they all changed there minds

my girlfriends were all so bitchy and judgemental whenever i started dating this hot maried guy at christmas. they called me all these names and yelled at me that i had to stop it because he has a wife and kids and that all he wanted with me was just to be a mistress and have a cheap affair with me on account of my age. but now they met him and they all think hes super hot and totally awesome and there all glad i got with him but also they all want him for theirself and suddenly being in a affair doesn't even matter to them no more. he treats me great and hes super nice to my friends and they all want him like crazy. and so now i feel like i proved them wrong and iam in a better relationship than any of them. it all makes me happy especialy that i am with my man and they aren't on him and they all kinda envy me. i love it.

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  • You are on top of the world! Enjoy it while you can, it will last about a week longer. Your dumb friends will spread their legs and shine his c*** with their p******.
    password: mysteryscience2013

  • Maybe I am missing something. How can a guy that cheats on his wife and betrays his children as well be so wonderful? Then again I still do not understand how people think the GOP have their back. People really are stupid.

  • he cheats on his wife and spends more time with me than his kids because he loves me and my whole body and he wants to be with me more than all of them combined. and i really think we will have our own family together and i will give him such better children that he will love more and spend more time with. and he has promised me that hes not going to hook up with my friends even tho they want him bad and kinda try to flirt seduce him when we are all together but hes only going to be with me

  • You're right: he CAN'T be wonderful and he's NOT wonderful. But she CAN be totally deluded, and she IS totally deluded. And as for politics, I'm thinking of starting a CYNIC party, because both of the conventional ones are such embarrassments and so utterly inept that it makes people want to avoid and ignore the political process altogether.

  • Your biggest problem are your English skills.

  • Don't pay attention to any of these moralizing morons, all of whom are living lives far less admirable than yours. For whatever it could be worth to you, let me say that I admire you, totally and completely. It's so rare to find someone you can love and do love, and who loves you in return, so you should never ever let that go, no matter what. I'm old enough to be your mother, but when I was your age, I dated (in deep secret) the father of a girl I knew at school. At first, it was just physical: two people attracted to one another sexually, because it was so taboo (for our ages). But within 6 weeks, it began developing into something much deeper, and 6 weeks after that, we were truly in love. He wanted to leave his wife and start a new family with me once I got out of high school, and I loved him sooooooooo much that I wanted that, too, more than anything. Unfortunately, I was very afraid of the scandal we would cause and the hurt we would cause (it was a different time in the world), and so I didn't commit to him. We 'dated' for another year or so, and then to a less degree for several months after that, but then he met this girl even younger than I had been (a friend of his younger daughter), and when he told me he was going to start a relationship with her if I didn't commit, I panicked and didn't return his calls for several weeks because I didn't know what to do and I couldn't quit school to be with him. Eventually, he stopped calling, and not long after that, that other girl turned up pregnant. She said she didn't know who the father was, but I knew. Several years later, when she was out of school, he divorced his wife and married that girl and adopted her baby. And then they had another baby. Both of those children are probably about your age now. And I have regretted letting that man get away every day of my life. I'm married and have 2 children of my own, but they don't have the father they should, and I don't have the husband I should. Don't do what I did.

  • i really realy thank you for being nice expecially since only maybe three other people were. im sorry about you losing your man so long ago but do you ever think about going back to him now? would you still see him in secret if he said he wanted to be doing you again? maybe its not to late.

  • Answer this.........if your love is as beautiful and wonderful and true and perfect as you say it is, why do you have to keep it a secret from your parents?

  • This is ridiculous. This is why women fight all the time over f****** me, why cant we work together like men do. I meab we should have common goals like the men do. I mean their common goal is to f*** as many women as possible but at least theyre working together

  • Men* lol

  • You are absolutely right. Totally 100%. You go, girl!

  • it seems to me that this girl's goal is to do exactly what you said: f*** as many men as possible. i mean she says its love and she's only with this guy but she also said she had been with other older men before and that at least some of them were married at the time so she could be still f****** some of them or some other men and just not being honest. it also seems to me that this guy's goal is to f*** all of this girl's friends and that is exactly what he's doing. i think he's f****** them all and lying to her about it. and maybe i am the only one who thinks this but it also seems to me that all these girls are way too young for what is happening here.

