I love Donald Trump

That is all.

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  • A******

  • Where you want to be f*****?

  • I didn't think wanting it was an option, it thought it was an inevitable consequence.

  • I love that he holds the most powerful office in the world, despite having a low IQ, creeps on chicks, cheats on his wife, wants to ban immigrants, and the Americans voted for him! You get what you deserve. Hillary was obviously garbage. The US really needs to get their s*** together.

  • Hmmm Lets see , the stock market is at an all time high ( check your 401k) , GDP is higher than it has been in ten years, unemployment down below 5 percent . I think the US is getting our s*** together, instead of worrying about the rest of the world and its about time!

  • Watch old videos of him talking, he's sincere, intelligent and well-spoken. He is just acting now.

  • This is who he always was, it's just that his ego has increased exponentially.

  • He is amazing, you're jealous you aren't him.

  • He is doing such amazing work for America. Truly he will make the country great again.

  • You must be blind or joking. I only love super model men or decent men but these days its like they are pretty much all yuk a******* men. I would rather wait for someone who loved me then have a nose thumped or a eye bashed out or be electrocuted or set on fire out of jealous rage of women today for useless c****. men are bad to women and all the good ones are taken like 30 years ago.

  • F***, holyshit, can you send me your autograph? I have never met anyone who has met every single man on the face of the earth. I mean how else could you make the statement that men are bad and all the good ones are taken.

  • I agree, all men are bad. Okay, not all but 99.99% from my sample of 1 million or so that I've met. I crunched the numbers.

    Don't take everything literally tardo troll.

  • Please share the facts of how you came to 99.99% of all men are bad. Oh that's right, you pulled that number out if your ass.

    Yet another feminist who is p**** hurt and hates all men.

  • I don't hate all men. There is a .01% that is okay.

    Feminists are great. Men have ruled the world and f***** up for too long now, they all failed. Time for change, time for women to rule.

  • Hmm, glad you are the ONLY woman in the world who has met every single man on earth. You are f****** retarded and that is why women will never get ahead. Stupid f****** feminist like you will f*** that up.

  • You just assumed my gender r*****.

  • No, you're a woman. Any man who talks like you is no man and needs his b**** removed. Or in your case, you never had any b****.

  • Why do you even come here you misogynistic pile of crap? People like you are what's wrong with the world. Kill yourself.

  • Again you are wrong. You are actually what is wrong with the world. You and your hate for men. Your ignorant belief that all men are bad.
    And if you decide to play the "you assume that was me" card, then your comment of "kill yourself" is all the proof anyone needs to know that you are definitely the problem in the world. You s*** f****** troll.

  • Also one of the posters said they think .01% of men are okay,, so they don't think all men are bad. That's a lot of men in the world that they think are okay.

    The person who went off on a rant about knowing every single man should just mind their own business. That person is literally retarded and a troll.

  • How does anyone know that only .01% of men are good. You are a f****** retarded liberal cry baby who's a ball sucking b**** that got f***** in the ass by your daddy. You still suck on your mommas t** as you finger your own p****. Feminist blow queen. And don't care if you are a guy, cause you have no man card. No card, no b****. So go back and get your pink p**** hat, get on line and read more bullshit propaganda on MSN, and write more s*** about how you're p**** hurt that queen Hillary didn't win. B**** about how all men are scum and how you don't need them because all they do is f*** women like you. Nevermind the fact that you actually want Mr Right and hot body to f*** you, or the fact that you pause a movie because that one guy is hot without his shirt on. No you keep on b******* about men though.

  • Look up and read what confession you are writing on. Why would I like Hillary and wear a p**** hat, like MSN when I love Donald Trump?

    Yeah, it is 100% confirmed now that you are retarded. Your IQ is likely in the 60-90 range.

  • Play it off fuckstick. You are a feminist troll who hates men, and that is directly opposite of a conservative. Go blow smoke someplace else.

  • I doon't hate anyone but You seem to hate the truth. You clearly have a deep hatred stirring in you. I feel sorry for any woman around you. Feminism is great, women need more respect. People like you are just to threatened by feminism because you're a p****. If you were a real man, like Trump, you wouldn't be threatened by women.

  • No, feminism is like racism and sexism. You feel the need to bash all men except those that cower down to you because in your warped mind you think men owe women for how they were treated. Key word there is "were". But like the blacks, you somehow think white men of today should pay for it. Maybe you should grow up and stop thinking that the world owes women something. Cause I can assure you the world doesn't owe women s***.

  • How do you know it's the same person? You don't.

    ...and you talk about ignorance....

  • I'm not joking. Who wants some pretty boy to look at that's useless? Donald gave up his posh life to fight the deep state. He and his nice family are ridiculed and he isn't whining about all day, like some others. I agree that men are bad today but Donald still has that good character because he is older. He's pretty much Batman.

  • "isn't whining"? you're either not paying attention or retarded.

  • He is drawing attention to the negative fake media, that isn't whining.

    Whining is what Julian Assange and his buddies do all day, 'oh cry, I'm locked up', 'I'm a prisoner', 'someone talked so badly about me, I'm going to sue'

    Whine whine whine, even though he's a rapist and friends with that s***** Pamela Anderson w**** that stands up for rapists and puts down women who were raped.

    Donald Trump just get's people riled up and takes action. He has changed almost everyone's opinion about the media. He doesn't whine, he plays people and gets results.

  • Amarosa is that you? Loved the SNL skit :)

  • SNL was dead long ago, now it's just propaganda.

  • Donald is an embarrassment to us all. Every single one of us. ALL.

  • History will show that he was greatest leader of all time.

  • No, it'll show he was the greatest egomaniac of all time.

  • It's bravado not ego.

  • It's all ego, all the time. Everything is always about him. Everything.

  • Reminder: He is a billionaire and the president of the US. You are a bitter anon troll who thinks your opinion matters at all. That is all that needs to be said about ego.

  • You are Donald Trump!

  • Why am I not rich?

  • You are sick and retarded. That is all.

  • He is a great man.

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