Dear Brenda

I know you're my wife's best friend. And I know it's wrong for me to feel this way, but I can't help it. I love you. And I want you. In every way imaginable, I want you. It's not a phase. I thought it was a phase, but this has been going on since before I married her, six years ago. I realize that you don't even know I feel this way, but I do. I love you. And I want you. Now.

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  • End things with your wife first, before pursuing anything with this person. That's if this person actually reciprocates your feelings. Remember, only because you think you're in love with this woman, doesn't mean she loves you back. She might actually be a fantastic friend to your life and choose loyalty/her friendship, over your overactive imagination!

  • What you say is very true. This woman has no idea that I love her. It's a tragic situation. I want her every day. I l*** for her every night. I think about HER when I f*** my wife.

  • If you don't love your wife, let her go, she deserves someone better. In the future don't commit to marriage, unless you actually love your partner.

    Good luck

  • She probably wants you too!

  • I agree with ^this^ observation, and I am reasonably sure she already knows how you feel, and is just waiting on you to make the first move, so she doesn't risk being rejected. Go get that girl!

  • It's true. Make your move. She will so NOT say "no"! She will say "now"!!!

  • L*** covered in the name of love

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