Ok so my new years resolution for 2017 was to quit smoking. i stopped at 12:01am on jan 1. i stayed stopped for almost 2 months and then i had a few slips. finally by middle of may i was off cigarettes completely and i stayed off them. now my husband tells me he wants me to start up again because smoking makes me calmer and less bitchy and the way i do it makes me look so much sexier. he doesnt smoke so i totally dont get what hes doing or why but i am off long enough now that i dont even miss cigarettes anymore. im not going back but hes being pushy about it. hes almost being bitchy about it. yeh hes being like a little b****.

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  • Wait until you're 75 or so and then begin the fun! :)

  • Two words: herbal cigarettes. ;)

    And then, get far far away from your teenage girl of a husband.

  • my experience women who smoke are better in bed than women who dont..........

  • Why on earth would you want to stop smoking? Starting to smoke was the best decision I ever made for myself...

    Blah blah health, as though living longer were more important than the quality of life.

  • I went the other way. My husband had a smoking fetish, and I started smoking for him.

    In truth, I've always been curious, but everyone around me said it was bad, so I didn't try it. But, knowing he would enjoy it, we gradually added it into our love life. And I enjoy a cigarette or two with coffee. But I'm not really a heavy smoker. I can go a few days without smoking.

    I'll tell you what, it makes him happy in the bedroom.

  • Also, although he hasn't said it, he probably finds you a lot sexier as a smoker. Smoking women are just hotter.

    Doesn't mean you should do it, though. Smoking *is* bad for your health.

  • Oh, duh, he did say it. Oh well.

  • He's being selfish and manipulative and ignorant of reality, and you should tell him so. It's your life, and it's your body, and you get to make the decisions about what goes into both. You also get to make the decision about whether or not he stays in either one. And you should tell him that, too. He needs to be reminded.

  • Your husband doesn't love you. He wants you dead.

  • Please don't listen to him! What he wants for you is all wrong for you! To borrow a phrase from Fleetwood Mac, "Go Your Own Way"!

  • Your husband wants you to ingest poisons, and he wants you to do it of your own accord, so that his fingerprints won't be at the crime scene. It's the same as if he were killing you himself, except he's hiring you to do his dirty work.

  • You worked too hard quitting for you to give that all up and go back to something that damages you and will likely kill you. Perhaps the same could be said about your husband. He doesn't have your best interest in mind: he's only thinking of himself.

  • They try and pull you down

  • From the OP: it's true, your right. thanks.

  • Some guys get turned on by seeing women smoke. Maybe your husband is into it? But that's not a good enough reason to start smoking again.

  • From the OP: wow! i hadn't even thought of that! i've never thought he had that inclination when i was smoking, but now that i'm NOT smoking, i've noticed that he tells my best girlfriend that her smoking is really appealing and inviting and sexy. so maybe you're right! i'll have to pay closer attention to that and see what i see. thanks!

  • Maybe he didn't realize it until you stopped.

  • You will be the one with the health issues if you go back to smoking, not him. Tell him to f*** off.

  • I agree with ^this^ completely.

  • From the OP: Love the attitude! LOL

  • Congrats on quitting smoking. Quitting is a huge accomplishment and you should be very proud. It's sad and wrong that your husband is trying to sabotage your efforts when he should be supportive. Have to question what his motivation/agenda is and then question why are you with him? Now that you have extinguished the habit of smoking (:P) look for a healthy habit - exercise, meditation or something where you can find the calmer you and learn to deal when you are feeling irritated or bitchy.

  • From the OP: I appreciate the encouragement and the focus. I've tried yoga classes for the physical benefits and spiritual help, and I loved them, except for the cost. I don't get the same results from the DVDs but they are better than nothing. Thanks.

  • Keep true to yourself. Don't smoke. Not sexy. It can calm you as you are fed chemical happiness that comes with a chronic cough. Morning phlegm and sleep apnea. Yellow fingers and teeth.

    Not very sexy sounding to me. Maybe all he wants is for you to hold them and let them burn out? My mother in law will be taking her second introduction to chemo.

    Stay free of tobacco.

  • From the OP: Thanks so much for the support and the dose of reality. Sorry about your M-I-L, but I hope this round of treatment accomplishes the desired result. All best.

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