It has been two years since I'd discovered this talent of mine. But I have kept it secret from the world. I know the importance of it and that is the only reason I must keep it confidential. I've been using my talent anonymously. Nobody knows its me.

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  • Do not ever, ever disclose your talent. Let it be your majestic weapon. Use it in secret, far and wide, amidst lands known and heretofore unknown, and never cease or waver from your firm directives within "The Program." You shall be rewarded immensely.

  • Thank you! (:

  • Me too.

  • I have carefully analysed the above declaration and come to the conclusion that his talent is wanking

  • Hey, LaVar Ball......you're doing a really bad job of keeping it anonymous.

  • Like I never knew. (:

  • You’d be surprised how many others have a secret talent too ..... what’s yours?

  • I can't reveal. Sorry!

  • Then why tease us; next time write it in your damn diary skippy

  • Ok fine, I'll tell you. My d*** can reach my own a****** and I have literally been f****** myself.

  • Masturbation

  • I don't m*********. That's pretty disgusting.

  • Everyone masturbates

  • I am not everyone. Okay?

  • No, but you do m*********!

  • Exactly! I don't.

  • Exactly! You m********* just like everyone else.

  • Whatever floats your boat. However, it doesnt change my reality.

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