got in and now want out!

okay me and my boyfriend been going out for 8 months now, soon to be nine and we both say were staying stong, but at times i wonder... if it's really true. we've gone far, and when i say this, i mean all the way. after that he stilled stayed and all but at times i just think to myself, is he staying cause he knows he can get more is he staying cause he loves me? we got this far, and it's like we have to do something everyday now. i don't want that to heppen and at times i tell him not today, and he's okay. recently i gave him a challange of not doing anything at all, not being touchy touchy for a few months and he's like ok? but it's going to be hard. he says because he's a s** addict it's going to be hard for him and all. if it's true love as we think it is... it shouldn't be a problem right? how do i get this to stop. i don't want to be doing things all the time, in fact i want it to stop. i want to be in a relationship where all the physical stuff isn't needed. what can i do?

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  • Look, you need to realize that you are on earth for the purpose of serving men sexually.
    Your reason for living is to give your boyfriend a receptacle for his s****.
    He has needs. I can tell you from experience that if a man goes too long without s**, he gets what is known as "blue b****".
    That happens when there is too much sperm and s**** and no way to get it out. Masturbation only goes so far.
    Actual s** is what is needed, which is why your boyfriend wants it all the time.
    He's not a s** addict, his body just requres his reproductive system to be "flushed" regularly.
    My sister's husband had the same problem. He needs her AND me to stay satisfied.
    (She doesn't know)

  • It's strange that you feel like this after having been in a situation where you've (presumably) felt comfortable with being physical with him. Have you thought about WHY you want it to stop suddenly? Is it that you weren't ever very comfortable with the physical relationship but didn't feel brave enough to say so? Or has something changed that makes it uncomfortable emotionally? Or are other aspects of the relationship not getting enough attention? Or maybe you just don't fancy him as much as you first thought?

    I think it's a good idea to have a proper think about what's going on in your head to make you feel like this, and then once you've figured it out a bit have a proper talk with him about it all as well. If it is true love and you're in for the long haul, then mutual respect and honesty are really important. So you've got to tell him where you are in your head, and you've also got to be prepared to listen to him and accept that some people DO need a relationship that involves s**.

    End of rant.

    Good luck!

  • Don't put yourself in the setting that might lead to that! Trust me once you gave a man the physical they will just expect it from then on. But you can try to avoid it by not going to his room or yours or w/e you guys do the deed. Just say lets go to the park, mall, or wherever....maybe somewhere he likes so he doesnt figure out the fact that your avoiding that situation ;)

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