Is that normal???

So i met this guy and we started dating a few weeks ago, We started having s** about a week ago and of course it is happening pretty much all the time right now but here is my question, Sorry this is a question not a confession.
He is um how do i put this, HUNG, seriously like the biggest guy i have ever been with, I have gone through more lube this week than ever in my life but...I love to give head so i spend a lot of time down there, He is circumsized so i don't know if that has anything to do with it but he never really gets REAL hard, I mean he gets hard and he gets off but its always still kind of i don't know, It's hard but my ex who was not near as big would stand up and point at the ceiling but not this guy.
I love his d*** and not just because it's huge, I asked him if i could measure it and it's 9", Really i just wanted to know for sure so i could give that info here but that kind of blew my mind when i saw the actual number. so is that normal, Is he not super into me, Is there more i need to do or is that just the way it is?

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  • I am also 9", and I guess medium thick. It may be a circulation problem, but as long as he is hard enough to make you c**, why worry? Ask him to see a doctor, not because he doesn't f*** you good, just to make sure there are no medical issues keeping him from getting fully erect. I personally like you say. point to the celiing, and it sounds like we are pretty close in size. Good luck!

  • You're a lucky lady just enjoy it.

  • I've only had experience with one large guy, (around 8 inches, we measured him too) He was always hard as a rock and h****, lol.

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