  • i am only only only with josh and no body else. it wasnt liek that at the very begining but its totaly true now. even tho he lives with his wife he doesnt do her or no body else any more just me. not my friends not his wife not other girls i know or dont know. he only does me and he loves that having only me and having me all to himself. he says that all the time about loving how we are without n** ody else.

  • I think I have finally heard everything. This is what the OP says in one of her responses..somewhere below: "He says that there is something magic in side my holes because once he goes in there he never wants to come out of them again like ever. when i am older i will stil have that magic in me and he will still never want to get out of it." Magic inside my! Really? Is that his best line? Oh girl! And you believe it! You're a lost cause. You only want to see what you want to see. You don't want to hear what the truth is. Hopefully, you'll figure it out one day. You will wise up sooner than later and not put your life on hold waiting for this guy....

  • This poster is sooooooo right. And by the way, ask your friends if any of them have ever been f***** by a guy who used that "magic" line. If they are honest, they'll tell you yes, and that it was your guy who said it to them while he was inside them. If they aren't honest, they'll get embarrassed and not answer because they'll know that you know that HE has been f****** THEM. All of them. He's hooking up with ALL OF YOU!

  • the guy is gonna give you a std or aids

  • no no we both get checked at the begining.

  • we got checked so we would know that neither of us would give the other any s.t.d. also that way he could go inside me without a condom and also to c** inside me without a condom. my parents put me on bc pills when i was young and he loves being able to c** in me without using a condom. and for me i love not using a condom with a guy bcuz it is soooooo warm and sweet and so intimate to feel a man emptying himself in you that way. i just love being filled up so much with c** that i cant hold it all in and it starts leaking out and its all going down my legs when i get up and walk or get taken home by him!!!

  • just because you f*** so much better than his wife doesnt mean youre a better person than she is and it doesnt mean hes going to leave her for you. as long as you keep f****** him better than she does and as long as you keep f****** him as much and as nasty as you do, hes going keep you right where you are.

  • Well, it's good to see that you finally acknowledged what you are; you did that in one of your posts, where you said you wanted to use your body to get the things you want from this man. That is the description and definition of a golddigger. And that is sooooooo totally NOT love. Thanks for admitting that and telling us all who you really are. And WHAT you really are. need to admit this to HIM.


  • I am glad you said this because i want to say that i beleive god loves what we are doing to each other even thogh josh is maried and im this age because me and him love each other and it is realy truly love even thohg i am young and he is much older and i feel that everytime me and him are together and every time we talk in secret on the phones without his wife or my parents finding out about it at all. i am not being bad and he is not being bad. we love each other and god loves that because he is love. this could not have happened anyother way and this could not be better. this is love and this is what life is abouyt. this is love.

  • Heres the God of love video worth watching

  • You know that's the Biggest Lie when you say "bcuz God is love, everything (even sin) is acceptable to Him. Where does it say that in the Bible?

    Here's the truth in the Bible: 1 Cor 6: 9 Do not be deceived: Neither the sexually immoral nor idolaters nor adulterers nor men who have s** with men[a] 10 nor thieves nor the greedy nor drunkards nor slanderers nor swindlers will inherit the kingdom of God.

    The Bible says people like you will NOT go to heaven, that means theres only 1 place left - h***. You better repent and read the Bible.

  • when 2 people love each other like me and josh do it has to be true that god is in it and is a part of that love. I truly feel that and beleive that bcuz it realy is so true.

  • Just bcuz ur in love doesn't mean God is in it? Just bcuz u "feel" that way? God says to NEVER trust our feelings in our heart. Look what God says about our hearts in Jeremiah 17:9 The heart is deceitful above all things
    and beyond cure.

    See that? The heart will deceive you into believing a lie is the truth, just bcuz u "feel" it must be true.
    The Bible never contradicts itself so if u think its God in your relationship you are dead wrong! God says he would NEVER approve of adultery ( which you are making the husband do by having s** with you) Nor would He approve of s** outside of marriage.

    Quit trusting your feelings, they are wrong no matter how "right" it feels. Repent while you still have time and watch this:

  • the only one who is in the wrong here is josh's wife and its bcuz shes and there kids in our way even tho she dont know it. eventualy she and the kids will be out of our way in one way or another so that him and me can be together permanent. the love is btwen him and me, and he totally does not love her any more. not at all and not ever since we first hooked he has only wanted me and now only has me for s**. his wife is wrong for him and i am sooooo right for him and our love is better than whatever he ever had with her or the wife before that. this is the kind of love that is right. im sorry you feel like thats not true but i think its on account of you havent never felt the kind of love that me and him have between us. it is real and it is beautiful and its true. just bcuz its so f****** hot doesnt make it wrong.

