It’s ok to let your child smoke at a young age

Sooo a lot of people keep talking about how they don’t know if it was the right decision to let their kid smoke at a young age... If my child wanted to start smoking I would let her as long as she was 8 or older. I started smoking when I was 12....both of my parents are heavy smokers going through about 2 packs a day. Even my step parents are heavy smokers. On my dads side their is a lot of drug and alcohol use..Not a surprise that I smoke! Your child is pretty much growing up in a world filled with different tobacco products that lots of people use. If you let your child smoke and they have never done it before and they try it once and they end up hating it ask them if they would like to try a different brand if they say yes then support them don’t tell people that will get mad at you for letting your child smoke! Remember you are not a bad person for letting your child smoke. Lots of people say you have to be 18 to smoke and buy cigarettes. That’s not true. It is not against the law to smoke before the age of 18.



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  • Lilly and Ren, even Oksana where are y'all

  • You are old enough to smoke at 12. As mum said If your mum and dad smoke I bet they tried their first cigarette before they were ten it's just that some people who try a cigarette at ten or before keep smoking. Mum said they are hypocrites if they don't let their kids smoke.


  • I love smoking, but 12 is too young to make that decision.

  • How old are you and when did you start smoking


  • This is a smoking fetishist's post... pay no attention.

  • There are plenty of ppl who love smoking fetishes. Join us.


  • To the person who posted the above, why do you think it's okay for children to smoke as long as they are 8 or older. My twin girls started smoking when they were 6. Am I REALLY that bad of a mum?

  • Fetish post.

  • The government is supposed to relax some of the coronavirus rules tomorrow, thank f uck.

  • Let's not forget its Lola's 10th birthday this month too. I hope she gets her c unt f ucked so so good.

  • Hi Freja honey,
    Get back on here quick smartly or I'll f uck your ar$e sweetheart. I need to do that anyways as a present for your 18th birthday you little c unt. I can't wait until Ren and I are 18 bc she, mum and I are gonna f uck men for money. Yup we're gonna be escorts.
    Love Queen B itch
    Lilly xoxo

  • Where are the twin girls Ren and Lilly. I miss them on here?

  • Belinda
    You are a great mom for letting Ren and Lilly smoke. I'm 14 and my mom won't let me smoke although I do smoke and I love it lotz. How can I get my mother to let me smoke?

  • I mean to say,

    Does your mother smoke?


  • Mater,
    Does your mother smoke?

  • Sounds like u need a new mom haha just kidding. That sucks but dont really have advice as i let mine smoke, she is 12

  • Mum is taking Ren and me to a cocktail dinner party on Saturday night. She's holding it for clients and she's going to let Ren and me drink but she wants us to drink responsibly. She wants us to sit on 3 cocktails throughout the evening. Mum said she doesn't particularly care how much we smoke.

  • Our sexy clothes that we ordered online last week haven't arrived yet. They were supposed to arrive last Friday. I'll send you all links of what we have on order.

  • Oksana, Amelia, Tegan and April,
    Our new sexy leather thigh high boots, leather micro mini skirts, red stilettos and red blouses haven't arrived yet. They were ordered online days ago and meant to arrive last Friday.

    I'll send you links of the stuff we have on order.

  • I want to hear from Cate real bad.

  • Oksana, Amelia, Tegan and April,

    Mum bought Chloe, Lilly and me some really f ucking hot leather gear and stuff online. They'll arrive by Friday. I'll send you all links


  • Now there're talking about pubs and clubs not opening until September. We'll never get to f uck. This government couldn't organize a f uck for themselves.

  • Lilly,
    Even if clubs and hotels reopen, everyone has to obey by the distancing rules. We won't be able to f uck.

  • When Ren, Chloe and I were at nan's place last night mum went shopping and ran into a friend who works at our local sports club. He told her the club may reopen in 3 weeks. It may mean that hotels will reopen too so we should be able to meet men for s ex.

  • April,
    It will be no fun at all if guys can't attend not to mention your mum wants to be there.

    We'll have to skip Amelia's birthday this year. She'll be watching our every drink.

  • Ren, Lilly, Tegan, and Oksana,
    Amelia's birthday is coming up and this is the first of our 13th birthdays and we can't get together to party. Mum is wanting to hold something for her but she's afraid we'll be noisy and the neighbours will alert police. If mum does something for her, mum will have to be here at our place to make sure noise is minimal. It's a shame we can't invite the guys.

  • Cate
    Come back

  • It's so f ucked up that Cate has had to leave. Thanks to Phillip and his c unt of a mother. I hope they get really f ucked off with Cate when they can't find her and Lola.
    I hope she is able to drop us a short message here and there.

    I want to see that Cate and Lola are also able to f uck men.


  • Mum said prime minister Scott Morrison may ease the restrictions on the coronavirus which may give us a chance to f uck for money if the government gives the go ahead to open hotels.

  • Ren and Lilly
    I need a f uck like right now.

  • Oksana,
    I was the first child to write to Cate and she's been great to have and mum told us this morning she's going to miss her bad. Cate mentioned to mum that she should talk to a barkeep so we can have paid s ex. This coronavirus is so f ucked, it could be costing us a lot of money. I had a wet dream about recently and my c unt jewellery was so f uckin' wet.

  • Ren Lilly and Belinda,
    I'm sad that Cate may not come back. I'd like to hear from her too and see if she and Lola can f uck men together for money. She has given me some advice and I thank her for that.

    Phillip, his brother and mother have f ucked up Cate and Lola's lives. I really hate the c unt.

  • Cate,
    Perhaps I'm selfish in that I'll miss your friendship here. Ideally I'd love to hear from you now and again but I fully understand Lola's safety is paramount to you both. Is Mark assisting you?

    Above all I'm very pleased that you and Lola have found one another.

    As always,
    Take care


  • Belinda,
    This will be my last post for awhile - perhaps never.
    I'm taking Lola and leaving. I've decided that I will not return her
    to that woman, or that life.
    I'm receiving some unexpected help with my situation. It requires
    that I go dark. Permanently.

  • Belinda,
    Sorry. Mark and his boys are leaving this morning.
    Lola and I are fine
    We've been a bit busy. Some news later.

  • Cate,
    I haven't heard from you for a few days. I hope you and Lola are well. Stay safe.

  • Cate,
    I haven't heard from you for quite a few days. I hope you and Lola are okay. Stay safe.

  • Lilly,
    I'll have as many Virginia 120 cartons of cigarettes for me. Mum wants as many dunhill cartons as possible and please buy my dad as many of Rothmans as you can get. If you can't get ours get me and mum marlboro of any kind and buy dad cartons of winfield.
    I think that is the tobacconist that had a sign up the other day that they may be forced to close and when my mum asked why, he said supermarkets are getting all the business for tobacco.


  • Oksana,
    I tried to ring you too but only about 15 minutes ago. Your phone went to voicemail so i left you a message. We've been out with mum all day. It's 4.30 now come over for dinner and sleep. I'll sleep with you this time, Tegan and Ren can sleep together. Tegan is staying the night too. There are a few fashion shops closing down in the mall here where she has her salon. There are massive savings. Lilly and I are spending the rest of the money that our bio mum gave us. Mum has been doing our hair and make-up all day.

    I was ringing you to ask if you, your dad and mum need cigarettes. There is also a tobacconist closing down so be quick. Tegan, her mum, April and her family, and my aunt has ordered cigarettes for herself, and her husband and Chloe. The tobacconist is ajacent to mum's salon and he's holding the cigarettes for us until we finish our coffee. Mum has been able to buy 13 cartons of our cigarettes and she bought 20 cartons for herself. The couple who own the tobaconist is selling the ciggies for half price.

  • Lilly and Ren,
    I want to come to your place tonight after dinner. What are you doing today. Why are your phones off?

  • Cate,
    I hope you and Mark hit it off and had it off several times last night.

    I think I've found "my" black man I met briefly last Thursday. More about that later.

  • It's 3.30pm here, Sunday and I've smoked almost 7 packs of cigarettes since the early hours of Friday morning. A great number of the ones I smoked were when I got drunk on Good Friday night. Mum had the sh its with me because I threw up. She made Ren's breakfast yesterday morning but didn't make mine.


  • April,
    Mum has got a lot to do. She has to get the babies ready every morning and breast feed them. She gets dad ready for work because he's been working very long hours with police during this coronavirus. Mum has to work the other 2 days a week plus most of Saturday. She used to take Lilly and myself out to lunch every Sunday before the virus. Your mum doesn't work and she does f uck all compared to our mum.

  • Ren,
    I'm sick of staying at home all the f****** time except when Belinda homeschools us. At least you and Lilly have each other, whereas Tegan, Oksana and me have to be by ourselves during this coronavirus sh it. Has your mum thought of tutoring us 5 days a week even at shorter hours in the day so we make up the same time?

    I was going to ring but I want Belinda to read this.

  • Cate,
    Mum reminded me that you are behind us in time over there and that it's only Good Friday. I f ucked up, sorry. Happy Easter.

  • Cate,
    I hope you and Lola get a really good
    f ucking from the black dad and his boys tonight. It's certain that Phillip
    c unt doesn't give a f uck about Lola to be giving her out. I hope one day a girl brings the c unt down by kicking him in the f uckin' b alls.

  • Tegan

    You shouldn't come here because of the virus but come around when it's dark so the b itch next door can't see you coming into our place. Oksy is coming over too. You'll all have to sleep at our place and leave one by one early in the morning morning.

    You can sleep with me and Ren and Osky can sleep together.

  • Lilly l want to come over to your place and have a drink with you.

  • There's f uck all we can do this Easter weekend other than smoke cigarettes and drink. I need to get drunk.

  • There's not much to do over Easter than smoke cigarettes and drink.

  • Oksana,
    Staying awake at night won't make that time come any quicker honey. You're better off getting sleep to pass some time.

  • Ren and Lilly,
    I can't sleep. I can't wait until we all get the go ahead to f uck.

  • Ren,
    They are only talking about relaxing the laws sweetheart. Not guaranteed yet.
    Lilly xoxo

  • The government is thinking about relaxing the laws surrounding the coronavirus here. Cafes and alcohol bottle shops will be open this Easter although we can't buy alcohol tomorrow - Good Friday. Hotels should be open so we can f uck.

  • Cate,
    I have to ask him for s ex. I need to be that straight forward. I can't stop thinking about that black man. I haven't seen him before. I'm sure the only reason I saw him today was because I was running a few minutes late for work. Perhaps if I get there the same time tomorrow I'll see him then. Other than that, hopefully next Thursday morning once more. I can either give him my business card for my hairdressing salon or have cards made "Belinda's Escort Services"

  • Ren,
    I will bring Chloe a pack of cigarettes at about 2.15, then I have to return to work. I will finish at 5 today then you and Lilly can go out. I'll text you a short shopping list of groceries to get at the supermarket.

  • Mum,
    I tried to ring aunt and let her know that Chloe is almost out of cigarettes but she's not answering. Please bring Chloe her usual menthol ciggies, she doesn't like ours.

    What time ru home, Lilly and I want to get out of the home for a while.

  • Belinda,
    If you see him again, be a bit more assertive!
    Let him know you're interested.

  • Cate,
    I'm happy for both you and Lola. I'm sure your weekend will turn out fine seen as though the fellow made the first step by following things up with Lola.

    I was thinking of you this morning when I saw a rather handsome black man and I must admit he did get my loins going. He was standing near a bus stop drinking a cup of coffee. If only I could have thought of something intelligent to say to him I would have liked to engage in conversation. As it was I could only muster "A very good morning" and he returned it with a smile. I'm still thinking of him.

  • Belinda,
    You are correct. The father and both sons are Black.
    Lola and I are both looking forward to an enjoyable weekend. I'll be
    sure to keep you apprised of how things progress.

  • Cate,
    That's good news for Lola.

    That's the black gentleman if I recall correctly, isn't he?

    There may be something there for you.

    Interesting times ahead perhaps. Yes please keep me informed.

    Maybe I'm over s exed. I also make good money in better times but I'm not going to discourage myself and not engage in extra - "marital" s ex.

  • Belinda,
    I already make a good living, and money is not my issue. Lola is.
    I received an interesting call by way of Lola's cell phone. Remember the
    gentleman who brought his two sons and paid for them to be with Lola?
    Apparently, Lola told the boys a few things, and the boys want to see Lola
    again, but convinced their father to make contact with me through Lola. I
    just finished a phone conversation with him, and he and his boys are coming
    here for dinner this Saturday evening. I'll let you know how it all goes. By
    the way, his name is Mark.

  • Cate
    I'm sure you've got the knowledge and expertise to go this alone. So enjoy yourself and make some serious money along the way.

  • Cate,

    You know I was thinking as much with what you told me about Phillip's mum. I can't even imagine her to have a tax file number or be on the electoral roll.


  • Belinda,
    Phillip's mom is not on welfare. She is part of a criminal enterprise, as are
    her sons. She has a stable of roughly a dozen girls as well as making videos,
    as well as other things. Drugs perhaps? I don't know.
    Lola has unfortunately learned that Phillip only used her to, so his mom
    could gain custody, and turn her to prostitution. Lola was only a small part
    of her income stream. She now services Phillip when he (or his brothers )
    demand it. She now despises him as well as his family, but unfortunately,
    she's caught in this web.
    I'm not thinking about an escort business for myself or Lola. That's far in
    the future, if it ever happens. Just wishful thinking.

  • Cate,
    Am I incorrect to say that Lola doesn't give two f ucks about Phillip any longer and what will his mother do for income now? Is the f uckin b**** on welfare and could she survive on it? Surely she wouldn't be accustomed to the luxury of living that Lola was providing her.
    Have you thought of ways to bolster your clientele for your escort business and how you're going to go about it?

    Sorry there are a lot of questions, you may not want to answer all of them, if any.

  • We heard on talk back radio that it's OK to kiss your mum and dad so I'm sleeping with mum tonight because dad's away for the rest of the week. Apparently we can't get Covid from virginal fluid so we'll be okay with that too.


  • Cate,
    I wish there is a way that you and Lola could f uck men together instead of Phillip's mum getting herself involved in Lola's pu ssy and making money from her.

    We went to a tattooist with mum late this afternoon. She was going to get her c unt tattooed permanently ink but she bought the temporary ones that wash off in a week. She bought 10 of the one that reads "Your's for the Night". Ren talked her into it, she said it might entice men to book mum all night and if he's an ugly f**** or a bad f uck mum can then tell he can only have her for an hour because another bloke is booked.

  • Cate,
    The possibilities are endless in us wanting to do as we're planning. Just talk about it to every conceivable male you would think of having s ex with. These men will cross your path in walks of life. It's a numbers game so tell as many as you can. I told 6 today, only one said he wouldn't do it because he's married. I told him to reconsider because no one owns anyone in this world. That isn't what I really wanted to but I didn't want him to upstage me and make me a fool.

    Oksana asked me to ask Rick to have s ex with her. I told her she should ask him. This came after Lilly told Oksana she is going to ask her dad to have s ex with her.


  • Cate,
    My girls and myself want to do it now however this virus frightens the f uck out of us. It's f ucked that Phillip's mum can have so much control in all of this. There are so many opportunities for me and the girls to explore and avenues will open. In a few months I will send out invitations for an end of year cocktail Christmas party and dinner for my clients and get Ren and Lilly involved. I will buy them suitable attire and my business partner and I will have it catered for in a hotel providing this virus is out of the way. Then men can hire a hotel room and Ren, Lilly and I will service their needs. Whilst my partner is a married woman, she has expressed an interest in joining us.

    Cate I hope there is a way that you and Lola can have that arrangement. It is a very h orny prospect and you have my support, that's obvious to say.

  • Belinda,
    I wouldn't mind doing the same thing, working with Lola, operating as a
    mother - daughter arrangement, however, that would mean working for Phillip's mom. That is something I am not inclined to do.

  • Cate,
    I'm letting it be known to the male clients I'd like to have it on with that I'm going to prostitute myself when the time is right. I told one guy as I was cutting his hair late yesterday after homeschooling and when the occasional times I needed to get close to him he moved his hand closer to me so the back of it kept touching my knee. Cheap thrill for him I suppose but whatever turns him on. He said he'll be a client for sure. I just have to work out a venue. It looks like men will need to pay for a hotel room and for my time at this stage.

    Ren, Lilly and Oskana have told their boyfriends they have to start paying for s ex or buy them clothes in future. This comes as I'm telling them, I don't believe they're faithful to the girls. These lads are almost 18 and they are working for Ren's boyfriend's father now that school has been cancelled and they're doing this last year online. So they are earning an income and are able to afford it.

  • Ren and I were walking on a pedestrian crossing this afternoon and felt the power of being able to smoke comfortably in front of police as they waited in their police car for us to cross the road.

    It was our make up that mum applied and the fact we were wearing our stilettos that gave us good height I'm sure that police didn't question our age. They may have thought we are legal at 18 but look a year younger. It was a great feeling to smoke and not be questioned.

  • Cate,
    i was unable o get back to you yesterday. It was a full's washing. I put two full loads of ashing on for the towels I use in my salon. Then 4 loads on here for our clothes and sheets.

    It is always easier for girls/women to last longer in bed than males. Ren, Lilly and Oksana get very frustrated when their boyfriends c um moments after entering them, if they're lucky, their boyfriends last 10-20 minutes they tell me but this is very, very rare.

    Another reason I didn't feel like answering but it's no offence to you is that Ren and Lilly breached my trust. They came home with their boyfriends and went to bed with them at about 2am on Saturday morning and I woke to hear Ren moaning and groaning. I went into her room and she was riding her boyfriend reverse cowgirl and holding on to her t*** and jumping up and down on his d ick. She defied me and looked straight at me and didn't stop f ucking which made me angry inside. Lilly was in her room had heavy petting her boyfriend ready for s ex. When the the boys left, I gave both off them a correctional talk but it will go unnoticed.

    I feel that because iI've got a good bond with them both sexually and emotionally and they know that, I'm losing control of them and they are doing what they like.

    There's a few more things I need to say. later


  • This is what I mean about the Chinese. It was in today's paper, so I'll quote it verbatim.

    Australian health experts planning a response to the Coronavirus pandemic have been warned not to believe Chinese claims they had no new cases.
    "I don't trust any statistics coming out of China at any time," Australian Strategic Policy Institute executive director Peter Jennings said "And there is strong anecdotal evidence that the number of actual infections was significantly higher than 8000 or so China claimed".
    According to China, the province where the outbreak began has not had more than one new case a day allowing them to signal the end of the pandemic.

    So there it is folks. What a load of hot c ock they're f uckin feeding us. The Chinese are low-down c unts.

  • Belinda,
    It's Saturday night, and the house is finally quiet.
    Lola contacted a couple of boys she had been schoolmates with, and they came over to the house.
    Well, you know kids and cell phones - pretty soon I had eleven boys and two girls having a get together - and Covid 19 be damned.
    All afternoon and into the evening, Lola had s-x with all eleven boys out in our back yard. It's enclosed, so no nosy neighbors. The two other girls - about Lola's
    age, did not participate, but just watched with fascination.
    Lola and each of the boys took turn after turn with each other. I watched from a window, and marveled at her talent - and stamina. I also noticed Lola never
    had anyone use a c-ndom. She was bareback all the way.
    I'm exhausted just watching her. Calling it a night for now.
    Write back.

  • This coronavirus is a pain in the f uckin ar se and it's f ucking up our social and se x lives. So f ucking annoying. I'm never going to eat Chinese food again. Its a bull sh it they're saying they haven't had a single death since the outbreak.
    Lying f ucking c unts.

  • Cate,
    I can't image how glad you are to have Lola back temporarily and as mum says don't worry about her dressing provocatively, drinking swearing and smoking excessively. Mum is right in what she's saying that Ren and I smoke more because it's a sexual thing. She, mum, dad and I walk around the home butt naked. Ren and I have s ex on the lounge and often dad will f uck mum in the kitchen in our presence when she's cooking.

    Ren and I were drinking and smoking and tongue kissing until a few days ago when mum stopped it. We loved it that she tongue kissed us and taught us how to tongue kiss physically and breathe properly when we were smoking at the same time. It's so hot. Don't worry that Lola is looking provocative. Mum said it will go a long way towards her getting paid s ex especially when she smokes.

    Dad loves our new look and with our new heels taking us to 5 feet 10 and nd micro mini skirts, piercings, cheeks, lips and make up he says we'll do very well for ourselves with men when that time comes. Looking provocative will add all to this he said.

    Mum and dad like the longer Virginia 120s that Ren and I are smoking and mum said we ooze s ex when we smoke them and she has noticed men eying us off when we smoke in the street. Ren and I are not aware of that perhaps they're looking at us when we're not looking. It's a pity because I'd like to give them a friendly smile.

    Have you thought about tongue kissing Lola when you're both smoking.

  • Cate,
    Nice to hear from you and better still to know that Lola is back if only temporarily. Is she speaking with you freely about her ordeal?

    Don't be concerned that she's taken up drinking and smoking more and using coarse language. I really like these traits in a young girl - perhaps I'm twisted. Chloe has inherited Ren and Lilly's use of the words f uck and c unt and I like her using them. The girls bought her a pair of f uck me boots yesterday and she looks a little sl ut but cute when she's wearing them and smoking. The good thing about the lock down with this virus is that we needed to get her to the car or back home when we were out so she could have a cigarette but now that I'm home schooling her, she can smoke at will.

    My sister and I are going to allow Chloe to do something that you might find horrifying, we're going to permit her to have full blown s ex once the coronavirus is over. She enjoys 69ers and Ren and Lilly playing with her pu ssy. She has seen them having s ex and she has asked Ren if it hurts. Ren was truthful with her and told her it hurts a little bit at first but after a short while her little cunny will feel so so nice getting f ucked.

  • Belinda,
    Lola's back with me - sort of. She is still officially under the jurisdiction
    of the welfare agency and Phillip's mom is still her legal guardian. Since
    Arizona is now shut down with this Covid 19, the girls can't work, so
    Phillip's mom said preferred Lola to stay with me for the time being. She
    made it quite clear this is only temporary, and when this virus thing
    subsides, Lola goes back on the street, and works her little a-s off.
    I'm glad to have her back, but she seems a bit tougher now, more
    assertive, more coarse, smoking more, and not at all like a pre-teen girl.
    She's also started drinking and prefers tequila. Just to relax, not to get
    Even around the house, she still dresses provocatively. She had pierced ears
    to begin with but now they're double pierced. She also had her nose pierced
    as well as the outer lips of her l****. Her bosom is also filling out well, and the pierced nipples do look lovely. In a month, she'll turn ten, but she looks at
    least three or four years older. Phillip's mom has changed her, and I must
    admit, all things considered, my daughter looks fabulous.
    That's it for now.

  • Tegan.
    We hadn't seen much of Chloe and aunt for a while because they lived down the coast. They've only been back here for a bit over a year. I taught Chloe to smoke. Aunt and mum said if she takes to smoke without forcing her too much then it's okay for to smoke. She learned to Inhale within a few days. Mum said there shouldn't be any age restrictions on who is to smoke.

  • Belinda, Lilly and Ren,
    Mum said Chloe is the cutest little smoker she has ever seen. She said before she saw her smoking, she would have thought she's too young but her inhales are very good and she ashes her cigarette like a little lady.

  • Cate please chat with mum, she hasn't heard from you and we were talking this morning about it and she's worried.
    We hope you are OK and it may be that you are with your boyfriend. If that's all it is, that's okay.
    Stay safe.

  • Cate,
    I haven't heard from you for a couple days. I hope you're doing well. Keep in contact with me.

  • I really need to get the sh it f ucked out of me now.

    My c unt is yearning for it.


  • Ren,
    I'm not having any of us compromising our health. I kept you and Lilly informed as our plan is still going ahead - when the time is right.

    As Cate already mentioned, be patient, our turn will come but it'll be on my terms when that time is right.

  • Mum,
    It's no good telling us about a message you got for us to go into the hotel for paid s ex if we can't do it.

  • Cate,
    I received a text message from the licensee of the hotel. He requested us to attend his hotel on Friday night as there will be a small group of businessmen for a meeting that will conclude at 7pm. He offered me a very good tariff plus me having s ex with him. I'm reluctant to take up his offer at this in time however he said the offer will stand for when we're ready.

  • Ren,
    Don't feed this c unt any longer honey. He's w a nking himself to your comments love.

  • Please,
    One of you guys tell this fucktard to shut the f uck up. It's obvious Lilly and I f uck each other's ass more than he gets c unt

  • Ren
    No need to get nasty with me you twin w****. How many times a day do you and Lilly f*** each other's ass.

  • It's no big secret that my twin and I f uck. Obviously you don't get any. Try a call girl once in a while or do you prefer to w ank, w ank - money in the bank. Is it any of your concern that we call each other sweet names? We come from a loving household, not some dysfunctional type like yours. Now F UCK OFF and don't be a C UNT.

  • Lilly and Ren,

    WTF, you call each other honey and pet. You twins are surely f****** the c*** and ass out of one another.

  • Belinda,
    Most modern countries provide universal health coverage for all citizens,
    through a taxpayer funded system. In the U.S., health care is a for- profit industry. Many people get health care through their employer. Many do not
    because it's a disappearing benefit, like pensions. There is an attitude in the
    U.S., that if you're unemployed, you don't "deserve" health care. If you're
    without a job, and get sick, that's your problem. There are programs for the
    poor, but if you're one of the "working poor" and make too much money,
    you don't qualify.
    Our drug prices are astronomical.
    We spend twice per capita on health care as most other countries with
    poorer results.
    And this is tolerated by the American people, because they've been sold
    a load of bu!!s**t about "socialism".
    This is a STUPID country, full of STUPID PEOPLE, who constantly vote for
    politicians who are owned by the banks, corporations, health conglomerates,
    big pharma, and so on. A third of the defense budget is nothing more than
    a corporate slush fund for defense contractors. But we have children who
    go to bed hungry every night. We have homeless veterans living on the
    street. We are a great and powerful nation - and we should be ashamed.
    My own experience with the judicial system speaks volumes.

  • Ren,
    Fiona mentioned a lot more than you've stated when we date men pet. She said when they take us to dinner, wear clothes that are accessible to pu ssy because he's paying for a good time and may want to "play" so it would be advisable to sit at the back seat of the restaurant. Other things he mentioned that we should tell him before he dates us is that we smoke. If he wants to know our age, then tell though that shouldn't be a problem in the main. When he talks about any problems he may have in life and wants to talk about it at dinner, then show him empathy and talk with him. If he wants to stick it in our ar se, then have him show us the size of his c ock first. That way we can determine whether it's too large or whether he has some disease if something is being excreted.

  • Cate,
    There are the same trends with politics and politicians here rest assured with our wealthy getting wealthier. I doubt the top two percent of earners in our country pay tax.

    Our mob vote for a government that can't deliver on its promises. Should a conglomerate like a bank, insurance company or telco mislead the public, it is fined millions of dollars. The government are not held to account in the same way.

    Parliamentary privilege should be abolished.


  • Belinda,
    One thing is for certain - Americans are a really stupid people.
    They will vote for anyone, who promises them anything. Even a crook
    and a liar and a con man. They vote for people who pass laws and
    programs for the rich, and the rest of country gets the shaft. All because
    of the fear of "socialism". We have corporate socialism and tax giveaways
    for the rich, and rugged individualism for everyone else. The idea that
    making the wealthy even more wealthy will somehow trickle down to
    the rest of the people is something I just don't understand. The notion
    that two wolves and a sheep, deciding what's for dinner, is a viable
    economic philosophy is quite beyond me. As I said, really stupid.
    Coronavirus is a disease. Trump and his supporters are the real disease
    No, I haven't heard from Lola. I have no idea what she's doing, or what
    she's being made to do.

  • Cate,

    We've all been sitting up watching movies all night. I'm about to go to bed and grab about 3 hours sleep after I have another drink.

    I read in the Sydney Daily Telegraph Donald Trump's approval rating for preferred president has increased to 49%, no offence but do Americans really have any idea who they are voting for? This is the man who wanted his workers to return to the workforce before Easter, whether they have the virus, are carries or whatever.

    It isn't known at this stage whether dogs or other animals carry coronavirus. I worry for Lola too that a dog may get over zealous and bite her when he f ucks her and for that reason I hope the f u ck that Phillip's mum has the commonsense to have her treated with a tetanus shot. I've stopped Ren and Lilly from tongue kissing for the moment. They like to tongue kiss me but this has to stop. When they f uck, I've ordered the one on top to bury her face in the pillow as to not breathe on the other and then put the pillow case in the laundry. I'd much rather they mast#urbate at this stage but they're not happy with that.

    Has Lola been in further contact with you?

  • Tegan,
    Our mum didn't go to the school to say we won't be back. She rang, then days later she went in to return our school badges and a noticeboard to sell our uniforms, our backpacks and school sports bags which has the school emblem. They have been sold. She picked up some of our text books.

  • Lilly, mum and I had a good talkwith mum's friend, Fiona late yesterday afternoon about her time when she was an escort. Fiona and mum had a lesbian relationship with each other before mum met dad. Fiona gave Lilly and some tips for when we start the s ex game. She said never discuss our lives when we go to dinner with a men and later bed them, they'll be happy enough to talk about themselves so just listen. She said men often said she was a good conversationalist but all she really did was listen to them and more often than not she received some very good monetary tips. She said never fake an o***** but enjoy the moment and we're to choose who we bed.

    She likes our lips, cheeks. She also likes our ti ts and c unt piercings and she said our c unt tattoo is rather cheeky, however she likes it because the words are in running writing and rather small.

  • Ren,
    My mother has to go the principal and tell her I'm not going back to school, she's doing that this afternoon. I'm here at school today.

  • Tegan,
    What the f uck does that matter? Lilly and I started smoking, drinking and f ucking while mum knew and all the while. You kept denying to your mum you did the same thing. That's what we meant when we said days ago that you should have a more honest relationship with your mum.

    Anyhow where are you? You cried like a b itch until mum said she'll homeschool you, now you're not here.

  • Ren and Lilly,
    Most of us girlfriends turn 13 this year but you are the youngest by a couple of months. You turn 13 in late December.

  • Cate,
    Mum gave me a roasting for my post before you replied. She said Ren and I don't realise how fortunate we are that we're not in Lola's position to be having to do these things against our will.

    She said we often talk about Lola's imposition and wonder what's next for her, what's going through her mind and how she's coping. Mum said she only hopes Lola will enjoy it to a certain extent because that will help her to be less stressed about it. She also stressed that we're about 2 and a half years older than Lola but that Lola has been subjected to these horrific acts at a lot young age.

    Ren and I turn 13 on 30 December.


  • Lilly,
    I'll cut you a little slack, given your age (12 ?), but don't make silly statements,
    like I'll never suck this or I'll never suck that. You'll suck whatever you have
    to suck when someone puts a gun to your head. And don't ever tell me how
    you would be different. You would do EXACTLY that, in order to survive.

  • Cate,
    I love s ucking a guy's c ock and him coming in my mouth. I like to swallow his ji zz and blow cigarette smoke around the head of his d ick but I will never s uck an animal's c ock.

  • Belinda,
    Sane is not really on my mind. If Rick ever makes it to Arizona, I think I
    might have some work for him. I'll let you use your imagination.

  • Cate,

    It'd be his f ucken pleasure and he'd do it free of charge. The thing is I can't see that to be in the near future. He and his army colleagues are assisting police 'police" with the stand distance policy in all public areas in light of the coronavirus and to check on those who are not adhering to the stay at home policy who have got the virus.

    Belinda. .

  • Cate,
    Oral with a dog and having it f uck her, what the f uck is wrong with that animalistic f ucking b itch? Rick said if she had that sort of control over any of his daughters, he'd cut her c unt out with a rusty and blunt knife.
    Try to keep sane through all of this.

  • Belinda,
    Heard from Lola today.
    She's doing OK, but Phillip's mom has her busy making videos. She's made a
    number of new kinds, different than the p**p videos. These involve a
    multiple of men and one or two other girls. She's also made a video
    with a dog. She only said it was a new experience, a bit strange at first,
    but she really tried to enjoy it. She did oral on the dog, and then the dog
    f-cked her multiple times. At this point, I don't have anything to say. I'm
    sure Phillip's mom will send more pictures - just to make sure I keep
    getting the message.
    I'm relaxing with my second scotch and thinking of a third.
    Talk later.

  • Cate,
    Have you heard from Lola, if so how she's coping with things?

  • A doctor using Laser treatment will remove them, however I can't see the kids being in for that. They are proud of their tattoos and that's very obvious.

  • Belinda,
    Tegan, Oksana and I think Ren and Lilly's tats are so cool. We want the same.

  • For the most part, tattoos are forever!


  • Cate,
    I'm not at all happy with the twin's tattoos. They think their tats are hot but the girls look a pair of proper s luts. I'll see if there can be something done to change it further down the track. At least the print is not all that large.

  • Cate,
    I'm not at all happy with the twin's tattoos, they say their tats look s exy but really the girls look a pair of proper
    s luts. I will see whether the wording can be changed later on. At least the print is not all that large.

  • Tegan,
    I think this is the first time you've posted. We make our luck, we're honest with Belinda and tell her everything, not like you. Belinda is open with us. Our c unts look great. We have the words "punish me" surrounded by a heart. Come over tonight and have a look. Mum's making a light dinner for all.

  • Ren and Lilly,
    You're so f ucking lucky. My mum would never let me be an escort or a tattoo near my c***. I can't wait to see your s exy vag with piercings and tat above. You both must look f ucken hot after Belinda groomed you this morning.


  • Oksana April and Tegan,

    We've visited our bio mum and Lilly told her we're going to be prostitutes and she didn't seem to worry too much. She said beware of the danger and that when we left to go and live with Belinda and dad, she thought about doing the same.

    We are having lunch with her and Belinda now at Sydney Cafe, with is an open rooftop dining area so we can smoke. It has amazing vies over Sydney harbour.

    We bought Party High 5 inch heels - stilettos and we've got some money left over from that that our bio mum gave us.

    Belinda did us up this morning with long false fingernails and painted them, we have long false eye lashes, blusher, mascara, lip and eye liner with eye shadow. These long Virgina 120's we are smoking really do look s exy and I was dangling one before I lit it and Belinda said "s exy little devil".

    There is one tattoo artist that is open until 8pm tonight so we'll have plenty of time to have a tattoo just above our pu sy.

    Come over tonight at about 9pm or we'll get mum to pick you up and you three girls can sleep at our place if you want.


  • April,
    We're going to our mum's, Karen's place for lunch today. She's giving Ren and I some money for clothes. Belinda mum is taking over some cold meats and cheeses and Ren and I are having Sushi. Tegan's dad is laying carpet in our garage/school classroom with dad today as Tegan's dad is a carpet layer. Then they're going to paint the plaster walls then the classroom will be finished.

    We're going shopping with mum then we're getting tattoos above our c unt. The words will be "Punish Me". Mum is not all that happy especially if we have to go into hospital.

    Mum couldn't buy our usual Camel Regulars yesterday so she bought us Virginia 120's, she said they're long and they look s exy. Hopefully our natural mum, Karen will have a carton of Camel for us.


  • Ren and Lilly,
    I can't phone, my phone is on charge, I woke up the morning and it was flat because I forgot to charge it when I went to bed last night. Mum can drive me to your place today about 12.

  • Ren,
    Listen to Cate,
    Chloe is too young for full on s ex. Keep to what you're doing and give her oral s ex for the time being.

  • Cate,
    Mother-daughter arrangements work well. I've been assured by the licensee that he'll look after my kids, me and Oksana if need be.

    Ren and Lilly have given Chloe oral s ex and she enjoys it.

  • Cate,
    I think it's more that Chloe has been smoking for, I don't know, perhaps 4 to 5 months and as Ren and Lilly started having s ex when they were six, they think it's okay for Chloe to have s ex now.

  • Belinda,
    First, regarding your niece. I think five is a bit young for full-on s-x. I
    realize this is in light of Lola becoming s-xually active at the age of eight,
    so what's the difference? I think that the sociological difference of those
    three years is immense. Beyond that, I don't know how precocious or
    inquisitive your niece is.
    As far as returning to the profession, perhaps if I get Lola back, I might
    consider it, possibly even as a mother-daughter arrangement. When I was doing it in school, it was not as a streetwalker, but an escort with dates
    arranged as business appointments. Something like that, as opposed to
    what Lola is doing, would be infinitely preferable.

  • Cate,
    A girlfriend of mine worked as an escort too when we were at teacher's college. Whilst I never thought I'd ever do it, I never thought badly of her, that's what she had to do and we remain friends to this day. Ren and Lilly know whom I'm referring to.

    Do you have the inclination to return to the profession?

    While we're on the subject, there's been debate in our household as to whether my niece is too young at 5 for s ex. She has seen Ren and Lilly having s ex, I don't know how many times. What's your opinion?

  • Ren,
    It's no problem for Chloe to start having s ex in my opinion although she's only 5.After all you and Lilly started having s ex when you were both 6.

  • Cate,
    As I said previously, I can't for the life of me figure out how one can get sexual satisfaction for that depraved act.

    Just thinking have you thought of prostitution yourself. I never thought I'd entertain the idea of me doing it myself but it's quite exciting now the kids are talking about it so often.

  • Belinda,
    When I was in college, I worked for an escort service to make ends meet.

  • Belinda,
    I'm doing OK I guess.
    Lola texted me. She just finished making two more p**p videos. More
    disgusting material for some disgusting person. She said she's actually
    getting used to it, sort of, but it's still nasty.
    I'm worried about her, but not much I can do.

  • Cate,
    I haven't slept worrying about you, it's almost 4am here. How are you holding up?

    Write to me as soon as possible.

  • Belinda,
    Sorry, I had to get away from my laptop for awhile.

  • Cate,
    If you read this you might have a view of Chloe having s ex. We don't have an issue with her smoking.

  • Chloe is adorable when she smokes. She's sleeping in my bed with me tonight but when she needs to get up for a cigarette, I have to to light it for her. She's not our real cousin, she's Belinda mum`s sisters daughter, so she is Belinda's natural niece. Just think, this time last year she doing ballet in a tutu, now she's smoking. Mum's going to home school her too.

    We asked mum if Chloe is too young for s** just yet, mum said she and aunt will not rule it out but maybe she's too little.

    Mum said Lilly and I will have to get our lips and cheekbones re-done before we go "on the game" but they will be more pronounced the next time round.

  • Lilly and Ren,
    I was telling my mum tonight that your lips and cheekbones look fabulous.

    I was also pretty amazed to see your cousin 5, smoking, inhaling even. She's really pretty.

  • April,
    We are not going to the coffee shop today. We helped mu set up the outside table that sits 12 people but she only wants 6 girls at it. Mum said we can use the percolator to make coffee. She was pis sed off because she saw Ben kissing me yesterday afternoon. I have put your ciggies on the outdoor table so I don't forget. You should be able to get here by 3.30 so tell Tegan.

    Mum has had $7,000.00 of bookings cancelled at her salon this week so she's going to speak with your mum about homeschooling.


  • Lilly and Ren,
    I left my smokes and lighter at your place yesterday afternoon. Please bring them to the coffee shop today.

  • Cate,
    Are you okay, chat with us?

  • Cate,
    Let us know who you're bearing up to things or otherwise.

  • F uck,
    I feel h orny. I've got my plumped lips,
    c unt and ti ts pierced and cheeks done. I want my c unt full of c ock f ucking me good.

  • Mum,
    Bring home a case of Vodka Cruises and a tin of Wee Willem cigars.

  • Cate,
    Let me know of any new developments with Lola as they come to hand.

  • April,
    I don't think we're going to have time to meet up today but come around to our place after 4.30 if you like. Tell Tegan and the guys to come over too. We've got a lot on. Dad rang the air-conditioning guy and told him if he doesn't come today, he'd get someone else as the garage/classroom needs to be finished. This b@stard wanted a 50 percent deposit when mum and dad paid him weeks ago but dad said you'll only get ten. So it's no big deal if we lose that but the fellow said he'll be here at 10.30 today which is about 40 minutes time. Then dad rang the guys who will be putting insulation in the walls and ceiling and they will be here at 2pm. After that the guys will do the plastering and they have been waiting for us for days, so they will do that as soon as we give them the go ahead. Mum wants to be here to supervise. Then we are going to have our cheeks done. This takes a while because the woman doing them has to draw lines on our cheeks and under and around our eyes where she needs to inject us with fillers.

