I HATE My 7 Year Old Daughter!!!

I am a single mother of 4 and I absolutely and fully HATE my 7 year old. I love being a mother but this little girl makes me wish she was NEVER born.
She was born prematurely and had to spend her first 3 months in the hospital. The moment she came home she has made my life a living f****** h***. With her being a premie I overlooked the constant crying and accepted the fact that she was a baby. As she started growing ans getting older she became a sneaky, lying, manipulative little b****!
She steals from me, her other siblings , and from school. She plays with fire. She's cut her hair before as well as her brother's. Ive caught her trying to suffocate my youngest son with a pillow. SHE IS SO F****** SNEAKY AND I FEEL LIKE SHE TAKES ME FOR A DUMMY. Ive tried spanking her, talking to her, even showing her more attention than ALL of my other kids but she is still the same.
I can see myself beating the life out of her but the only thing that keeps me from doing anything deadly is my other kids and the fact that i don't want to spend the rest of my life in prison. If i could give her up for adoption and still keep my other 3 children i would in a heartbeat. She makes me hate her & myself for having her!!!!

Jan 9, 2018

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  • Can I adopt her?

  • SO glad I was smart enough to not have kids.
    Sure wish I didn't have to deal with the results of other people's ignorant, selfish choices though.

  • I too am a single mom with a 10 year old daughter and a 12 year old son.My daughter is the same way,lies,misbehaves,etc and i also tried everything,spanking,grounding,taking away priveleges,etc and nothing worked.Then the one day,i got together with a friend whom i hadnt seen in a while and we were talking and i told her about my daughters behavior.She has a daughter who is 11 and in puberty and told me that her daughter is bedwetting because of it.She went on and told me that her daughter wears cloth diapers and plastic pants[aka-rubberpants] to bed every night for the bedwetting and that she is very compliant! She suggested that i could borrow some of her daughters diapers and rubberpants and make my daughter wear them since she is so misbehaving all the time.I thought that was a good idea and that it might work.We went to her house and she gave me several cloth diapers and diaper pins and four pairs of the rubberpants.I took them home and got the daughter in her bedroom and showed her the diapers and rubberpants and told her she has to wear them from now on untill she cleans up her act!I forced her to take off her shorts and panties and made her lay on her bed and pinned the diapers on her,then put a pair of the rubberpants over them.she was crying the whole time.Since she has been wearing them,her behavior has improved some and she now realizes that she cant get away with her bad behavior any more!

  • Has this continued to work?

  • Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm 7 can I have her please?

  • But, but, but... all children are preeeeecious! And miraculous! And innocent! And the answer to all of our troubles!


    If this psycho were 18 or over, the apologist commenters here would be just as thumbs-down as the more sensible ones. But since she's still at the small and cute stage for the moment, you're apparently supposed to just sit there and take it all with an adoring smile. Love that hypocrisy.

    Sorry you rolled snake eyes in the genetic lottery and all. The rest of your life ought to be interesting, and possibly even shortened thanks to your sick-brained cr0tch goblin. It would be nice if you ended up being a cautionary tale for others about freestyle breeding, but of course most people aren't rational when it comes to babby-forming. And isn't the result of multiple generations having exactly that attitude just SO much fun to share the planet with! Thank you, THANK YOU for contributing to that!

  • How the f*** can you say that about her?! She's a child! Sure, she's evil, BUT YOU SHOULD F****** LOVE HER NO MATTER WHAT! B****, she's only 7, and she's your child. How can you regret that she was born? If she heard that as she gets older, she could become depressed. And because of her own mother. I can't even believe this. Yeah, if she does that I understand that you would spank her, try talking to her, and yeah. If she doesn't listen that is no excuse to hate her. No excuse at all. I'm out.

  • I agree with the person that said that this kid justifies child abuse. You need to be far rougher on her. If you don't kill her (which I am absolutely not recommending), at least take her very close to it. Make her think you are going to finish her off! SCARE HER! If she thinks you are going to go through with it, maybe she will settle down eventually.