  • So perhaps he does leave his wife, and you marry him and have his babies. And then you get old, and you become the old wife. He doesn't want an old wife, so he cheats on you. He's cheated before, he'll cheat again. You keep saying you are different to his wife because you're young and you give him great s**. What about when you're older? He obviously likes younger girls, so why would he stay with you when you grow up? He'll stay exactly the same. Save yourself the heartache. Get out while you can.

  • what you said right now is just the same almost as what my girlfriends said at the begining that he only wants to get with me because of my age and looking even yunger then i am. yes i am realy young thats true but its not the only reson he got with me and staed with me. he tels me all the time how much better i am at s** than girls a lot older than me and how so much better i am at it than either wife he had and he says that there is something magic in side my holes because once he goes in there he never wants to come out of them again like ever. when i am older i will stil have that magic in me and he will still never want to get out of it. we love each other.

  • Than *either* wife he had? so he has done this before! his current wife was like you with his previous wife. girl you need to open your eyes. dogs like him are so believable to girls like you

  • Not gonna end well for you. Hopefully his wife leaves him since he's clearly a piece of crap anyway and she deserves better, then you can have him and when he's tired of you karma will bite you in the ass and he'll find another girl to use. You'll know what it feels like.

  • Ditto. Great post.

  • Your friends were right all along. The reasons they changed their minds are all selfish and unreliable. You are so totally ALL the things they started calling you when you started dating a married man. You need to end that relationship before YOU get hurt.

  • saying your not a w**** doesnt mean your not a w**** your still a w**** no matter what age you are

  • no i am not a w****

  • Everyone has their own idea. I've been in relatonship with married man over 2yrs now, it all started as joke or cheating his wife if i can say that but after 2 months he changed his mind.why? I was available whenever he wanted s**, i wanted it too, i was there as friend whenever his wife troubled him, cook for him because his wife went out with her friends therefore she had no time to cook for him, plus i was still is a woman who knows wht to do whe it comes to s** unlikely his wife accouding to him. don't get me wrong i knew he was married and nothing on earth can make me feel he is mine.but little did i know all those i was doing made him turn back to me and forgot his wife. 5 months of our cheating relationship he was already mine i'm writing now we leaving together for 9 months now, he couldn't keep a wife whom he has no feelings anymore.
    back to the topic, this man might be love this girl for some reasons, she is more beatful than his wife, she is so better in bed than his wife,she cares and shower him love than a wife. so men are like kids, to where they cook better that's where clients will go to eat(lol).But girl if he loves you, ask him to prove it, don't be blind by his love and care probably he is pretending so use your body he loves to get what you want.

  • i really thank you for saying all that for me and suppoting me that much expecially when everybody else here has been cutting me and my man. i really do love what you said about you knowing that you were better for him and that the s** was better than he was getting at home but most of all i love that he really did leave that wife for you!!!! that is soooooo cool and so beautiful and i am so totally hapy for you and your man!! it makes me feel good to see that happening in the world and for you! i know you have to feel just so happy that you won and that the wife is in the past for both of you now. thats the way i want to feel and i know i will feel that eventually no matter what all these people say about that. and its really like super amazing what you said about using my body to get things i want because i been thinking just exactly that for the last awhile and i may actually start doing that. i mean it wouldnt be nolthing i would do as a mean or hurtful thing but just because of the way things are and i know he completely LOVES my body and would do just anything to get at it and get on it and get under it and get next to it so why not. you didnt say but is that what you did and did it work like you planned it? really thanks so much again. thanks!!!

  • Here's my suggestion, pick a date on the calendar a few years from now and make a promise to yourself that if he hasn't left his wife by then it's over. Don't tell him about this (he'll try to change your mind) and stop asking him about it. Just watch, and wait, and see what he does.

  • This is an absolutely great recommendation, so much so that I wish I'd thought of it. I just hope she'll take it, assuming of course that he doesn't break her heart by f****** all her friends before that date comes.

  • my bet is that he is already f****** all her friends. and a bunch of other girls too. (and i agree this is a super idea about fixing a date: kudos!)

