Teaseing my Mother in law

I confess that I always love showing off my package in front of my mother in law J.... and have been doing so for over 10 years. She’s been divorce for many years now and at 65 years old she is still curvy and sexy and in good shape with ample double D b****** that I just looove. So this has been going since I first met her and her daughter when I was much younger and she seems to always like to look and or watch but never in the years that I have know her has she ever complained about it to her daughter my now wife of 6 years or to me for that matter. So over many years whenever we’re at the pool or the beach or at our house or on vacation I make sure to situate myself so I can give her a good view. I especially love being in my underwear in front of her so she can really see my bulge. Just this past Holiday when she stayed over on Christmas morning we all woke up early and I made pancakes and coffee in a very small pair of string bikini briefs and white T-shirt that really did not cover me entirely. I spent most of the breakfast morning like that and she would hang around me in the kitchen and watch me bend over to pick things up. I know she would stare at my crotch and ass. For the most part I know I always pretend like I’m not doing it on purpose but after 10 years of doing this at this point she must know that I am or maybe not but she never says anything about it. It’s crazy the amount of times I have done this. Just recently my wife and I and her we were at the beach she moved her self on the towel in front of me I guess to get a better view as I had my shorts pulled up in a way so that where she now sat she could see my d*** threw the clear sheer netting and as we talked and I noticed her looking right at it as I started to made it hard and throb for her as we all where playing the Ispy game which is actually funny considering what I was doing and at one point she said she spotted something brown and it happened to be the color of my shorts. Now she has never seen me fully naked although she have seen my d*** in my underwear which really leaves nothing to the imagination anyway, however I have just recently started showing her my full c*** underneath my shorts without underwear. I have so many stories over the years ..
I don’t want to ruin what we have but I’m trying to figure out if she just likes to look only and that’s it and If so that’s fine with me because I enjoy doing it but I really would like to take it further but I guess I’m just too scared to make the first move myself. I also played with my c*** while she once fell asleep on the couch next to me while we were watching a movie. Another time
I was laying directly across from with my mother-in-law in a lounge chair at her swanky club pool and I was wearing short swimsuit trunks and I made sure that I pull them up really high so that my d*** and b**** were visible for her to see. That day she was in a normal one piece swimsuit laying down on the lounge chair that she had directly in front of mine so I couldn’t help but stare at her big t*** and her p**** mound and so towards the end of the day during our conversation I had put my hand on the bottom of my shorts moved them over some more in front in her so my b**** and p**** were on display and only hidden by the white mesh netting and the whole time my wife was sitting on my right side of me not knowing what I was showing her mother. When it was time to leave my wife got up to go change in the bathroom and I started really lightly touching it just rubbing it lightly making it get hard so it was pushing against the netting -she was definitely at times looking at me then she would look away and pretend to look at pool leavening me to rub it with my fingers up and down then when she would turn her head back and looked at me to continue our conversation. It was hard to tell where she was looking because she had her sunglasses on butwhen we were talking each other at times she would look away and then turn back and continue on with our conversation while I was gently rubbing my c*** threw the netting. The funny thing was the conversation I started was about big thick pool noodles you know the new ones everyone has. I actually asked her if she preferred or would want one of those big thick pool noodles and as I said That I kind of had my hands near my crotch speaking with my hands and she looked over and said that she preferred the long skinny ones she has that were less expensive because she just gets a new one every year. Now if my wife didn’t come back from the bathroom and interrupt me I just don’t know how far it would’ve gone I sure would’ve kept rubbing lightly on my c***. Man It was so exciting as we carried on the conversation while I hand my had there slowly rubbing myself and laying back in lounge chair looking right at her at her right at me. Sad to say I haven’t gone any further with her.

Mar 3, 2018

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  • It’s all in your mind

  • I posted her about my wife and mother in law. I am going to be a father to each of there babies. My wife is due any day now and my mother in law is due in a couple months. wife is 21 and mother in law is 43.

  • Hot story, made Me drip.

  • Cool story I always had the hots for my wife's mother

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