling the police I lied . I have the bruises to prove . It’s so bad I plan on going to the hospital later . But luckily I’m in college . And I spoke with the housing lady and she allowing me to move back . I questioned god because I try my best to be the person I am today . I’m very respectful and I stay out of trouble and I made it so far in college to where I’m an Junior with an Biology Major . I have always been the type to try to show my dad I’m not like the rest . But it’s like he takes his anger out on me . I try and try and yes I’m crying by writing this because it hurts . I forgave my dad plenty of times but I don’t think I can this time . It’s like I feel empty inside . It’s an indescribable hurt that I wouldn’t wish on my worst enemy . I feel as if this could really impact me on another level . Im the strong type of young women and yes I prayed because that’s what I was taught . I don’t feel alone because I know god is their for me . I just don’t feel as if no one understands my pain and hurt and how low my sawwor is right now . I just wish it was an dream .

Dec 20, 2017

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  • 1) It is not your fault
    2) Your father is evil, mentally ill or both.
    3) Abused children tend to forgive in hopes for being loved... FORGET IT, IT WILL NOT HAPPEN... remember "2"
    4) Get out of your house FOREVER and do not come back !!!!
    5) Graduate and get a good pay job
    5) Move to another State or far away city where life in general is better.
    6) Engage in lifelong true friendships
    7) Build your own happy family with a guy that is not abusive.
    8) Have children and treat them well.
    9) Do not waste time going to his funeral.

  • Sometimes being beaten is a good way to learn submission. You totally demonstrate complete obedience and submission by taking the pain.

  • Big talk, boy. Post your home address so we can discuss this further. Unless you're afraid, that is.

  • Your a piece off s***. I could take you and beat the crap out off you and show you how it feels. You f****** waste off space.

  • Report your father and represent any evidence from medical files to them if there's any. I'm sure the medical staff will corroborate your statements when they've been questioned. If you have any friends and partners who have witnessed any of the abuse or aftermath of it, use them as witnesses. They'll hopefully supply witness statements for you.

    You need to relinquish any control your father took from you, whilst he abused you. Heal yourself by attending self-defence classes and seek therapy and support. Never visit your father before you report his crimes. If you have to, never do it alone. However, if I were you I wouldn't visit him again until justice has prevailed and he's locked up behind bars, where he can't hurt you anymore.

    You need to focus on yourself and on self-healing. Your dad obviously has issues he needs to resolve himself, it's not your responsibility to do that for him. You've been his emotional and physical punch bag/solution to his problems for so long, time to say "No more!" You deserved and deserve better.

    You're a powerful, ambitious, strong and caring person - keep being you. It's time to bring your father to justice. You need to heal and you need closure.

    Remember, it's not your fault he did those things to you. It never was. He is a conflicted and troubled person, who needs rehabilitating. In prison, he'll have the resources and time to do that.
    He won't realise the errors of his ways, until you've reported him.

    Good luck girl.

  • Troll

  • You a woman beater..?

  • Nope, I just require proof of allegations before believing anything someone says. For all you know the OP is some 50 year old hermit sitting is his underwear stroking his tiny d*** was he watches p***.

  • Scum..

  • And for all you know, the op is legit and not a troll. It works both ways.

    You could be a troll and so could I. So don't be so quick to judge others and discredit the validity of someone's confession. There's no guarantees with anything in life.

  • I reckon he wants too disapper anyway. Bet hes go too kill himself and never want to hit a woman again. I would say he be gone soon....

  • Do you want it sorted. People disapper all the time and hes a woman beating scum buucket.....

  • Do you want him sorted..please answer.....

  • I'm sorry to hear about your situstion. Next time, show your scars and bruises to the cops.

  • What can they do and know disrepect too the law. They do an amazeing job and the sistems is fuked. But i said before i have my own special training for bullies and other scum and its being allmost 100p.cent sucsesfull..

  • You have POOR grammar and punctuation skills. Please educate yourself, you need to.

  • Go f*** yourself. You woman beater..

  • Defensive, illiterate and inaccurate.

  • Your a coward and piece off s***. Is correcting peoples spellings best you come up with. Yes my spelling is s***. I left school at 11 too take care off my mam and younger brother and sister. Because my dad was a woman and child beater like you. You arrogant b****** and our f****** lower than a snakes belly. But you know what you muppet. I waited till my dad was older and beat the s*** out off him. Left him f***** up and it was worth doing the time and now the old b****** is hated by everybody in our community. Hes trash and just like you..

  • Lol Having poor grammar is a choice. You can educate yourself by self-studying such as: Reading books and listening to audio books. It's never too late to educate yourself :)

    Domestic violence is destructive to anyone, regardless of gender and age. I chose to learn how to fight as soon as I was financially able to, so I'd never become a victim again to anyone violent.

    My father was emotionally and physically abusive towards my mother, when my siblings and I were children/adolescents. He's been dead now for 17 years.

    Becareful not to assume anything about anyone and cast judgements without knowing anything, about them. I simply noticed your illiteracy because it's apparent. I wasn't belittling you deliberately and carelessly. You however, became defensive and offensively assumed untrue things about me. It's ok, I understand why you became defensive.

    Merry Xmas

  • Im sorry also then and your right. I tend too jump the gun alot and i have being told this. I wish i was better at approching s*** also. I never say it too often either. But my f****** father allowed me too be used by people too get their kicks and i can never forgive him. He left me in rooms with them bastards. Hes scum and as Ii Saud im sorry i will take what you said on chin. I just still dont know how too get over it and you right. Maybe im illiturate and full off self pity. But i seeing what he did too my mom and us and what he allowed those bastards do. But f*** it if its an apolagie you want then happy christmas too you also..

  • Sweetheart, he has inner demons he has never dealt with; more than likely he was abused. I know your pain. I am horrified your mother let this happen to you (or did she know)? God didn’t put you on this earth to be abused. Don’t you feel bad for protecting yourself either. Please get counseling so you don’t inadvertently find a mate who repeats the cycle. Hugs

  • Your father must go in jail . You and your mother can put him in jail . He deserve it .

  • Your father is discuting sweetheart. None off this is your fault and your dad shoul treat you like the princess you are. Hes blessed too have a daughter and should be thankfull too have a child in his life. My blood is boiling sweetheart. We have three daughters and we discipline them. But what you dad has being doing too you for years honey is wrong. I hope you did get out off there and surround yourself with good people who care and love you. Huggs too you sweetheart and post anytime..

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