    I do know how much mum is charging Oksana's mum to tutor her but it's not for me to say but it's way less than half of what she paid for our private school fees. You mum needs to talk to our mum about it.

    The lingerie we ordered online a couple of days ago looks f ucking s exy. I didn't know there is a clip inside that divides the heart into two, so we can undo one side and fold it back and have a guy's d ick slip in quite easily and be f ucked.


  • Ren and Lilly,
    Has my mum spoken with Belinda yet about homeschooling me. How much is her fee to tutor Oksana? We all miss you at school so much. See you this afternoon after school if Belinda's sister can look after your baby twin sisters.

  • Cate,
    You're blaming yourself way too much. You virtually had a gun put to your head when Lola was taken from your grasp. Reading between the lines what Lola told you, I assume she's afraid to even breathe. I can't see her feeling like food after being forced to eat human waste. I wasn't going to mention that but that's been on my mind. I trust she's otherwise eating healthily.

    I hope this virus is dead and buried and perhaps Lola can return to a more familiar and better place which is undoubtedly, the street.
    They're f ucking cowards aren't they? It takes 4 of these c unts to have control over a pre-teen, a 10 year old girl. Real f uckin' heros holding the purse strings.

  • Belinda,
    Lola understands that I no longer have custody of her, and for the present,
    she is pretty much stuck where she is at. She said she wants to make the
    best of her situation, and do whatever she has to do to survive. That means
    doing whatever Phillip's mom wants. She did not actually say she wanted
    to come home, and that does trouble me. I believe she's being coerced
    as well as indoctrinated. She may even begin to believe her situation is
    my doing and my fault and she's better off where she is. Our
    conversations are rather limited, leaving very little time for in-depth
    I just don't know anymore.

  • Cate,
    Keep me posted, I'm breathless to say anything and no words can describe my anger and fear with all of this. Is Lola hesitant to tell you about this or do you have to information from her. Has she talked about wanting to come home and is she fearful in herself?

  • Belinda,
    I can only imagine this is the first of many videos she'll make for special
    custom orders and video sales - especially out of the country. I actually
    don't think this is a one time thing - making scat videos - with Lola. I think
    it will be the first of many. And who knows what else she has in mind.
    Lola is perfect. She's young, pliable, easily controlled. I fear, it's only the

  • Cate,
    Is there anything else Phillip's mother can come up with to humiliate Lola further.

    Lilly has already echoed my view and I'm astounded. We have talked a lot about this at home and the word "c unt" has not been overused in describing Phillip's mum. One should be ashamed to have such a mother.

  • April,
    Meet when you finish school at our usual coffee shop with me, Lilly and Oksana and tell Tegan about our plan. They have taken the outside chairs away with this f****** Coronavirus business so we'll have to get take-aways and have them in the park. We'll have to smoke down there. Tegan was telling the guys yesterday.


  • Cate,
    Mum was so shocked with that video. She said she's appalled at what Lola's going through and all for no remuneration.

    It's hard being patient Cate when we know there are exciting times ahead for us.

    Our lips look so seductive and I don't mind saying they look provocative wrapped around a cigarette when we're wearing lipstick. Red is our preferred colour for that.

    We are going to have hyper-defined cheekbones, mum's lady friend who did hers and our lips will do that.


  • Ren & Lilly,
    Be patient, girls. Your time will come.
    Stay safe. It'll be worth the wait.

  • Cate,
    Lola probably does know of mum, Lilly or me but please let her know that we are always thinking of her and that she stays safe of these f ucking monsters.

    We do appreciate what mum's doing for us although we got a bit pis sed off because we can't f uck until the coronavirus is stemmed. She and dad have spent a lot of money on us lately and mum has driven hundreds of miles over a lot of time in preperation of our sexual activity.


  • Cate,
    I saw the hat scat video with scat p orn star Veronica Moser in it. F uck what a sleazy c unt she is. Sure let those who want to eat sh it, eat it, but don't force feed Lola to eat it. What a dirty, f uck'n c unt Phillip's mother is, I bet the slimy, crafty f ucking b itch doesn't eat sh it herself. I wouldn't eat it for all the money in Japan.

    That Veronica is f ucked up. She loves a stomach full of sh it after eating it, men's sh it tastes better she said because they eat meat. She shoves sh it up her c unt and then wants to be f ucked and she LIKES to swallow sh it. Well I hope she f uckin chokes on it.

    Wait till mum hears what that Veronica has to say, she spew.

    I hope the f uck that Lola can get out of that situation.
    Love to you both

  • Belinda,
    I looked online at "scat eating" and it's appalling.
    Where is the sexual payoff other than human degradation?
    And to subject young women and girls to this, is disgusting.
    I'm sure Phillip's mom will make sure I get to see pictures or video - you
    know, just to show who's in control.
    F-ckin' c-nt.


  • Cate,
    If it WERE at all possible, it's obvious to say that Lola will be safer, enjoy herself and earn more money for herself with us. After reading what she's going through, it's sad that she has to put on a brave face of smiles and enjoyment. I hope my kids realise what I've done for them over the past week to get them prostitute-ready. They tell me, they are.

    I told the licensee we all smoke. He told me to open the French doors of the main suite and smoke on the veranda but don't light up until we're outside because the smoke alarms are very sensative and the fire department will attend and charge $1,300.00. The veranda has a high bamboo awning on the opposite side of the door and neighboring rooms can't see us so we can sit in lingerie waiting out there in or the rooms for clients. We can use the mini bar in the room and we'll do that as a good will.
    Oksana's mum has to share expenses, one quarter of all charges.

  • Cate,
    It's disgusts me to even contemplate what you're going through. Your very own daughter for f ucks sake. When will this all end. Is there anything else this evil b itch can come up with? I just hope you don't get to see it. Then on the other hand, it's nothing to see it compared to what Lola's been subjected to.

    It makes so much sense in you saying that you'd prefer Lola to be on the street.

    Drinking excess urine will have an adverse effect on her kidneys. I don't know what effect eating other human waste has on organs but I'll look at that.

  • From me again,

  • Belinda,
    Lola called and relayed more of what took place at the video session.
    Lola and two girls were taken to a room where video equipment had been set
    up. Phillip's mom told the girls they would shoot a video for a businessman in
    Japan, and it had better be good. She wanted no complaints on what they had to do. The threat was obvious.
    Seven men walked in, and two squatted and defecated onto a dinner plate. The
    five others began urinating into a pitcher. The girls were sat at a table, glasses
    were filled from the pitcher, and the girls had to eat, as well as feed each other
    from the dinner plate. They were recorded and close-ups made of their mouths. After each swallow they had to open their mouth and show they had
    eaten everything. The girls mere made to finish the entire plate. They also had to finish the pitcher of urine. They were also instructed to make it like a party,
    laugh, and be festive, a real party.
    I shudder to think what's next. After what Lola told me, I wish she was back on
    the street.
    The thought of this is so disgusting and humiliating. the longer this goes, the
    more I think I'll go crazy.

  • Care,
    The girls are going on like spoilt little b itches at the moment because they have to wait until they get the opportunity to have s ex with men. I'd rather they not have s ex with anyone but each other until this virus has settled somewhat. They each enjoy having s ex with Oksana and April. I've told Oksana I'd prefer it that she doesn't have oral s** or kiss Ren or Lilly until given "the all clear". She was hurt but there's no other way to deliver how I feel. I read that a male's c um and vaginal fluid has no bearing with s ex and this virus but the thing is one can't have s ex without keeping a distance.

  • Cate,
    The twins urinated all over each other in the bath some time ago and they drank each other's urine. I was horrified until they took a shower together and washed one another. Anything outside that, I couldn't cope.

  • Belinda,
    Apparently, degrading another human being is sexual turn-on itself.
    Lola said she'd tell me more when she could, but it was pretty awful.
    And they had to look like they enjoyed the experience, and had fun doing
    it. How do you enjoy eating someone's sh-t? Literally?
    Glad to hear your project is moving along. I hope the girls are happy with
    how they look. Their lips sound fabulous.

  • Cate,
    All went well with the appointment yesterday, it was agreed that we wait out this Coronavirus before we start. We are able to have the executive suite with a room off-set to that. It will be every Friday night. There are 17 rooms rented fulltilme to male workers and the licensee can speak to 11 of those he can trust. I will be required to have s ex with him and we'll have to pay for the suite, however he'll give me a good reduced rate, he said. I'll know whether he's on the level with that because the tariff is on his website.

    Whilst the girls are looking forward to it, they are disappointed at least for now.

    Their lips look stunning and as you said with Lola's procedure it too gives my girls and Oksana an older looking appearance. She also wants to do something with Ren and Lilly's cheekbones.

  • Cate,
    That's absolutely abhorrent. I would never have thought there'd be a market for such videos. Do people actually get off to that kind of sh it? How the f uck do they mast#urbate to that sort of thing never mind maintaining a b oner.

  • Belinda,
    I looked this up on the internet. It appears to be something the Germans
    and the Japanese have an affinity for. Truly disgusting.

  • Belinda,
    Just got off the phone with Lola.
    She spent all day making videos, under the supervision of Phillip's mom.
    It's worse than I could possibly imagine. Absolutely appalling. Who thinks
    of this stuff? I can't really describe it here. I doubt it would clear censoring.
    All I can say, it involved urinating, defecating, eating, drinking, Lola, and two
    other girls, and a number of men. The videos have got to be sickening. Lola
    said she'd have more to relate when she could speak freely.
    Enough for now.

  • Cate,

    Any news yet about Lola ? and I forgot to thank you for your suggestion about speaking with a barkeep, so thanks a lot for that. I've arrived, just waiting for my appointed time with him.

  • Ren and Lilly,
    I received a call, your appointment for your lip treatment is deferred until 7pm tonight. refer to the voicemail message I left on Ren's phone for more info. I'll ring you back after 2pm as I have an appointment with the bartender.

  • April,
    If mum gets back early today Ren, Oksana and I will meet you and our friends at the coffee shop after school today. Oksana is at our place with us and she's getting her lips done too.

  • April,
    i doubt i we're going back to school. Kids have got the flu and colds. why are you there? It isn't compulsory to attend, it' up to our parents whether we attend or not. We're not worried about our captaincy or vice captaincy roles.
    Mum is going to homeschool us and we're doing our studies online.


  • Ren and Lilly,
    The whole class miss you. We hope you return to school. If you don't we will have to elect a new school captain, new school vice captain and prefects.

  • Cate,
    There are going to be 3 very young disappointed girls and perhaps April when the entire state here goes into lock down. Three are all dressed up and nowhere to go.

  • I mean to say, she's going to do Ren and Lilly's lips.

    We're going into lockdown because of the virus down withing the next 12-48 hours - only pharmacists and supermarkets, emergency services and the medical profession will be open.

    Ren, Lilly and Oksana are having fun in the bedroom when their new clothing and the study is very smokey.


  • Cate,
    I didn't mean to concern you or upset you in any way. I hope Lilly is way off the mark. I hope Phillip's mum is just being a b itch by telling you about the sordid videos and they aren't as bad as she's saying.

    I really want you to get piercings like other mums and daughters in our group. You'll realise how s exy you'll feel when you f uck. since my last post, i've contacted a dermatologist friend of mine who I going to do Ren and Lilly's tomorrow afternoon. I don't need to be there.

    When I told them, sure enough; they lit another cigarette.


  • Belinda,
    It's ironic. I'm actually more concerned and worried now than when
    Lola was on the street.
    Maybe I'm just driving myself crazy for no reason.
    Write when you can.

    P.S.: Sounds like you project is going to be fun!

  • Cate,
    I have no idea, Lilly has expressed your concern that it may be with animals because Phillip's mum is such an evil c unt she says. I have no problem with Lilly calling his mother a c unt. Ren on the other hand is hoping that it's 'only" group s ex. Your not on your on Cate, I'm worried for Lola too. It wouldn't hurt if you asked Lola next time she rings.

    Another thing you alerted me to and that is, I have a friend who is a licensee of a bar however I haven't seen him for a couple of years but he had the hots for me. I mentioned to Ren and Lilly that I can offer him some kind of contradeal, like s ex but if he wants more than that, we'll negotiate. I don't mind paying to barkeep if that's required. Then I had to explain to them the meaning of "contradeal'.

    I offered Ren and Lilly lip plumping when they had their piercings, and because I had mine done; they asked me if it hurt. I told them it stings a bit so they declined the offer. i have applied lip liner to women and girl who have had plumping and it looks s exy. Now that Ren and Lilly have read again that Lola has had it, they want it done. They said smoking with plumped lips would look so racy and provocative.
    Belinda.. cont.......

  • Cate,

    I would rather call upon the licensee and meet with him face to face what we discussed about the barkeep, rather than ring him. From what I know and remember of him, he's not one to stick to hard and fastened rules. The thing too is that he's out of area and it's best to travel the 2 hours to get there than do this closer to our own backyard. I'll ring first to ensure he's in. Ren and Lilly can look after the babies because they won't be going to school and I doubt whether they'll return. Tomorrrow, being Monday is a slow day at my work. I can afford to take it off.

    "Rick" had s ex with Ren and Lilly and Ren was a screamer, naturally she wanted to smoke the entire time. I'm encouraging them to bank the monies paid.

    I'll find out what outlets are doing lips (in this climate) and make an appointment for them in the late afternoon.

  • Belinda,
    Something's on my mind. Although I have no custody of Lola, and no say over what she's participating in, I'm worried about these videos that she is
    going to perform in. Perhaps she'll have fun, even enjoy it, but I'm still very
    worried. I just can't get it out of my head that Phillip's mom has something
    absolutely evil in store for Lola.
    Sorry to sound off, but I just had to get it out.
    Do you, Lilly, or Ren have any ideas? Just wondering.

  • Cate,
    I'm shopped out. The girls had me walking from shop to shop most of this morning and into the early afternoon. They elected to buy some really provocative clothes - their choice. Their black leather micro-mini shorts look really good with their new heels. I bought them some rather smart gear so they can wear when they first arrive at bars as to not look as conspicuous. They are here at home b rousing the Internet for h*****'s lingerie. A red satin piece that barely covers their t its with a thin red satin band around the waist and red heart-shaped satin piece that covers the vag.

    Thanks for putting straight about me telling my mum about their plan to have paid s ex and I'm pleased that you'll allow Lola to continue should she somehow be able to be returned to you.

    I can understand why she's smoking more since she's started her new thing. I doubt whether it's stress related, rather it's a s ex thing. My girls have been smoking more since they're known this is the path they'll take. Ren has thanked me for telling my mother about her new role and they both said with her knowing and my sister knowing they'll prostitute themselves is making them h orny, thus they they smoke more. I'm sure that's the reason Lola is smoking more too. I think it was Ian on the other site who stated "smoking and f ucking" go hand in hand.

  • With the "virus" shutting all non-essential businesses down, I won't
    be able to get any piercings done for a while.
    Even though it was Phillip's mom who had Lola pierced and her lips
    "plumped", I really must admit that the change looks great and Lola looks
    older than her actual age. Her piercings are beautiful and her lips look sensuous.
    I'll attend to the piercings when things return to normal.

  • Ren,
    My mum is allowing me to get my p ussy and t#ts pierced and she's having her's done. She likes the look of yours, Oksana's, Lilly's and Belinda's t#ts and vag piercings

  • Cate,
    Lilly, Oskana and I are out with mum buying some provocative clothing, but mum wants us to be sensible about it and to a degree remain smartly dressed, (whatever the f uck that means.) We've got heels which will take us to over 5 feet 8, some really s exy blouses and short skirts.

    Mum said she'll post to you when we get home and please don't think she's ignoring you. She had to get the babies ready and take them to her sister's place so we can shop. We're having lunch at a restaurant in the city. Hardly anyone one is here, we have a table for eight but there are only 4 of us so we are keeping a distance. The waitress is really lovely and keeps spraying our table with disinfectant.

    Oksana's mum has finally said she can join us and while I'm writing to you, she thanks you for her suggestion.


  • April,
    I guess mum will read your post but I'll let her anyways. I doubt that Lilly, myself and Oksana will be going back to school, so you won't see us tomorrow. The f uckas are letting kids attend with the cold and flu and with this Coronavirus we're not taking a chance. Mum said we will do our schooling on-line and she's been granted permission by the Education Department to homeschool us. She mentioned last night at the dinner table she will speak with your mum about that and mum can homeschool you for a fee. Only 16 hours per week is all that is necessary. Mum and dad will save over $6,000.00 a a term for each Lilly and I. Your mum will save more because there are two siblings in the one school in our family, in our case; and we get a discount.

  • Ren
    Are you able to talk to your mum about her talking to my mum about letting me work as a s#x worker? As you know my mum lets me have group s#x at parties so I can't see the difference. I'll talk to you about it at school tomorrow.

  • Good point!

  • Ren,
    Is it possible for you,Lilly, and Belinda to go to bar, instead of walking the
    street? Kind of keeping solicitation activities out of sight, so to speak. You
    might have to pay the barkeep something for his cooperation. Just
    thinking out loud.

  • Cate,
    Thanks for making that clearer to me/us if Lilly has misunderstood you too. The only problem of concern mum has for now is that authorities MAY find out what we're doing.

  • Again, let me be clear.
    What people do between themselves is fine, even for money. If Lola
    was doing this on her own, that would be different. She is being forced
    to prostitute herself by people who only want use her for their own
    No one is forcing you. No one is going to produce videos, doing who
    knows what, with who knows whom, for profit.
    Again, that's the difference., and I couldn't be more clear on the subject.

  • Ren,
    What you do is of your own volition.
    You are not being p-mped out by people who only want to use you
    for their own benefit.
    That is the difference.

  • Cate now should we go ahead, it will make us feel worthless and we were looking forward to it so much.

  • Cate,
    I thought you agreeing to our desires to some extent.

    Being a prostitute is NOT a glamorous profession!
    My daughter is in the clutches of s-x traffickers, who keep almost all the money
    she earns, and exploit her like a commodity to be used and disposed of.
    My daughter will be ten years old in less than two months. TEN.
    This is not"Pretty Woman". This is exploitation of a child.

  • Lilly and Ren,
    I want to prostitute myself too. You are very lucky to be able to do it.

  • Lilly,
    It seems as though you have made no secret of your intentions.
    Perhaps better to be open about the situation with everyone, so
    there are no unwanted surprises.

  • Cate,
    Just your opinion, but do you think mum has any right to tell nan what Ren and I are going to do. We saw her today because she wanted to see the babies. This is so embarrassing for us, although Nana said "if that's what they want to do it's okay and it's the oldest profession ever". Then she gave Ren and I a carton of cigarettes between us. She often tells us we are her favourite grandchildren and we don't like to upset her. She is not our biological grandmother, she's Belinda's mum but we call her Nan out of respect.

  • Cate,
    That's good to hear. I have no problem with Ren and Lilly prostituting themselves. They've got their hearts and minds set on it, I'm promised them that and I can't take that away from them. My mum knows of their intention to do this.

  • Belinda,
    If, by some chance, I regained custody of Lola, I would try to return her
    to a lost childhood. Having said that, I would also support her desires, if she
    wished to remain sexually active as a prostitute. She is, after all, still
    my daughter.

  • That was from me again,

  • Cate,
    I'm afraid that may be reality with all our girls. I've told my girls when they start having s ex for money, the will will become greater to make more money, so the merry-go-round will be difficult to off.

  • Belinda,
    At this time, I have no real hope of regaining custody of Lola.
    Unfortunately, her education has stopped at fourth grade. The only
    skill she'll have is on her knees or on her back. Or making videos.

  • Cate,
    Should Lola be returned to you, would you be happy to allow her to keep working in the s ex industry.

    "Rick" will be Ren and Lilly's first client and they'll charge him accordingly. The girls will have to get accustomed early as to to what will be expected of them. Endurance for an all night session was talked about and he is super fit and well endowed and they are looking forward to it.

  • Lilly,
    Thanks honey, I really appreciate your kind words.
    Unfortunately, I think the coming videos are going to be a fact that
    will always be part of Lola's life.

  • Cate
    You're welcome.
    I just hope Lola will be looked after, it's f ucked that she won't be profiting from her hard work. Mum said what Ren and I make will be ours totally, once the hotel tariff is paid for.

  • Cate,
    There are many, many people who say Ren and I are beautiful young girls too and we will become s ex workers but we're not going to entertain the idea of doing p orn videos for the world to see. I can see that it's out of your hands, I'm just saying and as I said I feel for Lola.


  • Lilly,
    The whole point of making Lola his girlfriend was to gain her trust. Then,
    his mom, working with the child welfare agency, managed to take custody
    of Lola away from me, and get her for their use as a prostitute. For them, it
    was all business. Now they have a new, very young girl, who will provide
    years of work and lots of money. Lola is young and beautiful, and very appealing to men. She's perfect for them. She'll prostitute for them, make
    p*** videos, and do whatever they want. Unless I can find some way to
    get her away, her future is basically that of a s-x worker.

  • Cate,
    I hate the sound of Phillip's mum, I hope her day will come and very soon. Phillip would be some kind of f ucking whimp to allow this to happen to his supposed girlfriend. His brothers are the pits for
    f ucks sake. I feel so sorry for Lola.

  • Lilly,
    Phillip doesn't make the decisions. His mother is the boss,
    and Phillip and his three brothers see the orders are carried out.
    His mother is basically a madam, her sons are p-mps.

  • Cate,
    I can't wait until we earn some good money from our activity. I'm so excited about it all.

  • Cate, I'd rather take a chance of getting the Coronavirus and f ucking men that what Phillip has in mind for Lola. What kind of f ucking c unt is he? I take a chance and kick this b astard in the f ucking b all and bring him to the ground then run to mum, even if I could see her for a bit before he drags me back.
    He's a c unt, Cate.

    And have you thought anymore about getting your p ussy pierced? Since our pool party a lot of our friends and their mums are going to have their c unt and t its pierced.

  • Belinda,
    We, also, are on virtual lock-down.
    Since there's virtually nothing going on the street, Phillip's mom wants to
    use Lola and two other girls in videos. Lola didn't say what kind, but she
    said people place orders as to what they want, and the videos are produced
    for them. Sounds like the kind of videos that are generally not available
    for public consumption. I think a good deal of these videos also go to overseas
    distributors where the laws are either loosely enforced or non-existent.
    Given that, I can just imagine the content. I can only hope Lola is up to whatever is demanded of her.

  • Cate,
    We are in virtual lock down with the Coronavirus here. Isn't there the same concern with Lola making s ex videos as regards to the Coronavirus? What kind of videos will be made.

    As the reported by the girls, the dinner party went off extremely well. The men and guys got the most out of piercings when they f ucked us. I ended up having s ex with a 17 year old friend of Lilly. The wife swapping was okay without being anything to write home about. I had s ex with 3 other men. The girls enjoyed themselves s exually.
    Oksana's mum needs time to think about her joining us but she didn't care too much that Oksana was having the time of her life getting her p ussy drilled. She won't be telling her husband should she allow Oksana to prostitute herself.

    The twins want tattoos above their c unts but deciding on something appropriate is proving difficult.

  • Belinda,
    Don't worry about that troll calling Ren and Lilly s****. You're a wonderful mother and I do hope the twins make a lot of money prostitutimg themselves and get a lot of c*** in their nice pierced c****.

  • Belinda,
    Glad to be back!
    I got home today about noon. I stopped at two stores on the way, because
    the whole country is shutting down with this caronavirus. Nevada, which is next
    door to me, closed all casinos, bars, restaurants, and non-essential businesses.
    Lola called me and said Phillip's mom pulled all the girls off the street.
    Business here has really slowed. Instead, she said they'll be making videos to sell on the internet and out of country. I imagine, very special types of videos,
    for special clientele.
    What else is happening? Write back.

  • Cate, I sent you a message from this forum yesterday. We can't communicate from the forum we were on. Glad you're here now, so us3e this site.


  • Belinda,
    You out there.
    I seem to have lost you.
    Answer back.

  • If you think it's okay for men to use postitutes (maybe you included) then you have no right to call my daughters s#uts. They are liberated young ladies.


  • It sounds like Ren and Lilly are prostituting themselves. What a pair of s****.

  • Thanks Jazmine,
    I saw that Jake gave you a good f ucking. Tegan's father wants to f uck Ren and me together. Mum said he'll have to pay but the money will be ours. She said with the coronavirus, it'd be safer to have s ex with men and guys we know.

  • Ren, Lilly and Oksana,
    Everyone was saying the pool dinner skinny dipping party was the best they attended last night. Your c:nt and t:ts piercings looked fabulous. Belinda's t:ts piercings are glamorous. Lilly, my mum said to your mum your were very cheeky when Tegan's dad was looking at your c:nt and you looked him in the eye, as you lit a smoke and said to him "if you wanna play, you have to pay"

  • Ren and Lilly
    I got your text about this site. You only have to type in

    Mum, Dad and I are coming to your pool party tonight and I hope there are still more guys coming than girls.


  • Cate,
    Ren, Lilly, Oksana and I will post here from now on. For some reason we are unable to get on to the site "I allow my daughter to smoke".

    Join us here please.

  • Hey Lilly and Ren

    Can't you f****** see that Freja Izzy and Olivia want nothing to do with you anymore. F*** you are dumb. Stop posting to them.

  • Freja,

    Write to me soon honey, I miss you and I hope you and everyone are well.

    Queen b itch

  • Happy 5th birthday darling Olivia. I hope you get lotza beer, ciggies and a few
    f ucks sweetheart.
    Love Ren Xxxxxxx

  • I miss you Isabella so f ucking much you have no idea love.

    Take it easy baby

    Love Ren Xxxxxx

  • Isabella,

    Happy birthday my sweet darling girlfriend.

    All my love to you baby,

    Love from Renae Xxxxxxx

  • Megan, Freja, Izzy and Olivia,

    I guess our friendship is all over.

    How sad :(


  • Hi Izzy darling,

    Mum is helping me write this. I'm so sad that you've stopped writing and I hope you aren't mad at me for some unknown reason. I just hope everything and everyone is well, that's the most important thing. It's the "not knowing" that's driving me f ucking crazy. There will always be a place for you in my heart.

    Take care my beautiful girl.

    Love Ren Xxxxxxxxxx

  • Megan,

    I also hope everything is well with all of you.

    Belinda xx

  • Megan,

    I have to write what's bothering me. Is everything okay with Freja, the girls have been asking?

    I hope all is well honey.

    Love Belinda xx

  • Izzy,

    I look for you every day on here and I miss you love. I hope you're well sweetheart.

    Love Ren Xxxxxxxxxx

  • Freja,
    I haven't heard from you so I'm hoping you're well sweetie. I know you write on behalf of Izzy and Olivia but don't worry if you're not up to writing at this stage.

    Ren said will you be kind enuff to lick izzy's s***** for her.

    Love Queen B itch

    Lilly xoxo

  • Isabella,

    Aww It’s so sweet you had a dream about me honey but Todd is my bf so he can f uck you anytime he wants.

    Lars is Lilly’s bf but I guess she’ll let you and him f uck. Lars and I have f ucked

    It’s cute that you’d like to brush my hair but I’d love us to get pregnant and drunk togther and walk down the street hand in hand and bare footed and smoking, swearing and kissing. We’d be so f ucking drunk that we couldn’t give a f uck about anything or anyone haha.I want us to be so drunk that we’’d stagger around naked in front of an open window of our home and kept drinking and drinking until we can’t walk or talk. We’d be SO HOT when drunk, It’s something so slutty about us together. Izzy and I getting ourselves bombed drunk and staggering around that excites me. F uck love I’m wet already.

    Mum is reading this as I’m writing to you and says we are so bad we deserve a belting. She said she absolutely loves it haha.

    I haven't dreamed about you yet (I don't think) but when I go to bed, you are on my mind and when I wake up you're on my mind. Sometimes i think I've dreamed about you but I'm not sure whether it was just thoughts running through my head honey.

    I love you babe an wish our mums could see us f uck so they know how much we love each other.

    Renae Xxxxxxxxx

  • Izzy,

    You're such a c unt for forgetting Mothers' day honey. What should I do with you except for slapping your face and c unt and giving your c unt such a d**** f ucking to remember.? It's nice that you got your mum perfume. Dad gave us money to buy perfume for both Karen and mum for mothers day.

    We met our bio mum's new man last night and as you know I've got a cheeky twin who said to mum, while he was there hey mum you marry him Lilly and I like him. She said they are trialing their relationship before he moves into her place and they can rent his out. His name is Brian and he's so smart. He doesn't look at us in a creepy way like Mark did when we smoke and he said next time I see you make sure you've got name tags on so I know who is Lilly and who is Renae because you're identical but that is what everyone says haha.

    When Lilly and I went to the bathroom she said should I ask mum if he's f ucked her yet. I said no, better not, not while Brian's there lol. but if i said yeah go ahead, ten I bet Lilly would have asked. Mum told us that they will f uck very soon but Brian wasn't there when she said that.

    Awww honey, we'd love to be sisters with you, Freja and Livvy and your mum be our mum but we might miss our Belinda mum - so we ALL should have two
    mums and let Megan and Belinda be girlfriends.

    Now don't forget important dates again you whorish little sl ut, you got Freja's b/day wrong and now you forgot mother's day. Hey love when is Megan's b/day, mum's is 8th November but she doesn't act like a Scorpio.

    Love Ren Xxxxxxxx

  • Ren,
    Hi baby, hope you had an awesome weekend. Megan and Freja both say thank you for the mothers day wishes. Oops I forgot it was mothers day only realised on Sunday when grandpapa told me after I had come home from Logan's, felt like the dumb little wh#ore I am. But anyways grandpapa took me and Olivia to the mall, we got them both lovely flowers, perfume and bought them a spa voucher. Then when we got home me and Olivia made cards for both of them.
    Megan says she wouldn't mind you and Lilly as daughter's, she thinks your both awesome.
    My sleepover at Logan's went well altho we didn't get to be alone until like late at night, there's so many people live there, even is mom checked on us like 4 times every hour, well seemed like it. Had to wear a nightie ewww I'm used to staying naked after showering in the evening. We only got naked when we were fu#cking and had to keep quieting, which was so hard I love being a noisy little cu#nt when I'm being fu#cked. But it was still fun being with Logan.
    I had a dream about you the other night baby, you little blonde goddess, you proper slapped my face hard cos I'd argued but then we had an amazing fu#ck with a double headed dil#do and then you let Lars fu#ck my cu#nt. When I woke up I was all wet. I think about you everyday doing like sweet fun things together holding hands going shopping, going on rides like coasters, kissing, brushing your hair, treating you like a princess. I even drew a picture of you from what was in my head. Your so beautiful.
    Your Izzy xxxxxxxx

  • Megan,

    Happy Mothers' Day from you daughter b itches
    Izzy, Olivia, Freja, Ren and Lilly,

    Love Ren Xxxxxxxxxxxxx

    PS Mum is jokingly asking would you really be able to cope with an extra two little b itches in having Lilly and me as your daughters?

    She said you don't need anymore bad girls do you? Haha .


  • Ren

    Count me in as one of Megan's little daughter b itches too,


  • Happy mum's day Freja,

    Enjoy yourself babe and Megan has told mum that you've got some lovely things for your little baby girl, how sweet.

    We love you you honey.

    Love Ren Xxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Freja,
    Happy pregnant Mothers' Day sweetheart. I hope you have an amazeball day and your little baby girl does plenty of showing off by doing lotza somersaults in your tummy.
    Queen B itch
    Lilly xoxo

  • Olivia honey pot,
    How are you darling? Sorry I haven't written for a few days sweetie it's not that I haven't been thinking about you cos I think about you constantly. You're my favourite girl in the whole wide world and mummy Freja is so lucky to be f ucking you.

    I love it that you have a cigarette and a couple of beers with your grandpapa honey. You are the cutest.

    I would love you to lick my T*** and c*** forever cos you're my little F*** doll.

    All my love honey bun
    Your Russian C***
    Osky xx oo xx

  • Megan,

    I hope you have a wonderful day out ice skating with your kids and an enjoyable meal tonight. We just arrived back from a mothers' Day lunch ourselves. There was my mum, Rick's mum and my sister, Rick and my sister's hubby and Ren and Lilly. I paid for a baby sitter.

    Most importantly, I'm pleased to read that you've regained your independence by being able to drive again. It's the little things like that we take for granted that we don't appreciate until it's taken from us.

    The babies are crawling around the place at a rapid rate now. I give them a bit of freedom before I put them in their playpen but they move so fast and I trod on Liberty's hand while I was wearing stilettos, it's a wonder I didn't break any bones as I had my whole weight on it. Ex-rays at the emergency room proved I didn't do any damage.

    I was at my girlfriend's place last Saturday afternoon with a host of other female friends when the babies had their swimming lesson with Rick and the subject come up the right time for our kids to begin having s**, drinking alcohol and smoking. The subject was brought up by my business partner who is broadminded.


  • Cont...

    She said from age 5 would be ideal, now I didn't mention Olivia's activity in any of this, rather I kept it general and I said I will encourage all that when my babies are three and I went on to explain their lungs will be fully developed by that age and they should experience s**. One of our friends became hostile towards me and said a toldler would not have any meaning as to know what the f*** she was doing with any of that.

    i was quick to point out to her that it is becomes known to them once they experience all of that and they shouldn't be denied that opportunity and that s** and smoking in particular are two of life's pleasures. I wasn't going to win the argument though so my partner said f*** this Belinda I'm on your side sweetie, don't argue with her,she's a fucktard yet the other 4 girls agreed with her and I. Needless to say we won't be entertaining the idea of having her mix in our circle of friends any longer.

    Just on the subject of s** honey, Ren and Lilly want so bad to have s** with their father and I have mentioned it to him several times in their absence. I think it will not be too long before he f**** them. His main concern is that he may be found out. What's your opinion?

    I have no problem at all with it in fact I have no problem who Rick desires to have s** with and there is an opportunity for me to s** with the centre manager of the shopping mall where I have my salon and I''m seriously thinking of taking up the chance.

    I hope you find an avenue for a new business now that you've sold yours in Sweden.

    Love Belinda xx

  • If you are willing to let a guy have your daughters p**** at 3 I want to be the guy

  • Isabella,
    I have read you mum's post to my mum and I can see that she loves you so, so much sweetheart. She loves Freja and Olivia too and I don't think it will be too long before she f ucks your c unt honey.

    Babe we enjoy mum f ucking us and I think dad will f uck Lilly and me pretty soon. Mum has been talking about it to him when we're not around. Mum wants to watch us f ucking our dad and we think that's so f ucking hot.

    Have a good time ice skating darling and enjoy your dinner. I should be there eating you, you f ucking little hoe.

    Love Ren Xxxxxxx

  • Freja my honey,
    I have just read all the posts here by yourself, Megan and Izzy and I'm so glad you feel love. Don't overdo it when you're ice skating darling. I think you'll look beautiful and amszeball - (my new word I made up) in you're maternity wear sweetheart.

    Ren is still in Todd's bed getting f ucked and our bio mum went out with her new bf last night. He's marks former boss. It was funny when she rang this morning cos Mark was there when the new bf was there. He was taking the rest of his belongings away and our bio mum wasn't expecting him. Our bio wants us to meet him through the week.

    You made my c unt wet when you said our dad should f uck us. Mum has talked about it so much to him and I think or at least I hope it will happen soon. It seems he's worried that he will get into trouble so we will have to speak with him and assure him no-one will know.

    I love you babe
    Queen B itch
    Lilly xoxo

  • Belinda & girls,
    Megan here, it's nice day here in Alaska. I have just had the best morning with my 3 girls. We have been shopping for the baby. We bought the most delightful buggy, car baby seat and a beautiful moses basket. Also we got Freja some new maternity clothes which suits her beautifully. I also bought Olivia a big sister t-shirt which she adores and we also let Olivia choose some baby clothes also.
    It's hard to believe how grown up Olivia is and the adult activities she does which she loves. It's amazing she's able to enjoy s** with Jayden. S** and sleeping with Jayden is just as much part of her life as is cigarettes and alcohol is. I can't help but encourage her smoking, she's an amazing little smoker. She still drinks beer most days to, think shes my dads little drinking partner, hes always tells her to get herself a beer, but it's always in moderation and never more then 2. Shes enjoying home play school at Amy's to. She can already write her own name and read a few words. Shes quite a determined little lady who'd quite bossy towards her older sister Izzy, not that Izzy seems to mind. Continued...

  • I would love s** with your girls

  • Continued...Moving on to Izzy, I have never seen my Isabella so happy. Shes made some lovely new friends who all seem to adore her. She struggled to make friends in Sweden or would mix with older kids and feel she had to be as mature as they was. Where as here, she enjoys being the baby of the group. Shes learning it's ok to be 10yo, she doesn't have to act older to be liked. Which is awesome, shes loving homeschool. Logan her new boy is a little cutie, when I've seen them together they both just seem to giggle all the time and have so much fun together. Shes sleeping at Logans tonight. My relationship with Izzy is also so good although she lives next door with Freja and Olivia we have had so much fun together. Shes so affectionate and loving I simply enjoy her kisses so much. Izzy also is so loving to Freja, shes looking after her so well, she does worry about her to, she understands pregnancy is not always easy for Freja.
    Moving on to my newest daughter Freja, Freja is such an amazing young lady, if anything she does to much, I've had to tell her to slow down and chill a little more. She has so much love to give, shes the most perfect mommy to Olivia and the sweetest girlfriend to Isabella. I do really enjoy spoiling Freja as does her grandpapa who adores her and still treats her like a little princess.
    As for me I'm making new friends, I'm able to drive again, I'm relaxed and besides the occasional aches in my legs I'm feeling healthy. I've managed to sell my business in Sweden which was completed this week. So I'm looking into other opportunities here in Alaska now to keep me focused.
    Looking forward to ice skating with my girls later.
    Hope you and your beautiful family are all well. Yours Megan xxxx

  • Renae,
    Hi baby, it's your little fu#cking cu#nt here Izzy.
    It would be so hot if Megan was to fu#ck me one day, it would be amazing!. I hope she would do me hard hehe. Your so very lucky that Belinda fu#cks you so good. I slept with Megan last night in her arms. We slept naked as always I surprised her by sneakily kissing, licking and sucking her nipples, she softly slapped my face away before kissing me and telling me I was her bad girl. But I love feeling her hands softly on my ti#ts and cu#nt as I fell asleep.
    I slept with Megan cos those other 2 bit#ches Freja and Olivia were getting fu#cked by Austin and Jayden last night. Jayden's mom knows that Jayden and Olivia sleep in same bed, cos Olivia does home school at Jayden's and she must have talked about Jayden's snoring cos his mom mentioned it. I don't think she knows they are fu#cking tho, but it's proper cool she's ok with them sleeping in same bed. And she's ok with me sleeping with Logan in same bed at hers tonight. Can't wait to fu#ck Logan again tonight. But before that we all going ice skating and having dinner out. There will be about 12 of us including Megan and Olivia. Just hope i don't fall over to much haha.
    Hope you have an amazing beautiful weekend n get your slu#tty cu#nt fu#cked.
    I love you, your w**** Izzy xxxxxxx

  • Hi my darling Lilly,
    Hope your ok sweetie, yes it would be so lovely if you was here in so many ways. I would love feeling your kisses on my tummy and cu nt. I'm feeling better, been able to sleep better last few days.

    I don't think it's wrong for you and your dad to fu ck honey if that's what you both want. I think it's hot, I wish I had a dad to fu ck Haha. I think there's probably lots of daughters and dads fu cking but they keep it quiet. I'm going to continue fu cking Olivia and any future kids including the one inside me. So if I met a guy and we got serious I would share my girls with him.

    Love you my sweet gorgeous amazing Lilly,

    Your girl xx xx xx Freja

  • Freja,

    Awww baby I just read that Izzy said you're so uncomfortable with your little baby inside your tummy sweetheart. Would it make it better I was there rubbing it for you and kissing it and your lips and c unt?

    Baby do you think it's wrong if dad was to f uck Ren and me. I mean we love him a lot and we've seen his c ock plenty of times and it's so f ucking big it'd feel amazeball up our c unts?

