What is meant by Predestination?

I'll tell what it sounds like it means. It sounds like everything that happens was preordained to happen. So if some child gets kidnapped, tortured, raped and murdered it was preordained by God himself. However, since he used the criminal to do the crime its the criminals fault preordained or not.

Parts of the bible such as Christs saying "you can lengthen or shorten your days" seems to mean we have free will but that's not possible if everything is preordained. If predestination is real then God himself is responsible for all man's sins. Yet we humans get the blame for it.

It's also preordained who goes to Heaven and who goes to H***. How far is that?

Presbyterians change your religion. Not only is that doctrine crap but it makes God worse than Satan.

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  • Not all Christians -- in fact, not many Christians -- believe in predestination in the literal sense. Foreknowledge isn't foreordination. We live our lives linearly, and we experience time in the same way, because we have to. So we assume that God experiences time in a linear fashion, too. But He doesn't. I don't believe that my destiny is fixed and immutable, because my life experience doesn't in any way support that idea. If your understanding of the word is literal, speak with your preacher or priest. If he or she says it means exactly what it says, then speak with a non-Calvinist preacher or priest. Get a clearer picture of how churches view this important point before dismissing it (or accepting it), and everything that goes along with it.

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