I live in Georgia and a lot of Californians are moving here.

I was at my pub when I met this cool guy from Los Angelos. He had been transferred from his company to my small hometown. He seemed happy with the new job and the people he met and he was making tentative plans for his son to go to Georgia Tech.

We were also planning to visit the local gun stores here and possibly go target shooting.

His cell phone rang while we were sitting there and his company told him they had to let him go. He had been downsized. They were going to provide him a plane ticket home within the next few days.

Hows this for a horrible work story?

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  • Californians moving to our state is having a huge impact on our taxes. They sell their house in California and make a huge profit. Move to our state and buy 2-3 houses then they lease out those houses.
    This has driven up the cost of homes for the average lower/middle class.Raising the price on homes..less affordable, raising taxed.
    F*** these bastards liberals. They are ruining our state with their ways and opinions. They f****** cry about everything thing.
    They are usually unfriendly and rude and snooty

  • That state is a true embarrassment

  • I moved out of that shithole state when I was 24. I have no reason to ever go back and never will.

  • That's like how Trump fired a guy. He found out when watching the news. No call. CNN knew first.

  • Fake news!

  • And who was that?

  • There was no one. It's more fake news from the Clinton News Network called CNN.

  • No, the poster is probably just another liberal asshat who's still crying about losing the election.

  • F*** California. F****** sanctuary state cares more about illegal immigrants than their own people. And those rich f****** celebrities who want all those illegals here, but just not in their neighbourhood. Why don't you let them move into your f****** home?
    F****** state needs to fall off in the ocean and take all the jokers that live there with it.

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