    I love you forever,
    Your Queen B itch
    Lilly xoxo

  • Izzy, you little f ucking hoe I love you too baby and I need your c unt so bad.
    I still think Megan needs to f uck you sweetheart. It feels so f ucking good when mum f ucks my ar$e and has her two of her fingers in my c unt while we tongue kissed and I smoked. I came heaps of times. I slept with her last night again with and after we f ucked I slept with my whole fist in her c unt but I had to get out cos she wanted dad to f uck her.
    I love you, you little hoe.
    Ren Xxxxxxx

  • Renae,
    Hi baby, you are right your wh#ore is a dirty little sk#ank. Logan was smaller than I'm used to, but girl he used it so fu#cking well. I now know that I missed fu#cking boys so much. I even sat on his co#ck and fuc#ked while we shared a cig. It was so good. Logan seemed so happy to which was sweet.
    We both told the others at home school they thought it was cute we fu#cked. They tease us cos we both have afternoon nap at home school, like every time we are at home school, but they are so cool to, I actually enjoy being one of the babies of the group.
    Your such a lucky bi#tch that your mom fu#cks you. That's so fu#cking hot. Me and Megan are still kissing lots when we are together, she even touches my ti#ts when we kiss. But I'm saving all my lesbian love for Freja and a little bit for our Olivia to. I'm trying to give Freja lots of love and care cos she's struggling a bit with her pregnancy, she can't get comfortable especially when she lies down in bed.
    Megan seems so happy. Megan and grandpapa are getting on so well to. He spoils Megan as much as us younger girls. Megan is able to drive now which she is so happy about, cos now she can go out when she wants. She went to Amelia's moms at weekend for drinks and tomorrow they are going shopping together.
    I love you my beautiful girlfriend.
    Your sl#ut Izzy xxxxxx

  • Isabella,

    Hi love, I hope you're well sweetheart.

    You’re a dirty little sk ank for getting your c unt f uked. I couldn’t imagine how dirty it is having a c ock in my c unt and getting all f ucking wet when a guy blows his load in my c unt. Haha only joking sweetheart. I’m glad you enjoyed it my love.

    Lilly and I had our ar$es f ucked by mum the other night and honey it is the best feeling I’ve ever had. Mum and I cuddled throughout the night and we kissed so much afterwards but she couldn’t get much sleep. I was grinding my c unt against her ar$e and evry so often I was lighting a ciggie and the flick and glow of my lighter kept her awake. I need to smoke so much when I’m horn y.

    Baby Megan needs to f uck your ar$e so you know how f ucking amazing it is. The next morning dad said to me, you made a lot of noise last night Ren honey. Haha

    If ever get near you, you’re gonna get your ar$e f ucked so bad by me you little c unt and I’m not going to stop and I’ve pleased that Freja gave you one hellava c unt slapping for getting her birthday wrong. F uck Lilly is her girlfriend and she wouldn’t dare get Freja’s birthday wrong cos Freja would slap her ar$e and face so bad. I love you so much b itch.

    I hope Logan f ucks you good when you have a sleepover. I still can’t get my c unt fu cked for another couple of days but it should be ready for Saturday night so that Todd can give it a good workout with his c ock. I need c ock babe so bad bubs.

    Love Renae Xxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Renae,
    Hi baby, I did fu#ck Logan on Saturday night honey. He was pretty good! We fu#cked 4 times on Saturday night/ Sunday morning. He was a virgin. Most of all he's well funny n dead sweet, he loved sleeping naked with me and fu#cking. It was nice to cuddle up with him and his mom is letting me sleep over at his next weekend. It was nice to have a real co#ck up my who#rey little
    cu#nt again.
    Freja spanked my cu#nt for getting her birthday wrong. She gave it 5 hard slaps, it stung after but felt nice ha.
    I wish I was there with you in bed so I could play with your beautiful b****** and cu#nt. I love you sweetheart.
    Your s*** Izzy xxxxxxx

  • Freja, Izzy and Olivia,

    Freja I love you sweetheart and I wish I was there. I need to f uck you so bad honey that I played with myself ar$se before mum f ucked it just thinking about you.

    Our baby sisters still enjoy being finger f ucked but I think my baby, Liberty will be a bigger sl ut than Summer. Liberty kinda opens her little legs so i can play with her t*** and Ren and I have just started to go down on them and s uck their sweet little c****.

    Mum f ucked our ar$ses last night after Ren told her that her c unt was sore and she couldn't f uck. Mum had no problem with it and was hoping we'd ask and it came about because Olivia had her ar$se f ucked by Jayden. Ren was a real wh ore, she went first and she was crying cos she enjoyed it so much and after mum
    f ucked her, she f ucked me in the ar$se. It is better when our mum f ucks us cos she can obviously last longer with a strap on and Ren was moaning uncontrollably.

    Ren slept with mum for the rest of the night but didn't get much sleep, Ren was grinding her c unt on mum's ar$se throughout the night and virtually stayed awake chain smoking. She gets super hor ny when she fu cks, it makes her smoke more.

    I hope you're getting f ucked babe and I hope Logan is f ucking Izzy.
    Your Queen B itch

    Lilly xoxo

  • Isabella,
    Huh I f ucking hate auto correct. It is supposed to be Logan not loganberry.
    Sorry my little c unt

    Love Renae

    Sweetheart Xxxxxxx

  • Izzy,
    Freja told me you looked beautiful last night sweetheart. Loganberry should f uck you honey.

    Isn't it cute that Livvy had her sweet little ar$e f ucked. I asked mum to f uck my ar$e cos she can't f uck my c unt. She said she'll f uck Lilly and me in the ar$e tonight.

    Aren't I a f ucking little w**** love?

    Love Ren Xxxxxxx

  • Hello my precious little f uck doll Olivia,

    You don't really know how much I love you darling, you'd be the twinkle in my eye if I ever meet you and you have no idea how my new mummy Belinda loves you too.

    Does your grandpapa know you f uck honey pot.

    Love you babe
    Your Russian slutty little c unt
    Osky xx oo xx

  • Hi Freja my love,
    Give Izzy a proper c unt f ucking with the biggest strap on you can find love. She definitely told me your birthday is may, 3 and I've had it in my diary for maybe 3 months now. Slap her cute little ar$e for me. Awww it's so cute that Livvy had her ar$e f ucked. I love her so much especially that she smokes and f ucks.
    Iove you baby and I love it that you, as my girlfriend you're 17.
    Queen B itch
    Lilly xoxo

  • Osky! (Written by Olivia's Mommy),
    Hi my se xy girlfriend. I love you lots and lots and lots. I would love to su ck your cu nt all day long hehe.

    Anyway guess what? I'm a real big se xy girl cos I let Jayden fu ck my a ss last night! It didn't hurt n Jayden got a lot of his co ck in my sweet a ss. I was dead brave n he like it, I'm a proper little fu ck doll me hehe. Mommy say she proud of me cos I've had all my holes fu cked now n I'm still little. This morning after we had bath together Jayden su ck my little cu nt so nice!

    I go school now like big girl now at Amy's and I can smoke there to! I still like smoking lots and lots. My friends at school are Soph and Addy. Addy smokes to like me cos she's a big girl like us.
    It was mommy's birthday yesterday.

    Mommy is so nice I give her lots of kisses all the time. She is real pretty and she has my baby sister in her tummy!

    I love you my se xy girlfriend Osky! I want to kiss you so much and sleep in your bed all the time and su ck your ti ts.

    Have you been fu cking lots of boys? So u can be little fu ck doll like me?

    Livvy xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Lilly & Ren,
    Honey pie, sweetest se xiest girl, my birthday was on Friday May 3rd maybe our Isabella got my birthday date wrong? She's a bad girl if she has! Deffo deserves her cu nt slapped if that's the case.
    I had an amazing birthday, the food was amazing at the restaurant. My sis bought me a new digital camera, I'm such a lucky bi tch.
    Ren sweetie, thank you for the birthday kisses your a doll, and a precious young lady. Your girlfriend looked so se xy last night in her pretty dress, high heels and makeup, she been to a salon to, she had beautiful wavy hair. She's so much happier here in Alaska, she's made some lovely new friends but don't worry she still talks about you all the time.
    Love you my sweet se xy Lilly.
    xx xx xx Freja and baby girl

  • Olivia my little honey pie,
    I bet mummy Freja's best birthday present was the card you made for her. Do you know how proud she is of that card? I know she'll treasure it for many years to come if not for her whole life. You are a little gem and we all love you so much especially me.

    You are my little f uck doll and I'd love you to s uck my c unt and I'll play with yours and f uck you so good baby.
    Love Oskana xx oo xx

  • Izzy,

    I'm a nasty little sk ank for getting my c unt pierced. I showed my c unt to mum this morning and she said "Renae, not at the breakfast table" awww see, I told you I know when she's cranky cos she calls me Renae and not Ren. She said we're going to the doctor and that he'll give me a tetanus injection but he gave me antibiotics to get rid of the infection in my c unt from the piercing. Lilly showed mum her c unt too and she said okay, you're both going to the doctor. Mum said if you want piercings and a studs in your c unts that badly then you have to wait until they heal and then get it done professionally. Well she said p.u.s.s.y.s and not c unts. haha but we can't f uck at the moment.

    You a little c*** too Izzy but I love you heaps you w**** of a girlfriend

    Love Ren Xxxxxxxx

  • Freja,

    We are three dumb f ucking b itches, Ren, Osky and me. It's only the 3rd May in Alaska, Your b/day is tomorrow, 4th May in Alaska

    Spank my ar$se I started this sh it haha.

    Queen B itch

    Lilly xoxo

  • Freja,

    I'm thinking of you on your birthday you little b itch and don't ever think you're f ugly just coz you're preg.

    I'll write to my little f uck doll later and I'm happy for her that she's gonna get her c unt f ucked tonight.

    Happy birthday sweet Freja and don't think like you do, you're our sis and we love you.

    Osky xx oo xx

  • Freja,
    I imagine you look so beautiful being pregnant and just cos I'm with Izzy it doesn't mean that I don't want to smother you in kisses on this special day for you. I'd love to rub your belly without upsetting my loved one - Izzy and appie berfdee dear girl. We ALL love you to bits. You'll have a lovely time with your family tonight sweetheart.
    Love Ren Xxxxxxx

  • Lilly,
    Thank you for the birthday wishes, means more than you will ever know cos I love you.
    It's just after 6pm here we are going out soon to the restaurant, both Mom and Izzy look so beautiful, they both are wearing lovely dresses and high heels. I'm a bit Jel cos I look so fugly pregnant. But it's fine haha I know my little baby will be worth it. Izzy got me the most beautiful necklace and some Nike shoes, she's so lovely. Mum got me perfume and a nice bag to. Kristina just gave me some money... not much thought in that but that's her ha. Hanna is meeting us at the restaurant, can't wait to see her and then she's sleeping at grandpapa's later with me.
    Got the sweetest birthday card off my little girl Olivia, she made it herself yesterday at play school, it's so cute! She's excited about Jayden sleeping over again tonight with her.
    Hope you have an amazing weekend. Love you always. Your girl xx xx xx Freja

  • Lilly,
    Beautiful Lilly, your a amazing se xy young lady, I completely adore you. Thank you for always being lovely and supportive all the time. You don't realise how special and amazing you are.

    Izzy has been a little sweetie, showing me lots of love since Mom had a word with her. Still going to spank her later tho.

    My birthday tomorrow, I don't wanna be 17 tho, I know it's silly but it feels a lot older than 16 ha. But I will have a good day, I will see everyone I care about except for you. Awww wish you could be here so badly!

    Hope your boy is still fu cking you good sweetie and treating you like the Queen you are.

    Love you always, I am your girl xx xx xx Freja

  • Ren,
    Hi darling, it's so cool that your bio mom is going to get rid of Mark! He's a pri#ck and if you don't like him baby that means I dont like him.
    I proper deserve my face slapping honey and then fu#cking hard with your strap-on. Mmmmmm that would be so hot. Freja is going to spank my a#ss later tonight, I asked for it cos I been a bad girlfriend for her, so I will have a cute ska#nky red a#ss later.
    I've taken your advice and asked Logan if he wants to sleep over on Saturday and he is going to. So I'm going to let him fu#ck me. I think it will be his first time cos I think he's a virgin, he is proper cute, be first time I fu#cked someone my own age. He's Jayden and Austin's youngest brother, so me, Olivia and Freja will be fu#cking 3 different brothers hehe. Home school was fun again today, the others teased me and Logan cos we had a nap again together after lunch today. I did ok on my tests I'm ahead a few years in most my subjects except for maths where I'm behind (age 8) but that's cool.
    It's Freja's birthday tomorrow I bought her some nice presents, I been looking after her and telling her I love her lots. She feeling bad cos her tummy is so big, she calls herself fat and she is never, she is so beautiful in every way and her baby girl will be just as beautiful as her. Me, Megan, Grandpapa and her sister Hanna are all going to a restaurant tomorrow night with her for her birthday. Jayden is 'babysitting' Olivia haha we know what they will be doing when we're all out hehe.
    I love you sweetheart, I think about your beautiful cu#nt so much. Can't wait for you to sit on my face my love.
    Your trampy little wh#ore Izzy xxxxxxx

  • Freja my darling 17 year old girlfriend,

    I'm happy that you're 17 sweetheart just make sure you have an amszeball (new word) birthday and dinner tonight honey or I'll spank you so f ucking hard b itch. Put a few vegetables on a separate plate next to you and pretend I'm there. I hope Austin can give you a special birthday f uck just to keep you smiling baby.

    All my love
    Queen B itch
    Lilly xoxo

  • Renae, I forgot to say you was a bad little bit#ch letting April pierce your cu#nt with it not being hygienic, omg ur cu#nt is so beautiful, you need to look after it until I'm with you cos when I'm there, looking after ur cu#nt will be my job sweetheart. I hope ur cu#nt is ok sweetie and as healed ok?
    Your Isabella xxxxxxxx

  • Haha Mark has come crawling to our bio asking her to forgive him and let him stay and that he'll change.

    Our bio said there's too much damage done and her kids feel uncomfortable around him (she's talking about Lilly and me). I told her if she takes him back then don't expect Lilly or me to have anything to do with you ever again and you can shove the house.

    Our has being asked to go out by Marks' boss. That's where our bio met Mark but Mark since left and our bio still works there. She is going out with him for the first time this Saturday night. I hope she gets a f uck but it would be at his place. So it will be interesting times ahead.

    Honey why don't you and Logan f uck?
    Love you sweetheart
    Ren Xxxxxxx

  • Isabella,
    You're in for a proper face slapping you little c unt for putting your name instead of mine. Just wait until I get my strap on between your legs b itch, I'll f uck you so sore until you're legless and out of breath.

    I like your homeschoolimg program and I wanted to show it to mum but she said she's a bit mad at us for getting our c unts pierced but I think she was only mad cos a friend of ours did it to us. Her name is April and she started at our school this year. She put ice on our c unt to deaden the pain while she used a needle to make the whole then we bought our studs to put in our c unts. We had them done two days ago, the day we had our tats.

    Belinda went mad at us for not being hygienic when April did it by not using the correct instrument. But she wouldn't give us permission to get our c unts pierced, that's why we had to do what we had to do.

    Belinda is a great mum in that she took the blame to protect our ar$e and that's why she told the principal that she signed for us to have tattoos although Lilly owned up and told her she forged her signature. Lilly's antics always get her in the sh it a little bit.

    Our bio has seen a lawyer and the lawyer is going to write to Mark and give him 28 days to get his sh it together and f uck off. Our bio said he'll write the reason as being domestic violence cos he's abusive towards her. The lawyer said he can't claim any money from the house but will be entitled to the fridge and TV her bought over the last couple of years.

    There you have it little s****

    Love Ren Xxxxxxx

  • Ren,
    I'm such a dumb little bi#tch writing to myself instead of putting your name. I was tired after all my tests. I deserve a proper good face slap for just doing that. Think when we are together I will love you more when your rough with me your little cu#nt.
    So Amelia's mom makes sure we are not messing about to much whilst we are doing our school work, but she doesn't teach us. Like say if we are learning something we have interactive videos with tests at end of each video to make sure we learn it. If we struggle with anything, for me it's always maths cos I can't do it we move on to next question and then we have 1 hour at the end of the day where the older ones like Amelia and Ethan will try to show us how to do it. It's way cool cos we can stop, rest, chat or go outside for a cigarette when we feel like it. But there is a video camera in the room and when you go on the laptop it records how long you was using it for. So if we don't do our work the tutor will know cos she will look back on the camera to see what was going on and she messages us each morning so she can see we are there and asks us how we are and stuff like that and she sends us a list of things to study. We just go on Monday afternoon and Tuesday all day and Thursday all day. Then once a month she will come to see us and then we will spend like all morning or all afternoon with her on our own. We have to do 10 hours study each week or we get in trouble. And also we got to do something sporty on one other day a week but we have to write in our log where we went, how long far, who went with us etc. But I love it and we all get on so well, me and Logan cuddled up on the sofa yesterday and fell asleep on each other after lunch........

  • .........Omg it's so fu#cking cool you have tattoos and a cu#nt piercing. I'm not brave enuff for a cu#nt piercing, bet it would hurt that haha. Megan says I gotta at least look 18 before I get a tattoo, which is a madness! Cos I can get preg at 13 but I got to wait till my child is 2 or 3yo before I could get a tattoo. I bet your tattoo is so beautiful like you are.
    So what's your bio mom going to do to get rid of creepy Mark?

    Love you always bi#tch ti#ts!!
    Your little s*** Isabella xxxxxxx

  • Izzy,
    Hi my beautiful bi#tch, I love you.

    Try and ignore Mark honey he is a pri#ck. Where was he playing with his co#ck while you and Lilly were waiting on the front steps?

    I'm so happy you had a good night at Todd and Lars birthday honey, I bet you looked fu#cking hot as always.

    I started home school yesterday at Amelia's and I just got home today. It was well cool. I do home school with Amelia 12 and her brother Ethan 14, Ava 10 and her brother Skylar 12 and also Logan 10 (he's Jayden, Emily and Maddie's younger bro). Logan just started doing home school there yesterday same as me, he didn't want to home school with his brothers and sisters cos they annoy him ha. We all smoke which is way cool except for Ethan. If we want a cig we can just go outside anytime we like. Me and Logan had to do tests yesterday and today to see what level we are at. A lot of the time we just sit around talking and laughing. I sit next to Skylar he is so cool, he's got long blonde hair, he even let me plait it today and let me put lipstick on him, he thinks I look hot in my Goth clothes. He's dead affectionate but in a best friend kind of way like this morning he was like morning babe and kissed my lips and kisses me when he left to go home. I think he likes boys but I'm not sure yet ha. I hate tests think I did ok on the English test yesterday but I can't do Maths. I'm fu#cking useless at doing maths in my head, I hate it and I wud have got stressed if I was in a normal school but there it's cool.

    Love being your little cu#nt. Would love to try and drink your pi#ss my lovely.
    Izzy xxxxxxxx

  • Izzy,

    I hope you're well you little c unt. I want to slap your pretty face so hard and pull your hair when I f uck you honey.

    You make Lilly, Osky and I so jealous that you're homeschooled, I bet you're smoking like a steam train you little b itches. I hope you all do well in your tests. Who is going to oversee your schoolwork and how many hours will you do each day?

    Lilly and I were sitting on the front steps when mark walked up the driveway. We've got a key to mum's house but we didn't want to go inside, in case he was there. We could see our bio wasn't home cos her car wasn't in the garage, As Lilly said, we were smoking and Mark was standing over us and he adjusted his c ock by putting his hand over his suit pants at the crotch. It nearly made me puke.

    Our bio took us to dinner and said to Mark he can eat leftovers haha. When we were out she said she and Mark have been aguing a lot lately and it's been mainly about how Lilly and I have been brought up. She said the reason she wanted to talk to us is that she wants a way to get rid of Mark and that she doesn't have feelings for him any more and there is a man at her work who has been talking a lot of notice in her in the past few months. He has got his own home, mum owns hers that dad paid for in full after she and dad divorced and that she has to find a lawyer that will prevent Mark from our bio selling the home a giving Mark a share or a proportion of the money. She said that home is for Lilly and me when she passes. Mark came into our bio's home without owning a home. Dad said if he tries anything, he'll he'll just about kill him.


  • Lilly and I had tattoos yesterday, down the inside of our right arm from our wrist to our elbow we had the word "Family" tattooed in Old English writing. Our teacher saw mine when I pulled my sleeve up and tried to blow cold air on it cos it was stinging. It still hurts like a b itch and it's wrapped in kinda like glad wrap stuff. There is a policy at our school - (no tats, no dyed hair, no piercings, although we have a piercing in our c unt (but it's not visible). The teacher asked how did we get the tats cos we have to be eighteen. I said mum signed for them but Lilly forged her signature and we went to a tattooist called Skin Deep haha. Then we rang Belinda and told her what we did, she said she'd play dumb and say she signed for them and can't remember anything about there being no tattoos in the school rule book. Then the teacher rang and Belinda had to face the school again and said you little b itches are always getting me in the sh it lol.

    Love Ren Xxxxxxxxx

  • Freja,

    Mark (our bio mum's boyfriend) is a creepy c unt. He says we're whores cos we drink, smoke and f uck but we were sitting on her front steps last night waiting for her to come from work and we were smoking while he was playing with his c ock. He said we can come inside and wait if we want but Ren said it's safer here haha.

    Anyway it's our bio mum's house, not his.

    I hope you're more relaxed sweetheart.

    Love Lilly xoxo

  • Freja,
    Oh I forgot, mum said if Megan is also happy about Olivia calling you mummy, then that is all that matters too.

    Lilly xoxo

  • Freja,
    I saw your message 5 hours ago honey but I couldn't respond cos I was getting for school so I has a chat with mum about you. She said there's no right or wrong answer. She said if Livvy wants to call you mummy, you're happy about it and isabella is happy about it, that's all that matters although Megan will always be her rightful mum notwithstanding you've done an amazing job with both Livvy and Izzy in Megan's absence and during the time of Megan's recovery.

    Megan on the other hand had your utmost trust and she's been a good mentor for you (i had to write that down while mum translated it to me but it makes so much sense love.

    Give Izzy a kiss on the cheek for me and get her to kiss your lips and sweet c unt for me honey.

    I love you babe and don't stress, youre to take care of yourself and our baby.

    Love Lilly xoxo

  • My sweet Lilly,
    Sorry I haven't wrote for a few days, I been getting myself in a stress over nothing really.

    Me and Mom (Megan) talked for hours last night, she could see something was up so we had chocolates and Netflix in her bed. I was getting a bit jealous over Izzy spending so much time with her and not with me and I was confused about Olivia, like was she ok with me being Olivia's mommy or not. Anyway we had a long talk and girly chat. She had already had a word with Isabella the day before we chatted telling her that she needed to be there for me more and that she appreciated all the love she was showing her but that she should be showing it me and now that she was here in Alaska we should have time alone and get back to being girlfriend's. Me and Isabella we kinda slipped into being a bit mother daughter ish without mom being here. If that makes sense?

  • (....Cont)We then talked about Olivia she asked me if I enjoyed being Olivia's mommy and I love every moment of it, every time I hear her call me mommy my heart melts but I was worried cos I can't buy all the things she would like or I worry about making decisions or letting her do things. So mom just said she doesn't need everything she wants and it's ok to say no but that I was doing amazing being her mommy. So we agreed that as long as I'm happy and Olivia is happy I will continue to be her mommy and she will live with me and Isabella in our little house,but mom will be there as a co-parent if I need a rest or advice and any big decisions involving Olivia we will make together and to not let her play us off against each other when she gets devious and older hehe. I was so happy I had tears, for the first time i feel she's my daughter now, cos before I was always had that fear that Mom would say thanks for looking after her while I couldn't but now I'm well I'm going to be her mom again.

    My Isabella and Olivia are at home school right now, there first day, both was looking forward to it. Isabella is studying at her friends Amelia's house with a few others and Olivia is at Amy's house with her youngest 3 children.

    So I just had a nap and then woke up and my first thoughts were of my darling Lilly. I love you sweetie. I'd do anything to be able to look in your eyes and kiss your lips.
    xx xx xx Freja

  • Hello my sweet little f uck doll Olivia,

    I hope you're well honey pot and that you're enjoying your ciggies, beer and being f ucked darling. Don't forget you can f uck me too babes and play with my ti ts and c unt.

    I had an awesome f uck last Saturday night and I was moaning so much.

    I hope you have a lovely dinner on mummy Freja:s birthday.

    Always thinking of you and loving you honey.

    Love from your Russian sl ut
    Oskana xx oo xx

  • Ren and Lilly,
    Hope you both had a good time at Todd and Lars birthday.
    It's Freja's 17th birthday next Friday. I think grandpapa is taking us all out to a restaurant and she will get other presents to off us all.
    Freja has been a bit stressed past few days, don't think she sleeping well. So I'm going to sleep with her tonight, think she might feel left out cos I been sleeping with Megan most nights. So hopefully I can cheer her up.
    Wish you was here right now so I cuddle you Renae. Love ya girl.
    Your Isabella xxxxxx

  • Izzy,
    Yes sweetheart, Lilly reminded me it's her girlfriend's birthday next Friday honey. I hope your Grandpapa will take her and the rest of your family to dinner, she's been so amazing to you and Olivia and for looking after her bump.

    We had a really good night at Todd and Brad's (Lars) birthday party. One of Todd's aunties was horrified that Lilly, Osky and I were drinking and smoking but it was his mum who offered us our first ciggy of the night.

    Then Lars grabbed Lilly's ar$e and said to her I'm gonna f uck you something bad tonight and his uncle heard him haha.

    Mum put in $500 for the catering for their birthday cos they said they didn't want anything. Osky's mum put in $150.

    Baby I hope you are well you f ucking little c unt and I hope Freja, Olivia, Megan and your Grandpapa are well too.

    I hope Megan didn't get mad at me for writing that post to her but I'd really love her to f uck us babe.

    Izzy, We're little c unts to each other love.

    Love Ren Xxxxxxx

  • Megan,
    I love you so much for approving Izzy's and my s exual and loving online relationship.

    Mum said a long time ago that Izzy and I would look a very cute and hot couple walking in the street in our f uck me boots and leather mini skirts, smoking and kissing each other and even half drunk if that's what we wantnand not giving two f ucks about anything really.

    Love Ren Xxxxxxx

  • Izzy, Freja and Olivia,

    It's Todd and Lar's 21st birthday dinner party tonight sweethearts and Lilly and I are going to sit up at the main table on the stage with them and their parents cos we are their girlfriends. Osky and Dave have seats at the next table. They're having it at the surf club. Their mum and dad have hired the entire club but they have to pay for security guards.

    Their mum said Lilly, Osky and I can drink and smoke and she doesn't give a f uck what her sisters or brothers say as long as we don't smoke inside cos no one is allowed to smoke inside the surf club. Their mum said her sisters and brothers will probably freak out too when when hold hands and they will guess that we're f ucking but she doesn't give a sh it about that either.

    Awww I'm not allowed to call Brad, Lars, his mum has warned me about that.

    Love Ren Xxxxxxx

  • Izzy my babe,

    Without me going through all the posts on the other page, Oskana wrote something like you, me, Lilly, Freja and Olivia are bad girls and she mentioned little Livvy is only 4. That really f ucked mum up. Although as mum said she loves the idea that Olivia smokes, swears and f ucks like we do.

    I'd love to shower with you honey and soap up your ti ts, ar$e and c unt and get you super hor ny for a hot f uck.

    Awww honey so f ucking hot about Megan's dream, I wish I was in it with you, us two f ucking tramps getting f ucked by the one man.

    Sweetheart don't get mad at me but when mum was preg in her early months dad bought her weed to smoke so she could cope with morning sickness otherwise she found it difficult to go to work. Mum gave Lilly and I a bit too and I got high. As you know dad walks around our place naked too and as I was high, I grabbed dad's c ock while he was standing over me and I was sitting in the armchair in the lounge room. I was then smoking and I took a deep drag on my ciggy and looked dad in the eye. Mum said it was the s exiest thing she's seen and it looked like u I had the words f uck me written all over my face.

    Mum wants dad to f uck us and she often says it'd be hot if Megan and you f uck.

    Love Ren Xxxxxxx

  • Renae,
    I would love for you to play in my playground. Love you so fu#cking much. I will look after you so good, you are like the most beautiful girl. When we shower together I will wash every part of your body and kiss every part to. Then I'd wrap your beautiful hair in your towel and take you to your bed then make love to your little cu#nt.
    I could never find where Oskana wrote about our Olivia on the other page honey?
    Megan told me last night in bed she had a se#xy dream about me a few weeks ago, she met a man in a bar he was about her age, brought him home to fu#ck but she fell asleep and when she woke up he was fu#cking me instead hehe. I think that's hot. Also last night I slept with her again, I kept moving her hand to my cu#nt and she would keep moving it away so I would put it back. Finally I told her to please leave it there and she said ok sweetheart and kissed my neck. I love sleeping in her arms with her behind me, she's so soft. I hope we will fu#ck soon.
    Also I don't think if your dad fu#ck you or Lilly it will make him a pedo cos inc#est is best. Anyway age doesn't matter if 2 people love each other, that's what I think anyway.
    Love being your little bit#ch. Yours always! Isabella xxxxxxxx

  • Isabella,

    Take your f ucking panties off. I wanna play in your playground. You're my
    f ucking b itch rememeber that.

    Ren Xxxxxxxx

  • Freja,
    You're so sweet and I love you so much for supporting me but I have to say I didn't quote mum fully and that is what she's got the sh its about. She wrote that message when she was at work yesterday. She reads a lot of what we write on here.

    When she came home we discussed briefly what was written then we kissed and cuddled so it's all good now sweetheart.

    I'd love to feel your bub in your tummy and it's good to know that you've only got about 15 weeks before it makes its appearance into this wonderful world with its gorgeous mummy in her arms.

    I love you babes and this is what I tell mum constantly.

    Your Queen B itch
    Lilly xoxo

  • Hi my lovely sweet Lilly,
    It's your girl Freja here, I'm so sorry honey if you feel I'm not always here for you my lovely girlfriend.
    Lilly I want you to know my love that you have my support always. Sometimes when others are having a go at you not only do I hate that because you have the kindest heart but I want to speak up and defend you. But I don't want to cause arguments in your own family. But I am going to be speaking out if it continues. Your are so amazing and beautiful, I love you.
    Hope you have a good and amazing weekend of fun, you deserve to have a smile on your face 24/7.
    Baby news: I'm 26 weeks now 2/3 through my pregnancy. My baby belly is getting bigger, she keeps me awake sometimes and I'm going to the toilet about 12 times a day it seems. It feels like she's kicking and punching me Sometimes, bless her.
    Wish we could be together forever, maybe one day.
    Your girl xx xx xx Freja and baby

  • Lilly,

    If you quote me honey then quote me in my entirety. I said you, Ren and Izzy think the same and do the same things. I went onto say that Izzy and Ren have the same dirty little habits which include golden showers, Izzy wants to f uck her mum and I f uck you both. I said further that Freja doesn't want you to p*** on her (meaning Lilly) so respect that. I told you and Ren that I won't entertain pi ssing on either of you Lilly. I said I adore Ren and Izzy for the way they are with one another online.

    I need another apology don't you think?

    Love mum xx

  • Freja,
    I know you may get tired and that you're writing for Olivia and maybe Izzy darling, but please post to me when you can. Mum didn't mention that I love you yet she said Ren loves Izzy and hurts me a bit. I tell her all the time that I love you.
    Queen b itch

    Lilly xoxo

  • Renae,
    Hi my beautiful se#xy girl. Hope you know I love you my sweetheart. Your so amazing! I wish I was as clever as you and Lilly.
    It's morning time here, I slept with Freja and Olivia last night, we had a se#xy girl 3 some, they missed me cos I been sleeping with Megan.
    But when I woke up this morning and I went next door to see Megan, she was still in bed, so I got in bed and she kissed me in a hot way then after cuddling she's fallen asleep again. She's lieing next to me right now as I type my message to you. Yesterday Megan was talking about me and you, she thinks we're good for each other, she knows you make me so happy and how much I adore you. She thinks how we call each other names is just us showing our devotion to each other. She said if we were together it would be a wild crazy loving relationship, and she said sometimes I would need a slap from you haha.
    I love you sweetheart. I love being ur bit#ch.
    Izzy xxxxxxxx

  • Hi Izzy my love,
    I'm so, so happy your mum approves of our s exual and loving relationship. Belinda feels the same way about us and loves the idea that we are each others, c unts, skanks, whores, b itches, sl uts and tramps. She said she'd even like to see us f uck. But she only calls Lilly and I little b itches in a loving way Haha.

    Isn't it amazing that our mums tongue kiss us and it's more amazing that me and mum f uck and I get breastfed.

    I hope you're well sweetheart, always thinking of you my little c unt.

    Love Ren Xxxxxxx

  • Olivia my sweet little smoking, drinking f uckdoll,

    I hope you'r enjoying your drinking, smoking and f ucking honey pie. It's good to read from mummy Freja that you're feeling a lot better and she f ucks your little c unt and that you have since f ucked Jayden again. He spent the night at your place f ucking you heaps I hear, that's wonderful news darling.

    Just wait if you and I get together sweetheart, we'll show everyone what a good f uck and suck is all about honey.

    My Belinda mum gave me a roasting for talking about you on the other channel. She was upset with me and swore at me and said "F uck Oskana what were thinking about to even mention a little girl's private life. Belinda mum doesn't swear at Lilly, Ren or me unless she's really mad at us, so I'm sorry sweetheart. I never meant to do you any harm and I have no excuses, I shouldn't have written what I wrote.

    You have a good time with your Grandpapa and your mummy Megan and tell me about it when you can. Okay you beautiful little s ex bomb.

    Love Osky, your s exy f ucking Russian b itch xx oo xx

  • Bubs, my f ucking little tramp, Isabella,

    Good on Greta Thunberg for bringing the climate change protest to Alaska.

    We had our school protest about that on 14 March this year, you can see it here sweetheart.

    Lilly, Osky and I attended with most of our school but Lilly had a banner reading, F %^* off all the big power and oil companies, we kids want to live and we want our kids in the future to f%^*@!$ live. Our principal told us to protest respectfully so Lilly wasn't allowed to carry the banner she made.

    Honey, if Megan won't f uck you, you should f uck her when she's asleep. That's what Lilly was gonna do if mum said she wouldn't f uck us. When you start
    f ucking her, Megan will enjoy it so much and she won't stop you. Aren't I a nasty little c unt for mentioning that babe?

    But I love you and I want you and your mum to f uck.

    Love Renae. Xxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Renae,
    Hope your ok beautiful, I love you. I'm happy calling mom Megan all the time. I thought she wanted me to call her mom but she likes I call her Megan and I like it to, she's still my mom whatever I call her. Love sleeping with her it's like when I was little again. It's sweet u got it little cu#nt fu#cked by those guys sweetheart, ur such a se#xy little sl#ut.

    Anyway I want to tell you about something awesome. Megan told me about Greta Thunberg she's from my country Sweden (search on youtube) she has been organising school strikes on Fridays for climate change, Friday's for future. Now as you know I'm going to be home schooled and my new friends are home schooled. But I told Amelia about it and we are going to protest outside the local high school. My other friends Emily, Maddie, Jayden, Logan have all got permission from their Mom Amy to join us. So we going to make posters for it to. Megan, Freja and Olivia are coming along to. Here in Alaska is one of the most affected places in the world by climate change but the adults here are more bothered about gas and oil here. It's so wrong. Its our fu#cking future! Our protest will be next Friday. I will let you know how it goes sweetheart. Maybe we will be on the news or get arrested ha.
    I love you.
    Your little tramp and wh#ore
    Izzy xxxxxxxxx

  • We have decided we going to protest outside the Mayor's office instead of the school :) Izzy xxxxxxxx

  • Osky! (Written by Izzy).
    Hey my se#xy fu#cking girlfriend. It's me your little fu#ck doll here Livvy! I'm better now, no more chicken pox now. Yes mommy fu#cked my little cu#nt but she was to soft not like when Izzy or Jayden fu#ck me they fu#ck me harder hehe. I like fu#cking lots. I let Jayden sleep with me he fu#ck me lots n I su#ck his co#ck and swallow his c#um like good girl. Also he fu#ck my cu#nt while I have plug in my a#ss.
    Mom Megan is here now she's better she's funny and cool. Grandpapa is taking me and Megan out for the day today.
    Osky I love you lots and lots ur my se#xy fu#cking Russian doll and I'm ur little fu#ck doll. I think u shud lick my little cu#nt n then I can su#ck ur ti#ts.
    Oh I forgot I pi#ss on Izzy in bath hehe cos Mommy was having a sh#it on toilet and I needed pi#ss so Mommy say pi#ss on Izzy so I did hehehehehe then she lick my cu#nt clean cos she's a little naughty bad sl#ut. I hit her if she bad girl for me, I tell her be good girl for me hehehehehehe.
    Your Livvy, oh and write to me soon u little bi#tch. xx xx xx xx

  • Freja,
    I just read it was the first time you
    f ucked Olivia. I wanna f uck her too.

    Livvy I'm your little sl ut honey bun and I love you and you can f uck me too.

    Osky xx oo xx

  • Megan,

    Hi sweetheart, I'm so happy for you that you are in the rightful pace - with your beautiful daughters. it seems I've known them for years now, although I only know of them together with yourself. It's apparent to me Ren has built a special love for Izzy, Lilly has the same love for Freja and Oskana absolutely loves Olivia, we all adore her Megan, she is such a treasure although i had to have words with Oskana for writing what she did about Olivia on the other channel. It f ucked me up reading what she wrote about Olivia. I told Oskana that I didn't want men masturbating over Olivia. I was disappointed in her that I had to point out her inappropriate behaviour regarding that, she is a smart girl but she needed to think beforehand. Because Oskana calls me mum too, i feel a need to apologize on her behalf, so please accept my apology honey.

    To the better news, I'm more than pleased that you're not experiencing any more pain and you're free of pain killers. Thank God the operation was a raging success. Are you doing physio and when does your matter come before the court?

    It's so beautiful that you play with Izzy's ti ts and p.u.s.s.y, I have no regret in starting to have s#x with my kids, I should have done it earlier. Ren has got a smoking fetish which I don't mind. She said mum when I'm being f ucked, I need to smoke and when I'm smoking I need to f uck.

    I've mentioned to them that I've taken an interest in one of my male clients and I pointed him to Lilly the other day. She said mum f uck him, there's no reason to tell dad, just don't leave us for him.

    I hope to hear more from you sweetheart.

    I love you and your kids.

    Love Belinda xx

  • Izzy,

    Hello bubby, I hope you are well love. I missed you like a f ucking b itch you c unt. I know you had to catch up with your mum sweetheart but every day I looked on here and thought Izzy doesn't love me. So sad.

    Honey it does not matter if Megan doesn't want you to call her mum, we are all different. Belinda loves Lilly and I calling her mum especially when we get f ucked by her. It makes her cumm when we say f uck me harder mum. She said it's so erotic that her daughters f uck her and she f ucks us. She has just started to suck our b****** when she f ucks us now and I love to smoke when she's doing that. She said that although Lilly comes up with all the s exual ideas I'm more erotic when I do those things and she said you and I would make ideal lovers coz we're crazy f ucking little b itches but she loves you for that. I will continue later love.

    Just be my b itch

    I love you heaps baby

    Ren Xxxxxxx

  • Continued,

    Mum said you and I have got a lot in common and it may play against us cos we're both got our own ideas and are our person, we don't take sh it, and we've got the same nasty but so naughty habits and our dress sense is the same.

    i asked mum if Megan f ucks you, I'd like her to f*** me too and she said she'd have no problem with that as long as we all agree and she won't be jealous.

    Dad was f ucking mum on Sunday morning and I wa being f uked by Lilly. We were all in the same bed. Dad put Summer on his back while he was holding her hands firmly behind his back and she was lying over his shoulder. He was f ucking mum but she couldn't couldn't stop laughing and said the babies will fall off the bed. He f ucked her the first time like that with Liberty on his back. Lilly was f ucking me in their bed at the same time.