  • It sounds like if there ever was a justification for child abuse, it's this child! At 7, she knows better! You need to be ALOT tougher on her! DO NOT LET HER GET BY WITH THIS STUFF! Soank her MUCH harder! If this doesn't work, give her up for adoption so she can be someone else's problem. Either way, PUT AN END TO THIS!

  • **Properly applied** physical discipline is NOT abuse. The day draws ever closer when we will have to have classes and licenses to have kids, and it won't be a moment too soon!!

  • Unfortunately some kids are just rotten to the f****** core. Probably nothing you did. Kids really are a crapshoot. I understand your frustration and hope things improve for you.

  • She’s 7 f****** years old, if your willing to act and say things like this on the internet i cannot imagine how you treat that poor child. She got her behavior from somewhere? And you? Who says she hates a 7 year old? Who she birthed? B**** you seem like you had it coming, calling you own damn child a b****. I can only pray Social Services gets involved bc you do NOT deserve a family

  • Okay and you say she’s made your life h*** since you gave birth to her UH UH you have definitely been acting a certain way towards her so she has no reason to be nice to you to care for you or love you. I know i wouldn’t 🖕 it’s so sickening that people like you get to have children but people who deserve them and would love them unconditionally struggle to start a family. Fuuuuuuuck you

  • Boo hoo, infertile Myrtle. Spend less time hissing at real mothers and start the adoption process.

  • Get counseling fast you the family needs help

  • This is your child and your flesh and blood and a prescious gift. I cried reading your post. I would take her in a heartbeat from you myself. She craves love and time and like all children boundaries and some discipline. You cant be serious you want too harm her and hate her. We have two children and i would take your prescious doll off you this second if i could. Were are you from..

  • I think I can understand this. The child lies, steals from family members. Never flushes. Or has thrown half of a roll in flushed. Denying it and blaming a sibling. Taking food and hiding it. Complains about being abused at school when she is the one doing the bullying. Vereal abuse of her family. Including you. You ask her to brush her teeth. Refuses and tells you your teeth are ugly like your face. Won't come when you call for dinner. Then wants a whole meal 2 hours later when she decides when you should feed her. Or she will complain to a teacher that you starve her.
    Lying. Stealing. Manipulation of family members and emotions of her siblings.

    This isn't acting out. She is core hate of being told what to do and would rather you do what she says or will fake cry. She fake pulls back like you are going to hit her whIle in public. Yelling in stores while shopping. Leaving you in a grocery store.

    It just goes on. Yes. Sociopath. It happens.

  • Should she be firm and take her panties down and spank her anytime she acts up and leave her in lounge with her red bottom on display for period off time. It will soon turn her attitude around and trust me on this...

  • You need too stay firm with your daughter. You shoul spank her on her bare bum and send her too corner with her bottom on display for a time off reflection on her behaviour and trust me it works..

  • You really must see a psychologist for your daughter . She sounds like a psychopath or sociopath . She tortured even his youngest brother . Be very careful cause criminals has similar behavior when they were kids .

  • The child is acting out and there could be a number of reasons. Is the 7 year old's father in the picture? Are you in a relationship...asking about relationships because who you choose to bring around your kids shape their views on relationships and maybe there is abuse happening that you don't know about. Agree about getting a full psych evaluation. The more you know the better you can address her issues. All children are different and not every child is going to be easy.

  • Have you taken your child to a psychologist for a full evaluation? At 7, she should know better. She sounds like she is a sociopath or has tendencies.

  • Thats your child. You selfish b****.

  • Exactly.

  • You could sell her on ebay or maybe just give her to someone who will love and support her. Then you would be free to be the selfish b**** you were destined to be.

  • She needs a spanking...

  • .....sometimes...................a b**** just need a beating........

  • A proper panties down smacking...

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