Presbyterians preach pre destination but say prayer is good

If everything is pre destined then why pray? It won't change anything. The concept of sin beng pre destined by God himself is odious to me. It means God caused you to do it but you get the blame. To ** you go. Hey its OK God pre destined it.

Jun 4

Next Confession

I still like him

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  • God gave us free will. He doesn't force us to do anything.
    Sin entered this world when our first parents willingly chose to join Satan's rebellion.
    God can see into the future. He can change the outcome if he needs too. He gave us indicators in prophecy show the way to the great day of Armageddon, the war we need where he takes this world back from its current ruler Satan.

    Beware of false prophets and counterfeit faiths. The devil rules this world, and he has influenced and divided Christianity itself to confuse mankind.

    Read the bible. Let God guide you.

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