    We still play with the babies' c**** and we give them a little puff on our ciggies. Sometimes we see smoke coming out of the little mouths. so, so cute.

    love Ren xxxxxxxxxx

  • 1Belinda, Ren & Lilly,
    Hi Ladies, Izzy asked me to write to you. I arrived on Friday and has just had the most wonderful Easter with my 3 beautiful girls. I have just moved in and I feel at home. I'm feeling so good, off pain killers just getting the feeling of occasional cramps in either legs sometimes my walking isn't perfect and I get tired easily, but with more walking it will get better.
    My beautiful girls. Izzy looks so beautiful and grown up like Freja said she hasn't left my side. I missed Izzy especially so much, she is amazing, but I can tell it's been a bit of a stressful time being apart, so I've vowed to get her sparkle back. Yes we have been kissing and sleeping together, I haven't intentionally been touching her but she enjoys sleeping wrapped in my arms, so it's hard not to touch her. But I do love our close relationship.
    My little Olivia has grown up so much, her smoking has improved so much. She's such a confident little lady now. It's clear Freja has been taking so good care of her. She's been a bit clingy to Freja since I arrived but I've still had plenty of cuddles. I think she in her own little way is telling us she's happy I'm here but still wants Freja to be her mommy. Which is fine and is totally understandable because since my accident Izzy and then Freja have done all the typical mommy things with her. She probably can't remember to much before my accident at her age. Cont.

  • Cont. I met her boy Jayden this morning he's a cute boy, taller than I imagined, think he was a little embarrassed, seems like him and Olivia had fun last night, think she was a little sore this morning, bless her. I'm glad she's having fun.
    My darling Freja is such a gorgeous generous young lady, she's been an amazing role model to Izzy and is a awesome mommy to Olivia. Pregnancy definitely agrees with her she's gone from a frightened young girl when she first found out she was pregnant and now she's more confident she's practically sorted the girls home schooling on her own already. So proud of her, I'm proud to call her my daughter. I can't wait to meet her baby girl.
    Nearly forgot to mention my dad, he's been an absolute sweetheart since I arrived. I have even had daddy cuddles from him hehe. He spoils his girls so much.
    Belinda I hope your well sweetheart, the girls are so lucky to have you as their beautiful se.xy mother, sending you lots of kisses my love.
    Megan xxx

  • Renae my beautiful girl,
    Hi baby sorry I didn't write sooner, hope you are ok honey. Love you.
    Megan is here, omg I'm so happy she is here, she is looking so well and beautiful. Megan is so happy as well. Baby? I have been sleeping with Megan and we been kissing proper and we been sleeping together naked, I sleep in her arms, she cuddles me so close I feel her hands on my ti#ts and sometimes even on my cu#nt when we are falling asleep together.
    We have talked so much about so much including Ella and fu#cking guys. She even told me off for becoming over sensitive, worrying, sensible and boring. Now she's better and here she's told me to stop fu#cking worrying. She says she loves me when I'm naughty and I need to get back to being a bad a#ss and fu#cking the boys. Megan says now she's better she is going to go out more now meeting guys and fu#cking then and she might even take me along with her. Megan says we are going to have fun cos for the past year she's had no fun and been stuck inside since her accident. Also she told me to stop with this goody goody thing of calling her mom she says it bunch of bullsh#it cos she's used to me calling her Megan and she's got to like it. Now she's well she looks younger and se#xier than before.
    I'm so happy baby, only one thing could make me happier baby that is to have your cu#nt here so I could fu#ck it with my tongue and taste ur juices. Your sl#ut Izzy xxxxxxx

  • Freja,
    My wish came true. I was wanting Izzy so much to tongue kiss her mum. No doubt she'll tell me other things when she gets the chance. All mums who have a good relationship with their kids should be intimate with one another. It's so beautiful. Dad has indicated he will f uck Ren and me if we still wanted him to when we're 16. He said he can't f uck us now cos he'll feel like a pedo. He said it's different that mum f ucks us but he can't explain it other than it's mum on daughter. Ren and I visited our great great grandparents yesterday and found out he's 78 and she's 74 and still f uck, so I told them Ren and I f uck. Great great granddad said I hope you use protection haha. Anyhow we met a couple of guys and we went back to their place and they f ucked. They are not as good in bed as Todd and Lars and Ren and I have f ucked both of them.

    I'm happy for Olivia that she's gonna get her little c unt f ucked and I hope she does get much sleep. I love her honey.

    When is Austin going to f uck you next?

    Babe I want you and I to f uck each other sweetheart cos Iove you.

    Your Queen B itch
    Lilly xoxo

  • Lilly,
    It's your girl Freja here, hi babes. Mom is here!. We are so happy to have our Mom with us here in Alaska!. She looks so well and is walking well to. We girls all have had lots of cuddles.
    Kristina is still in Sweden with her new boyfriend, I don't care. I'm happy without her.
    Izzy is so happy, I don't think she's left moms side since she got here. She's sharing moms bed. When we were in Sweden neither Olivia or Izzy could sleep in the same bed with mom since her accident last year because of fear of hurting her legs. So Izzy especially is enjoying being in bed with her. Olivia chose to sleep with me. When we woke up this morning me and Olivia went next door to see Mom & Izzy and they were still asleep in bed. When we woke them up we all had cigarettes together and Olivia snuggled up to Mom but the best thing was that Izzy was so happy and she kissed me and Olivia properly using her tongue, then she kissed Mom and they used tongues to, I don't want to say to much in case Izzy wants to tell you or Ren herself. But it was sweet they showed their love for each other like that. (Cont....)

  • (.....Cont) Me and Olivia had hot fun to in bed last night. I made love to her beautiful little cu nt last night. I then fu cked her with the strap-on for the first time, it was always Izzy that fu cked her with the strap-on before. Cos Izzy was next door with mom I wanted to make sure my little girl was ready for Jayden today. It was so hot seeing the plastic co ck tight in her little cu nt hearing her moans and hearing her call me mommy it made me cu m while fu cking her. After kissing I put her plug inside her hot little a ss. It's first time for a few weeks cos shes had chickenpox she's had it inside her, I think she's such a hot little slu tty girl. She slept with it inside her and has it in her most if the day today. We have our men visiting us soon... Austin & Jayden. I asked if they both could sleep over but Austin couldn't but lucky for Olivia Jayden can, so for first time she will have a boy with her in bed all night long, I'm sure they will fu ck lots. I will of course enjoy Austin's co ck inside me and have him fu ck me real good like he does always.
    Lilly I love you, I would love you to fu ck me. I'd be more than happy for you to feel our baby kick inside me. I wish we could be together, kiss, fu ck each other and bring our baby girl up together. Love you sweetie.
    Your girlfriend xx xx xx Freja and bump

  • Olivia, Izzy and Freja,

    Y'all should jump into bed with Megan and at least kiss and cuddle, she's been away far too long.

    Mum has asked Ren not to smoke too much during these school holidays. She's been smoking 2ppd and we go back to school at the end of the month. She was smoking when mum was breastfeeding us this morning but Ren said it makes her hor ny when she smokes and sucks mum's t it.

    After Izzy f ucks you, I'm going to f uck you too Freja and I'm gonna feel our baby's legs kicking you and doing summersaults in your big tummy.

    Is Kristin going to stay with y'all in Alaska?


    Queen B itch
    Lilly xoxo

  • Olivia, Izzy and Freja,

    Yay ur mum arrives today

    Lilly xoxo

  • Freja Izzy and Livvy,

    Osky has gone down the south coast or a week's holiday with her parents and brother. She wanted to stay at our place but her mum said she's always at our place and that she has to go and spend time with the family. She can't f uck anyways cos she's got her monthlys. huh.
    Lilly xoxo

  • Izzy,

    All I want now honey is you to be f ucked really hard by a guy sweetheart although I guarantee Freja can do a job on you but still you need c ock love.

    I can't wait until Olivia gets her little cunny f ucked good by Jayden, she must look adorable when she's got a ciggie in one hand and walking wobbly around the house after drinking a few beers. Mum said it's so cute. I'm glad Freja got
    f ucked by Austin too.

    Honey I can understand mum for being upset at Osky, mum said Olivia is only 4 and not to expose her on the site, write on this site. Mum is worried for Olivia about the trolls. Then Osky said look, this is what Freja and Izzy wrote about on that other site about Olivia some time ago

    "Olivia has her own pack and cute pink lighter now, she's well fuc#king happy with it. She started lighting up a few times on her own without us telling her all time. I give her rules like no smoking in bed, she's a good girl, she makes her cigs look so big in her hands too! She will be 5 in October"

    Mum then said I don't care Livvy hasn't got a voice of her own and she's only a preschooler and I'm not going to have her being treated with disrespect by
    others on that other site. I don't want pedos masturbating to what's been written about Olivia. Mum also said when you she allowed Lilly and I smoke she warned us about the attention we'll get from men but told us how to handle it." She said don't get her wrong, she loves the idea that Livvy drinks, smokes, swears and f ucks but just don't mention it on that page. Osky then saw the sense of t all and gave mum a kiss and said to Belinda "Okay mum I see your point".


  • Baby mum still breastfeeds Lilly and I and we love to f uck her or getting
    f ucked by her when she feeds us but the babies have to satisfied they've had enough milk first so we don't get to s uck mum's ti ts as much as we want. It's so f ucking hor ny sweetheart, we all love it. Belinda is the best mum ever to us and we love her more every time we f uck or drink her sweet milk. she loves having Lilly on one ti t and me on the other and if we're not f ucking, one of us are playing with her c unt or she's playing with ours. We even like doing 69ers with our mum.

    Mum said Freja will make a good mum and that's she's very sensible and has shown excellent motherhood qualities in being there for Olivia in Megan's absence.

    Now I'm saving the best news for last and that is Megan is on the way home. I was talking to beautiful (yet sometimes outrageous) twin and she said let's refer to Megan as our step mum cos she's so, so lovely and a mum we'd also like to have and if Belinda and her ever get together we can both "mum" I so much agree with that.

    So how do you like that my f ucking sl ut izzy?

    Love Ren Xxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Ren,
    Love you baby. I can see why your annoyed honey. Oskana should have just talked about herself, but I guess she wanted to tell people about you and Lilly her friends/lovers. I think maybe you should take it as a nice thing, she clearly loves you both so much. Freja thinks she's so happy to be your friend she wants to tell people about you both and because she doesn't think she's has good as both of you, she doesn't like to talk about herself so much.
    Me and Freja are so thankful that you don't chat about us or Olivia on the other page. Olivia been asking for Jayden to come over to fu#ck her now she's better, so he's coming over on Sunday. Freja wants me to suck on her little cu#nt and fu#ck her with a strap-on before then just cos its been a 2-3 weeks since her last fu#ck, so got to get her ready and anyway Olivia will love it. . Freja had Austin over today and he gave her a good fu#ck.
    Mom is on her way here! YESSSSSSS!, she's in New York right now, tomorrow she will fly here, can't wait to see her at the airport.
    It's so sad about Natalie, I hope she's doing ok. I feel bad I wasn't there for Ella when she needed me most.
    I felt Freja's baby girl kick today, it's so awesome. Her belly is getting bigger but she still looks beautiful. It's also so cool that you girls were chatting to us when Freja found out she was pregnant months ago and we are still chatting now. Freja is such a good mommy to our Olivia, I'm used to Olivia calling her mommy now. The baby inside Freja will be so lucky to have such a amazing mommy. Does Belinda breastfeed you every day? I think it's so lovely she feeds you and Lilly.
    Love you sweetheart, love being your little cu#nt.
    Izzy xxxxxxx

  • Izzy and Freja,
    We had a big fight with Oskana today. Lilly rang her after reading some of the posts on the other site and told her not to write about me and Lilly again cos of any trolls that might be about. Oskana told Lilly not to be f ucking stupid and that's life. I reminded her again don't mention anything about me, Lilly and mum f ucking or what you two and Livvy do. She said okay. We're still mad at her.
    Ren Xxxxxxx

  • Izzy,

    OMG I'm so sorry to read that honey. It's terrible news love. Even though there have been times in our lives we can't forget past loves and friends. Although I didn't have a sexual relationship with Natalie, the girl I told you about who is now a heroin addict, I still think about her and the terrible things her mum and her got Lilly and I to do, like f uck boys, drink and smoke.
    Worst of all in the days when we hated Belinda Natalie got me and Lilly to steal mum's engagement ring that dad paid $14,000 for just so we could buy alcohol and ciggies. But Lilly and I only got a bottle of Vodka each and two packs of ciggies each from the money when Natalie friend sold the ring. It was Natalie who went into mum and dad's bedroom and took the ring from the nightstand.

    When we started to live with Belinda and dad I told mum the truth cos she was always looking around the house for the ring and Lilly and I started to love her. I felt ashamed of myself that's why I told her and all she said was thanks or being so honest sweetheart.

    Belinda mum later heard Natalie was doing drugs and she banned Lilly and I from seeing her again. She said it's not because Natalie stole the ring, it's cos I don't want you two getting mixed up and f ucked up with drugs. I wonder what happened to Natalie although I know she's in a juvenile detention centre for bad girls but I hope she's doing well.


  • I like the sound of your mum sweetheart, she's very caring. She's going to be Lilly's and my step mum. I'm so happy especially for Olivia baby that she'll be soon in mummy Megans's arms. I hope Mega has an enjoyable and safe trip.
    I don't expect you to write too uch over Easter as you'll have a lot of catching up to do with your mum love but I'd like you to be able to do that as I really love hearing from you. You make my heart race.

    Baby please be sure that we don't talk bout your lives on the other site, that's up to you to say, w respect you, Freja and our darling Olivia way too much or that and we're close to her to tell her that we f uck our mum and she breastfeeds us. I've told Osky not to say anything at all to Vanessa about any of that.

    I love you babies so much and I love you too honey pie Olivia, you are the darling of all darlings.
    You are my online lover and wh3re sweetheart

    Love Renae.

  • 1Ren & Lilly,
    I have just had the worst call. Remember my ex gf Ella? I told you about probably months ago. And how I said we used to fight and hit each other and we got in so much trouble together even with the police?. Well she called round at our old house in Sweden (Mom is all packed up btw... can't wait to see her) . Ella came to see me, she didn't know I had moved to Alaska. She told my mom that her older brother had died in a car crash last month (my mom already knew cos it been in the local news) and since then she'd been getting in trouble, so much that her mom couldn't cope. She came to see me to tell me that social workers had decided she had to go in to care and that she was moving away and wanted to tell me she was moving. When mom told me that I was heartbroken that I hadn't told her that I was moving. I know I said I hated her before but she was my first love. Yeah I was with Zak a few years before and I lost my virginity to him. But Zak was puppy love as mom would call it. Ella made my heart race, I had that funny feeling in my tummy when I was with her. Mom could see that she was upset that I wasn't there, so mom phoned me and said she was with Ella and that she wanted to me but only if I wanted to. So I agreed but I looked like sh#it so I asked her to give me a hour to make myself look ok. So mom and Ella said that was fine, Ella said she was enjoying chatting to mom anyway and mom had cheered her up.......

  • .......So I got dressed put my goth gear and make up on to surprise Ella cos she never seen me dressed like that. So we had the call, omg Ella looked bad, she looked thinner and her eyes looked like she been crying forever. I just bust into tears when I so her, we both said sorry to each other, when I stopped crying she told me about some of the trouble she had been in and we talked about her brother. She said I looked fu#cking hot in my Goth clothes which was sweet, I told her I was with Freja and that I had a se#xy online girlfriend called Renae, she was shocked I hadn't fu#cked a boy for months we giggled about that. She so Olivia smoking for the first time cos Olivia wanted to say hello to her, she say I was a bad a#ss for starting her smoking hehe. Ren I hope you don't mind me saying but I wanted so much to just be there with her in Sweden and hold and kiss her. We both agreed we wasn't good for each other tho, we cried and giggled lots as we chatted. Eventually we ended our call.
    I can't believe she has got to go into care, it's so bad. Mom was proper sweet with her, mom ordered them pizza and gave her a few packets of cigs. She asked if she could stay the night there, so mom telephoned her mom and she agreed. So we again later it was so freaky that she was in my old bedroom in my old bed. She had had a bath and mom had found her one of Freja's old t-shirts for her to wear, she was cuddling my old cuddley bear cos she said she cud smell me on it, which was sweet. I said she could keep it. She helped mom with her final bit of packing cos it's moms last night there. Which makes it even more freaky... my ex in my bedroom... in my bed on moms last night in Sweden.....

  • ...... I know now that I never hated Ella it was just my way of coping when we split up to say I hated her. I think there will always be part of me that will always love her. I'm so sad for all the sh#it Ella is going through but happy that we had our chats today. She say I've changed and that I'm softer and more grown up and caring. She gonna try and keep in touch but she doesn't know if she will be allowed to. I just hope she will be happy one day, she deserves the world.

    Sorry for going on a bit, but I wanted to share this with you girls. We are so lucky to be loved by our family and do all the things we do.

    I love both you girls.

    Your girl Izzy xxxxxxxx

  • Freja, Izzy and Olivia,
    Huh Osky, Lilly and I went to the dentist yesterday for a clean and polish. The dentist said if we need a filling she had time to do it, I'll give you a needle so it won't hurt. After she finished she said you girls have good gums and beautiful teeth whatever you do when you get older don't smoke or drink too much coffee or tea.

    She gave us a f ucking certificate for being good little girls. F ucking b itch.

    What's up with these f ucking dentists Lilly said our last dentist gave us a bottle of vodka then Lilly said only joking.

    I think your dentist gave y'all lollies didn't he,?

    Love Ren Xxxxxxx

  • Yeah f uck, Freja,
    We got f ucking certificates for not whinging when she said we might have to have needles. F uck we're not babies. When we lost our virginity it hurt more than a f ucking needle.

    What the f uck are we supposed to do with certificates? Dad can put the f uckers on the f ucking Bbq.

    Queen B itch
    Lilly xoxo

  • Ren,
    Hi my lovely, I want to smother you in kisses haha.
    It's upto you sweetheart about Vanessa of course. But will she agree on how we are bringing our Olivia up? That she likes doing adult things now and also how your darling twin babies are loved?

    Also baby we never get any hassle on this page, which is just the best thing! If you start sharing this page with others we might get boring freaks here who disagree with us or want to fu#ck us all the time ha

    Maybe we should find a third page that works better than that first one cos that always goes blank?. But whatever you decide you know your little who#re will support you. Love you Renae.

    Your s*** Izzy xxxxxxxxx

  • Izzy,

    I'm not going to put our dear little ones, Olivia, Liberty and Summer at risk from trolls by putting their slutty little ways on that other page. Vanessa will not know what we write on this page love. There is a chance she might find out cos you wrote to Lilly, Osky and me some months ago and suggested we use this page. So Vanessa might find your post about that. But no way in f ucking h. e.l.l will we tell her to post here. We're going to make it clear that you girls are our girls and that's final.

    What say we write to her on the other page only and invite her in on our clan and write about our little ones on here. It's none of her f ucking business what we do to our babies or what Olivia does. As I say I don't want to put Livvy at risk of trolls.

    Mum said if we EVER write stuff causing others to troll about Olivia or the babies it will be unforgivable so don't even think about it she warned us.

    Love Ren Xxxxxxx

  • Hi you f ucking s exy little sl ut Izzy.
    Sorry you haven't been feeling well, If I was there I'd suck your c unt to make you FEEL better love.

    Have you and Freja seen the other site we posted on? there a few guys there who want to f uck you, me, Lilly, Freja and Osky huh.

    There is also a 15 year old girl from the Netherlands that wants to join our group. I think it'll be cool cos we should f uck her when she wears her Dutch clogs. Her name is Vanessa. But we should make it clear that you are my gf and Freja and Lilly are on together. What do you and Freja think love? Osky has been written her once.

    Love you you s exy little c***
    Renae. Xxxxxxxxxxx

  • Renae,
    Hi se#xy bit#ch it's your little fu#cking wh#ore Izzy here. I'm still a poorly little sl#ut, on Saturday I was being sick down the toilet. But finally now starting to feel better and my spots are now all crusted over or starting to fade a bit, I still look a fugly little bi#tch with all these spots baby.
    How was the horse racing? Did you get fuc#ked baby? Hope you had a fab time.
    It's cool you can smoke lots honey I smoke at least 30 most days. I haven't been drinking much cos I've been ill, but our little Olivia drinks beer nearly every day even now with chickenpox. She's so little how can she even like beer? It don't even make her drunk, sometimes if she sat down then stands up she will wobble when she walks ha. She's so fu#cking cute and beautiful.
    I can't wait to meet mom at the airport on Friday. Going to give her the biggest hug. She's walking everywhere now, she never uses her frame now, but still uses like a crutch if she's outside. Mom is so beautiful.
    I love you my Renae, the babies are so lucky to have you sucking and licking their baby cu#nts, they will love it. I can't wait to kiss, suck and lick yours, I love you.
    Your cu#nt Izzy xxxxxxx

  • Izzy, Freja and Olivia,

    We're on school holidays until the end of this month. Mum said we can smoke as much as we like. We've had two packs of ciggies so far cos we've been home all day looking after the babies. Mum said we can get drinks from dad's bar too but don't get drunk cos we've got the babies to look after. We're going to the dentist tomorrow to have our teeth polished and cleaned. You'd think mum would've organized that for when we go back to school so we can get the day off. Bad planning.

    Love to you my little wh3re, Izzy.

    Renae Xxxxxxxxx

  • Freja,

    Thanks honey, I didn't want nor did I to upset you, I love you - you're my sis and lover. After listening to mum, I have to agree w/her, rape is not a pleasant experience whether I was joking or not, she said. I regret saying it but mum kept harping on it for two days. I know she'll read this post when she gets home. I love her deeply tho and I f ucked her last night.

    Mum bought the babies Nivia soft body moisturiser lotion and after we bathed them yesterday Ren and I sucked and licked their little c unts. We didn't put it on or in their c unts but we could smell it on their little bodies and they were so sweet. They love having their little c unts sucked and licked.

    I'm so happy for you three girls that your mum is coming home darling, Only a few days to go now honey and you must be so excited. I love Megan because you three love her and she's an outstanding mum. I had an idea y'all be meeting her at the airport. I wish I could be there to get a kiss and a cuddle from her myself and to kiss and y'all to f uck you b itch.

    Your grandpapa is one in a million. I can't express how good he has been to all of you. Have you heard how Megan is managing after her operation/

    I love you baby.

    Queen B itch

    Lilly xoxo

  • Lilly,
    My sweet darling, I'm sorry I didn't write sooner but you can write to me anytime you like my sweet babe. Please don't worry about what you wrote before I love you just as much now if not more, it's just that I could never be rough with you sweetie, your my Queen bi tch.
    Whatever we write to each other needs no one's ok or permission sweetie. You write what you feel baby. You can always tell me anything honey. God I love you Lilly so much, you have no idea. I need to know how you are, if you feeling sad or upset tell me, it's better to share how you feel than hold it in. Your such a special and beautiful young lady.

    I'm excited to meet mom (Megan) at the airport on Friday, I missed her so much, especially recently with both my girls being ill. Today, I have been helping grandpapa paint moms room next door and we have been to the store to buy her a new bed and furniture for her room. Tomorrow someone is coming to put her a new bathroom in her room.

    Grandpapa and mom is letting us stay (me and the girls) in our little house next door to his so we have our privacy and our own space. We are like our own little family now. He's happy that we keep it so clean and tidy to.

    Love you Lilly my beautiful girl,
    Your girl xx xx xx Freja and bump

  • Osky, (written by Freja for Olivia),
    Hi Osky I love you sexy! I been poorly with chickenpox and my Izzy has it too but I'm getting better. I hope you having a fun time in Australia you sexy Russian pretty girl. I want to kiss you lots and lots while you fu ck my little girl cu nt. I love you mostest always. I wish u was here to cuddle me and look after me cos I'm ill. I think you are most beautiful girl in the world and nicest not bit ch like other girls.
    I would like to drink beer with you and smoke lots with you. Mommy say I can be mommy to your babies and you can be mommy to my babies if we get married but we need man to fu ck us lots to make baby inside us.
    We all excited to see Megan on Friday. I can't wait to give her big big hug.
    I hope these chickenpox go soon so I can be your pretty little fu ck doll again!
    I love you my Osky!
    Your girlfriend Livvy xxooxx

  • Mum can't stop me from saying I love you Freja

    Queen B itch
    Lilly xoxo

  • Suck it up mum,

    Osky and I are posting on the other site we were once on.


  • Huh !!!!


    WTF ?


  • Hi my sweetheart Olivia, I love you so much it hurts my heart darling. You are the best cutest, s exiest most beautiful girl in the whole wide world and I'd love to f uck your little cunny and lick it so good.

    Let's share a beer and have a ciggie and say f uck to the rest of them honey pot.

    Love Osky xx oo xx

  • Renae,
    Sweetheart of course I still love You! Omg I think about being with you all the time. It gets my sl#utty cu#nt all wet thinking about being with you and being your bi#tch. I love that you would be rough with me sometimes sweetheart I think that would be fu#cking hot, I think it would be part of our relationship and what would make us such hot girlfriend's. Freja is different to us she's so sweet, I got to really really deserve a spanking before she will give me one... sadly haha. But she would never want Lilly to feel bad, she's not mad at all with Lilly, she's adores her so much.
    Hope you have an amazing time at the horse racing baby, enjoy your pizza and your fu#cking hehe.
    I can't wait for the time when you grab a handful of my hair as you hold my face against us beautiful delicious cu#nt. I do love you honey.
    Your girlfriend Izzy xxxxxx

  • Izzy and Freja,

    Izzy thanks love that's really nice to hear. Mum was still giving us a good talking too and told us to respect Freja. Mum already mentioned to us that Freja is different from Izzy and me and that we're more s ex crazed who are open to almost anything but we have to respect Freja if that's not what she's about. Mum said just cos Lilly and I p iss on each other and drink each other's pi ss, don't expect Freja to do the same if it grosses her out. Mum said she'll never pi ss on us no matter how much we ask or how disappointed we get when she rejects us this way.

    Mum wants Lilly to give Freja a break until she has her baby cos she's preg and mum said she doesn't want Lilly to upset her any further. Lilly said f uck mum it's mother's day soon and it's Freja's birthday so I'm going to wish her all the best on those days

    Mum said to Lilly, okay but she'll have to show mum what she writes before she sends it. Lilly said sometimes you f ucking f uck me off so bad mum.

  • Izzy that post was from me love, you f ucking b itch.

    Osky said she'll write to Olivia soon you wh3re Izzy.

    Renae Xxxxxxx

  • Izzy, Freja and Olivia,
    We've got a big day on today. Firstly we're going to the babies swimming lessons with dad, then we're going to the horse races with Todd, Lars and David to watch the world's best race horse named Winx. We'll have to park far from the racetrack cos it'll be packed out cos it's the last time the horse will race. It's won something like 32 races in a row. Then we're going to Todd and Lars place and we'll have take away, they'll probably order pizza and desert and we'll stay the night at their place and get f ucked.

    I love all you f ucking b itches, Freja and hot stuff Livvy including my wh3re Izzy
    Love Ren Xxxxxxx

  • Izzy,

    Do you still love me?
    Ren Xxxxxxx

  • Freja,

    Mum told Lilly not to post to you for a while and that what Lilly posted is appalling. It should not have been written irrespective of the fact that it wouldn't happen cos of the distance and that you and her don't see one another. She said that's not to be used as an excuse.

    Mum said had Izzy expressed disappointment in me writing the same about her, she would put a ban on me too. But I didn't escape mums words either, she's disgusted in both of us.

    Love Ren Xxxxxxx

  • Freja,

    Ren opened this thread just now and I apologize sweetheart for mentioning the rape thing. Let's forget it honey. i'm so so sorry, I didn't mean to offend you.

    Mum isn't going to even think about going into politics, she said if she didn't have the babies she would do it but Fiona said it'd be difficult for her to campaign for what the party stands for and mum will be abused when mum door knocks to get votes. She said it will take up a lot of her time and she'll miss the babies and us too much.

    I hope you didn't get offended my love, Izzy when I mentioned that you can rape me.

    Love you baby girl.

    Ren Xxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Hi Renae,
    I have got the flu, grandpapa called a doctor to come visit me. He thinks it's related to the chickenpox cos my immune system is fighting the chicken pox making me open to other things such as the flu. So I'm still ill but I will be ok eventually. Love you sweetheart. I'm sorry I'm not chatting to you much but besides being ill I haven't been doing much ha.

    Fiona sounds pretty cool honey. She needs to tell people that it's ok for some girls who are grown up as we are to do what we want. We should be able to swear, smoke, drink and fu#ck adult men if we want. People shouldn't interfere cos it's our business not there's.

    Our baby sisters are hot, it's so sweet that they like their baby cu#nts finger fu#cked, give them deep loving kisses from your Izzy.

    Baby I think Freja is a bit upset with what Lilly said about Freja raping her. Freja is so sweet she could never do that to her cos she really loves Lilly.

    If I was there maybe mommy Belinda would breastfeed me and then I might feel better? I would love that and if she wants she can play with my cu#nt while I feed.

    Olivia is becoming more bossy with me. She asks me to do something or get her something usually when we are both in bed. If I tell her no she tells me off and tells me to be a good girl and then if I still don't do it she has this sad face which is so heart breaking for me so I do it anyway haha. Freja says I should just tell her no but it's so hard when she has a sad face, and she's so adorable.

    I love you sweetheart, love being yours.
    Isabella xxxxx

  • Isabella sweetheart

    I guess we'll have to f uck hard so you sweat out those sniffles love. I told mum I had a cold earlier in the week and I should have the day off school. I said I've got a cold mum, I'm coughing and I've got a bit of sniffle. She said don't be silly, it's only a slight smoker's cough haha.

    I didn't tell you this before but mum has been in contact in the past with an Australian politician, the leader of a party in Victoria which is another state of Australia. Her name is Fiona Patten and she is the leader of the Australian Reason Paert. Before it was called the Reason Party, it was called the Australian S ex Party. Here's the link, it mentions it was once called The S ex Party in the line.

    It was announced yesterday that there is another election in Australia on 18 May and fiona rang mum and said she's in Sydney and asked that they meet up at the hotel mum was staying at.

    We wanted to come and she had the babies with her and outside the hotel where fiona wa staying one of her volunteers was handing out brouchures so mum took one. One man said to her so you're all for s ex are you. He gave her a compliment and said she only looked about 21 and has 4 kids already because the babies were with us. To make the guy mad mum said, I've also got 3 more daughters in Alaska, one 17, one 10 and 4., meaning Feja, you and Livvy lol.

    Fiona is great, she think it's cute cos we drink, smoke and swear and she wants mum to be a candidate for The Reason Party in New South Wales at the 18 May election. She said don't klet on your kids do adult stuff or it will be bad advertising for Fiona's party.

    Fiona gave us a drink and let us smoke on the balcony of her hotel room and she was once a prostitute but she's highly educated.

    Renae Xxxxxxxxx

  • Hello Freja my darling b itch,

    I want you, I need you to slap me around the face and a$se.and throw me up against a brick wall and pull my hair, drag me through the gravel until I'm limp and I want you to rape me sweetheart.

    Hey I've got something pretty exciting to tell you c unts later and it is about mum. Talking about mum she loves her nieces to pieces haha - all of you whor3s Freja, Izzy, Livvy and Osky She loves Ren and I too and she adores us ALL cos we're f ucking bad ar$ses. She thinks the babies are hot cos they love their c unts being finger f ucked and she may let Ren and I f uck them when they're 3 or so, maybe earlier but she's not promising. So it seems like when they're 3 at the latest

    You're f ucking Queen B itch
    Lilly xoxo

  • Renae,
    Hi darling, I love you sweetheart. I have the sniffles now as well as the chickenpox which is annoying, sneezing lots today.

    My fingers and my tongue especially belongs in your cu#nt honey, I think your cu#nt will taste so nice and your cl#it will be so lovely. I want you to cu#m so many times in my mouth baby. Thinking about your cu#nt makes my own cu#nt so wet baby. Baby your so lovely, I'm so lucky to be your wh#ore. We will be so good together and even the times when I make you mad you will be able to beat my a#ss or slap my face and then we will have lovely fu#ck. I will be so devoted to you baby.
    Your so lucky that your se#xy mom fu#cks and breast feeds you. I would love to see both your faces whilst she fu#cks you with her strap-on.
    How can you not love McDonald's you sad sap haha. Sushi ewww? The only time you would get me to eat sushi would be from your beautiful cu#nt.

    Our Olivia is so sweet, we have been in bed a lot together and she's been looking after me just as much as I have her. Sometimes we will be lieing in bed she just looks in my eyes and then moves closer and kisses me and tells me she loves me. She is so beautiful, sometimes I just look at her with my head on the pillow while she's sat up having a cigarette.
    Your my Renae and I'm your little cu#nt always. Tell our Auntie Belinda that Izzy & Freja loves and respects her.

    Your girl Isabella xxxxxxx

  • Isabella,

    Hello my darling lover, I hope you're feeling much better love, oh honey I do love you. I need you in my c unt right NOW I'm at school wearing my c unt plug and i wish it was you so much.

    I'm glad you got out of the house last night and went for a drive with your Freja and Olivia. Mum said you're so blessed to have Freja and that she's a good sensible teenager for taking care of you both. I don't like McDonalds, I think they buns are wet sponges haha but if you like them, that's okay. We prefer sushi or chicken and salad if we grab a take away meal or maybe an ordinary hamburger with bacon and egg on it or a bacon and egg roll.

    Mum breastfed Lilly and I last night and she said she'll keep doing that for a long as we want. Honey I love breast milk and i love it so much that mum breastfeeds and f ucks us. Lilly has changed so much, she's showing mum more respect now by not saying she wants to get preg all the time although I know deep down she wants to and so do I.

    Livvy I love you too darling. We all love you and want you to be so much in our arms.

    I love you just the way you are so don't change, you're totally my little f ucking s****.

    Mum said she disn't want to mention this to you but I will. She said she doesn't want to upset any of you. She said she's pis sed of with Kristina for not being there for Megan her when she needs her most and that it f ucks her up that she has not rung y'all, not even a handful of times since you moved to Alaska.

    Love Renae Xxxxxxxxxxx

  • Freja, Izzy and Olivia,

    I like the way you "mother' your "sisters" I say that because you and Megan have come to the sensible agreement that you are calling Megan mum. This is aside the fact that Olivia is calling you mummy which I love and admire so much.I mean that both Izzy and Livvy are able to refer to you as their sister.

    Ren and Lilly have both said they will not entertain the idea of referring to Liberty and Summer as as their step sisters rather they'll be forever known as their big sisters.

    Liberty and Summer have been eating soft foods for about two months. When Ren and Lilly have the babies on their chests Liberty and Summer are forever going for their b****** expecting Ren and Lilly to breastfeed them mainly because I still breastfeed the babies. I'm still breastfeeding Ren and Lilly as well and I'll continue to do that as long as they enjoy it.

    Livvy, it only about one week honey until mummy Megan is in tyour arms showering you with kisses and cuddles and I'm so happy for you darling.

    Will you allow me to be known as your Belinda because I have so much love for you as i have for Izzy and Freja?

    Belinda xx

  • Lilly, Belinda & Oskana,
    Hi ladies, hope your all ok. It's late here we all just returned home from a long drive. We were out for about 4 hours including a stop at McDonald's for supper which my girls loved. I felt we just needed to go out in the fresh air for a bit. The girls been inside for days with chickenpox. We had the windows open and music on. The girls were asleep on the way home and when they got home they both were happier and got into bed and now both asleep. Their spots are now crusting over, hopefully they will start to clear up soon. Izzy has probably been more poorly than Olivia, she is really mature for her age but her being ill just reminds me that she is still only 10 and when she's ill she needs as much love and care than any other girl her age, especially with our mom not being with us. It's a bit different for Olivia I'm able to give her lots of mommy love and lots of hugs and kisses.
    Kristina is so self centered she's not even looking after mom any more back in Sweden like she promised her, luckily mom as a few other friends that can call on her. Kristina has phoned only about 3 or 4 times since we moved to Alaska where as mom phones us every day if we haven't already telephoned her, sometimes we chat 2 or 3 times a day. Mom is so supportive especially when I've made decisions for the girls, she trusts me completely. With Olivia she's encouraged me to think of Olivia has my own daughter and if Olivia wants something or wants to do something she tells her to ask me her mommy. (Cont...)

  • (...cont)Mom is going to be with me in the delivery room when the baby comes, I really want Izzy with me to but I'm not sure if she's going to be able to, I asked one midwife and she said yes but a doctor said no cos of her age, might have to say she's older than she is ha. Kristina showed me how not me a good mom, I hope I can be be as good as a mother to Olivia and this baby girl inside me as Megan is to me. Obviously one difference is that I will be fu cking them both.
    Osky your girlfriend Olivia is asleep now but she said if I write I had to tell you that she loves you and that she wants to fu ck you cos ur beautiful.
    Belinda I admire you so much, I think it's beautiful you fu ck your girls so much and it's a huge turn on. Your such a beautiful mom, I think it amazing all 4 of your girls are so lucky!
    Lilly I love you sweetie, I'm your girl.
    xx xx xx Freja

  • Freja,

    I'm all for you calling Megan your mum love. I struggled with Ren and Lilly calling me mum earlier on in the peace but it's worked out for us all. I couldn't accept it at first that bc I'm not their birth mother and they shouldn't be calling me mum.

    When I'm having s#x with them, nothing is more arousing for me than hearing them say f#ck me harder mum. I don't let it be known to all. Only Rick, Oksana (Oskana's mum) and my sister know we f#ck and they are cool with it all.

    Rick is more accepting of it than I imagined cos Ren and Lilly caused me so much grief when they visited us and before they started to live with us.

    I hope your pregnancy is going well sweetie.

    And I have to say what's on the tip of my tongue and that is, there is nothing wrong if you all agree that Megan should have s#x with Olivia, Izzy and and yourself and once again not everyone is to know about it and let that stay in the bedroom between you four.

    i will be having s#x with the babies when the baby twins as soon as they're old enough and I applaud you for having s#x with your little girl when she too is old enough.

    Lilly has mentioned she broke Liberty's hymen but I'm not bitter with her for that cos she was in an excited mood and got a bit carried away. i was upset that the finger f#ucking she gave Liberty hurt her and made her cry but she loves Lilly and Ren for that matter and they still play with their p.u.s.s.i.e.s

    Love Belinda xx

  • Livvy,
    I hope you're feeling better honey pie. I should sleep with you and let you f uck me cos I haven't had chickenpox yet and we can stay in bed all day, f uck and smoke and have mummy Freja make us cheese toasties with ham and tomato. Then we can wash it down with beer.

    I'm your little c unt honey

    Osky xx oo xx

  • My darling b itch Freja,

    School's out and I felt like f ucking sh it all f ucking day and I'm gonna tell mum when she gets home tonight.

    Megan will make an amazing mum to you and an amazing nana to your baby sweetheart. If you can forget Kristina that'd be the best thing for you but surely she must have asked how you're doing, she can't be that self centred.

    I love Belinda as my mum too and I can't and wouldn't swap her for anyone. Megan and her are the best mums there are. Oskana's mum is starting to learn a few girly teenage things from mum and that makes Oskana happy although Oskana calls Belinda mum too sometimes. She often says i wish Belinda was my mum so i know exactly what you mean with Kristina. It's such a pity in a way.

    Mum didn't go mad at me for making Liberty bleed, she just told me to be careful next time but Ren wants to break Summer's hymen now so they both won't be virgins and they're twins. Ren and I are twins - naturally - and we lost our virginity on the same night and I remember our first f uck hurt us like a
    f ucking b itch.

    Tell Izzy that Ren is aching her sweetheart but she won't write to her until she's recovered. We can imagine how caring she has been to Olivia, the poor little mites having to deal with chickenpox. I remember when we had them, they're terrible.

    I love you honey and remember sweetheart, mum wishes you well.

    Love from the Queen B itch

    Lilly xoxo.

