I Wish My Special Needs Stepchild Didn’t Exist

No filter. No sugarcoating. I wish my special-needs step child, now 18, didn’t exist. Sometimes I wonder if she died if I would even feel bad...horrible, but true. When I met my husband, we didn’t know the extent of her intellectual disabilities. Everyone just said she was a slow learner. Well, at a 45 IQ, I think that’s more significant than a “slow learner.”

She’s not unruly or a brat. She doesn’t do much much of anything. She just parrots things she hears other people say and stares off a lot. It sucks that this is the lot life has handed her, but I just wish I wasn’t tied up in her life....for the rest of my husband’s life. Cuz when he’s gone, im OUT. I hate that I have to fake it all the time about her. I have to fake that I like her, fake nice with her mom, fake talking sweet about her to my own child, fake being the nice stepmom.

Nobody would ever know that I feel this way, because I put on a fantastic front. I buy all the gifts, send all the flowers, send cards and goodies for each and every holiday throughout the year, have my kid draw her pictures and like all of her mom‘s Facebook posts of her.

Thankfully, she lives across the country so we only see her a few times a year, and it is absolutely painful and miserable the entire time. I can’t wait to send her home with her mother. Every time she’s with us, she s*** in her pants and guess who gets to clean it up? I’m so very thankful that my child does not have any special needs because I don’t think I would be able to handle it.

I also think, what if her mother died? We would probably have to take care of her and there is no way in h*** that she would live in our house. I would have to leave my husband if he insisted on it because I have realized, very clearly, that I am not a well-developed soul on this planet. Mother Theresa, I am not! Her mother is vehemently against a group home, but that is exactly where she would be going.

And the icing on top of this s*** cake is that we have to pay $1500 a month in child support, which likely will go on for the rest of her life. I really thought that once she turned 18, that would be the end of it, but because she has special needs, parents are legally obligated to continue supporting their children unless they are destitute or dead.

I f****** HATE that this child support money, that could go to a college fund for my child, is going to continue supporting this stepchild that is just living on this planet to contribute what? To do what? So her mom can dress her up in cute clothes like an Ambercrombie & Fitch mannequin and post her pics on FB? I’m so horrible, but what is her earthly purpose that we have to pay for until my husband croaks??

I wish he had never slept with his ex and created this life-long financial burden. If they disappeared forever it would be a dream come true.

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  • I can relate, but you made your choice.

  • Ginny? You’re the devil

  • What we have here is a bitter, selfish, immature and mostly stupid s_c_u_m_b_a_g that never feels accountable for anything.
    As such, the old bag knows as well as we do that this is no place for second guessing. Rather it's suffering from the "you made your proverbial bed, now sleep in it" syndrome. Nobody can help one that fails to make informed decisions. S_c_u_m_b_a_g needs to suck it up, if you will.

  • Completely in my proverbial bed. Also, an old bag, unfortunately. Scumbag is more or a “male” term in my opinion though. Sucking it up every day.

  • God sees the real you and you can’t hide that from him. Good luck

  • I absolutely know that. Doesn’t change the gutteral feelings no matter how hard I try.

  • Yeah but god doesn’t exist. If you genuinely think he exists your opinion doesn’t matter because the idea of a divine being is f****** stupid and ridiculous

  • That alone spells and speaks better than a fifty page thesis. Your witness, counselor.

  • I didn't even read past a few lines without getting outraged by your words. I'm glad this is anonymous cuz omg .

  • Welcome to confessionpost.com!

  • Do you fake your o****** too????? I bet you do.You are simply a fake. Your hubby married a fake and he does not even know it? Do you cheat on him,since faking is cheating?

  • Only a few fakies a year. That’s the truth. This site is about innermost confessions.

  • You sound miserable.You should find another husband and this time around,make sure he has no 45 IQ child.Look for a guy with an IQ of 140+,and no child support. That will make you feel better. And don't seek child support from your current hubby because you loathe child support.

  • You’re right! I am totally miserable!

  • Nobody twisted your arm to get married.

  • Also true.

  • You should’ve thought about that when you got with your husband . Everything in the other side of the fence becomes your responsibility as well. You sound selfish and ashamed

  • All true. That’s why it’s on confessionpost.com.

  • I agree. I am 54 year old male and never got married. I know I am selfish and never wanted children . You know what? I am very happy and have more freedom than your average schnook.

  • Well its t*** and a*** and poopy smell times again for deformed inbred royals, why isn't everyone goooing and throwing fairs and fates parties everywhere in every city corner and town "wow aren't we so happy for the idol rich breeding and f****** sucking up love marriage vows when they don't allow us to and we are not even gay" cuz you can't have kids and marriages? so you live through their lives. why should you be happier for them then for yourself? answer me that? I feel that way about just about everyone too! I certainly don't want to see scuzzy royal weddings and chub bum bubs and s*** ass nappy s*** happy poopy time royals wallowing in pride and glory and self conceit. they make me sick. i wish they didn't exist. stop persecuting the world and allow us all to live dirty bastards and stop pushing yourselves on society that no longer want you. we don't want to see you. your didn't want to see me loved and married and with a kid so why should I have to put up with seeing your ugly ugly fugly faces and souls and all that ugly ego bouncing around. god it makes ya sick. any thinking person just wants out. just f*** off already and don't even send the press or photos to mags and media. people are sick of looking at your ugly kids and wasting their lives when we deserve marriages and kids too and all you do is show off and flaunt in everyones faces how perfect you are but your not perfect at all. your down right ugly! all of them. no more please. its torture, its terrorism. stop, just stop.

  • 100% not perfect. But wish I was Royal. We could afford the life-long support.

  • Yeh the whole thing is retarted.

  • What's your earthly purpose to even live??

  • I don’t know yet? What’s your purpose for coming on this site?

  • Kids are always a bad idea. Most people can't take care of themselves, and certainly should not have offspring that might be challenging (always the case). Existence is pain, strife, and money. People would be much better off adopting a dog.

  • Sometimes we just need to move on

  • I got an education when it came to paying child support. It doesn't end when they turn 18 in my state unless they are on there own and emancipated. My ex flipped out when I changed Lawyers and emancipated my 22 yr old kid thus ending her free ride.

  • This is a woman. The courts favor women. Men who get married are just plain stupid. The gamble is not worth it. Having children is stupid too. Most people regret it.

  • This is a hard one to answer. I have a suggestion and you're not going to like it. Why don't you leave your husband? That way you're rid of her and you can find another situation.

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