  • Here's a better idea. Tell him you're pregnant. Tell him your parents know and they're insisting you tell them who knocked you up, and that the guy marry you now, before the baby arrives. Tell him you need him to be a father. But you really don't need to do any of that to know how he feels about you, do you? No, you already know he'll bail. Why will he bail? Because he only wants the p****. You know it.

  • i dont know why everybody is being so mean to him when you dont even know him. he is so great to me and even tho all my friends whould love for him to do them all he is not doing them and not even behind my back as far as i know. he is a great man and a great father and he will make the perfect husband to me whenever he leaves his horrible old old wife and his family to be with me. it is going to be so wonderful and perfect because i know how to take care of him (he loves being in me and he says so always) and he totally knows how to take of me and every girl will be so jealous like my friends are being aftter him and me are a couple and have our own kids. he is not using me because he loves me. he cant commit to me right now because of the situation but i know that he will soon. he cant tell me when it will happen because of the situation but i knw it will and as long as he love me more than his awfull wife and make love to me more than her it will be fine and right now hes not even doing her at all hes only doing me. my friends want him but he only wants me.

  • Ask yourself, and be honest about your reply: Why did all your girlfriends suddenly change their minds about this relationship? Didn't that seem odd to you? Do you really think it's because he's so good-looking and seems (by his say) to be so well-hung? Or don't you honestly think that he is hooking up with all of them? Isn't there one of those girls who you think is capable of f****** this guy on the side and keeping it totally quiet? If he's even doing ONE of them, it means he's using YOU to get to HER and f*** her!

  • Wake up girl! Everyone else in this comment section sees what this guy is doing. You're blind and you are going to get really hurt. He's going to do whatever and say whatever to make you feel "special" so he can get what he wants. He's going to tell you his marriage is on the rocks and make false promises that you two will be together...Why because all he wants is s**. And you're giving him exactly what he wants. He won't commit to you. Why buy the cow when he can get the milk for free. You can't tell your parents that you're dating a married man. Doesn't that make you sad? You meet this supposedly great guy but you can't bring him home to meet your parents. And even your friends don't agree with your choices. They just agree now because they're probably tired of hearing about it. You should ask this guy when he plans on leaving his wife. You think you two are so in love..stop sleeping with him and see how long he hangs around. Very rarely do married men leave their wives.

  • This poster is absolutely right. You aren't his girlfriend or even his mistress: you're his w****. Sorry.

  • i am so not a w****! stop calling me that!!!

  • Qhore...
    Oh, thats nasty...

  • she realy realy is nasty nasty nasty

  • I agree: the girl is totally nasty. And that's why I am falling in love with her. God, she is so amazing! And so young!!!!!

  • i love her too. i want her so bad i can taste that stuff.

  • thank all of you for loving me. (*wink*) yes i guess i am nasty and thats part of what josh loves in me being so much more nasty than his wife. thanks!

  • W****!

  • not ! ! !

  • he doesnt love you he just loves to f*** you. and he loves to f*** all your friends too.

  • i know my freinds wuold love to f*** him because they all say that now that they met him and they can see from his pants how huge hung he is and all them totally love great big d**** but hes not f****** them which is why there all so jealous of me and what i got with josh and his amazing d***.

  • He is nice to you because he wants your hot tight little p****. And he is nice to your friends because he wants all their hot tight little p******, too. And he's going to get them. All of them. He's going to have all of you separately and in secret, and then he's going to convince all of you to let him have you all at once. That is going to break your heart, but you're going to let him have it because you think you matter to him. But you don't matter to him. All that matters to him is your p****. And all your friends' p******. And he will totally do whatever it takes to get all of that p****. You are kidding yourself, but you aren't kidding us. We all know what this guy is doing.

  • He probably has kids your age.

  • he has 1 child from his first marriage that is about like 5 years older than me. but the other 3 are all younger than me. but i really don't think that age matters and i never did think that way. we all just want to be with the person who makes us feel the best about ourselves and josh does that to me. i always feel perfect when i am with him because we really love each other.

  • can you be so gullible.....he is taking advantage of you!!!

  • no he isnt taking advatage of me at all. he knows how mature i am and he says that all the time and it makes me feel it. and he knows for sure how good i am at making love and he says that all the time to from the very first time we hooked. he woud only be taking advatage of me if he didnt love me so much as he does but you really cant imagine how much he loves me.