  • Hi Lilly,
    Lovely se xy Lilly my sweet babes, don't feel bad about Liberty honey. I believe she's your baby girl and one day you would have penetrated her anyway, babies recover fast she won't even remember it and I'm sure you have given her so much love and so many cuddles since my sweet queen bi tch.

    Hope you are feeling better soon sweetie. I'm sure your cough will clear up soon. Menthols cigs are awful love. School is sh it anyway honey even worse when your not well, I feel for you darling.

    I was supposed to see Hanna this weekend but I can't leave my 2 poorly girls. Please tell Ren that Izzy sends her love but she has been hit hard with the chickenpox and is very unwell and she's not sleeping well, so tired all day and she's not herself, but she's still been so sweet to Olivia who's suffering to.

    I'm so angry with Kristina I won't call her mom, cos she's decided having a new boyfriend is more important than her daughter and future granddaughter. She's not moving to Alaska now. She's such a fu cking selfish bi tch. Well actually I'm fu cking glad she's not coming, Megan is more like a mom to me and I've already asked her if I can start calling her mom and she say course I can. I can't wait to see her on 19th April.

    I wish you was here my love I need some loving from my se xy girlfriend. I think I can feel our baby moving now honey, She's getting bigger and so is my tummy, can't wait for her to be here.

    Love you always.
    Your girl xx xx xx Freja

  • Hi Freja my love,

    I've got a sore throat and I told mum I can't go to school today cos I've been coughing. She said I have to go cos it's only a slight smoker's cough and I can't smoke as much so she bought me a couple of packs of Marlboro Menthol but I hate the f uckers. Huh that's f ucked.

    I hope you s exy b itches are okay and isn't it great news that Megan and your mum will be home soon. Have you seen Hanna lately.

    I think I've penetrated my s exy little sister's liberty's c unt sweetheart and I feel so f ucking bad.

    I'm a real Queen B itch for doing that.

    Love you and I want to f uck you so hard babe.

    Love Lilly xoxo

  • Hi Izzy,

    Love, let’s start off with the best news in that your mum will be arriving in Alaska on the 19th April. That’s amazing pet. Yeah call Megan mum, you know I said before we couldn’t stand Belinda when she started living with our dad, I resented her cos she took mum away from him and Lilly and I were so hurt, we thought Belinda was a f ucking c unt for doing that. Even when we told her we hated her f ucking guts, she always said she loved us and looking back she always protected us, looked after us and cared for us much more than our own mum. What ‘step” mum does that, we now love her more than anything so we call Belinda …. mum.

    Mum Belinda took us out for lunch today and we really had a good time sitting at a restaurant talking and smoking and drinking wine while dad looked after the babies. Mum said she needed some Ren and Lilly time today, she’s so sweet to us and cos as you know she f ucks us too.

    I want you to f uck Megan so much honey but mum said she doesn’t hear from her enough to let her know how she’s going. Mum is gonna spank her se xy f ucking ar$e. No she didn’t say that, I made that up. But she really wants to hear from Megan. I think she’s in love with her but she doesn’t say. Mum also wants to know how Freja is going with her pregnancy so you slack wh3res better tell us. I want Megan to f uck me too.


  • Lilly, mum and I still play with Liberty and Summers c**** but Lilly got too over excited this morning and stuck her finger into liberty’s c unt a little bit too far and she cried and when Lilly pulled her finger out there was a little bit of blood on it. Let’s hope she only cut the inside of the wall of her c unt with her fingernail but mum had a look but she can’t see right inside. They still love to have their c unts being played with. Mum said leave Libert’ys
    c unt alone for about two weeks.

    Honey no one owns anyone and Olivia can f uck anyone she wants she’s a big girl now and she can make these decisions herself. We all love our little pumpkin, she’s the f ucking cutest little sl ut there is.

    Just get rid of those little f ucking chickenpox, they’re f uckers you two b itches or we’ll all spank your arses and slap your faces (but just gently on Olivia).

    We all love it that Livvy is a big girl that drinks, smokes and f ucks you little
    f ucking s**** Izzy.

    We didn't grt to f uck our guys this weekend, they're playing football in Queensland which is another state of Australia.

    All my love sweetheart
    Renae Xxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Ren,
    Hi baby, hope your ok my beautiful se#xy fu#cking girlfriend.
    Me and Olivia have more spots than yesterday but we feel better today. We couldn't sleep last night we was awake until 3am but we slept till 10.30am when Freja woke us up with breakfast that grandpapa had made.
    Me and Olivia were talking and kissing for long time last night. I asked if she really liked smoking, drinking and fuc#king, she say she did and she loves being a big girl. I ask her if she wants to fu#ck other boys or she loves Jayden she told me fu#ck other boys and anyway she loves Oskana and she's her girlfriend. She told me when she has a squishy feeling in her cu#nny when she thinks about Oskana. But she gets mad cos she can't cuddle, kiss and fu#ck her, I said I feel same about you my darling, love you.
    Olivia also say she loves that Freja is her mommy now but she say she loves Megan to. But Olivia say I should call Megan mom I say I will but she made me promise that I would. So I will anyway mom not being here has made me realise how lucky I am to have a amazing mom. Olivia is excited to be a big sister to Freja's baby but she say I'm the bestest sister ever.
    We just got the best news mom has booked her flights and will leave Sweden on 18th April and will be here on 19th April. I can't wait to cuddle her!
    How's your weekend sweetheart?
    I love you beautiful girl, love being your Izzy and sl#ut.
    Izzy xxxxxx

  • Izzy,

    I feel sorry for you both babies, I really do you sweethearts. It doesn't hurt to cry and mum wishes Lilly would cry more when she gets upset about things but she holds all that in.

    Lilly and I got chickenpox together in 2015 and I remember it was horrible. So I can cuddle and kiss you and Livvy and so can Lilly. There you go sweethearts, we can all kiss and cuddle each other and not give a f uck.

    Get better soon you honeys.

    Always your lover.

    Ren Xxxxxxx

  • Hi my se#xy Renae,
    Hi sweetheart, Love you. Yes me and Olivia are covered in spots. It's so itchy we have 2 or 3 baths a day and cream to try and soothe our skin. The spots just keep on coming, poor little Olivia is covered to. The other day when she was missing mom she had a bit of a fever then, think she was starting with it then. Smoking has been helping us relax a little. Freja hasn't caught them cos she's already had them when she was younger. We mom earlier she cried when she so us both with all our spots, so me and Olivia cried to, we had been brave upto then, we soft ars#es.
    Freja has been looking after us, but later tonight grandpapa is staying here with us, and Freja is sleeping next door so she can rest.
    At least Olivia knows I'm going through same thing as her. We can't cuddle naked like normal but it's ok in our nighties. She's so sweet she asks if I'm ok just as much as I ask her.
    I hope you Lilly & Oskana have fun this weekend, tell us about what y'all get up to!
    Love you sweetheart,
    Your poorly Izzy xxxxx

  • Our babies, Izzy and Olivia, you sl uts,
    Get rid of those f ucking itchy chickenpox spots this minute.
    Love Ren and Oskana

    And Freja you behave and don't get those little f uckas we've got a bub in your tummy

    Love Lilly xoxo

  • Freja,
    We're sorry to read that our lovers, lizzy and Olivia have come down with chickenpox and hope they recover soon. Poor little pets, give them our love sweetheart and shower then with kisses. Love to you and them both honey.

    . Lilly, Ren and Osky xoxo

  • Lilly, Ren & Osky,
    We sorry we haven't been writing much, Izzy & Olivia both have started with chickenpox. So they not feeling well and need lots of love. Love you girls.
    xx xx xx Freja

  • Hello my little f uckdoll, Olivia,

    i hope you pee peed all over Izzy honey pot and that she enjoyed it.

    Izzy said I can get into bed you and her and we can gt Summer into bed with us and we can all play with each other's c unts. Maybe Mummy Freja and Lilly and Liberty can get into bed with all of us too and we'll f uck and lick each other's c unts.

    i have booked the table for dinner tonight sweetheart but I don'tknow if we can get a smoking table outside. They asked for our name to make the reservation, I said just write two little c unts. I told them make sure there's plenty of beer for you and they asked how old you are, I said 4. They said 4 and you drink and smoke. i said wait, she f ucks too and they were very impressed my love.

    i know you're missing your mummy Megan so f ucking much and aunty Belinda said it won't be long now until she comes to Alaska, She said maybe mummy Freja can draw you up a little chart with the number of days left before she sees you. like if mummy Megan comes on say 21st April and it's the 4th April now, that's only 17 days to wait. Tomorrow is the 5th April, then there will be only 16 days left and so on.

    Aunty Belinda said on thing you'll get from mummy Megan is lots and lots of kisses and cuddles and aunty Belinda said she wishes she was there to kiss and cuddle you to pieces.

    Love from your slutty little c unt Osky x oo xx

    and love and lotza kisses and cuddles from Aunty Belinda xx

    We love you so much sweetheart

  • Izzy,

    It's hot af that Lilly and I pi ss on each other. We were in the bath although we were just in our goth gear and she looked so f ucking hot. I was hor ny but couldn't cumm bc I was in an uncomfortable position. It wasn't until she f ucked my ar$e and I pi ssed the f ucking bed that I was able to cumm.

    We want mum to pi ss on us but she won't. Lilly, me and Oskana are gonna pi ss on each other on the banana chairs out on the decking by our pool and we're gonna drink each other's pi ss then f uck.

    I want to pi ss all over you my love and show you that Iove you.

    Forever your Slu ttish, pi ss ridden Ren Xxxxxxx

  • Renae,
    My sweetheart, love that you drank each other's pi#ss, me and our Olivia are going to pi#ss on each other later in bath she thinks it be funny, she's such a hot little girl who will try anything especially if I say it's what big girls do. She was missing our Megan last night so me and Freja are going to give her lots of love today and we are all going out later after we been to see grandpapa for breakfast soon.
    I'm so happy you are being a good little sl#ut for your Lilly. I'd be a perfect little who#re for you my love.
    I also think it be hot for us to have our Olivia in bed between us, both of us playing with her, then letting her play with your little Summer. I think that be really fu#cking hot.
    I love my Renae, your Isabella xxxxxxx

  • Osky, (written by Izzy),
    Hello my se#xy fu#cking Osky!. You can drink my pee pee if you want hehe! That's cos I love you lots and lots. My Izzy says I can pee on her! I'm going to do that when we are in bath together. Me and Izzy have been kissing lots this morning in my bed cos mommy is tired this morning.
    Later me and Izzy are going to play with our hover boards. I'm better than Izzy on hover board cos I'm good n she falls off cos she's a silly cu#nt hehe. (I tickle Livvy lots and lots now cos that's cheeky ha- Izzy)
    We should have nice romantic dinner where we put nice clothes on and hold hands n kiss like big girls. We could have Pizza! I love pizza but I love you more.
    I play with my vibe lots thinking about you kissing me cos it se#xy hot pre#try Russian girl, you can fu#ck me with strap-on in my cu#nt and a#ss now cos I'm real big girl now.
    Your most se#xy girl in the world more than Izzy! (I tickle Livvy more now until she nearly pi#ss herself haha- Izzy)
    I love you Osky!
    Your little sweetest girlfriend,
    Livvy xoxoxoxoxox

  • AWWW I'd love it Livvy pi ssed on me. I'd even drink your sweet pee straight from your little cunny. But seen as though Lilly and Ren closer in distance to me, I'd drink their pi ss too and they can pi ss all over me.

    Livvy I should take you out for a romantic dinner honey and we come home we can f uck.

    Love Osky xx oo xx

  • Freja,

    Mum's a b itch. She won't pi ss on me so I asked if I can pi ss on her and she still said no.

    What's with these mums honey, I thought our mum was cool?

    Queen B itch
    Lilly xoxo

  • Izzy,

    F uck honey pi sing on each other is the wildest thing we've done. You as a f ucking trashy little c unt should try it with Freja. We drank a lot of water to make us pi ss. We drank each others pi ss then f ucked. It made us so f ucking hot for each other. The best part was when Lilly straddled my face after she took off her goth bottoms and pi ssed in my mouth. I gargled it and swallowed it and she said Im a good little f ucking sl ut. Now get on the bed and I'll f uck your ar$e with a strap on. I was still filled with all the water I drank and I pi ssed the bed when Lilly f ucked my ar$e.

    Freja you must try it honey. I know my trashy little cumm bucket Izzy and I will be pi sing on each other and in each others mouths.

    F uck where does Lilly get all these ideas? She was the first one that grabbed dad's c Ock, told mum to f uck us, play with either of the baby's c unts and put a cigarette in liberty's mouth. Then this morning, she ran her finger around the inside of liberty's ar$e after she gave her a bath before we went to school.

    Lilly is a f ucking s ex rat

    Love Ren Xxxxxxx

  • Freja,

    I pi ssed so h****** Ren last night that she came heaps. Then I pi ssed in her mouth and made her drink it. I told her if we were in the desert and dying of thirst she would have to drink my pi ss and I'd have to drink hers. Now you're gonna drink this Queen B Itches pi ss too or I'll pull your hair down to my c unt flaps and make you.

    Love Lilly xoxo

  • Isabella and Freja,

    Yeah Lilly's a f ucking mad b itch, she wants to pi ss on me and pi ss in my mouth and then she wants me to do the same to her before we f uck.

    Should be fun tho, we're gonna wear our Goth gear but mum said don't pi ss in the bed cos we'll stain the mattress so we'll pi ss on each other in the bath tub.

    Izzy we should pi ss on each other you f ucking s****, love

    Love you my girl

    Renae xxxxxxxxxxx

  • Ren and Lilly,
    Don't get pi#ss on your goth gear! Pi#ss on each other naked in the tub, if you must you crazy little bit#ches. It's fu#cking wild you wanna pi#ss on each other, Freja nearly puked when I told her haha.
    You can pi#ss on me anytime you want my darlings.... well think in the bath wud be best ha. I don't know if I could bring myself to pi#ss on you both, think I'm to much of a submissive little cu#nt to do that ha. It's pretty Rad! anyway girls! If you do it tell me how you liked it hehe, cos I don't think Freja will play pi#ss games with me.
    Sweet kisses to you both you beautiful fu#cking girls.
    Oh my fu#cking God I just realise you must have told your mom about your pi#ss plans????? That's a madness! ha.
    Your sl#ut Izzy xxoxx

  • Izzy,

    You and Freja can f uck Ren and I, spank our ar$ses, suck our t its and tongue kiss whenever you want. You can f uck our babies too. i mentioned something to Ren last last that really turns me on. I want to f uck her then p*** on her so f ucking bad

    Queen B itch

    Lilly xoxo

  • Ren and Lilly,
    I think it's hot ur playing with the babies cu#nts n Summer likes it so much. I hope they will grow up to be as se#xy as there big hot twin sisters.
    You two are so beautiful and se#xy, I love you both so fu#cking much. I would love to be in bed with you both whilst Lilly fu#cks my cu#nt hard and I eat Ren's lovely cu#nt then u swap over both of you using me like the fu#cking trashy wh#ore I am, then you both taking turns spanking my sk#anky a#ss. Then I snuggle up between you both softly kissing your lips feeling your love. Then we all have a ciggy before falling asleep, 3 hot se#xy naked blonde girls falling asleep together. Then waking up cos we hear the babies and I watch how you two girls play with your baby girls.
    Love you both,
    Your girl and sl#ut Isabella xxxxxx

  • Freja, Olivia and Izzy,

    Mum trimmed the nail of her index finger just so that she could play with her little babies c unts last night. Summer opened her little legs wider when mum did that. She's going to be a proper little sl ut and I can't wait until I get to f uck them both.

    Love from your
    Queen B itch
    Lilly xoxo

  • Freja,

    I love you honey and I want you so much to be inside me giving my c unt good pounding with your strap on c ock. F uck I'm getting all tingly thinking about it.

    I love it so much that Olivia said to Izzy not to dye her hair black and calling her a mad little c unt, she's as cute as a button. I love her to death but I'll always be your Queen b itch love.

    Lilly xoxo .

  • Hi Izzy,

    Yeah babe, I love Freja and I love you too my little f ucking trashy wh3re. I even love my twin these days. We've been f ucking so much lately babe it's f ucking insane how much we f uck, especially now that we've come off our period for the month. The little m3le can't go without a ciggy when I'm f ucking her though. i don't know how the f uck she can inhale when she's just about to cumm but she does. Maybe cos she's a sl utty wh3re.

    It doesn't matter if mum's f ucking her either, she still smokes throughout it all. I was sucking her t its when mum was f ucking her last night and she went
    f ucking crazy. Maybe Megan could f uck you as I s uck your ti ts love.

    i was able to wear my c unt plug to school today and i wouldn't go without it. last Friday I couldn't wear it cos of f ucking periods.

    i bet our little f uckdoll looks gorgeous after she's been f ucked with her little butt plug up her ar$e.

    Mum can't wait until our little ones start smoking and f ucking and she told Lilly and I to continue finger f ucking them lightly and liking their c unts cos she can tell they're aware of their senses cos they smile. I think we've got two more little sl uts in the making. haha but I love them so, so much. I put a lit cig in Summer's mouth. Nw Lilly and I are even cos she put a cig in Liberty's mouth before.

    I love you, you f ucking trashy, sl utty, m3le and my s**** Izzy

    Love Renae xxxxxx

  • Hi Ren,
    Awww ain't Freja cute as fu#ck with her messages to Lilly.
    Where as our messages are just as cute aren't they between you my little fu#cking bit#ch and me your little cu#nt. And I love being your little fu#cking little wh#ore, I can't wait for you to paddle my skan#ky a#ss and fu#ck me with your mom's strap-on. Holding me by my hair to your beautiful cu#nt. Your so fu#cking beautiful my Renae, my girlfriend.
    I love that you and Lilly are so good lovers again now and best sisters. Me and Freja are closer than ever, I think she worrys about me more cos Megan isn't here with us. I try to look after her cos she is dead sweet and I know she worrys about her pregnancy and she's still scared something will go wrong. But sometimes she's a cute little bad a#ss like fu#cking Austin or being a pervy mommy by getting Olivia to use a bu#tt plug. She makes me giggle when she's being a naughty girl/mommy.
    Our Olivia made me laugh today, freja was telling Megan on that i havent decided to dye my hair black yet. So later me and Olivia were cuddling and she goes to me "don't dye your hair black you mad little cu#nt it's nice as it is" haha she's funny.
    Love you baby. Your sl#ut Isabella xxxxx

  • Hi my darling beautiful girlfriend Lilly,
    Babes been thinking about you all day, I know your hurting right now about the whole pregnancy issue honey. I wish I could change things or make you feel better about it but I can't. One day you will make the most beautiful se xy mom ever.
    I wish I was with you now to cheer you up, I would love to shower with you, wash your beautiful se xy body then softly towel you dry you, brush your hair for you and treat you like my Queen which you are. I would eat your beautiful cu nt till you cu m all over my face. Then hold you in my arms, softly caressing you while you fall asleep. Your my se xy beautiful Lilly. I love you.
    Your girl xx xx xx Freja

  • Freja,

    There's no right or wrong in what we want for our kids, in my humble opinion I'm sure I've been very flexible in allowing Ren and Lilly do what they want. I've never promised them they can have babies when they're 13 nor have I mentioned they can go off the pill when they're 13 although I know it's something they've been writing about on and off. Had I made that promise to them, I'd never renege on it.

    We've paid very good money for each of them to be educated in a private school. I'm still considering to home school them next year and should I do that I'll include Oskana. I'm well aware the kids have a need to smoke more than is permissable at school and the hours are way to long over a five day week. They are very se#xually active and like to drink so I need to take that into consideration. I want them to obtain a good education.

    I discussed Lilly's post with her about me on what she had to say to me on here about Olivia doing adult things at 4. I'm proud of you for allowing her all that experience. Again in my opinion it's not the same as them getting pregnant. I have wondered what my babies are thinking of when Ren and Lilly play with their little pus#ys or if they think at all but I know they seem to enjoy it and to be honest I'm going to get very hor ny when I see Ren and Lilly f ucking them. Needless to say I'm looking forward to f ucking them also.

    Having said all that I'm delighted that you're pregnant and I admire your outlook on life. All the best to you and bub Freja and I love you for being there for Olivia and Izzy.

  • Belinda,
    I agree with you so much about my little girl Olivia. She is a little fu#ck doll and she gets more se#x than me and Izzy. She loves doing adult things including fu#cking boys. I'm not going to lie that losing her virginity did hurt her I was holding her and there was tears in her eyes but I don't think it hurt her much more than any other girl of any age. Auntie Megan says sometimes part of being a mommy is making decisions for our little ones that you think will be good for both yourself and your little girl and not caring what is supposed to be bad or what others think. Like when she let Izzy start her smoking, she didn't like it at first, but we loved it and thought it was hot and with lots of encouragement she now loves it. And now with her an al plug she didn't like it at first but now she's used to it and when she takes it out to use toilet and I clean it, lube it and put it back inside her cute a ss she's fine with it, I also think it's fu cking hot, some people would think I'm selfish for making her use one but I don't care but she was happy that Jayden told her it was fu cking hot. With the drinking and swearing she decided on that herself without encouragement. She has a few drinks most days usually either beer or a vodka fruit drink, but she's never been drunk or puked, it makes her happy. With swearing I think she's picked that up from me and Izzy. (Cont...)

  • (...Cont) Also it's hot when for example like last night when I was fu cked by Austin and she fu cked Jayden again to compare notes just like two older girls would. I forget her age sometimes and she enjoys talking about cu nt, co ck and fu cking.
    We are really lucky with Olivia that she knows that she has to be discreet about what she talks about in front of others which is really intelligent and mature for a 4 year old. Even when she's playing with other kids more her own age she doesn't cuss even if they are annoying her.
    I love when we visit Amy's house for example, Amy offers Olivia a cig and her hubby gets her a beer like its nothing special and we just carry on chatting. I'm glad she will be able to do play school at Amy's.
    The thought of fu cking my own biological child is a huge turn on and makes me so wet but for me I think it is the ultimate act of love between a mother and a child.
    Can I just say on the girls getting pregnant, Auntie Megan and Izzy have agreed on Izzy being 13 when she can get pregnant. I think Izzy was just 6 or 7 at the time of the agreement, when Olivia was a baby. So when Izzy is 13 and she chooses to try for a baby it's more than likely she will be 14 when she has her first child cos she will be coming off the pill and sometimes it takes time. But when Izzy is 13 she might have changed her mind and maybe she will want to wait a little while longer, it will be up to her. What I'm trying to say hun is that because Izzy and Megan made the agreement it's never been something they have argued about. If you don't make an agreement with your girls and they think or feel that your constantly moving the goal posts then all your going to do is argue about it.
    I think your an amazing mom, I think it's hot your girls are already playing with your babies little cu nts! love you lots xx xx xx Freja and baby

  • Mum,
    I can't agree with you that you are so liberal about our little ones drinking, smoking and having s ex and you think it's so f ucking cute that Livvy does all that at 4 but you're against Ren and I having babies when we're 13. Don't you think we'll be just as cute being pregnant and that you'll be a young Nan?

    Even so Ren and I won't leave you.

    F uck this


  • Freja

    Oskana pointed out the post you wrote on behalf of Olivia and I just can’t get over
    He. I too have to pinch myself to believe she f#cks and smokes and does all things adult.
    She’s going to be my favourite little girl for quite a while I’d say.

    I love it that the kids call her their little f#ck doll and wears a butt plug and that she smokes when she’s having oral s#x but tell me did it her hurt her very much when she lost her virginity. I’m very excited about the prospects of my babies having s#x and smoking and to tell you the truth I can’t wait. Good on you for having in mind that you’re going to f#ck your child. I applaud that and I’m an advocate of mums f#cking their kids.

    Love Belinda xx

  • Izzy,

    No babes, mum is not saying we can go and live with Karen if we want babies. she's saying that we mustn't hurt her by saying we'll go and live with Karen if mum doesn't let us have babies. She said that will really f uck her off cos she loves us dearly.

    i think we all should f ucking well live together and f uck each other and that includes your mum and you f ucking each other and Megan and Belinda f****** each other. To h.e.l.l. with f ucking incest. Freja and her baby is gonna f uck and I will f uck my kids. Mum will f uck Liberty and Summer when they're 3 or 4 so what's the f ucking difference and y can't we get preg. My c unt is on fire to get preg love

    I've got a silver choker it looks so f ucking hot with my leather goth gear you little sl ut what colour did you get?

    We wore goth gear when we went out with Todd, Lars and Dave last night. People were looking at us girls smoking and wearing our outfits. F uck it.

    Keep being my little sl ut and drink, smoke, swear and f uck honey

    Love Ren xxxx

  • Renae,
    My darling girlfriend, I got some more black clothes, cute hot little jacket, short skirt, black pantyhose with a goth kind of print, another top and another choker which is black with like a heart on, I love chokers now think they are so cool. Earrings with skulls on. Think that's about it. I went with Amelia and Emily and another friend of Amelia's called Natalie, we all dressed as Goths, lots of people stared at us all day long, I kinda like that. Natalie was annoying cos she was sulking cos she didn't have any money to buy new stuff, she was proper jealous. I know I'm lucky to that Megan and grandpapa always give me money but it's not my fault she didn't have any. I don't think she likes me, also she don't even smoke like me, Emily and Amelia and shes 12? so every time we were outside smoking she like stand away from us. Silly bi#tch haha.
    Anyway I just come back home and it's like 5pm and hear noises and find out Austin is here fu#cking Freja on my and Freja's bed and Jayden is here fu#cking Olivia on her bed......

  • .......Huh why you got to wait until 15 now to have a baby? That's a long time to wait I can't wait till I'm 13 and can get pregnant. Megan had me when she was 14 and she's an awesome mom. She's my best friend and she understands me cos she's younger and cooler than other moms. I love Belinda a lot and think it's really cool she fu#cks you and your Lills but when your 13 she should leave it up to you if you want a baby or not and not say if you have a baby then you gotta live with Karen, that's fu#cked up like you said baby. I bet Lilly doesn't like this. I send you lots of hugs and kisses to you both cos I know how much having a baby means to you both. I was a bit jealous of Freja getting pregnant when she told me at first but now I'm happy cos I know she will let me look after baby lots and she is a good mommy to our Olivia.
    How is your beautiful Summer, is she a good baby girl, have you played with her yet? I hope she's ok give her a Smokey kiss from me sweetheart.
    I can still hear them fu#cking ugghh! If they carry on I'm going see grandpapa next door. I wish you was next door cos I'd love to just cuddle in the middle of you and Lilly. Give Lilly lots of kisses.
    I love you, love being your little cu#nt so much. Love you, little c*** xxxxx

  • Izzy and Freja,
    How did your shopping go and what did you buy. Izzy I bet you looked so f ucking hot in your goth gear. We'd look a good pair of sl uts holding hands walking around a mall in that gear together not giving a f uck what people think.

    Izzy you f ucking wh3re you're going to beat Lilly and me in having a baby. We f ucked mum on Friday night and it was a buzz so I used the opportunity after she f ucked me to talk to talk about us having babies when we're 13 and it didn't go down very well. She said we're not having babies that young and wait until we're 15 then she might think about it.

    I said mum that's so f ucked up and Izzy's allowed to have a baby in less than 3 years so that means she'll get preg before that. She said she doesn't f ucking care but please don't ever say we'll return to live with Karen to f uck her off about it.

    So there you go my little b itch. Isn't it f ucked love?

    Love Ren Xxxxxxx

  • Hey Osky! (Written by Freja),
    Jayden as just gone he fu cked my little cu nt with his tongue while I smoked a ciggy then he fu cked me with his co ck it was well good. Mommy say I'm a hot little sl ut after when she licked my cu nt clean.
    I love you Osky I like being your little fu ck doll cos ur my se xy big girlfriend. I want to kiss you and your se xy ti ts lots. I wish I could sleep in your bed with you and I could see your cu nny and play with it.
    Oh mommy as put my new little butt plug inside my butt just now. It makes my a ss feel full I not like it but mommy say keep it in and be good big girl and I will get present, yay hehe.
    I want you to kiss my cu nt lips lots and lots. I hope you are happy and you have nice fu ck with girls and boys. I love you.

    Livvy xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Hi Ren & Lilly,
    It's your girls Izzy, Olivia and Freja here. We all think it's awesome you two beautiful girls are fu#cking each other so much. Give each other plenty of kisses and lots of love we love you both so fu#cking much. Knowing you two are fu#cking makes us happy.
    I'm going shopping with Emily and Amelia, so I'm going to get ready soon in my goth gear and makeup, then we are staying at Amelia's tonight. Freja and Olivia are going shopping with grandpapa. Jayden is coming over later to fu#ck our Olivia so that's good, keeps her happy. Olivia is the hottest se#xy smoker we know, cigarettes still look massive in her hands but she smokes so well and inhales just as good as anyone and is just as addicted now as us. She smokes a full pack most days, she's so amazing and beautiful. We are so proud of our little big girl.
    Lilly you make your girl Freja so happy and Ren you know you make me your little fu#cking sl#ut happy, we love you both.

    Izzy, Olivia and Freja xxxxxxx

  • Hi Freja darling,

    I'll just have to f ucking accept it that I can't get preg when I want which is right now. You know I stick a finger in my a*** when Ren f ucks me and I say to her, come on sweetheart, f uck me pregnant. Of course that doesn't get me preg all it does is make me cumm but I'm saying I get so f ucking hor ny when i know I'm being f ucked to have a baby.

    I can't stop f ucking Ren lately, it's been truly beautiful but I want my mum to
    f uck us tonight.

    Thanks for your input beautiful girl, I love you.

    Lilly xoxo

  • Lilly,
    Babes I know it really fuc king sucks for you not being allowed to get pregnant. But I'm sure your mom as your best interests at heart. Having a baby at your age isn't good for you or your baby, you be much higher risk of miscarriage and other problems and you may not be able to give birth naturally. Also you might get pregnant with twins which double the risks. I know waiting 2 years seems a fuc king long time sweetie and it is especially when you feel ready to have a baby now and you see me pregnant and your just as mature as me. But if you can just wait a few years longer babes then you will have your mom's backing. You will need her help and support.
    I hope your mom will home school you soon honey. I hope she will cos im sure she will want you to be happy.
    I would love you to be here right now I would make your beautiful cu nt happy and you could take your frustrations out on me.
    Your girl xx xx xx Freja

  • It's lunchtime, Olivia time and ciggie time sweetheart.

    So how's my little f uck doll today honey pot?

    I hope mummy Freja bought you a nice little but plug but you'll have to wear it in your c unt sometimes baby. Lilly Ren and I wear ours to school and we feel like f ucking all day.

    I love you sweetheart - we all love our s exy hot Livvy girl.

    Love Osky xx oo xx

  • You f ucking whorish little c unt Izzy,
    You'll get more than a slap when I get
    My c ock anywhere near you my love.
    You're face won't be stinging cos of the slap, your c unt will be so sore cos of the f ucking you'll get from me.

    We'll be great mums if I mum would allow me to get preg. Hey let's get f ucking pregnant anyways babes. Once we tell our mums we're pregnant, what the f uck can they do about it. I bet once we tell them we're preg they'll be so happy for us love. Then we'll get married but I'll need real c ock sweetheart and plenty of that to satisfy my c unt.

    Love you, you f ucking little sl ut
    Ren Xxxxxxx

  • Hey Ren,
    Hi baby, it's your little trashy fu#cking little wh#ore Izzy here, I need a fu#cking slap cos I'm your little bi#tch. I love you my beautiful Renae.
    Aww hope your mom can home school you, school 5 days a week takes the pi#ss like Lilly says and you can't fuc#king even have a cig. It's just all to much in it sweetheart.
    Tell your fu#cking nosey neighbors to go to h*** it's none of their business what you or your mom does.
    Imagine when we have kids sweetheart we will be the best coolest moms. If they are girls they will be bad se#xy little bi#tches. They will see their moms having hot rough fu#cking se#x. But they will be the most loved babies in the world.
    Love your girl,
    Isabella xxxxxx

  • Hello Olivia my s punky monkey. I want to kiss your lips and c unt lips so much.
    Love Osky xx oo xx

  • Freja,

    I meant to say you must look absolutely beautiful with a big preg tummy. I want to walk bare foot with you, while we're both preg, drunk and smoking heaps in public.

    Love Lilly xoxo

  • Hi beautiful Freja,
    I could have done with lotza cuddles from you this morning honey n we could've finished it off with an awesome f uck.

    i read your post here hours ago and i wanted so much to have a baby at the same time you are. I asked mum again can I get preg and she got angry and yelled NO, F UCK LILLY YOU CAN'T AND DON'T F UCKING ASK ME AGAIN, YOU'RE TOO YOUNG. I'LL HAVE TO STAND OVER YOU BIOTH EVERY NIGHT TO MAKE SURE YOU TAKE YOUR PILL AND I'M GOING TO SPEAK WITH LARS AND TELL HIM WHEN YOU'RE AT HIS PLACE MAKE SURE YOU TAKE IT THEN. F uck honey she went off her f ucking t it at me.

    Ren and I want her to home school us, she said last night we're putting too much pressure on her cos she doesn't want to do anything about home schooling until next year and now we're wanting to become pregnant. Mum once said we can do whatever she does. Well she smokes, drinks f**** and swears. we do that she got preg and we can't do that, go f ucking figure honey.

    School is too much, i mean 5 days a week come on babes.

    I want to f uck you so much to get rid of this tension I feel building up inside me or I'll f ucking explode again love.

    Love Lilly xoxo

  • Lilly my darling,
    Hi babes hope your ok sweetie,
    What's up in the world of Lilly?, how's school going honey? You seen Lars recently? My belly is getting bigger, I'm starting to look a real fat bi tch. I can't stop eating huh, I do try to have a cig instead when I'm feeling hungry. I moaned to grandpapa about getting bigger, so now he's going to take me clothes shopping again. He's so lovely, he's the only man I have ever looked up to in my life, he's like a dad but more. And he spoils me, he's the only person I let treat me like a little girl even tho I'm 16 he still calls me princess.
    Izzy will start home schooling after Easter which will be good for her and Olivia is going to Amy's (Austin, Emily's and Jayden's mom) house on same days. It's weird making decisions for the girls, I try to ask Auntie Megan what she thinks but she just says she trusts me and I'm doing a good job.
    Lilly I send you lots of love my gorgeous beautiful se xy girlfriend, I wish you was in my bed so I could kiss every part of your perfect body, I would look after you so well.
    Love your girl xx xx xx Freja

  • Hello my Osky! (Written by Freja), I love you I wish you cud come here and fu ck me cos your beautiful and se xy. Mommy say you can live here and sleep in my bed, Mommy say you could keep me naked all the fu cking time if you wanted hehe cos I'm your little fu ck doll. I love you Osky!
    It's the middle of the night here, mommy woke me up to have ciggys together. Maybe you can fu ck your mommy tonite.
    I want to slap ur se xy ar se. When mommy fu ck Izzy she digs her fingernails into Izzy's back and Izzy likes that u can do that to me to. Mommy is buying me some little butt plugs to put in my butt cos the one we have is to big for my cute little a ss. Then if I get use to butt plugs, boys can fu ck my se xy little butt.
    You can play with my se xy little cu nt anytime cos ur my Osky!

    I love you! Your Livvy xxxxxx

    P.s from Freja, I think it's so cute that she tells you she loves you so many times.

  • Hello my petal Olivia,

    I was hoping to stay at Lilly and Rens place again tonight and get f ucked ny them both but Lilly wants to f uck only Ren. They were f ucking on the lounge this afternoon and didn't bother stopping when Rick walked in. Belinda said there is never a need for them to stop f ucking whether Rick's there or not. They have always f ucked openly in front of him and they smoke in the nude holding hands and watching TV.

    I'll have to find out if Ren has played with Summer's little c unt yet, she said she'll do that tonight too.

    Livvy I want your little hand slapping my ar se as I f uck you babe.

    Love Osky xx oo xx

  • Hi Izzy my darling sl ut,

    I'd give your c unt a good f ucking pounding, slap ur s exy ar$e and face you little f ucking m ole.

    Mum's not sure whether she's gonna home school us until next year but I've been at her about it. she knows I get suspended and I need to smoke heaps throughout the day. Dad has asked her many times to school us. Mum wants to run her hairdressing salon from home and put the babies in the same room for a couple of years and use one room for a hairdressing salon. She thinks the f ucking neighbours will dob her into Council for running a business at home. F ucking neighbours around here are so jealous.

    Love Renae Xxxxx

  • Hi Renae my love,
    I'm so happy you and Lilly are good sisters and lovers again. Sounds like you both and Oskana had a good hot fu#ck. I think it's so cool that it was rough se#x too. If we were together I know you would slap my face or spank my se#xy a#ss if we argued or when I'm a bad little cu#nt and I would love you for that sweetheart and after we would have a amazing fu#ck.

    I went to Amelia's house yesterday to see how they do home school, it's proper cool they do most the work on lap tops or watch videos with teachers that teach them lessons. Amelia does her home school with her 14yo brother Ethan and 2 neighbors who are a 12yo boy his 10 yo sister called Ava. When Freja came to pick me up she had our Olivia with her, Amelia's mom invited her in for a chat and guess what, Olivia was flirting with Ethan, and after in the car she told me and Freja she wants to fu#ck Ethan, she's such a little sl#ut so proud of her haha.

    I am your wh#ore sweetheart. I love you.

    Your Izzy xxxxxx

  • Izzy and Freja,
    All settled little b itches. Lilly and I had an amazing f uck and Lilly was happy to f uck my c unt with mum's strap on c ock that is so much better than the ones we've got. She put so much effort into it I was actually screaming and moaning all through it. I had my legs around her neck and I clamped my c unt around the c ock. I went off my f ucking ti ts when she slapped my face twice and said don't ever refuse me a f uck anymore you f ucking wh3re. Then I f ucked Lilly. Then Lilly f ucked Osky. Then Osky f ucked Lilly. Then Osky f ucked me. Then I f ucked Osky. But Lilly and I thought this time it was her and me who had the best f ucks when we f ucked each other.

    Izzy I'm not going to dye my hair love, if mum's not happy then I won't be all that happy. So if you stay blonde we'll look more like sisters Lilly and I are naturally blonde.

    Hugs and kisses and c unt pokes to you both but Izzy you're my f ucking wh3re, K?

    Love you girl
    Renae Xxxxxxx

  • Huh,
    School is out. Now Osky said she wants to f uck Lilly so I waited to hear what Lilly had to say and she said she wants to
    f uck me.

    Ren Xxxxxxx

  • Freja and Izzy,

    it's all okay now, Lilly came up to me at lunchtime and said sweetheart, i want to make up, I don't know why I hurt you and mum all the time maybe I'm seeking attention she said. I said okay love and we kissed passionately and grabbed each other's c unts', then Lilly said how can we leave school early and go home and f uck. I told her we can wait another 3 hours and we'll f uck when we're home. That was at lunchtime at 12.40. it's 2.20 now so school gets off at 3pm n we'll be home by 3.20 if we don't stop for coffee and a few cigs at a cafe.

    I do love her you know it is good that she is aware she sh its me for the sake of sh itting me, he little c unt.

    Izzy I'm gonna dream about you tonight you f ucking wh3re. Yes I remember love you like it rough.

    Love Ren Xxxxxxxx

  • Lilly & Ren,
    It's your girls Freja and Izzy here, it's 1.30pm in the afternoon and we both just had the most amazing fu ck. We both had the best O! Our little girl Olivia slept all the way through it on the same bed having an afternoon nap, however she's naked, looks so beautiful and se xy and she turns us both on so fu cking much. So me and Izzy are in each other's arms, kissing each other as we write to you.
    Now you two young ladies who we love so much stop fu cking fighting with each other. Don't be fu cking mean with each other or do things that upset each other. Lilly, Izzy is Ren's who#re and cu#nt you know that sweetie, just as I'm your girl and not Ren's. Also if you had an agreement that Summer was Ren's girl and Liberty was your girl you should honour that. You shouldn't use those babies as just things to get back at each other, so Ren you shouldn't do anything to Liberty. Both myself and Izzy think your baby sisters deserve better and you need to do much better!!
    Ren , my little se xy girl and your girlfriend Izzy wants you to know she loves you so fu cking much and she sends you lots of kisses.
    Lilly my love, tell me what's really up my love? Why you not happy? I just feel there's something making you angry? I hope your ok. I love you wish I could be with you.
    Your girls Isabella & Freja xx xx xx

  • Ren,
    you know what? u can get f ucked.
    I've got Freja and Osky to f uck, you've only got Izzy but I can f*** Izzy too and you'll still only get to f uck one girl. You poor b itch.

