My dad is starting to creep me out.

It’s no secret that my father is a huge pervert. He’s the kind of guy that makes sexual jokes and innuendos with me and my mother. He gropes my mom often, and appears to enjoy doing it when we have guests. He flirts with other women, sometimes flat-out asking if they are single. My mom doesn’t care, or does a great job at keeping her feelings hidden. Anyway, that’s not my confession.

I’ve started to notice that he’s acting weird around me. He’s made a habit of grabbing my ass or thigh, and telling me that I smell good. Sometimes after he and my mom have an argument, he slips into my bed for the night, and lays with his arm around me. It’s only happened twice, both being equally as uncomfortable. But I didn’t make a big deal about it. The bed is pretty small. The couch is smaller, so there’s no way I’d imagine he’d sleep on it and get a good rest.

It wasn’t until last week he did something that really, REALLY, creeped me out. I was taking a shower, and he stopped in to pee. I hear him wash his hands, but he doesn’t leave the restroom. He strikes up a conversation, and suddenly suggested getting in the shower with me. After I pointed out he had his own that he could use, he laughed and told me he was just kidding. He still didn’t leave, even after I was finished washing. I had to grab a towel from behind the curtain and cover myself, before he finally left.

I didn’t realize his behavior at first because I’m a guy. Logically, I assumed he didn’t swing that way. To be honest I’m still a bit convinced that I’m making a big deal out of nothing. But tell me what you guys think. Am I being melodramatic?

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