  • What are you, 15?

  • Doesn't it bother you that he's married? And that he doesn't leave his wife for you? Don't you understand what he's doing?

  • it doesnt even bother me a little that hes married because i know he loves me and i know he loves me more than her. as soon as he fell into love with me he fell out of love with her and he doesnt even have s** with her no more at all. not that it matters because she is so much older than me that she preobly dont want s** no more anyways. but eve if she did i am better than she is and he would rather do me than her anyday. yes i know what hes doing. he is loving me and not her. we even talk about starting our family with our own children because he wants that more than what his wife gave birth to for him which are gross kids.

  • plus hes very safe with s**. he always makes sure i am always taking my pill which is even more than my parents ever check which just shows you how much he cares about me.

  • U are so very stupid...

  • You're right. She's naïve and incredibly deluded. She needs the guidance of a grownup. Where are her parents when she needs them? How could they turn a blind eye to this?

  • my parents would freak if they found out the age that josh is because there thinking is just so old fashon and they have no idea how good me and him are together or how great a cupple we are. when i met josh i broke up with the guy i was seeing then and they were glad about that because he was like 13 years older then me and they soooo hated him the whole time but josh is older than him and married too so i cant hardly tell them about josh so i just say i am not dating nobody and that i just go meet my girls. my parents just so totally would not understand the love we have so i have to hide it from them.

  • The fact that you can't be with him around your parents should tell you that something is very wrong with your "relationship".

  • the other poster was right: your guy is so totally already doing all your friends. you are a fool.

  • If I was him, I'd be doing your girlfriends, too. And I would lie to you about it. Sorry. But I would be getting as much of that p**** as I could take.

  • agreed. young p**** is the best p****. i would be tapping all of it.

  • all i can say is that josh is not like you and i am glad. he loves me and only me and he would never go get with other girls and expecally not my girlfriends. i mean yes that they all want him now that they met him and im sure they would drop there panties if he even smiled in a sexy way but he would never do nothing like that and he only wants me and its all because he loves me as much as he does. the 3 times hes been with them hes been really nice to all of them and bought things but hes never been with any of them seperat from me or alone anywheres or secret. its just mean to say that he wants all there p**** that way. he only wants my p**** and hes not getting any other p**** not even at his house from his awful old wife who has a dryed up old p**** if she even still has one. he loves mine.

  • U must be within 18-25 years naive.
    You will learn.

  • i been with plenty of men for several yearrs so i know all about them and i know how to take care of them and how not to get hurt by them. i guess people always learn but i think i already learned alot and i know more than most. i love men and they totaly love me. all of them.

  • And then if he leaves his family and poor kids for you, then he will do the same to you too. Don't think your any more special then his poor wife, your not. to him you are just an easy lay. Congrats, your helping destroy his children's lives.If your so great, then why hasn't he divorced her yet?

  • we only just started dating during the holidays so it hasnt been all that long yet. eventually he will leave her and i will be a great stepmom to his kids even better than there own mom. and him and me will be the best couple ever. i just know that will all happen. i just know it.

  • Maybe he's s******* them too. He's doing it to his wife, why not you too? Don't think you're special....Your friends are just other opportunities.

  • he really does make me feel real special every time were together and all the time we are. and even when we arent right there with each other hes always calling me and telling me he wishes he was with me and not with his family and expecialy his wife who is soooooooooooo old compared to me. my friends would love to get with him constantly....all of them i swear now that they met him and saw what ive been getting all of this time. they want him so bad they could just pee there pants i swear. but i do not think any of them are getting with him.

  • Still a w****...this won't end well.

  • i am so so so totally not a w****. i am only with josh and not with nobody else and he knows it and he loves it that way because then i can get with him any time he can get away and nobody else is in our way. its love for us both.

  • And you are how old?

  • I bet shes under 18 bcuz she wont reveal her age.

  • i'm old enough to know how to take care of a man and he tells me all the time how good i take care of him,

  • And he goes home to his wife....silly girl

  • he goes home to her because he has to go home to her for as long as hes married to her but doing that makes him sad when he has to leave me. he loves me more.

  • drank ALL the kool-aid didn't you?

  • LOl wow so true i think she did

  • Totally. He's obviously lying to her, using her, and cheating on HER with her FRIENDS. Amazing that she still defends his abuse. It's horrible.

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