    Freja and Izzzy, Olivia will look so f ucking cute and hot a little goth outfit.

    All my love to Freja, Izzy, Osky and Olivia but not R............#............n and if she plays with my little Liberty's c unt I will scratch her eyes out.

    For Freja my sl ut xoxo
    For Izzy my wh#re xoxo
    For Osky my real life f uck xoxo
    For olivia my hot little number xoxo
    Love to you 4 b itches
    Lilly xoxo

  • Isabella,
    Lilly does things, it's all about power to her and I f ucking hate her for that. She tried to make excuses but it got me more cranky. She was first to give the babies a ciggie when she put a lit one in Liberty's mouth but when she played with my little girl's c unt I was furious.

    Lilly tried to make it up with me last night and said to me how about a f uck darling. I was itching to f uck her but I went without cos I was f ucked off with her.

    I told her to lay off Summer, now I'm going to have to put a ciggy in summers mouth before Lilly does and I might play with liberty's c unt to pi ss Lilly off.

    Love Renae Xxxxxxx

  • Ren,
    I'm sorry that Lilly played with your baby girl Summer, she shouldn't have done that knowing that Summer belongs to you se#xually. But sweetheart you can still have lots of se#xy hot times with your Summer and she will love all the things you teach her. Like I do with our Olivia, it's so much fun. Summer will have so much with you, more than she would with anyone else in the world.

    I haven't decided if I want to dye my hair yet. I'm going to see how much time I spend in my goth gear first. I'm going shopping again this week with Emily and Amelia . But if I do dye my hair I will get in done in a salon.

    Amelia does home schooling with 2 friends, she says I can do it with them, I'm going over to her house to see if I like it tomorrow. They just do schooling on Monday afternoon, Tuesday's and Thursdays, how cool is that?

    I hope Lilly stops being mean to you baby. I hope your all better now beautiful. I'm so lucky to be your cu#nt and sl#ut. Love you my se#xy girl.

    Your Isabella xxxx

  • Olivia my sweet little f uck doll

    If I was in Alaska I'd take you to the movies and we'd sit in the back seats. I'd wear a low cut blouse and no panties. You could play with my ti#s and c unt.

    I love you so I'll do the same to you honey pie
    Love Osky xx oo xx

  • Megan,

    Thanks for getting back sweetheart. I've been wondering how you're getting along. It's like extracting teeth getting any information from the girls about your welfare and I think I'm prying by asking them too frequently for updates lol.

    Having the girls dressing up in Goth gear is very s#xy but I've told Ren I'm not going to dye her hair black or purple. I won't stop her from having it done, it's just that I don't want to responsible for f#cking up her hair and I have witnessed plenty of f#uck ups by dyed hair.

    Lilly kinda finger f#ucked Summer yesterday and it just about caused a war here. In short it was Ren's assignment to be s#xual with Summer and Lilly to be s#xual with Liberty, so I had to be the peacemaker jet again.

    it f#ucks me up that our girls can't get along better, there's no doubt there's plenty of love between them all. I have told the 3 girls on this side of the world to be respectful to Olivia.

    Business has never been busier, I'm getting clients from an opposition salon in the same mall. The problem is that she doesn't offer make-up , manicures and pedicures as well as hairdressing and she refers to me as a s*** cos I drink coffee with both male and female clients (but she only mentions that I have coffee with men) and apparently I'm a w**** cos I smoke and she's seen Ren and Lilly smoking outside the mall. She can complain all she likes, her customers are telling me these things and now they're coming to me.


  • How is your business going honey, are you able to manage during your period of recovery?

    I have been to the New South Wales Department of Education and I have been cleared to home school Ren, Lilly and Oskana. Having once been a school teacher myself, I have a teaching degree which was helpful in my application and I had to lodge a form with New South Wales Police to confirm I don't have a criminal record. I will not consider home schooling until next year.

    I will count off the days with you until you're reunited with your girls honey.

    Love and kisses
    Belinda xx

  • Izzy,

    I've already got natural black hair but I want to purple and mum said NO. I was talking to her about buying me something Goth and she said let's see. Lilly has an outfit called something Death ha but she wants black hair too and Belinda won't do it for either of them. They are like you with natural blonde hair.

    Freja, I'm glad you got your c unt f ucked babe and I'm here on a lunch break at school with Lilly. She said Austin is a c unt for trying to make you believe he's not f ucking his girlfriend, you're way to smart to believe that f ucking bullshit honey. F uck sweetheart if men didn't have a c ock we wouldn't talk to the
    f ucking lying p ricks.

    Olivia my little gf, I want to so far in your sweet c unt babe and do you smoke when you're being f ucked babe?

    You can smoke when I f uck you honey pie.

    All my love,

    Osky xx oo xx

  • Well then my little f ucking wh3re Izzy, you asked for it c unt ha.

    Funny you should say Freja will let your baby suck your b******, Lilly said Summer went for her Lilly's ti ts and she sucked on them too but all it did was make Summer suck on a whole lot of air so Lilly had to burp her.

    i'm so f ucking jealous of Lilly babe, Lilly has betrayed me, Summer is my s ex doll and f uck. We made that agreement when they were born after we spoke with mum. Huh that was over six f ucking months ago.

    Baby I didn't tell you that mum bought me a goth outfit but she won't let me my hair black or purple. She said she's a hairdresser and dyeing hair f ucks it up and that she's seen it plenty of times. she said she won't stop me from doing what I want but don't expect her to do it as she doesn't want to be responsible. She said I can use my pocket money and get it done at a salon but not her salon. F uck I only trust my mum to do my hair as she always does it exactly how I want it. And the way I feel about my twin finger f****** my little sis , I don't even want the same hair f ucking colour as her.

    You and me would we'd look the se xiest and hottest f ucking sl uts togeth smoking away, arm in arm, hand in hand in our Goth gear love .

    baby I wanna get so f ucking drunk with you, keep being my little c unt b itch.

    Love Ren Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Hi Ren,

    It's your cu#nt Izzy (not angel) I'm your little wh#ore.
    I'm sorry I wasn't there to look after you baby, if I was there you could slap me for it. It's so sweet you and your mom kissed and cuddled. She's so nice giving you all her milk, I think that will make you feel better and the babies will be fine with formula. Your needs should come first always especially when your sick. If I was there I would put you first every fu#cking time cos I love you.
    I hope you are going to get to play with Liberty honey. I know you will be gentle and loving to your baby sis and you will make it feel really good for her cos ur so amazing. Freja as said I can start our baby smoking and fu#cking when she's old enough, she said I did a awesome job of getting our Olivia ready for her first fu#ck. I want to try the baby on my ti#ts to, I know I won't have any milk but I want to know how it feels. My ti#ts are finally growing a little bit which is good!
    I hope your feeling better soon sweetheart if I was there I wouldn't let Lilly upset you. Take no notice of her, I think your mom loves you lots anyway.
    I love you.
    Your cu#nt Izzy xxxxxx

  • Hi my angel but c unt Izzy,

    Y the f uck were you not here in my bed looking after me yesterday when I was sick honey? I was so sick that I didn't drink any booze and I wasn't enjoying smoking. Anyway mum I shouldn't smoke at all cos I was throwing up but Wtf every time she came into my bedroom she was smoking so I told her to take her panties off and get into my bed. You know love she is so so good to Lilly and me even when we're sick by self infliction by drinking too much. She wanted me to eat but I was so f ucking sick but she made toasties anyway and kept my fluids up cos I was puking all day. Mum and I didn't f uck we just kissed and cuddled, it was beautiful. Because I didn't eat much I drank milk from mums ti ts and I love that so much too. Mum had to make formula for the babies cos I drank all her milk.

    Lilly put Summer in bed with herself yesterday, put baby oil on her own hand and played with Summer's little cunny. Mum said don't penetrate her c unt cos she's way too tiny so Lilly said she just entered her c unt a little bit and kept it well lubed on the outside but she said Summer didn't cry so that's how she knew it wasn't hurting her. Mum agreed and said Summer was smiling so she must have enjoyed it a bit.

    But Lilly is a c unt, I was meant to get s
    ex u al with Summer and Lilly was going to get se xal and f uck Liberty so I said I'm gonna play with Liberty's c unt tonight then Lilly, the b itch said I wouldn't know how and I will hurt her. I told the b itch to get f ucked.

    Now you might know why we fight sometimes. She does these things to upset me.

    Love you baby girl
    U little f ucking b itch.
    Renae Xxxxxxx

  • Hi Belinda,
    I just wanted to let you know that I'm up on my feet and walking a few steps with the aid of a walker, I'm in less pain and I can even manage to get in the passenger seat of a car.
    Of course I'm missing Freja and the girls.
    But they have all been really good at keeping in touch by ringing or using the internet to chat a few times a day most days.
    I can't wait to get on that plane for Alaska in less than 4 weeks time and see my girls.
    I hope everything is ok in your world Belinda, hope the business is going well and your little twins and big twins are all doing well. Have you thought any more about home schooling for Lilly & Ren?
    Also I can confirm that Izzy looked stunning in her goth gear but now she thinking to dye her hair black, which is up to her of course but she has the most beautiful blonde hair and I actually think the contrast between the light blonde and black make her look all the more beautiful. But I'm so proud of my Izzy, my dad is saying she's been the most perfect angel since moving which is sweet. He is loving having the girls next door and spoiling them.
    Take care Belinda my lovely, sending you many kisses:) Megan x x x

  • Izzy,
    There's nothing wrong with telling people to be nice to my beautiful girlfriend Lilly. It annoys me when people upset her. You want to fu ck ur mom and Lilly wants to fu ck her dad it's just the same. You know how she feels, please give her plenty of love and show her some respect.
    xx xx xx Freja

  • My darling Renae,
    Hi sweetheart,
    I had a good sleep over with Emily, Amelia and our Olivia last night. Emily got drunk after only 3 bottles of Smirnoff ice haha then she fell asleep n was snoring loudly. That's why I was awake so early this morning. Freja's pizzas were the best too. We smoked lots n they both thought our Olivia was the cutest.

    But a sleepover with you would be the best, we would have no sleep but there would be lots of fu#cking. I'd probably fall asleep eventually between your legs ha. Mmmmm then I'd wake up with your lovely cu#nt in my face.

    Hey how bossy is Freja telling everyone to be nice to her Lilly huh? She thinks shes such a bad a#ss after getting fu#cked by Austin haha.

    I'm going to kiss your lovely se#xy a#ss after you have fu#cked mine with your lovely strap-on.
    Your sl#ut Izzy xxxxxxx

  • Osky!!, (written by Freja)
    Maybe I try smoking next time Jayden fu cks me hehe.
    It was mommy Freja that say not drink to much. Megan say it's cute I smoke drink and fu ck like big girl now and she is so proud of me and she can't wait to see me. When she comes here I'm going to give her the biggest hug n lots of kisses cos I miss her so fu cking much.
    Mommy says I'm your little fu ck doll. Does Hayley fu ck lots like me? Is she pretty? Does she smoke lots? Do you think I will like her?
    I like being everyone's heartthrob is it cos I'm fuc king cute? I think so hehe.
    Osky I want to kiss you lots n lots n lots.
    I love you the most!
    Livvy xxxxxxx

  • Olivia,

    You must be the cutest little big girl I know of. How sweet it is honey pie that you spread your little legs to be f ucked. Do you smoke when you're being f ucked sweetie? Iove having a cigarette when my c unt is being pounded by c ock. So mummy Megan said not to drink too much, that's okay babe you can still f uck and smoke. Belinda calls you our little heartthob and we truly truly love you more than a girl we know named Hayley who is 5 and she, drinks, smokes swears and f ucks. But I'm saying we truly truly love you more, all of us, Belinda, Ren, Lilly, Liberty, summer and me.

    I love it that you're my little c unt and b itch pumpkin.
    Love Osky xx oo xx

  • Lilly,
    Your my Queen bit ch and you know I'm happy about that I'm your bi tch and your sl ut sweetie. Maybe tho darling your mom wants ur dad's co ck all to herself?.
    Belinda please don't be upset with my darling girl Lilly she loves you so much and she's not to live with Karen. Be sweet, loving and caring to my beautiful Lilly.
    Ren you need to be a good sweet sister for Lilly too honey.
    Love you so much Lilly,
    Your girl xx xx xx Freja

  • Freja,

    It's okay for mum, she's got dad's c ock to make her happy and they f uck heaps. When dad comes home mum is usually in the kitchen and dad simply kisses her on the neck or lightly chews her ear lobe and her f ucking panties fall off right there so he takes her into the bedroom and f ucks her then it's up to Ren and I to finish dinner off but one night they were f ucking for far too long so I went into their room and said hurry up dad blow your bolt dinners ready haha. When I see his headard

  • Poops I didn't finish Freja.

    When I see his h.a. r.d on I want it in my c unt so much love, you and I should f uck him together. He always makes mum scream and cummmm.

    Mum is upset with me again cos she saw that when I wrote to you I said I should go and live with Karen but I only say these things to give her the f ucking s****. Anyway she can't complain about me now cos I f ucked her good with her strap on c ock cos her glass one is better than mine as it has a curve like dad's big c ock.

    So there you have it. You're still my b itch you sl ut. Aren't you happy about that cos I love you Freja.

    Queen B ITCH
    Lilly xoxo

  • Lilly, Ren & Oskana,
    Good morning (Australia time) I guess all you little beauty's are still asleep after getting fu cked good from your guys last night. Austin came over this morning and fu cked me so good again! He makes me happy with his co ck. Told me he's stopped fu cking his girlfriend told him to fu ck off with that bullsh it cos I don't care, think he was trying to impress me but told him were just fu cking so there's no reason to make it more than it is. I guess he just can't help wanting more from a beautiful pregnant girl like myself ha.
    Oskana your sweet little girlfriend got fu cked good by Jayden, oh my she just looked so gorgeous and se xy after with her rosey red cheeks after being fu cked.
    Ren oh my fu cking God you should have seen your Izzy in her se xy goth clothes and black makeup. She did look fu cking hot, she has so much natural beauty.
    Have an amazing Sunday girls!
    Love ya all!
    Lilly's girl xx xx xx Freja & baby girl

  • Ren my love,
    Hi sweetheart, there's 7,400 miles between us! But I want you here now it's so unfair. I need you here to kiss n snuggle with you.
    Your Isabella xxxxx

  • Hey Osky, (written by Freja)
    I love you lots n lots. I fu cking love being your little cu nt.
    Jayden has just been over to fu ck my little tw at. I sucked his co ck first. I like his co ck. He put his baby stuff inside me hehe. Mommy fu cked Austin to.
    I smoking lots, grandpapa says I'm to fu cking cute. Mommy say I should not drink everyday but I tell her I'm ok and a fu cking big girl.
    Mommy is the bestest most beautiful mommy in the world. Izzy is a fuc king hot se xy sister, she looked so fu cking hot in black. Izzy fu cks me wiv her tongue she is real fu cking good. You are the bestest most beautiful girlfriend. Mommy say Lilly is best girl and Izzy say Ren is best girl to get me mad I say fu ck off cos Osky is the best. I love you lots n lots n lots.
    I hope you have real good fu ck my bit ch hehe.
    Livvy xxxxxxxxxxx

  • Lilly,
    Hi honey. Listen babes my darling sweet girlfriend. I think your perfect I even told your mom that on my message to her. I think your very se xual. I'm sure your mom wasn't being negative about you honey. When me and Izzy fu ck sometimes she puts far more effort in to it than me, she's quite happy with that cos she loves being a sweet submissive little cu nt and that makes her happy. Other times she will just lie there while I do all the work with a strap-on fu#cking her little sl#ut holes.
    Who ever is having se x with you beautiful girl should think themselves very lucky and your happiness should be the only thing that matters to them as it would to me.
    There's only one thing that would make me fu cking both my kids better is you and me both fu cking them together. I love you beautiful.
    Queen bi tch' s s*** xx xx xx Freja

  • Hi Izzy,
    I hope you had an amazing night out with the guys sweetheart and Todd fu#cked you good n hard baby.
    I don't think we are doing much this weekend baby, grandpapa is taking us out for dinner tonight and tomorrow me and Olivia are going to Amy's house, I hope i might see Tyler there.
    I got some new clothes the other day, all like goth clothes and this cool spike choker. I got these black leggings with like a gothic pattern on them, this black lace up top, black hoodie and when we got back to Amelia's she did my makeup I looked so good. I loved it and when I got home Freja said I looked so fu#cking hot n se#xy. She even sky.ped Megan to show how good I looked. Only grandpapa didn't like it he said I looked like an evil lady demon haha.
    I should be doing you every day sweetheart. I'd love that so much my cute slu#tty face rubbing against your cu#nt where it belongs hehe.
    Your my sweetheart and girl Ren, don't forget it baby cos I love you.
    Your s*** Izzy xxxxxxx

  • Omg I'm writing to myself now I've gone crazy, oh well it's for you Ren. It is just 5.55am here tho, to early hehe. Sorry!
    Izzy xxxxxx

  • Hello Olivia you beautiful little c unt my love. I'm just reminding you that I love you so much my little b itch and I'm hoping you have got plenty of cigs and alcohol to last you the whole weekend honey.

    I'll think of you tonight when I get f ucked gorgeous.

    Your b itch
    Osky xx oo xx

  • Izzy

    What are you doing honey, you should be doing me love?

    What are your plans for the weekend love?

    I love you sweetheart.

    Dad bought us cigars last night and we're going out with Todd, Lars and Dave tonight then we're gonna get f ucked.

    Love Ren xxxxxxxxxxx

  • Freja,

    I love you darling as Ren loves Izzy and Osky loves Olivia but Wtf is my mum talking about. She says Ren is more s exual than me. Maybe that's cos I love mum to f uck me more than I like doing the f ucking. That doesn't mean Ren is more s exual for f**** sake. I should divorce her as my mum and go and live with karen ha.

    Mum knows I love you I don't get it. I've told her many times I want to f uck you so f ucking bad and mum said you're a good young sensible mum and that Ren and I should take in what you're writing about. She loves the idea that you're going to f uck both kids.

    Your Queen B itch
    Lilly xoxo

  • Belinda,
    Thank you lovely for writing to me. I agree with you totally. I'm looking forward to having se x with my little girl inside of me when she's bigger. I just see it has part of motherly love for my daughter who will grow up knowing she's well loved and teaching her to be proud of her body and about having self confidence. When Olivia had se x for first time with Noah and I was there guiding both of them, I felt proud to be there as Olivia's mommy making sure she was safe and also knowing we had Auntie Megan's approval. Olivia is amazing with her smoking, fu cking and drinking but even though shes a heart throb, I still remember she's a little girl and encourage her to do what little girls do.
    I'm so happy for Isabella that she's made new friends who are girls albeit they are a little bit older. She never really made friends in Sweden especially at school cos she so them as immature. And also with her new friends it's not a se xual attraction thing they just seem genuine friends. She seems so happy here in Alaska and most of the time she's so sweet helping me or her grandpapa next door or being with Olivia and she speaks to Auntie Megan now everyday. And she hasn't fu cked a boy yet here and it doesn't seem to bother her all that much, she's happy being Ren's girlfriend and having se x with me and Olivia.
    I can't wait to breastfeed, I've thought about breastfeeding Olivia so much I can't deny it's a se xual thing for me but it's also about having a true mother daughter bond with her to.
    Im going to try my best to be has awesome of a mom to my girls as you and Auntie Megan are to yours.
    Lilly is so perfect and beautiful to me, I can't even say why cos there's so many reasons why. I love my Lilly.
    Love xx xx xx Freja

  • Freja,

    I only have one regret about having s ex with Ren and Lilly and that is I didn't start it early enough. it was tough when they visited me as younger kids, I have been in their lives since they were two. They hated me from the time they were about 5 or 6 because I took their father away from their mum and I started living with him. It wasn't until they started living with us on a fulltime basis just over 12 months go that things started to improve rapidly between us. As mentioned previously at that time I allowed them to drink, smoke and have s#x.

    i don't think there is a right or wrong about me breastfeeding and f#cking Ren and Lilly. We enjoy it and that's all that really matters in our lives.

    I'm delighted that you will take the same avenue with your little one and Olivia and I trust y'all get the same meaningful enjoyment.

    Ren and Lilly are so much alike in a host of ways although Ren is more s#xual and she always wants to please me when we're having s#x whereas Lilly can be a little selfish and she thinks mainly of herself when she's having s#x. Perhaps that's why she refers to herself as Queen B#itch lol.

    Since the girls and i have become 'lovers' we have much more respect for one another although I still have to act as anchor with them around or they will take off and fly.

    I hope your pregnancy is going well and keep up the excellent work you're doing as a mum to Olivia. she is our little heartthrob down here.

    All the best
    Belinda. xx

  • Olivia, Freja and Izzy,

    Ren and Lilly's dad told them a story about a lady who was f ucked on a farm. It's in story form and it's made up the brands of ciggies, ciggy tobacco and pipe tobacco. Those names in capital letters are names of ciggies etc. Here it is honeys.

    PHLIP MORRIS was travelling the STATE EXPRESS when met

    PHILIP told PETER about his LUCKY STRIKE with Mrs MAURIER.

    He talked of taking her to a little place called MARLBORO behind a LOG CABIN, laid her on the TURF, pulled out his SENIOR SERVICE, slipped it MIDWAY into her FINE CUT and with a sigh of relief she said, you’re a CHAMPION.

    Cute hey and what Ren didn't tell you yesterday was that Craig told her she smokes way too much. What eleven year old girl smokes too much anyways?

    F*** he's a f ucktard.

    All My Love
    Olivia's little sl ut <3

  • Izzy and Livvy,

    It's Ren and Osky
    When you have a sleepover tonight you should seduce Emily and Amelia. Get them drunk. Play with their c unts then f uck them good. Goth clothing, f uck how good is that I want that too (Ren). It's so f ucking hot, I'd sure get more f ucks love. It's f ucked that guys who once f ucked us think they have the right to f uck us all the time. Our c unts belong to us. We've got the c unt and we chicks rule. Freja it's so cute that you want to breastfeed your baby and Olivia and that you will f uck them . Mum is so much for all that. She will write to you about that she said but that was a few days ago. I'll remind her to write tonight.

    Livvy hello darling it's Oskana here. l love you, you s exy little b itch. F uck you're smoking 20 a day. I love your hot little smoking, f ucking body honey pot. I'm so proud to call you my sl utty little baby girl who's now so big.

    Lilly, Ren and I are going to the beach on Sunday with Lars, Todd and Dave. On Saturday night we're going to dinner then to their place and f uck. Saturday day time I'm going with Ren and Lilly and their dad for the babies swimming lessons, their so f ucking cute. They try to hold hands and Lilly tries to put a lit ciggy in the mouths.

    All our love
    Osky xx oo xx and Ren xxxxxxx

  • Renae,
    Haha I just read your message about sad man Craig crying cos he wants to be with us. Zak cried last year when I dumped him but I didn't care. Megan said it showed he was just a silly little boy and we should just use boys for fu#cking. We are teaching Olivia to not put up with any lovey bullsh#it from Jayden, Olivia doesn't need a boy to do cute little things with her and treat her like a little girl, from boys she needs their co#ck inside her, now she wants another boy besides Jayden to fu#ck. She's going to be a proper baby sl#ut we can all be proud of.
    Love you se#xy girl, keep smiling darling,
    Your wh#ore Izzy xxxooxxx

  • Ren and Osky,
    It's your se#xy girls Izzy and Livvy here. Hope you both our beautiful girlfriend's are ok. We are having a sleepover here tonight with Emily and her friend Amelia, they are coming over in a few hourd Freja is making homemade Pizzas and fries and we have 24 bottles of vodka Smirnoff ice different flavors, like Apple and peach and we have lots of cigs. We going to listen to music n watch a movie.
    Oskana give Ren kisses from her girlfriend Izzy and Ren you got to give Osky kisses from our Livvy. Tomorrow we are all going shopping to get some black se#xy goth clothes and makeup. Oskana you should be real proud of our se#xy Olivia she smoked 20 again yesterday she's a proper good hot little smoker and so cute. And Livvy says she wants to su#ck your ti#ts, I said while she su#cks your ti#ts you might want to play with her sweet little cu#nt she giggled and said you cud hehe.
    We both love our hot se#xy girlfriend's and our hot se#xy sis Lilly too.
    What are you our sweet bit#ches doing this weekend? We hope whatever you do you have a se#xy and amazing time cos we love you both lots and lots. Btw we both sat here naked after having a bath together and smoking our cigs.
    Love you both! Your girlfriend's Izzy and Livvy xxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Isabella,

    hello love, I've been trying to post for the last 4 times but they been sticking.

    If you and I f ucked just once I'd surely cummm one hundred times to Craig's nil. He's such a dud at f ucking baby. The c unt had the hide to ring me last night almost in tears begging me to go back to him. i slammed the phone down in his ear, he's pathetic. Then he rang back and Lilly grabbed the hone out of my hand and told him to f uck off.

    I have smoked nearly all the cigars mum bought a couple of days ago (two packs of 20, I've only got 2 left out of 40). I've been smoking ciggies too.

    lilly and Freja has to make you nd me and Oskana and Livvy bacon and eggs on toast while we f uck honey. They have to bring us in alcohol and cggies and get us drunk and then change our sheets after we f uck.

    They have to do all that if they want to remain our sl utty, whorish, smoking
    f uck club with you, me, Osky and Livvy.

    I go back to school on Monday and I've asked mum to buy us more cigars but i don't know if she will.

    Love Ren xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Ren,
    Hi darling, I love you sweetheart, so happy to be yours. Don't fu#ck Craig anymore Sweetie, you need it good n hard just like me. I could fu#ck you good with a strap-on and then with my tongue n take care of your cl#it real nice baby. Omg yesterday our Olivia softly teased my cl#it with her teeth, she sent me wild baby, I will make you feel so good n won't stop until you squirt all over my slu#tty face. I'm going to even use my tongue on it sweet a#ss honey.
    Your right we don't need men, but they are ok for fu#ck sometimes but I'm going to marry a women and that women is you. Then men will have to ask you if they can fu#ck your wh#ore.
    In 4 years time darling we will both be mommy's and if we are together then we can breastfeed each other's babies and when they are 3 or 4 we can teach them to smoke, let them drink n smoke and fu#ck each other. I hope we all live together actually me, you, Olivia, Lilly, Freja and Oskana.
    Vodka cruisers are nice sweetheart it's so cool we can drink when we want and it makes me feel happier when I drink and I smoke lots more, Olivia smokes more to when she's drinking too.
    I love you and fu#ck Freja and Lilly if they think we are just going to look after them if they spend all day fu#cking each other. No way. We will be in our bed all day, but we will look after our little fu#ck doll Olivia real well and we'll have pizza delivered.
    I love you my se#xy Renae,
    Your Isabella xxxxxxx

  • Isabella, Freja, Olivia, Lilly and Osky,

    Huh I had the worst ever f uck today honeys. I thought my ex, Craig would get better with age now that he's 18, but nope. He off loaded his s**** in my c unt as soon as he put his c ock in. F uck Izzy I need you more than now my love. I need a s exy girl like you to take care of my se xual desires sweetie. That c unt left me so f ucking frustrated. After he blew he said don't worry babe I'll give you a better f ucking next time. I said f uck off there won't be a f ucking next time, you're not getting anywhere near my c unt.

    F uck men Izzy, you and I are better at f ucking each other, sometimes I wonder if we ever need real c Ock sweetie and do each other with our strap ons instead.

    F uck I could do with f ucking you now babe and yes Lilly I drank 4 vodka cruisers

  • That post was from me to you Izzy you f ucking little wh#re who I love much.

    Love Ren Xxxxxxx

  • Hello Olivia my love,
    My little sl utty little b itch I love you so much honey pot. I love it that you f uck, drink, swear and you're such a f ucking
    s exy little smoker. I want you to smoke when we f uck honey, that would really make me squirm and it'll turn me on.
    I like my new man f uck he likes me too and he f ucks me good. Ren f ucked him too and she likes him but I think Todd was a bit jealous cos he said Ren is a good f uck. We all smoke when we're being f ucked. Our c unts feel so good when they're chock full of c ock sweetheart and I can't wait until Iick and f uck your sweet little c unt.

    Love Osky xx oo xx

  • Freja,
    Good morning b itch. I'm just about ready to go to school. I've got my c unt plug in and I enjoy the bumpy ride on the bus with it in my c unt. It's a shame I can't smoke on the bus cos I love to smoke when I c#m. Ren and I had a few Vodka Cruisers and cigars last night and we felt so f ucking good. Ren and I even made mum moan last night when Ren finger f***** her while I was sucking mums big t#ts. She had a bit of milk coming out too so I got a free drink ha.

    Mum bought us electric toothbrushes long ago cos we smoke and she said we should brush our gums with it first to prevent gum disease and then brush our teeth with it.

    Awww I just saw another post from you sweetheart as I'm writing this one. F ucking Ren she can stay home from school for the rest of the week, f uck her previous boyfriend, Craig, smoke cigs and cigars all f ucking day and drink the rest of the vodka cruisers. If she drinks my share I'll cut her c unt out with a rusty f ucking knife ha.

    Oh I just showed Oskana a post from Olivia love, she'll answer that later honey.

    You're Queen
    Lilly xoxo

  • My sweet Lilly,
    Hi girlfriend hope your having just the best day. I have days when your on my mind, today is one of those days. I woke up this morning and my first thoughts were I wonder what Lilly is doing, hoping that peeps are being nice to you cos you deserve that and so much more. If I was there I'd have to ban you from leaving me to go school, sorry Belinda but having Lilly in bed with me would be far more important than school cos I love your daughter so much. We could just lie in bed all day long while those bi tches Izzy and Ren cook for us and look after us like they should ha.
    Hope whatever your doing today your having fun Sweetie, love you to the moon and back.
    Love your girl xx xx xx Freja

  • My Osky!,
    (It's Freja writing)
    Mommy say you fu cking a new boy called David, is he nice? I hope he fu cked you real good cos u are very se xy girl. Jayden fu cks me good, I'm his baby sl ut hehe but last time he come see me he didn't want to fu ck me. Mommy say next time I got to tell him to fu ck me or go cos I'm not a baby anymore.
    I wish we could fu ck, I'm your se xy little fu ck doll aren't I hehe. I like that you are my girlfriend cos girls are better at kissing than boys and I want to see your cu nny n kiss it so much cos I love you.
    I like that you call me your Smoking, fu cking, drinking little bit ch, mommy say that's sweet that you call me that, I love you my Osky. Mommy and Izzy always tell me when you write to me cos it makes me happy to have se xy girlfriend like you.

    Love ya lots n lots n lots,
    Your little petal Livvy xxxxxxxxx

  • My Sweet Lilly,
    Hi my sweet beautiful girlfriend, you should spank Ren's se xy a ss hard! She should let you as well cos your lovely Queen b****.
    I can't wait to start to breast feed our Olivia honey, I have thought about it so many times and it turns me on so much honey. Think also it will be a great mother daughter bonding experience to.
    I was a bit worried about us going to dentist cos people say that the dentist can tell if you smoke or not. But the dentist was nice and just said we all had nice clean teeth. Haha made me laugh when he gave our little cu nt Izzy a good little girl sticker. So the appointment was 10am and it wasn't until 11am when we came out, so we didn't have cigs all morning until 11 am, we were all ready for a cig then.
    It's awesome your cu nt plug is keeping you happy honey. I can't wait to see your beautiful cu nt babes, drink your juices and su ck your cu nt. I love you babes.
    Your girl xx xx xx Freja

  • Hi My beautiful Freja,

    Mum just got home with 2 packs of cigars each for Ren, herself and me and a and a pack of thick Cuban cigars for dad. she also bought us a ten pack of bottled Vodka Cruisers. she deserves another f uck tonight but she wants dad to f uck her again so bad.

    baby do girls in Alaska roll their own cigarettes with with loose tobacco, filters and cigarette papers. Dad showed us how to roll them last night and they taste beautiful. He buys Port Royal tobacco Wine and Rum flavour and the aroma is so nice. Mum said she'll buy us a rolling machine so we can roll our own sometimes but again, like cigars she won't let us smoke that in public or at school.

    I'm glad you wrote back you little c unt.

    Love you honey.

    Your f ucking Queen b itch

    Lilly xoxo

  • Oskana, Izzy, Olivia, Freja and Lilly

    Stop writing dirty stuff Oskana while you're in class, it was about 1.45 when you wrote that. Only kidding sweetheart. Aren't you so happy my mum talked your mum into f ucking you?

    i texted mum at work just now and asked her to buy Lilly and me a pack of cigars on the way home and she said she will. I can't wait cos I love smoking cigars but mum warned us to only smoke them at home and not in public and we're definitely not to smoke them at school.

    love to all my sl utty sisters
    Renae xxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Hey Olivia,

    I agree with Ren darling, don't only have one boyfriend and tell Jayden to f uck off if he thinks he's your the only girlfriend for him cos you're far too cute, s exy and hot for only one boy to have you. You should share yourself around and make the boys beg or you honey pot.

    You're my little smoking, f ucking and drinking b itch my love ha and I'm going to suck and f uck your little c unny. You can s uck my t#ts and f uck my c unt whenever you want.

    Tell Freja mummy it's lovely that her sis bought her nice things for her baby.

    My mummy f ucks me now and I love it so much baby.

    I love you petal.

    Love Oskana xx oo xx

  • Freja,

    F uck my twin beat me to it. She wrote before I did. I'll f ucking spank her ar$e so f ucking hard when i get home darling.

    i's good news that you all went to the dentist and he gave Izzy and Olivia little
    f ucking stickers. I would have told the c unt to give them beer and cigs cos they drink and smoke haha.

    it's so quiet with Ren not being at school. When i or gasm cos of my c unt plug I give the thumbs up but when I look around I forget she's not there.

    Mum f ucked dad last night and then mum f ucked us. Honey you've gotta breast feed Olivia too,s he'll f ucking love it and you'll love it too. I will guarantee you'll get so f ucking hor ny like Ren, me and mum do.

    baby write back you slack c unt.

    Love Lilly xoxo

  • Hi Isabella my love,

    huh just as I'm writing to you, Lilly is gonna write to Freja and ask where the little c unt has been. She rang me from school as I'm home, this is the second week of my 2 week suspension, I go back to school next week. she said she'll have a cig and then write to Freja.

    Jayden is not to fall in love with Olivia darling, she's got to have more than one
    f uck buddy I think, she's too cute She should share her cute little body around a bit and have fun. What do you think?

    Mum breast fed us and then f ucked us last night love, honey Megan has got to f uck you sweetie, it's so so good. Oskana loves being f ucked by her mum too.

    Baby, you're my c unt and well as my b itch and love and it's okay that you f uck Todd my sweet pea.

    I love you 2 baby,

    Love Renae xxxxxx

  • Ren,
    Hi baby it's your little who#re Izzy here sweetheart. How are you my love?

    I'm being a little Angel, ask Freja, I been looking after her, our Olivia and even helping grandpapa. I been so much happier here in Alaska than I was in Sweden baby. Here it's so nice even if it's cold. Of course I miss my Megan so fu#cking much, I can't wait to see her, 5 more weeks to go.

    Aww it's so sweet of your mom to write to our Olivia. She was proper happy after I read it to her. Jayden popped in to see her last nite after he had soccer practice and they just cuddled up watching tv and a bit of kissing most of the time. Olivia said he cud fu#ck her if he wanted but he said no cos he didnt want her to think he just using her for se#x. Freja thought that he was being really sweet, I said I think he's falling in love with her, what you think baby?

    The only ar#se spanking I need is from you my love. Cos I'm your cu#nt n no one else's :).

    It's dead cool you give the twins Smokey kisses. I've always wondered you know you and Lilly is there one of the baby twins that you look after more than the other? Like say if you both together you would hold Liberty more and Lilly holds Summer more maybe?

    Oh we been dentist us girls this morning, we all have good teeth. But he gave me and Olivia these little stickers for being 'good little girl's' like I'm some little kid??? He can fu#ck right off haha.

    I love you Renae. You think if I was there you would let Todd fu#ck me? We could share him maybe hehe

    Love you.
    Ren's Cu#nt Izzy xxxxxx

  • Freja and Izzy,

    Freja I hope my little wh#re Izzy is behaving herself cos she's been awfully quiet on here. Does she need another good ar#e spanking?

    Even so I love that little c unt.

    Ren Xxxxxxx

  • Megan,
    Hello sweetheart. From what I've read you're experiencing less pain post op which is only a good thing. When are you going to Alaska to reunite with the girls? Is the surgeon giving you a rehabilitation plan to take to Alaska or is
    it a matter of seeing another physio when you arrive? Please keep me updated honey.

    I'll have look more seriously at home schooling too. Ren can't help herself, she's been suspended twice this school year for smoking already. Most recently she thought Wtf and lit a cigarette in the playground in front of teachers and students. She said she felt a rush and that she couldn't give a f#ck
    All my love
    Belinda xx

  • Our darling Olivia,

    It's Belinda sweetie,

    I'm Ren and Lilly's mummy and we are all saying that you're the most beautiful, adorable, s#xiest and hottest girl that there has ever been honey and we're all proud of you that you're a such a big girl now.

    Your mum Megan, mummy Freja and sister Izzy are proud of you too.

    I've got two babies and when they're big girls like you I'm going to let Ren and Lilly f#uck them and I will f#uck them too. We will teach them to smoke but they must wait until they're big like our Olivia.

    Don't ever forget we love you so much beautiful.

    Love Auntie Belinda xx

  • Freja and Izzy,

    It is so f ucking hot that Olivia smokes, swears, drinks and f ucks, it's no wonder that mum wants to be known as her aunty, she thinks Olivia is the
    s exiest little thing on two legs. She said she hopes Megan doesn't mind that she wants to be Olivia's auntie. Mum said we're to smoke around the babies as much as possible but leave the window in their room open just a little cos Summer gets an eye infection sometimes. Mum still wants us to f uck the babies when they're old enough but she wants to get close to them too and also wants to
    f uck them but we older twin sisters can break them in. They can f uck the boys in our circle of friends cos when we, Ren and Lilly are 14, the babies will be 4 and will be f ucking boys 14 years old. Mum said she can't wait. She said she will try and get the babies to smoke when they're three. They don't mind cigarette smoke and we give them smoky kisses and we hold them when we're smoking. We smoke when we're bathing them and changing their diapers and mum smokes when she breast feeds them to give them a hit of nicotine.

    Izzy must have settled down a bit cos she's been extra good lately cos there has been no need for you, Freja to give her the spanking of her life. But when I get near her, I'm gonna make sure she's a f ucking bad ar$e little c unt so I can tan her ar$se good and proper. i like her to be a f ucking bad ar$e little b itch haha.

    Stay safe my loves

    Lilly xoxo
    Renae xxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Hi Ren & Lilly,
    It's your girls Freja & Izzy here. We just fu cked, Ren I just fuc ked your girlfriend's cu nt and a ss with the strap-on and the beautiful little sl ut loved it so much.
    We both naked now after showering together on the bed while our girl Olivia is sleeping nowvafter watching us fu ck earlier. She is so fu cking cute. She was smoking while watching too and playing with her little vibe, she's such an adorable little sweetie. Her little cu nt is back to being as perfect as ever after her fu ck session with her boy Jayden. She was shouting, swearing more than ever when she was getting fu cked, so not exactly screaming.
    We both so happy all 3 of you girls got fu cked good by your men. Glad they are looking after you so good.
    Austin teased Jayden about him fu cking Olivia before he heard them fu cking but now he thinks Olivia is a hot little piece (cont...)

  • (...cont) We all had an amazing time at Hanna's it was so nice to see her again. She is so excited about our baby she got me an hamper with lots of baby clothes, little teddies, baby's bottles etc. She wasn't bothered by Olivia smoking or her calling me mommy, she thought it was so cute and was delighted that Olivia called her Auntie Hanna. Hanna isn't looking forward to our mom moving here either cos she interferes with our lives.
    Ren don't worry Izzy she's your bi tch and the only bit ches she's going to be fu cking is the bit ches in our little fu ck family.
    Aww it's cute that u put a lit cig in Liberty's mouth Lilly. It won't be long before they are smoking for real.
    I'm so lucky my pregnancy is going so well and that our baby is growing so well. She is going to be loved so much.
    Izzy says she can't wait for the first time you spank her se xy as s Ren. Have you noticed hun she's been a good little girl since her last spanking so just goes to prove she needs it sometimes.
    We both so proud of Olivia we love her so much, we think it's hot she smokes, drinks, swears and fu cks.
    We both love you girls, our se xy girlfriend's who we love so much.
    Your bi tches Freja & Izzy xoxox

  • Hello my b itch Isabella
    It's good that you have lotza gfs now but remember ur my f ucking sl ut and I love you always (all ways, that's with my tongue, my c unt, my ar$e, my time ti ts)
    The babies sleep together sometimes but they're always playing in their playpen together.

    Baby I loved it when mum dressed me up on muck up was jealous and when I dress like that I get hor ny and I want to smoke, but then when I smoke I get hor ny too haha. After that school day I was smoking cigars at the coffee shop. I pinched a few of dad's cigars before school and these people were looking at me probably thinking Wtf but if they say anything I say my mum lets me smoke. Mum said cigars aren't ladylike but I don't give a f uck I like smoking them and if Olivia likes beer it's good that she drinks what she likes. We drink beer on real hot days, we have taken them from dad's spare fridge in the garage.

    We smoke around the babies all the time. Lilly put a lit cigarette in liberty's mouth a few Saturday's ago, took a photo of her and sent it to mum by text at her work. Mum rang Lilly and tried to get mad at her but mum couldn't stop laughing haha
    Just you stay my b itch or l'll spank your f ucking ar$e so hard love. K?

    Love you girl
    Renae xxxxxxxxxxx

  • Hi Sweetheart, Freja,

    I love it fact that you and Olivia f uck and I think it’s adorable you want to f uck your bio daughter when she’s older. All mums should f uck their daughters without exception.

    It’s great Livvy loves to be f ucked and that she got a f ucking for ten minutes and that she was moaning and screaming?

    I f ucked Osky’s new man yesterday, David - Ren f ucked Todd and Osky f ucked Lars. I prefer Lars much more and Lilly said she prefers Todd, so it looks like we’ll go back to our own f uck buddies but we’ll change occasionally. Maybe it’s cos we know each of our f uck buddies and what to expect from them when they f uck us. David was fu cking my c unt and Todd was f ucking my mouth and I swallowed his c#m. He saved some c#m for my ti ts, face and hair. He wanted to f uck my ar$se but these guys are big. I might let Lars uk my ar$e next time.

    I love you honey and I’m pleased our baby you’re carrying is so well and our little gf Livvy who is an absolute doll loves c ock so much,

    Queen B itch
    Lilly xoxo

  • My girlfriend Ren,
    I think you would have looked so se#xy n hot on school muck up day girlfriend. I wish I was there with you.
    I had a really good time with Emily, Ryan and Maddie at the cinema yesterday I met another of their friends called Amelia she was cool, she invited me to her house on Tuesday with Emily cos it's her birthday. I never really had many girls who are friends before it's kinda cool honey makes me feel good. They just friends cos I don't think they are se#xy just sweet proper sound girls n not bit#ches.
    It's only like 8am Sunday here those little slu#ts Freja and Olivia are snuggled up asleep which is cute. Olivia was snuggled up to me most the night before I woke up for a ciggy. I told Olivia no more fu#cking for at least a week to give her cute little cu#nt a rest.
    Aww wish I could be there with you and play with your baby twins, do they sleep together in same cot?.
    I'm going now so I can Megan, I'm missing her lots. It's like 5pm in Sweden now. Then I'm going to see if grandpapa is awake next door and see if he needs any help with anything cos he makes amazing breakfasts hehe
    Hope you have a fab Monday bi#tch and remember your girl Izzy loves you.
    Love you always
    Isabella xxxxxxx

  • Izzy my love,

    Your twt nieces are 6 months old, born on 6th March last year. They were cute at their swimming lesson today. They got dunked under water and dad held each one (one at a time along his arm and supported their neck by his hand. I love goth. When we had our school muck up day for the last day of the year mum dressed my up as a goth girl with her old f uck me boots and cos they were too big for me she put dad's socks in the toe of them. She put chains on me and I was dressed in black. I had my face done in white make up and mum painted my nails black with black eye shadow and black eye liner and heavy black lipstick. Lilly and Osky wore a pair of pyjamas on the bus and to school.

    Love your b itch
    Ren Xxxxxxx

  • Lilly,
    Hi sweet girl,
    Austin & Jayden just left. Austin fu cked me so good again girl. We have this connection in the bedroom me and Austin he just knows what I need and how I need it. Omg I came so h****** his co ck, he just to good with his co ck.
    My little girl got herself fu cked good to by Jayden. We even stopped fu cking me and Austin to just listen to them, she was screaming and moaning. He fu cked her for over 10 minutes which is longest time for our Olivia. And she loved it, they were still kissing when they came out of bedroom. She said it feel real good. I never would have thought she could enjoy it so much at her age. I'm so proud of your little girl.
    Austin had told wifey him and Jayden were going to gym. But the only workout he had was with me haha. I feel such a bad a ss haha but I truly don't care.
    I'm glad you had fun with Lars sweetheart I hope he fu cked you good, you deserve to have the best of times sweetie. I hope Oskana's new man is looking after her well.
    While we wait for Izzy to come home I'm going to make love to my daughter's swollen little cun ny and show her that mommy loves her.
    I love you honey,
    Your girl xx xx xx Freja

  • Hi Ren baby,
    Awww how old are your twin babies now? I bet they are so cute like their twin sisters. I hope you and Lilly give them plenty of hugs and kisses. They bother at all when you and Lilly smoke around them? I think it's pretty normal to grow up around smokers, my mom always smoked around me and me and mom smoked around Olivia when she was a baby. Give them both hugs and kisses from their Auntie Izzy :-)
    I didn't get a fu#ck last night honey but made out with a few cute boys both were 17 and friends, we been on snap chat n texting today. I will tell you baby if it goes any further with them. Met a few of Emily's (Maddie's 12 yo sis) friends and they seem pretty cool, all smoke n swear. They are Goths... wear short black dresses, black leather n like dog collars n dark makeup. They looked hot to be honest and they loved my fu#ck me boots, so I'm going to go shopping with Emily and get myself some Goth clothes during next week, if you don't like Goths don't hate me baby ok, I'm just trying it .......

  • ..........Freja was fu#cking raging today she went to the store to buy alcohol for me and Olivia she got carded and they refused to serve her. Back in Sweden she use to use her sis's drivers id but her sis is only 19 but here it's 21 for alcohol. So she wernt happy. But she was so mad hehe. Grandpapa went later with us to buy it, he's so cool. Still don't know how Olivia can drink beer and actually like it, Megan says it's not ladylike ha. Freja and Olivia are excited for this evening when their guys come over to fu#ck them luckily for me I don't have to listen to them fu#cking I'm going cinema with Maddie, Emily and Ryan (their 16yo brother) to watch Captain Marvel.
    Did Todd fu#ck you good baby? He's so lucky to fu#ck you, I hope you let him know that and he treats you good. I hope also that Oskana had fun with David and he looks after her well or he will have our Olivia chopping his b**** off hehe. Olivia proper loves her Osky.
    My Renae I love you so much. You make me happy, I smile when I read ur messages even if I'm having a bad day. Your my se#xy girlfriend and I'm your sl#ut.
    Your Izzy xxxxxxx

  • Izzy, Freja and Olivia,

    It's pouring heavily with rain in Sydney today and dad is taking the babies for their first swimming lesson. Mum said don't take them out today, it's way too wet. Dad said he's taking and they'll get a lot wetter. Haha

    Izzy did you get a f uck last night love?

    Love Ren Xxxxxxx

  • Freja, Izzy and Olivia,

    Ren, Oskana and I have been out to dinner with Todd, Lars and Oaky's new man, David, who is also 20. He's cute and seems to be a nice guy, he's 20. They all play in the same football team together. We are on the way to Todd's and lars place, all in the on car, the 6 of us in a 5-seater car. Todd is driving and Ren is in the front seat with Todd. Lars, me, David and Osky are in the back seat and I was playing with Lar's c ock a little while ago, then I bent down behind the front seat and sucked him off.

    I'm sleeping/ f ucking Lars in his mothers bed, Ren is sleeping/ f ucking Todd in his bed and David is sleeping / f ucking Osky in Lar's bed. I can mke all the f ucking noise I want tonight cos Lars and Todd's mum is being f ucked by her bf at her bfs place.

    I hope my little girl Olivia got her cunny f ucked and awww you f ucked my little girl, Livvy. You're such a good mummy. I hope Izzy finds a f uck tonight at the teen club. What time does it finish and are you picking her up?

    Honey it'll be awesome for you to see your sis, Hanna on sunday, does she have kids?

    i love you darling
    I'm your Queen B itch
    Lilly xoxo

  • Hi Honey bun Freja,

    I feel for Izzy. It's so erotic having mum f ucking us and we f ucking her. I hope Megan will reconsider it. I think Izzy said she can't see the difference between her and Olivia f ucking and her and her mum f ucking. I agree with that. Oskana said she and her mum have never been closer since they started to
    f uck.

    I know that you and your mum aren't so close because you've told us and Ren and I feel the same way about our mum. If she were closer to us, we'd f uck her for sure, there's no doubt that but Belinda is our mother as far as we're concerned. It' be good if Megan f ucks you too.

    Even mum said it'd be nice if Megan f ucks you, Livvy and Izzy.

    We love it when we're on her ti ts drinking her milk, we get so f ucking hor ny we f*** afterwards and s ex with Belinda is amazing I'm telling you.

    I feel for Izzy not getting f ucked and I hope she gets some luck tonight honey.

    Mum will be happy to read that Megan's out of hospital.

  • Huh that post to you Freja is from your
    F ucking Queen B itch
    Lilly xoxo

  • My darling Lilly,
    It's your girl Freja here, I am feeling so well babes. Also we got good news that Auntie Megan is out of hospital. We chatted with her earlier and she's still doing well, she has to be off her feet for a week or so then she can start walking again.
    As our Olivia said my belly is growing, I thought I could feel my baby girl kicking this morning, I got Izzy to feel my belly but she couldn't feel anything, so maybe not, she probably just doing cart wheels inside me ha.
    An orgy would be very sweet and very hot honey. I feel for Izzy she so wants to make love to her mom. But I try to explain that 99.99% of moms don't have se x with their daughter's and that her mom loves her so much anyway but with Oskana now having se x with her mom she feels she's missing out. I wouldn't have se x with my mother if you gave me a million dollars, she's a bi tch haha. But I have had se x with my se xy adopted daughter Olivia and will for sure have se x with her little sister as soon as she's old enough. Also she hasn't fu cked a guy since she's been here yet with me fu cking Austin and Olivia fu cking Jayden she feeling a bit left out. But she's going to like a teen club this evening for 13 to 18yo's with Maddie her new friend so she might meet someone, I helped with her hair and makeup so she looks hot and looks at least 13 with her short skirt and se xy boots on.
    Austin and Jayden are coming over tomorrow for dinner and to fu ck, so I'm looking forward to that and on Sunday grandpapa is taking us all to see my sis Hanna so that will be good.
    What are your plans for the weekend sweetie? Hope whatever you do you have an amazing time my lovely.
    I'm so in love with you my sweet Lilly, my Queen bi tch.
    Your girl xx xx xx Freja

  • Osky,

    I don't know why ur saying your mum only looks beautiful when she f ucks you. She's a pretty looking Russian lady and I wouldn't mind if she f ucks me.


  • Good morning my little honey pot, Olivia.

    You must be a hot and s exy little smoker cos Izzy has told us and you'd be a cute little f uck too honey bun. It's not too long to wait now until Jayden f ucks your c unny. Sucking ti ts is so nice and s exy, my mum sucks my ti ts and I suck hers. We both get so ho rny.

    It's the best thing since my mum and I have started f ucking, we love each other more and don't argue as much.

    You are so true darling, you're my s exy girl, all mine sweetie and I love you so much babe.

    Love Osky xx oo xx

  • Hi Osky,
    (Written by Olivia's Mommy - Freja)
    I love you my se xy Osky. I want to kiss you lots n lots n kiss your ti ts and your cu nny lots. I think it's real nice that your mommy fu cks you. I kiss my mommy lots to, I love her lots n lots. I kiss her belly every morning cos she's got my baby sister inside her. Her belly is getting real big.
    I like Jayden lots he's funny and fu cks me good. I talk to him on phone n he say he will see me on Saturday so we can fu ck more cos I'm real se xy. My cu nny is fine now. I'm going to wear my ankle boots n se xy clothes so I look hot for Jayden.
    Your my Osky n i love you. Mommy ask what I do if I was with you. I say you cud fu ck me real good with strap-on and I cud kiss your cu nt real nice cos I'm yours and Jayden's baby sl ut aren't I.
    I still like smoking lots, do you like smoking lots? Smoking feels real nice and Izzy says I look se xy when I smoke. I love my Izzy so much, today I sit on her face so she can lick my cu nny it's feel so niceeeeeee hehe.
    Your my se xy beautiful girlfriend and I love you.
    I'm your se xy girl and honey pie,
    Livvy xxxxxxxxx

  • Freja babe,

    I love you heaps honey and I want you to know that I will always open my heart and legs for you. I hope you are feeling well and that Megan's free of pain or feeling less pain sweetheart.

    It will be so amazing if there was a bed as big as a bedroom and mum, Megan, Oksana, you, Izzy, me, Olivia, Oskana and Ren could f uck everyone and have a full blown or gy.

    I love you
    Queen B itch
    Lilly xoxo

  • Hi Izzy, Freja and my honey pie Livvy,

    It's Osky and I'm here with Lilly and Ren. You know my mum hardly ever gave me a hug and I didn't feel she loved me and that upset me a lot cos I saw the love Belinda has for Lilly and Ren and I was so jealous she f ucked them. When my mum f ucked me I saw how beautiful her face is and I've never seen her that before. Since we f ucked she is hugging me more and she showers me in meaningful kisses on the lips even in front of my brother and father. We will f uck again tomorrow night.

    Honeys I'd like Megan to f uck you three girls. You'd all feel her love I'm sure of that. Belinda says f uck incest and she'll be f ucking the baby twins when they're old enough to take a strap on. She said she's spoken to Rick about it already and he said it's a good mother/daughter bond to f uck.
    Olivia so cute your young man had a chat with you on Izzy's phone my love and I hope your c unt is better and ready for another f ucking sweetie.

    Girls it's Friday and we all should go to the pub in f uck me boots and get a f uck. Olivia wear your ankle high boots babe, you'll look so f ucking hot.

    Livvy's girl,
    Osky xx oo xx

  • Hi my se#xy sl#ut Ren,
    I love you baby,
    I need so much for you to fu#ck my cu#nt with your strap-on so hard. I don't wear panties sweetheart even our little Olivia stopped wearing panties now honey.
    I think it's awesome that Oskana and her mom fu#cks now it shows that her mom really loves her.
    I think Megan would probably fu#ck you, Lilly and Oskana cos she loves you girls and I think she wants se#x with girls cos she knows how much I love fu#cking girls. I think she would fu#ck Freja also, she loves Freja so much. But I just wish Megan would fu#ck me, it doesn't matter about in#cest I just want to show her how much I truly love her. Megan really loves that we are girlfriend's she says we need to be together cos you will make sure I behave and not be a brat.
    Jayden telephone my phone, so he could speak to Olivia, it was so cute hearing them chatting he thanked her for fu#cking him, which was sweet of him.
    I love being your little cu#nt beautiful.
    Your Izzy xxxxxx

  • Hi my sl ut Izzy,

    I'm so so in love with you honey I could f uck you non stop for a whole weekend. If I were there I'd kiss Livvy's c unt better too. Okay babes wrap your legs around my head and I'll f uck your c unt until my strap on c ock breaks in your c unt and you'll have to wear it as a permanent c unt plug. What do you think of Oskana and her mum f ucking sweetheart? Lilly and I want to f uck her mum and your mum too I hope Oskana will ask her.

    I told mum and she said I think Megan will f uck us before Oskana's mum does.

    Take off your f ucking knickers Izzy I feel like f ucking you right this minute babes.

    The principal and mum had a good chat. She said Lilly and I are addicted to cigarettes like her and she was so sweet about letting us have an extra ciggy break a day plus during P.E

    Love you cos we're each others f ucking sl uts and little c unts.

    Ren Xxxxxxx

  • My Renae,
    Hi girlfriend, I love you.
    I'm glad it went ok at school sweetie, it's cool you can go in the staff smoking room instead of p.e. I think schools should respect kids who need to smoke and let them smoke it's not like kids who smoke can stop cos we are addicted, so we need to smoke. I'm glad our Olivia won't ever need to go to a school cos she's addicted to cigs now. She's still the cutest when she's smoking.
    I'm so proud of our Olivia getting herself fu#cked honey. Her cu#nt was swollen after but today she say she wants to fu#ck Jayden again cos it made her feel good. I kissed her cu#nt better today sweetie.
    Wow it would be so cool if we could make $5000/$10000 by selling our cu#nts or as#ses and become wh#ores. Freja say we should ask Lilly to be our se#xy p*** hehe. Megan and Belinda we just joking really..... but $5000 is a lot of money haha.
    I want you to wrap your legs around my head while I'm tonguing your cu#nt and sucking your cl#it. Use me babes.
    Your Isabella xxxxxx

  • Osky,

    Yay u n ur mum finally f ucked, how good is that? Did you c um lots? I come heaps when mum f ucks me. Did she show you how to find ur G-spot and yeah I don't f uck unless I'm smoking at the same time.


    Mum said you're so hot sweetie, you're such a s exy big girl for getting f ucked. As we keep saying you're the cutest girl in the whole wide world.


    I love you sugar t its with all my heart and c unt.


    I hope your pregnancy is going well my love and that you get as many f ucks as possible until the baby comes along.

    I love all our family of girls. This has become a site for us b itches only. Yay we own it.

    Love Ren Xxxxxxx

  • My darling girlfriend Livvy, Freja and Izzy

    Livvy i'm so proud of you for f ucking jayden all by yourself sweetheart did you moan a bit? I was worried about your little c unt being f ucked but it's good that you used plenty of lube. Honey when you're a little bit older try smoking when you're being f ucked, it's the best. I love it.

    My mum and me f ucked yesterday afternoon with strap ons. Mum bought her strap on last Wednesday. We had a few drinks together too and then I kissed her and we went in my bed. I had my head at the bottom of the bed near mum's feet so I spread her legs and sucked her sweet shaven c unt and she sucked mine so we were in the 69 position and she's got a magic tongue that licked my cl it. Mum said this is so wrong but I made her too hor ny to stop. Then I asked mum to f uck me while I lit a ciggy and she kissed me then I came hard. Mum was wet so I then f ucked her and she moaned a bit so I f ucked her harder. She told me a few times she was about to c#m but she just couldn't get there. I was so disappointed for her.

    Livvy's girl and f uck
    Osky xx oo xx

  • My Osky, (Wrote by Freja for Olivia),
    I did it! I fu cked Jayden on my own. Jayden came over, Jayden let me sit on his knee while we watched tv we whispering in each other's ears I was telling him that I liked him and wanted to fu ck him and he was telling me how pretty I was. He's so funny to and makes me laugh, he made mommy and Izzy laugh to. After dinner me and Jayden had beers, I like beer. So then mommy ask us if we like each other why are we not kissing, so we kissed. Izzy tell me in secret that I should ask Jayden if he wants to see my new bedroom. Then I ask in secret if she can stay with me while Jayden fu cks me, Izzy say no cos I'm big girl but she tells me to use lube and that if she needs her or mommy just to shout for them.
    So then I take Jayden to my room and we kiss on bed and then we take our clothes off, he has nice co ck, I su ck it for a little bit and then he fu ck me, it hurt a bit n I nearly cry but I don't cos I'm not a baby and I want Jayden to think I'm a big girl. He fu ck me good he didn't put all his co ck inside but a lot of it and he call me baby sl ut and he put his sticky c um inside me. Then I go tell mommy and Izzy I'm ok and get my cigs and lighter then go back to bed with Jayden we snuggle forever he say nice things like I'm pretty and se xy. Then mommy say it time to take Jayden home so I go with them, so me and Jayden can kiss. He kiss me lots and he ask if I can be his secret girlfriend but then mommy say no we can just be friends who fu ck.
    Mommy say later that im your girlfriend Osky not Jayden's but Jayden is ok just for fu ck.
    Osky it's so cool you fu ck your mom. How you do that? With your tongue? A strap-on? Did you kiss lots? I love kissing my mommy she's the best at kissing.
    I love you lots and lots Osky, we are proper girlfriend's who love each other. I give you lots of kisses.
    I love you my Osky,
    Livvie xxxxxxxx

  • Olivia, Lilly, Ren, Freja and Lizzy,

    My mum f ucked me this afternoon and I came real good. Then I f ucked mum. I made her wet as all f uck but she didn't come. She said we can do it again. After we f ucked I wanted to have a shower with her but she was worried that dad would walk in. He is not as understanding as Rick is about Belinda f ucking the twins.

    Love you my s exy girls especially Livvy who is my darling little s ex Goddess.

    Love Oskana xx oo xx

  • Livvy my Lovie,

    I hope you're well honey and your mummy Megan is feeling better my love. Do you really, really realise we all love you and it's not pretend love. We know you're the sweetest, s exiest little f ucking girl that ever lived and we're all so proud of you cos you're a big girl who to smoke, drink, swear and get f ucked. I hope jayden f ucks your nice little c unt. I'm jealous cos I want to f uck you too. Mummy Freja told me us you love to mother Austin's little girl. How cute. You'd be a good mummy when you get a bit bigger.

    Freja we all like the name Tiger Lilly. I like the name Peaches as well.

    Remember sweet Livvy, I'm your little b itch honey pie.

    Love Oskana xx oo xx

  • Izzy, Freja and Livvy,

    Mum told the principal she'd take Lilly and me out of school. The principal said she'd like us to stay and would allow us an extra ciggy break per day. We'd have to do sports but we can skip P. E and go into the staff smoking room. Mum will look at home schooling us next year.
    Love you, you little f ucking sl uts.
    Ren Xxxxxxx

  • Izzy,

    School f ucking sucks so much. I'd rather suck c Ock and ur sweet c unt all day my love. We could hang out at the mall wearing our f uck me boots, WITHOUT panties and charge the men $500 to kiss us, $1000 to play with our c unts, $5,000 to f uck our c unts and $10,000 to f uck our ar$es.

    I'm going up the school now with mum. She said she won't let them put sh it on me. She said I can go in there with cigarette smoke on my breath.

    Love Ren Xxxxxxx

  • Ren,
    You have been a naughty little bi#tch again you little sl#ut. Your se#xy as#s deserves a whipping you little cu#nt for being such a bad a#ss. Hehe only joking baby. I know when I went to school how hard it is to go without ciggys when I really needed one. No one should stop se#xy girls like us from smoking ever. I'm so happy I don't need to go school anymore and I can do home schooling. I hate teachers so fu#cking much. I hope your mom lets you do home school baby girl. I'm happy your my little bi#tch and cos I'm not getting any co#ck my cu#nt needs something inside it, so it may as well be your tongue you little fu#cking wh#ore.
    If we were together instead of you going school we would go to the shopping mall dressed in our fu#ck me boots and slu#tty clothes and meet men and get them to buy us whatever we want.
    As you can tell my se#xy beautiful girl, I'm am very very hor#ny today. It's crazy how much love I have for you. I just want to spend days naked in your bed with you honey bun.
    Huggles and kisses,
    Your little cu#nt Izzy xxxxxxx

  • Yeah Freja and my darling little f uck, Izzy, I've been a little c unt. Awww I lit a cigarette in the playground in front of a teacher and I knew she was looking but I didn't give a f uck.

    Now I'm your b itch and you're mine.

    I love you Izzy baby I wish we could stay home and f uck, drink and smoke all day.

    I love you b itch
    Ren Xxxxxxx

  • Freja honey,

    Mum got a phone call from the principal at our school, she's got to take a bit of time off work tomorrow and see her cos of Ren's brain snap when she lit up a ciggie in front of everyone in the playground.


    Lilly xoxo

  • Freja,

    Ren got called up to our school cos Ren got busted for smoking outside the restricted hours of our smoking times. This time only for two weeks. Mum said she has to consider home schooling us. There are five girls in our class who smoke so mum is considering charging their parents and she'll teach them then they can smoke at our house. Mum was talking about converting our double garage into a classroom, laying down carpet, insulating it and putting in air-conditioning, school desks and seating. She'll have a carport built for cars.

    Your man is f ucking you so good and I too like to do some of the work when I'm getting f ucked.

    Love Queen B itch
    Lilly xoxo

  • Lilly,
    Hi babes, don't be sorry sweetie and your not a little cu nt my precious girl. Never worry about not writing to me, I probably should write more to.
    It's awesome that Lars fu cked you so good my love, and that he's so good he makes you scream haha.
    I haven't thought about a cu nt plug, think while I'm pregnant and have Austin to fu ck me I will give it a miss for now.
    Austin's co ck is about 7-8 inch I'd guess, it's quite wide to. He fu cks me so good, like 30 mins minimum each time. He's the best fu ck ever, he also says I'm the best fu ck he's ever had which gives me so much confidence. I fu ck back on his co ck so much that I'm so tired and worn out after he's fu cked me, but he's so fu cking good.
    But he's not you babes, you have no idea how many times a day I think about you or how wet you make me. Last nite in bed with Izzy we were chatting and kissing we talked about you and Ren and I was saying how much I was in love with you and Izzy was telling me how much she loved Ren. Sometimes it seems unreal that me and Izzy are lovers and that each of us are in love with a different girl and that actually brings me and Izzy closer together cos we know how the other is feeling.
    Oh I have been thinking of baby names and I looked on the internet and found 'Tiger Lilly' I actually really like it, but maybe it's a little to crazy?
    Love you my darling Queen bi tch.
    Lilly's girl xx xx xx Freja

    Oh I forgot I spoke to my adopted mom Megan today and shes feeling really good today and shes already on less pain killers now than she was before the op xx

  • Izzy,
    It's easy peasy sweetheart. Be the little wh#re that you are and grab Tyler by the c Ock and lead him to your bedroom love. Once he's hard, force his c ock into your wet little f uck hole, then he'll f uck you so good.

    Come on love you're my little sl ut, do that for you and me.

    Love Ren Xxxxxxx

  • Freja,

    Sorry for being a little c unt, I haven't written to you for a while. Happy to read that you're getting f ucked by Austin. Has he got a big c ock? I had a great f uck with Lars last Saturday night.

    Apparently I screamed the house down. Their mum even commented how much I enjoyed being f ucked haha. Have you thought about buying a c unt plug? They're so f ucking hot for my tw at. Oskana has one now.

    Love Queen B itch
    Lilly xoxo

  • Megan,

    Don't concern yourself if you're not up to replying. I'm writing to say that I am happy for you to be experiencing less pain as as a result of your operation. At this early stage it seems like it was a success.

    Keep smiling and chin up love.

    Thank you Izzy for keeping me informed.

    Love Belinda xx

  • Hi Belinda, Ren, Lilly and Oskana,

    My moms operation went really well, we have spoke to her and she's ok. She said her leg already feels better, she's in less pain and has more feeling in the leg than before. She was really tired but that's normal. We all so her on earlier which made us all feel better.
    Grandpapa took us all out for the day to take our minds off it, he took us shopping and out for lunch, then we went to the ice Museum which I went to on Saturday, both Freja and Olivia loved it just as much as me. Then we went to like an education office to get info for home schooling.
    Austin and his cute little 2yo daughter are here at the moment. Olivia is mothering her which is so cute. Austin and Freja have just gone to the bedroom to fu#ck. Austin also spoke to Jayden and he's coming over on Wednesday for dinner. Austin said Jayden was a little embarrassed when he told him that Olivia really likes him cos obviously he's 13 and Olivia is 4 but he was up for coming to dinner with us. So hopefully he and Olivia will be fu#cking very soon!

    Ren my love, my beautiful girlfriend and bi#tch. Last night I fu#cked myself with a dil#do and had one of the best cu#ms thinking of you. One day I will wake up in the same bed as you, needs to happen cos I love you so fu#cking much.
    Renae's w****, Isabella xxxxxx

  • HI my darling girls,

    Izzy, mum will be so thrilled when she reads your post about your mum, she's at work but she has a peep in here every day to see what the f uck we're up to.
    Isaw images of the Ice Museum just now on the internet, it looks amazing, so too does the Chena Hot Springs. Is that close to your place?

    Izzy you wrote like 40 minutes ago so i guess yo're still getting your c unt f***** or at least still in bed with Austin. Jayden better get his act together quick smartly and f uck our little Livvy or she'll find another boyfriend and dump his f ucking ar$e. haha.

    Baby when you and I f uck the whole neighbourhood will hear us scream. I'll make sure of that you f****** little w h*** of mine. I've got my c unt plug in my c unt at school today and I should have taken a spare pare of undies cos i'm so f ucking wet. Lilly, me and Oskana had a ciggie in the playground and we took our c unt plugs out and we kissed and grabbed each others c****. We put them back in our c unts now cos we'r back in class. When each of us o****** we turn to see each other and signal with a thumbs up. That means we have just come all over our c unt plugs. i'd like to smoke when I'm having an o***** honey but that's impossible at school.

    I love you my b itch and keep f ucking sweet pea.

    What do you think of Oskana getting f ucked by her mum. I think that will happen?

    Love Ren.

  • Ren,
    Sweetheart it was Freja who was fu#cking Austin not me, they are fu#ck friends now. I just know Olivia will fu#ck Jayden soon. I need to fu#ck real co#ck so badly honey, I need Tyler to fu#ck me but I'm not having any luck with that yet baby. I'm going to be a jealous bi#tch if Olivia has her next fu#ck before I do.
    I think it's awesome if Oskana's mom fu#cks Oskana. I'm sure Oskana will love it. I will be jealous of her too!

    I'm even jealous of your cu#nt plugs baby haha, hope it fills your cu#nt up nicely and keeps you happy all day long.

    I need to get back to being your skanky little wh#ore and get myself a hot guy to fu#ck my cu#nt good.
    Love you baby,
    Izzy xxxxxxx

  • Izzy, Freja and Olivia,

    Have you heard how your mum is today and what is the prognosis for her?

    Love Belinda xx

  • Olivia,
    Do you realize why Izzy, Freja, Lilly, Ren and me are so, so jealous of you honey bun? The answer is easy babe. It's cos you're so adorable, so f ucking s exy, so beautiful and so f ucking cute and you're going to get more boys and f ucks than all of us cos you're such a big girl who we all love so much cos you drink beer, swear, you love smoking and you love f ucking.

    If I were there in bed with you I'd love to kiss your pretty little c unt and we would f uck each other good.

    I love you darling and I hope your mummy Megan will feel better soon. She misses you like f ucking crazy but Freja is a good mummy to you as well. Will you please give Freja and Izzy a kiss from me my honey?

    I love you with all my heart babe. You, Freja and Izzy are like our sisters. The only difference is we live in Australia.

    Izzy and Freja, my mum is considering
    f ucking me when dad's not home. She has spoken with Belinda about it a few times. My mum is starting to wake up as to what's happening in the real world.
    Love y'all
    Oskana xx oo xx

  • Oskana,
    It would be so cool if your mum f ucks you. You'll love it. You should f uck her too. I think Friday afternoon would be ideal cos your dad and my dad and other men go to the pub for a beers after work and dad gets home at 6pm for dinner.

    Our dad knows that Belinda f ucks Ren and me and he's cool with it.

    Hey Lizzy, Freja and Olivia,

    Mum said the most s exual thing she has ever seen was one night last year when Lilly, me mum and dad were naked in the living room. Dad was standing next to me while I was sitting on the lounge He had his c*** out so I put my hand around it and took a big drag from my cigarette an looked up into his eyes. Mum said I may as well have had the words "f uck me" on my forehead cos it was so s exy . I really wanted his c ock in my c***.

    Love you my litte b itch Izzy. .

  • Megan,

    It's always pleasing for me to write to my little girlfriend, Olivia and I know that Freja gets enjoyment from reading her my posts. We all know Olivia is a dear little girl and Ren, Lilly and I love her like she's our little sister.

    I too hope the procedure you're having in hospital is a success. We're all thinking of you.

    Love Oskana xx oo xx

  • Megan,
    It's apparent to me that surgeons can foresee long term benefits of this operation. You have pointed out the recovery time will be less and pain relief are two such benefits.

    I can't imagine how you're missing your girls. I keep saying if Ren and Lilly decided to desert me I'd go fu# King insane. I commented Freja for the effort she's putting in looking after Izzy and Livvy. It's evident they love each other.

    Honey I'm now an advocate of having s#x with "my" girls. We all enjoy it so I'm not going to get into the rights or wrongs of that. Ren and Lilly want Rick to f#ck them but he said he couldn't do it to his daughters at this stage, but maybe when they are legal at 16 he do it. Ren and Lilly haven't got the same love for their mum as they have for me and they have told me they'd like their mum to f#ck them if they had. I see nothing at all wrong with that. Mums have more of an understanding with their daughters in general and we can demonstrate rhy love and give them the nurturing they require through s ex they seek. For this reason please consider having s#x with Izzy and maybe Freja. It seems to me that Freja has the same fractured relationship with her mum as the twins have with theirs.

    I should write to you more too honey, I'm certain we understand one another on so many levels.

    I'll be thinking of you tomorrow and I trust all goes well.

    Love Belinda xx

  • Hi Belinda & girls,
    I really know I should write more to y'all.

    My operation is in the morning and I'm dreading, I was just starting to be able to be virtually fully independent and now it feels I will be back to where I was a few months ago. But I know this is hopefully the last operation I will need and recovery should be faster and I should be in less pain as soon as I wake up really. So I'm trying to stay positive.

    Miss my 3 girls so much. I see Freja as a daughter now, in fact I probably have had more contact with Freja since they moved to Alaska then the other 2. She keeps me up to date on Izzy's antics and how my little Olivia is doing. But I know Freja is more than capable of looking after them. She's probably stricter than me cos I'm a soft ar se especially with Izzy. I hope these next 6 weeks will fly by, having Kristina for company is fine but she's not as fun as my beautiful girls.

    I know Izzy wants to have s ex with me and I am truly flattered and I love her with all my heart but s ex I feel right now would be a step to far. I think maybe the other day she was just trying to take my mind off my operation. However s ex with Belinda I think would be a memorable experience and I know she would make sure I loved it. But I totally accept that Belinda has a hubby whom she loves and I'd never come between them.

    I'm so happy you girls are still so close with each other and I know how much your messages mean to my 3 girls. When they talk about their girlfriend's I know they are talking about you girls in Australia. Oskana thank you for becoming Olivia's girlfriend, you make a little girl very happy.

    Take care of yourselves, much love

    Love Megan x x x

  • Ren,
    You're not totally correct. Mum said she wouldn't go out just to plan to be Megan's partner but if it happens she'd let it take its natural cause. If they fall in love with one another, she'd take it from there. She'd like them to be s exually compatible first and if they love one another she'd ask Megan to consider Megan being her lover. Mum said she would like them to be loyal to each but still permitted to f uck men cos she loves c Ock and suspects Megan does as well.
    It's a big difference from what you're saying my love.

  • Freja honey,
    What are you going to name your baby daughter if you are not going to name her Sarah?
    Yeah I think I'm gonna name mine Rainbow or Rainbeau at this stage anyway.

    Love Queen B itch
    Lilly xoxo

  • Hi Izzy and Freja our lovely b itches,

    I'm pleased to read that you copped a spanking from the beautiful Freja but this time I'm more pleased by you apologizing to your mum. I love you so much Izzy but tell me why cos can be such a bad and crazy little c unt sometimes bubs. Lilly gave me a, mouthful of abuse too for being so insensitive about saying anything about Megan f ucking you this close to her operation. I kissed her cheek and said sorry Lills then I walked away and she called me back. She then grabbed my ar$e and brought me in close to her and she kissed me on the lips and said thanks for accepting what I had to say to you sweetheart.

    Bubs mum wants to know how Megan's operation goes, so as soon as you know please tell her honey. Surgeons may not know for a couple of days after she said but she wants to know okay love.

    Izzy you'll Always be my b itch so except for Freja and Livvy tell the others to f uck off.

    Love Ren Xxxxxxx

  • Ren and Lilly,
    Hi beautiful girls, hi Ren baby I love you,
    It's middle of the night ciggy time for us girls.
    Yes Freja gave me a well deserved spanking, it hurt and I cried, but I was a bad bi#tch. I love Freja for spanking me though and we fu#cked after. I love her so fu#cking much, I telephoned Megan and said sorry for what I did to. But I still hope 1 day when she's better to get her to fu#ck me. Omg how cool would it be if Megan and Belinda became girlfriend's and lovers.
    You girls and Oskana will always be our girlfriend's/sisters we love you so fu#cking much. That's why I hate when you two beautiful girls argue.
    I had fun with Maddie and Emily yesterday at theirs. We just hanged out, did makeup and they have loads of cool clothes, but don't worry girls I'm not going to fu#ck them, they just like boys... I could change that haha. I didn't see their brother Tyler which su#cked as he's the one I wanna fu#ck. I so Jayden tho and told him that Olivia likes him, he said she's cute, so hopefully he will fu#ck her soon. Then later the girls along with their little sisters took me to this Ice Museum it was amazing, I loved it. I'm going to take Freja and Olivia one day.
    Amy or her hubby didn't seem to mind that Olivia smoking when we were all there the other day which is good. No one really made a fuss of it. She even was drinking to and drinking beer with Jayden. I don't know how she can like beer ewww haha.
    I'm jealous that Freja is fu#cking Austin and Olivia is closer to fu#cking Jayden than I am to fu#cking Tyler. I think I'm going to have to up my game.
    Love you Renae, hope you give my se#xy sis Lilly lots of kisses.
    Ren's sl#ut Izzy xxxxxxx

  • Freja and Livvy,

    aww look my mum wrote to Megan since we last posted, how sweet, but he had the manners not to say anything s exual to her at this stage cos she's thinking about her operation tomorrow. That doesn't mean to say mum doesn't love Megan, I'm sure she does, deep down.

    It's about 9.15pm your time as I write this sweethearts. It's good that you gave my girlfriend, Izzy and a proper spanking, I hope it hurt like f uck. haha. I think it would be good if Megan did f uck izzy but the timing is wrong to discuss that and I am pis sed with Ren too for bringing it up this close to Megan's operation. I will talk to her later, it'll probably start an argument but i don't give a f uck. I can understand Izzy getting stressed, I gave mum a hard time last Saturday night and I thought she a was a c unt for not letting me get pregnant NOW so i drank bourbon all day and nearly smoked myself sick. Then I went to a cocktail party that night and drank 7 Pina Colarda Cocktails. After giving her a tough time, she stikll came to my aid when I needed her most and the first thing she said to me was "I love you Lilly" and she had every right to be f ucked off with me. I'm pleased you're continuing to do well my love. Carrot, apple and Celery make a lovely smoothie. Your grandpapa has been really good to you three girls, he looks after you all in so many ways even opening his home to you. he's making you so very welcome.

    F uck honey, I'm so happy you have elected to keep Ren, Oskana and me as your online friends and family of sisters.


  • Did Livvy smoke at Amy's place the other night, if she did, I bet they all thought she's so f ucking cute.? and I hope she gets to f uck Jayden and I hope Austin does more than look at your c unt love, I hope he f ucks it hard. So where does that leave Izzy, has she picked someone to f uck?

    Honey don't worry about how many cigarettes you smoke, mum smoked more when she was pregnant mainly cos she stopped working 5 weeks before the twins were born and she stayed at home and missed adult company from her work clients and staff. she missed Ren and I too so it made it difficult for her. She was smoking 70 a day at one stage.

    You sleep tight my love and I love you too honey. Please give Izzy and Livvy lotz kisses and cuddles from me.

    And keep these for yourself babes.

    Love Queen b**** Lilly xoxox

  • Lilly, Ren & Oskana,
    I just seen the time difference between here in Alaska and you beautiful girls in Austrailia
    Here it's 7.25pm on Saturday.
    There it's 3.25pm on Sunday that's just crazy!!! Haha
    Love ya girls,
    xx xx xx Freja & Olivia

  • Lilly,
    It's your girl Freja here, hope your doing good my love, your girl Olivia is here right besides me.
    I'm making sure I drink plenty of fluids, grandpapa asked if I liked smoothies before he left for the store with Olivia, so I thought cool he's probably buy me some smoothies. But like a hour later they turn up with a smoothie maker and lots of fruit and ice so we can make our own. He's the best thing about living here, he's just the sweetest guy. He still calls me princess. He like the closest thing to a dad.
    Izzy is out with her new friends Maddie who's 14 and Emily 12, they took her to another friends house, but tell Ren not to worry they just friends, she don't wanna fu ck them ha. But I did spank Izzy's a ss this morning while Olivia was out with grandpapa, she was disrespectful towards Auntie Megan not only showing her cu nt but badgering her about fu cķing her when Auntie Megan has her operation on Monday. It wasn't a kind thing to do, so I spanked her. She's such a spoilt bi tch sometimes and takes advantage of Auntie Megan's sweet nature. We are good now, later Izzy has told me she had been stressed and worried about me, you and Megan, when she stressed she does wild things cos she don't like to show her feelings. We fu cked after.
    I think Amy's hubby as a real well paid job honey something to do with oil so that's how they have so much money. There youngest doesn't smoke yet and I think a few of the boys don't smoke. I know Austin don't, he coming over tomorrow to see to my cu#nt btw hehe, so I'm looking forward to that. Olivia wants me to ask Austin if Jayden can come over. Jayden is the 13yo our Olivia really likes and wants him to fu ck her. Olivia is so grown up for her age, so proud of her. (Cont..)

  • (...Cont) I'm so happy that you and Izzy are closer now honey, she was genuinely concerned about her big sis and she doesn't like it if she thinks you and Ren are fighting. She has so much love for people she cares about especially your sis Ren.
    Wow that is a beautiful handbag baby I love that. You'll have plenty of room for cigs in that honey. I'm smoking more than ever honey, some days I smoke like 40 I guess it makes me a bad pregnant mommy but Every time I have a scan the baby is fine and growing just great.
    Hope you having an amazing time at Todd and Lars 21st birthday and hope you get fu cked so good honey. I love you my Lilly, my Queen bi tch.
    Your girl xx xx xx Freja & bump (oh bump isn't going to be called Sarah... sorry Olivia hehe)

  • Megan

    I'd like to be by your bedside during your operation, holding your hand. kissing your forehead and stroking your eyebrow. My presence itself may cause positive impact on you sweetheart.

    All the best and all my love to you.

    Love Belinda <3

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  • Isabella my little fuking sl ut of a who#re.

    Baby mum knows that Megan is having her op on Monday and I really think she’s in love with her although she doesn’t say much. She talks about her op and hopes everything goes well and that she’ll be thinking of her tomorrow (it’s Sunday here). It’s the little things mum says that makes Lilly and I think that. I really think they’d f** if they got together and I wouldn’t be upset if they were a couple. We’ve got married rights for gays and lesbians over here and mum would not be shy and kiss and cuddle Megan in public and hold her hand. We’ve talked about that with her. She wouldn’t even give a f** if she walked into any of our relatives houses and started kissing and cuddling Megan. Mum said if they don’t like it then there’s no reason for her to go back there if she and Megan were not accepted.

    Bubs, you’re a fuking mad little bi tch for showing Megan your wet c unt, silly b****. When Megan comes to Alaska get into bed with her. Wait until she’s asleep. Make sure ur wearing your strap on. Play with her c*** and get her wet then slip ur toy c ock into her c***. Then f** her and make her return the favour. That’s what Lilly planned to do if mum didn’t f** us. We fuked her last Wednesday night then she fuked us after she breastfed the babies and then she breastfed us. Her tongue kisses are to die for when she f*** us, even she o.r.g.a.s.m.s She had made Lilly and I squirt sometimes. She’s got fuking big ti ts on a slender body too lol


  • Todd's been fuking me on and off throughout the night, he's asleep now but my c unt needs his attention again so I’m gonna wake him up. Lilly was moaning, groaning and crying when Lars fuked her, she must have copped it real f ucking good. I could hear her and she is in the next room. Her c unt must have taken a pounding.

    Do you like our handbags and cu unt plugs? We’ve still got $450 left cos the handbags were only $300 and then Belinda is going to give us $750 each so we’ll have $1,200 each.

    Oops we forgot something, tell Freja, we do like the name Sarah but we’re going for something weird when we have daughters. Lilly wants to call her daughter Rainbow and I want to call mine River. Mum said we’re silly.

    Isn't it great that our girlfriend, Freja got a f**? give her a kiss on her lips and
    c unt lips from me babes. I hope you choose Lilly, me and Oskana as your family instead of Amy's family of girls cos we love you more than you know.

    Here's kisses for you Izzy my love xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
    Here's some for Freja xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
    last but not least, here's some for our f ucking litlle s ex bomb
    and darling Livvy. Everyone in this world would love that little girl xxxxxxxxxx

  • Hi Freja,

    I’m so pleased you’re feeling better my love. Belinda was concerned for you. She said it’s probably better if I tell you to keep fluids up than her cos you may think she’s trying to tell you what to do which she is a in a way. Without preaching she said the hospital staff has probably already pointed out the dangers of not rehydrating so we’ll leave it at that honey. Babes, I will give Belinda a kiss from you, I promise and I will grab her c unt when I tongue kiss her for you. I might do it twice (one for Izzy too). We do love Belinda (our mum).

    Wow Amy has nine kids and they all smoke and drink, she must have 4 jobs to keep up their habit. I’m happy for you darling that Austin f ucked you. There’s an intense thrill in f ucking someone else’s boyfriend, I’m a queen B itch like that, I’ve done it a couple of times, so has Ren. F uck buddies are the way to go, Ren and I won’t allow Todd and Lars to refer to us as girlfriend/boyfriend although we’re going to their 21st birthday party next month. They are nice guys and I keep saying that and I mean it. We’re going out with them in a bit over an hour and then back to their place to f uck and maybe sleep. Their mum has got used to Ren and I now so there’s no need to take pyjamas. We’ll travel lightly, maybe a spare pair of knickers and our toothbrush and hair comb. Their mum will give us s towels to take a shower in the morning. I think she likes the idea of her sons f ucking us.


  • I feel for my little girlfriend Livvy, I wanted her to have a f f*** last night and how did Izzy miss out on being f ucked? I would have expected Izzy to walk up to Tyler and grab his
    c ock and asked him to f uck her Haha. Freja I think you should get your mum to f uck you too honey. It took a while for Belinda to f uck us but f uck she’s good at it. Ren told Izzy to get her mum to f uck her. In fact Ren said she’d love Megan to f*** her too.

    Oh I just read that Izzy f ucked Livvy last nigh with a strap on. Good girls, i love you both. I hope Livvy let out a couple nice little moans love.

    Izzy get your f ucking sh it in a bucket love and start f ucking again you f ucking little b****.

    Livvy, I hope your c unt is itching for a f uck sweetheart cos we all love you, we think you’re so f ucking s exy and hot and a s exty little smoker. As Ren said you’re da bomb honey.

    We only bought handbags each today. Here is the link

    Freja thank you for the love you’re showing me pet, I return that love, tenfold my love.

    Love your Queen B itch
    Lilly xxx.

  • Renae,
    Hi my lovely girlfriend and bit#ch,
    I'm glad your having fun with Lilly and Oskana and are being together, I bet you all got some nice things when u went shopping.
    I will have to get one of those cu#nt plugs. So happy you and Lilly are fu#cking more again. Hope you both have hot se#x with Todd and Lars. It's hot you slapped Oskana hope one day you will slap my face too honey, I think it's fu#cking hot.
    I fu#cked Olivia with the strap-on last night omg it was hot, she asked me to do it cos she really wants to fu#ck that 13yo boy, I used plenty of lube, she was so tight, I felt like I was a boy trying to get it in her cu#nt, I got it in, I could see it hurt her a bit at first but she was dead brave and she started to be more relaxed so I fu#cked her a little. She say we can do it again. I'm so in love with Olivia.
    I agree that me and Megan need to fu#ck I keep telling her honey, she's so beautiful and se#xy and her ti#ts are beautiful. But she keeps saying no she's my mom and it's wrong, she even got pi#ssed cos I showed her my cu#nt on that was wet for her. I just wanted to show her how much I love her. She lets me fu#ck my sis olivia so why not her. I just don't get it. But I promised Megan I won't ask again until she moves here. Megan has her operation on Monday on her leg on Monday so we all worried about that, I wish I was there with her.
    Maddie and her sis, (2 girls of grandpapa's friends), i cant remember all the names yet haha are coming over to hang out tomorrow so that will be cool, but no boys which sucks ha.
    I am your bi#tch, sl#ut, ska#nk and who#re and I love you my sweet beautiful se#xy Renae.
    Your Isabella xxxxxx

  • Izzy, Freja and S exy little Livvy,

    Freja we glad you’re home sweetheart. I hate hospitals. Lilly and I were in there together. We were staying with Belinda and dad when we were 8 and I got real bad stomach pains .I bad my appendix removed and the doctor said, is this Renae’s twin, Belinda said yea. The doctor said Lilly’s has to come out too. Mum thought wtf and wanted another opinion then it was advisable for Lilly to get her’s removed too. We wondered how we could smoke, huh Belinda didn’t know we were smokers then but we have since told her. She said you should have told me and I would have taken you both out in the carpark for a cigarette.

    Lilly, Oskana and I just got back from shopping, mum said if we don’t spend all our money and save most for the Mid Year sales, she will match what Karen gave us (yes we’ve decided to call Belinda mum and our bio mum Karen) cos Belinda is more of a mum to us, especially after looking after Lilly last week about that c unt Harry. Izzy Megan has got to f uck you love, you’ll enjoy it. Tell her Ren said and if she doesn’t I’ll get f ucking mad at her haha.Mum f ucked Lilly and me on Wednesday night and we f ucked mum and it’s the best feeling cos mums know what to do.

    I love BLT sandbos Izzy and Freja, you’re a spoilt little b itch, you gotta new phone, a new car, what next b itch ha.

    Yeah Izzy, I got Lilly to f uck me while I drank straight bourbon from the bottle and she was calling me Izzy and she lit me ciggies while she f ucked me. She said Izzy is a crazy f ucking b itch like me and she’d like to be drunk and be able to smoke when she’s being f ucked so if I want to be Izzy, I have to do the same.

    I f uked Osky last night and I told her to move her hips cos it was like me f ucking a dead fish lol. Before I said that, I slapped her face and she liked it but said it stung.I said I don’t f ucking care cos I’m doing all the f ucking work haha.


  • Freja and Izzy the c unt plugs are amazing, we can plug them into an electrical socket so we can get a slight electric shock in our c unts, they feel amazing but they can run off batteries too so we can o***** in class.

    Here’s a link of the ones we’ve got, they are about 5 inches but can extend in length, we set them at 5 inches. They can be used up our ar$e or up our c unt. . They are really an amazing p.u.s.s.y plug. Here is the link for the same we have.****-Plug-A***-Plug-SM-Player-O*****-Toy-Medical-Themed-Toy-Physical/32810616909.html

    Yay, you found your s ex toys, your c unts will have the time of their lives.

    Honey, I’m glad Lilly and I are f ucking each other, we really do love each other but we have a competitive streak in us that makes us argue all the f ucking time. It gets mum down and she tells us to make up and f uck because as soon as we do we forget about arguments.

    You just stay my b itch Izzy but you can f*** others honey cos I don’t own you. But just remember you’re my f uck and you’re my girl, you’re my b itch and you’re sl ut.

    We’re going out with Todd and Lars (aww Lars mum wants me to call Lars Brad) They’ll f uck us tonight at their place. They’ll be 21 on 21st April and Lilly, me and Oskana received an invitation to their party that will be held on Saturday, 27th April. Their mum said we can smoke and drink although their mum will probably get some backlash from her sister and brother but she said she doesn’t give a f uck and she’ll handle it. Mum doesn’t know what to buy them so I will have to ask Todd and Lars.

    Freja and Livvy, our other s exy little b******, the Queen B itch Lilly will write soon, she's down the shops with mum, mum wanted time alone without the babies who are so f ucking cute, they sit up by themsleves.

    Love Renae xxxxxxxxx

  • Livvy, Freja and Izzy
    Our b itches from Alaska,

    We'll write later today babies. We're literally f ucked. We're going to the city later. Karen gave Ren and Lilly $750 each last weekend so I am going to buy clothes with them. My mum gave me $500.

    The 3 of us f ucked each other last night. I thought I really loved Lilly more than I do Ren but after last night I love them the same. I think Ren is a better f uck. She drinks straight bourbon and smokes all time when she's being f ucked and I love that cos it shows what a sl ut she is.

    Livvy I love you babe you're da bomb girl, n my sweetheart. I hope you teach the new boys you met, how to f uck darling.

    Slip your panties off n get ready for them my honey bun. Then I'll f uck your little c unt.
    Love Osky

  • Lilly,
    Hi Sweetie, hope your doing well. As you probably already know I came home from hospital and am feeling really good.
    We all had a really good time yesterday meeting Amy and her large family, omg she has 9 kids and if that wasn't enough they have a granddaughter living there to. Amy, her hubby and kids were really sweet.
    As you may of read I went to the store with Austin with his brother and then later me and him went for a drive, just the two of us. He showed me around the area then we parked up and chatted, he's really cool. Then we kissed he was so sweet, I then took him home and fuc ked him twice seemed like we fuc ked for hours. I don't normally like older guys but he was so friendly and easy to talk to, we decided we going to be friends who fu ck. A part of me feels bad cos he lives at his mom and dads with his girlfriend and his daughter. But his girlfriend is a bi tch and it's not like it's going to be serious between me and him we just going to be fu ck buddies.
    Anyway back to more important things, and that's you my darling. Are you ok now after last weekend? I was so worried about you. When I was sick before I went into hospital Izzy said I had my eyes open and I was talking to you for like 2 minutes, telling you how much I f*** ing loved you and I was asking you to come look after us, Izzy say I was just staring she say it was proper fu cked up, I don't remember a thing haha. But proves my feelings for you are real sweetheart and that I love you. I wish you was here with me so much.... you be freezing like hehe but I would keep you warm in bed. I love you my Queen bi tch forever xx xx xx Freja

  • My Osky,
    Hello my fu#cking se#xy girlfriend,
    It's Livvy here, I love you. Oh Izzy is writing this for me.
    Mommy is out of hospital she's tons better now. She's having a girl and I think she shud call the baby Sarah what you think baby?
    I went to Amy and Daniel's house with Grandpapa, Mommy and Izzy. I got 2 new friends Addison and Sophia. Addison is 8 and she's a real big girl like me cos she drinks n smokes. Osky also I talk to two boys, Logan and Jayden. I like Jayden and want to fu#ck him, he's 13 I sat on his knee and hold is hand I think he likes me cos he share his beer with me. I ask if he likes me he says I'm cute.
    Mommy is out with Austin I think she might fu#ck him hehe.
    I'm going now to let Izzy fu#ck me now with strap-on cos then I can get used to fu#cking but I wish u was here with me cos I love you.
    Osky what are you doing today? I love you, mommy say me and you are fu#cking hot girlfriend's. I want to see and kiss your cu#nt I think u will have a real pretty cu#nt like mine.
    Livvy xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Ren, Lilly & Oskana,
    Me and Olivia just got back from grandpapa's friends house. Omg we had so much fun and they were all friendly. Grandpapa's friends have 9 kids! 5 boys and 4 girls. They let us drink n smoke to, omg I can't remember all the names or ages but i made friends with Maddy 14 and Emily 12 they were nice and they smoke cigs and drink to but I think Tyler who is 19 is super hot n I'd like to fu#ck him. Olivia has 2 new little friends who are about 8 and 5. 8yo Addison smokes. But later she was sat with two boys one was about 10 but the other Jayden who is 13 she really likes and she even sat in his lap and hold is hand she's a fu#cking fast little mover haha.
    The oldest boy is Austin he's about 22 and he lives there with his girlfriend and there little girl. His girlfriend was the only unfriendly person there she seems a bi#tch. Anyway they needed stuff from the store so Austin and one of the brothers were going to the store, so Freja asked if she could go with them. So she did then we all had dinner, but about a hour ago just before we left Austin asked Freja if she wanted to go for a drive in her new car and he'd show her around the area. So they both out I can tell Freja likes him I bet she's having fun with him. I think she's going to fu#ck him, in hospital this morning now maybe fu#cking some guy the same day, if she does I be so proud of her haha.
    So both Freja and Olivia will have got closer to guys than me. And I'm sposed to be the sl#ut I'm going to do better hehe.
    Love you Ren baby, any plans for the weekend sweetheart? Tell Belinda I said hi and give her a kiss from me.
    Izzy xxxxxxxxx

  • Ren and Lilly,
    Freja just got home, she's looking so well me and Olivia are going to look after her so well now and make sure shes getting enough rest. We unpacked all the boxes and tidyed the house before she came home. And we found the box with our se#x toys in hehe. I helped grandpapa make BLT sandwiches for lunch they were well yummy. It's only 2pm here. Freja got her new phone today also.
    Olivia has her own packs of cigs and lighters. So she can light up anytime she wants at home. It still feels weird calling this place home, it's so beautiful inside and so freezing outside hehe. We told grandpapa when Megan and Auntie Kristina come here to live with us, they should live in the big house next door with him and us 3 and baby can stay here, he laughed but we serious ha.
    Haha that's crazy you got Lilly to call you my name, you mad little bi#tch. How big are the cu#nt plugs my love? How they feel?. I'm so happy you two beautiful girls are fu#cking so much again. I love you. I'm so happy and lucky to be your little bi#tch.
    Lilly, I hope your ok now big sis. Sending you big hugs and kisses. Freja loves you and will write to you later.
    Me, Freja and Olivia are all looking forward to going out for dinner later and meeting this other family I hope they are cool.
    Love from Ren's bit#ch Izzy xxxxxxxx

  • Livvy,

    I hope you get to smoke heaps and get a f uck at your grandpapa,'s friends place from one of those beer drinking boys my love.

    Here's some kisses on your lips and c unt lips.

    I love you so f ucking much my love.

    Smoky kisses
    Love Oskana xx oo xx

  • Izzy, Freja and Livvy,
    Freja I guess you're home already sweetie and feeling better.

    I'm happy that Freja is pleased with the clothes you bought her but it's cute to show a baby bump.
    Izzy I got Lilly to f uck me after school yesterday cos the c unt/ar$e plugs we had in our c unts make us hor ny. Mum said they'll make us hor ny and that we'll want to smoke heaps. I asked Lilly to call me Izzy when she f ucked me so Lilly was calling me Izzy. She said do you want to smoke while I'm f ucking and kissing you my sl ut Izzy. All I could do was Nod cos I was enjoying her c Ock in my c unt f ucking it so she lit me a cigarette and kept f ucking, kissing and sucking my tittts. I didn't want her to stop but when she did she said I love you Izzy. It was so sweet honey.

    I love it that my little sis Livvy enjoys smoking so much. Does she ask for cigs or do you just give them to her.

    You, Freja and Livvy might get a f uck when you go to your grandpapa's friends place with all those boys there honey.

    See baby you're still my f ucking b itch,
    I had to get my twin to call me Izzy when she f ucked me. I love Lilly too. I'll f uck her tonight then we're going out with Todd and Lars tomorrow night and can't wait until they f uck us.

    Love Ren Xxxxxxx

  • Ren & Lilly,
    Lilly your girlfriend Freja will be home in the morning, she's looked so much better today, we been to the hospital this morning and she wanted her Olivia to stay with her, so she did, while me and grandpapa went shopping.

    We bought Freja some new se#xy tops, cool leggings and dresses cos her bump is getting bigger. She loved everything I got her, she say I should be a fashion adviser haha. I got a new phone yay! Then we went McDonald's and I got Freja a large strawberry shake. As soon as we got back Freja said she needed a cig so went to grandpapa's car where we talked for about an hour before she went back inside. Lilly, Freja looks so beautiful and se#xy with her bump now, she is the most beautiful pregnant girl ever.
    Ren hi baby, I love you my se#xy girlfriend, how do the cu#nt plugs feel?
    How much you smoke now. I smoke like 30-40 if I'm in all day or if I'm busy I smoke like 20. Freja smokes same number as me now. Olivia smokes 12-15 a day now, she's still the cutest smoker. Me and Olivia drink most nights too now. We drinking these Smirnoff ice smash's tonight they come in different flavors like peach and mango and lemon and lime. They have vodka in and are really nice.
    We been also playing on our hover boards, Olivia is better than me already haha, they really cool.
    Me and Olivia are really missing Freja but Olivia is snuggled up next to me asleep she's so amazing .....

  • ......Tomorrow we all going for dinner at Grandpapa's friends house, he says there's about 12 living in this house but the parents are cool, the girls smoke and the boys drink beer. I ask grandpapa how old are they all he says they all younger and older than me, so he not much use hehe. Hopefully we will meet some new friends, I haven't met anyone yet really.
    Ren I need you sweetheart I have this urge to be spanked (Freja hasn't had chance yet) and also baby to spend the night between your beautiful legs sucking your cu#nt like your nasty little wh#ore should.
    Love your sl#ut Izzy xxxxxxxx

  • Our dear fam of girls,

    Lilly, Osky and I need more time to smoke.
    F uck school.

    Glad we've got our c unt plugs in to help us thro

  • Freja my darling,
    Our family of girls are all thinking about you my love, I'm glad you're having a girl, another s** xx symbol to join our club of b itches which include: Belinda, you, Freja's little one, Livvy, Izzy, me, Megan Osky, Ren and Summer. Are you coming home today?

    Love Izzy may be a tough little nut but I'd hate her to deal with Harry. He pushed mum down the steps of his house and if she hadn't grabbed that railing she would have fallen backwards and cracked her head. She could have been knocked out or died and the c unt just laughed. That's when mum called him a c unt and she still had the manners to apologize to me for swearing although I say c unt all the time.

    I hope you and our baby are all good and I'd love to have held your hand in such a difficult time for you sweetheart.

    All my love and best wishes
    You're my s exy b itch
    Love Queen B itch
    Lilly xoxo

  • Lilly & Family,
    It's your girl Freja here. Oh wow I'm in hospital, the middle of the night here. I'm feeling lots better. I'm missing my girls Izzy and Olivia so much. I hope I can go home today.
    I so my little bump on the scan again yesterday, I got a new due date of 2nd August, I'm 18 weeks pregnant now. The baby is growing really well. I found out the s** of the baby .............. It's a GIRL!. I'm so happy it's a girl but I kinda wanted to break this all girl curse in my Family, my mom had only girls, her mom had only girls too. I can't wait to start buying her cute little baby clothes.
    I been reading through our messages. We been chatting for like months now. It only feels like we started chatting yesterday.
    Lilly my love. I love you so fu cking much you have no idea. It's mad how I feel about you. I wish you was here next to my hospital bed holding my hand. Your so beautiful and I love being your girl.
    I just want to say also I'm proud of Izzy. She has so much love to give out, she's so sweet and caring, she's also loud, funny and outspoken. If you was in a fight you would want Izzy on your side, she might be little but she is hard, she has no fear. Izzy is amazing. I can't wait until I can see her and my Olivia again in the morning.
    My sis Hanna telephoned me earlier and we had a mega long chat, mostly saying what a bit ch our mom is ha. Hopefully see her at weekend. If the weather is ok. It's like -7c here, really cold outside! There's snow everywhere.
    Oskana I just want to thank you for being Olivia's girlfriend, she does really love you. Every time I read her a message from you, she always has the biggest smile. She's beginning to understand the frustrations of long distant relationships she can't hold you, kiss or fu ck you. But like you say sweetie you are a pair of hot little cu nts anyway.
    Love you all, xx xx xx Freja

  • Izzy,
    Idk y I fight with my twin. I love her and straight after we argue we f uck.
    Crazy I know. Sometimes mum tells us to f uck and make up.

    Love you baby
    Ren Xxxxxxx

  • Izzy,

    I love you so much sweetheart and I wish we could have so much sexxxxxxxx

  • Izzzzzzzzzzy that was from me sweetheart,
    Ren xxxxxxx

  • Freja,
    Mum said you've gotta drink lots of water honey and when you run out of water, you've got to have more water haha.

    Here are some kisses from me sweetheart and get better. That's a f ucking order honey.

    Love Queen B itch
    Lilly xoxo

  • Oh Izzy,

    That's terrible news about our dear Freja. yeah honey, mum said she's got to drink lots of water to keep her fluids up when she's preg, how long is she in hospital. Is she able to still send us posts on here, I send her one my love.

    Give her meaningful kisses from me darling.

    Honey, I'll always love you, you're my f ucking b**** sweetheart.

    I was writing to you as you were writing to us honey. I've missed you sweet pea.

    Love Ren xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Ren!!!
    Your here! I love you baby
    Your girl Isabella xxxxxxx

  • Izzy, Freja, Livvy and Osky,

    Mum wants to put one of those f ucking apps on her phone so she knows our location all the time when we're out but will not look it up unless we're home on time. What about our f ucking privacy I said. She said I don't want a repeat of what she went through with Lilly the other night and she said does she look like she gives two f ucks about our privacy. Awww

    I said if it wasn't for that stoopid c unt Lilly who f ucked up we wouldn't have to go through this s***. Mum said now, now.

    Ren xxxxx

  • Lilly, Ren, Oskana & Belinda,

    Freja is in hospital, she went in this morning because she carried being really sleepy this morning. So grandpapa took her to the hospital with me and Olivia this morning. Freja has become dehydrated and exhausted, with all the travel, she wasn't drinking enough. So she's been put on a drip and had to stay in hospital a few days. But she's ok and our baby is fine, we all got to see the baby again. She's 18 weeks pregnant now! We also found it if it's a boy or a girl. But I promise her not to tell you all hehe. She wants to tell you all herself. We going to see her after dinner again it's 6.50pm here. We going to look after Freja so much now.

    Lilly your not a selfish bi#tch! All that matters is that you got home safe sis.

    Lilly & my se#xy girl Ren, stop fighting with each other and be there for each other you little bi#tches. What's up with you 2??

    Ren baby hope your ok, I love you. Think maybe I've upset you? I'm sorry if I have. Tell me if ur pis#sed with me baby. I'm still your girl.

    Ren's bi#tch Izzy xxxxxxxx

  • Ren and Izzy
    Lilly and Freja

    I'm just reminding you b itches that Livvy and I are hotter little c unts than you pair of sl uts.
    Love Livvy and Osky xxooxx

  • Hello my little treasure, Livvy,

    I will do as you say and take Lilly out to a romantic lunch on Saturday afternoon honey. We'll go to a cafe by beach near where we live and I promise we'll hold hands and kiss in public. If anyone wants to stare at us that's their f ucking problem. I'll take her back to my place and f uck her and s uck her nice round tities and tongue f uck her c unt.

    I want to f uck my little girl too which is you, Livvy so open your little legs wide for me sweetie.

    Freja, rest up honey and use pillows to support you.

    Love to all my sisters, you're all so s exy, hot and beautiful girls..

    Osky xxooxx

  • Isabella,
    ThanQ for the love you've having for me honey, now that my horror f uck is all over I wish I could take it all back. I would have had no problem with you dragging me out of there by my long hair. I should have done what Ren did. An old guy grabbed her ar$e at the party and asked her straight out for a f uck as she was lighting a cigarette.. She yelled at him to f uck off and elbowed him in the stomach.

    My bio didn't know I went to that f ucking Harry's for a f uck but when it was all over I only wanted Belinda.

    Ren said I'm a selfish b itch for getting mum out of bed and then she had to wake up the babies and go and get me. She said I'm a f ucktard for putting my life at risk. Ren was sleeping over at our bio's place.

    I had a really good night's sleep with mum in her bed so I bought her a bunch of roses and 12 chocolate coated strawberries.

    It's good to be back safely with my sisters and f uck buddies.

    Love Queen B itch who causes, problems.
    Love Lilly xoxo

  • To my se#xy Osky,
    Said by Olivia - wrote by Izzy
    Hey your Livvy here. I wish u was here cos I love you.
    Me and Izzy think you should take Lilly out somewhere real nice and romantic where you can hold hands and kiss and then sleep in same bed.
    My mommy is asleep next to us, me and Izzy are having our ciggys. Me and Izzy have been talking and kissing for long long time, she likes playing with my little cu#nt hehe.
    Me and Izzy hope mommy is ok, she been real tired a lot for lots of days.
    Osky fu#ck me.

    Osky's girl Livvy xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Lilly,
    I hope your ok Lilly honey, all this made me realise that I love you as a real sister, I want to hug you and snuggle with you sis. If I was there at that party I would have dragged you home by your hair if I had to, I might be little but you don't wanna play with me hehe.

    Hey sis don't worry about it now tho, it's done with now. I make big mistakes, so does everyone it's cool we are allowed to mess up, not like other kids our age who have there's life dictated to by parents.

    You have lots of people who love you sis, never forget. I will always fight for my family.

    Megan could never be disgusted with you honey, it's that pri ck she's disgusted with.

    Love your littke sis Isabella xxxxx

  • Oskana.

    I thought of you all but I gave Livvy a special thought cos she's so little and I hope she doesn't experience I what went through. There are so many c unts out there but I am convinced Todd and Lars are ideal for Ren and me.

    Walking home at that hour with two guys behind me was so f ucking creepy. When i realized they were there I went into the first home i could see with its lights on I was thinking I wasn't going to see Ren, mum or the babies again.

    Love Queen B itch

    Lilly xoxo

  • Lilly,

    I've missed you sweetheart, so so sorry about the hard time that f ucking Harry gave you, but why f uck him? I can just see Belinda going off her f ucking head at him. she is quiet too until something gets her down, not herself o much, but when you and Ren get hurt, she defends you big time. Did she hurt herself when the c unt pushed her down the steps? My teacher said you wouldn't be at school today and I know that Ren still has this week to serve on her suspension so that doesn't leave many girls i can smoke with at school.

    Stay with Belinda love, see how much she cares and loves you?. She got two babies out of bed to pick you up at 1.30am, she could have easily said, walk around the corner to your bio mum's place. Now I don't want to hear any more negative things about her.

    I love you girl but our Lilly has been a bit silly (that rhymes huh).

    Love Oskana xx oo

  • Freja and Izzy,
    You’ve got every right to be mad at me my loves, I’m ashamed at myself but I was vulnerable and Belinda mum said my head hadn’t been in the right place for days. I let my c unt over-rule my brain. Plus I had been drinking heavily and chainsmoking at a rapid rate for two days solid.

    When that c unt kicked my ar$se out of his home and into the gutter after he f ucked me Belinda who I will now call mum said he treated me like a piece of meat. Instead of going back to my bio, Karen’s place which was just around the corner, I needed my mum-Belinda. I rang her shortly after 1.30am and said “Mum pick me up”. She didn’t know wtf was going on and then I realized I had to ring her back and tell her I was walking to the train station. She was concerned and placed the babies in the car in their seats and came looking or me. She was on her phone and driving at the same time, looking for me and then she said “go to a 24 hour gas station and stay inside and she’ll meet me there.
    Not long after that I heard two guys walking and talking behind me, so I went into a nearby house after I noticed the lights on and pretended I lived there. A lady drove me to the petrol station to meet mum and waited with me for her to arrive, she only had her dressing gown on.

    Mum picked me up and we drove to Harry’s place after work yesterday afternoon. Mum was furious and when he opened the door she said she was Lilly’s mum and you raped my daughter., you took advantage of her because she was drinking heavily over the two days. She was intoxicated. He said “utter bullsh it,

  • , Karen is her mum and she consented to s ex and that the night before she said she wanted me to f uck her but she on her period so I guess your daughter is a sl ut and deserves to be raped. Mum said No young girl or woman deserves to be raped and it doesn’t matter, she’s a minor and it’s statutory rape, you are a f ucking paedophile and I am her mum, I have complete custody of her, I don’t give a f uck what her natural mother says or does, I take care of her. He shoved her and she stumbled down the front steps backwards and she just grabbed the railing just in time before she fell.

    Awww mum called him a c unt and later apologized to me for her language but I'll make excuses for her cos she was really fired up.

    Mum said don’t tell dad cos he’ll go to Harry’s and belt the f uck out him and that won’t help. Mum said your father is a gentle giant but when someone hurts any of his girls including me he’ll just about him and go to jail.

    We came home and I thought mum was go mad at me but she was more worried about me than anything else. All she said was “honey, choose your men more carefully and always let me meet them before you have s ex with them. She said Harry is a very, very handsome man on the outside but has an ugly personality on the inside. She said now ring your mum and tell her I’ve picked you up and brought you home cos she’ll worry about you. I said no mum, please you ring her. I went to bed with mu and she showed her love to me, we didn’t have s ex. She just kissed my forehead all night and held me tight and cuddled me and she held me in her arms.

    Yes darling Freja, I would have felt much more secure if you and I f ucked all night and had o ral s ex.

    Sorry for being such a f****** b itch and a wh ore
    Love Queen B itch
    Lilly xoxo

  • Freja, Izzy, Livvy and Oskana
    (Megan you may be disgusted in me... but I love you like a second mum).

    I will write later, I have had a terrible ordeal and I've had to deal with it girls. Of course Freja I'm ashamed of myself and I shouldn't have let it happen. I'm exhausted. I can't blame the fact that I was drinking so heavily for two days before. My head still said I wanted to be f ucked by Harry but I'm so much regretting it happend, talk soon love.

    Todd and Lars are far more caring towards us than that c unt, Harry. Mum gave us money so we could shout them dessert when we all went out last time, but they still paid and wouldn't accept our money.

    Belinda has been a tower of strength to me, God I love that woman so f ucking much, she's my mum, there's now no doubt about that.

    I will write soon my honeys

    Queen B itch
    Lilly oxox

  • Lilly,
    I wish I could give you the biggest hug sweetheart. I'm sorry Harry was such a tw at to you babes. I love you and wish I could be with you or you with us.

    Sorry Izzy was harsh with you love. But she wouldn't be so mad if she didn't care about you. She's more mad at Harry and your bio mom. It's difficult cos you and Izzy are both my girlfriend's and I have mad crazy love for you both.

    Don't let tw ats like Harry upset you or affect you, he's not worth a moment if your thoughts.

    I do think sweetheart if you went down on me and I was to wrap my legs around you and you spent an hour teasing my pregnant cu nt with your tongue and suc ked tenderly on my cl it it would take your mind off co ck and your girl would be a happy bi tch.

    Love your very ho rny girl xx xx xx Freja

  • Ren and Lilly,
    Wtf Lilly why the fu#ck are you fu#cking an old bast#ard like that????, he obviously didn't respect you. Lilly I'm really really pis#sed at you now. Ok so he had a co#ck, you going to fu#ck every pri#ck with a co#ck. You know why I'm so pis#sed I will tell... cos I fuc#king care about you and love you as my sister. You were not safe with that fuc#king Harry, he just got what he want and fu#cked you off. I'm even more mad at your bio person, I won't call her mother cos what mother leaves her daughter with a fuc#king cu#nt like him and you want to live with the bit#ch and have your baby brought up there? I'm so fu#cking mad cos your worth a million times more than that pr#ick your beautiful, intelligent and se#xy and your my fu#cking big sister! Don't you ever fu#cking lower yourself to that again. Oh I'm sure Freja will be more supportive than me cos she's fu#cking sweet n all but I had to tell u what I think......

  • ......Hi Ren baby, sorry for my rant I hope Lilly doesn't take it out on you sweetie if she's pis#sed at me. We got to Alaska safely we in our new little house right next door to grandpapa he's left us alone to make us dinner. It's beautiful in here and the beds are well cumfy, got everything and it's all new. We just sky.ped Megan, she just had her hair done, she looks well pretty and very se#xy I hope one day she will fu#ck me.
    Grandpapa got us all 2 cartons of Marl Reds 100s each. Olivia put hers in her room straight away and told me and Freja to keep off them haha. She's a cute cheeky little bit#ch sometimes, she probably won't even sleep in her room anyway. Grandpapa told her she's a cute little smoker he didn't say se#xy but we all know she is a se#xy little smoker and nooooo he doesn't know she fu#cks yet. Haha in the car coming here from the airport I forgot we was with Grandpapa and I had my hand inside Olivia's pants playing wiv her cu#nt and then I realised who was driving the car.... well I am tired haha.
    Omg Freja's car his well cool, it's got tinted windows and it's like nearly new, she going out wiv grandpapa in it tomorrow to get used to it. He even got Olivia a kids seat in it already and bought a little baby seat for her little bump.
    I love you Renae I think you should come here so I can give you a right good tongue fu#ck so you can cu#m on my sweet little angel face you little bit#ch. I fuc#king love you. I'm so happy and lucky your my girl.
    Your Izzy xxxxxxx

  • Hi Livvy,

    I love you honey and I want to f uck and lick your cunny like crazy. You are my s exy little smoking f uck doll sweetie. I like you being a f ucking badar$e. Ren asked if your grandpapa thinks your a s exy little smoker and if he knows you f uck but you didn't answer.

    I'm glad you enjoyed the zoo darling and I want you to f uck me whenever you want.
    Love Osky xx oo xx

  • Freja,

    I got f ucked really good by that 37 year old man, Harry but he's a c unt ha. As soon as he f ucked me at his place he told me to f uck off. That was at about 1.30 this morning. I was a bit scared by the tone of his voice so I got dressed and left straight away but I returned before I got to his gate so I went back and knocked on his door. I told him I left my cigs and lighter there. He came back and threw them at me. I feel like telling dad, he'd smash the c unt's head in with his iron fist.

    Love Queen B itch
    Lilly xoxo

  • Hi my baby Izzy,

    I know you wouldn't put up with f ucking sh it from the pr ick of a man sweetheart. My bio was furious when he kept harassing me and she told me to have another drink and a ciggie to calm down.

    One lady there said to me that Lilly and I are too young to drink and smoke so I asked her what business is it of hers whether we drink and smoke or not and said there's our mum over there (as, I pointed to Karen) our bio. She kept staring at Lilly when she was kissing on and drinking and smoking when she was sitting on his, lap.

    Wrote as, soon as you arrive love and stay safe cos, I love you with all my heart and c unt. Give Olivia and Freja smoky kisses from me.
    Love Ren Xxxxxxx

  • Renae,
    Hi beautiful. Hope your ok.

    Don't let Lilly make you sad sweetie. I hope Lilly makes the right choice and waits.

    That man at the cocktail party sounds a right pri#ck you should have kicked him in the b****. If I was there I would have told him to keep his fu#cking hands off my girl I will feel better when you home, cos I know if u with Belinda your safe.

    We off to Alaska soon honey, we will be there in like 6 hours. I will let you know when we get there. I love you my se#xy bit#ch.

    Keep smiling beautiful, wish I was there we could go out, just me and you, holding hands, kiss you lots and talk. I could cheer my baby right up and make you laugh. Your hot n se#xy and your mine. I love being your wh#ore.

    I love you lots baby,
    Your Isabella xxxxxxxx

  • Izzy,

    Mum said we can have babies when we're 13 but Lilly still want to preg now.

    Lilly and I went to a mum's last night cos a neighbour of hers had a cocktail party. This block in his late 20's or something brought me a drink and said "ho about a f uck love as he cupped his hands around my ar$e checks. i should have elbowed the c unt.

    How you sugar tities and I love you honey bum, sweet pea, darling, honey, beautiful, little c unt, wh ore, b itch

    Love you baby

    Ren xxxxxxxxxxx

  • Megan,
    I am beside myself. Lilly was chain smoking at a rapid rate yesterday when I tried to discuss with her with some rationale about having a baby. She took a bottle of bourbon from the wine bar and drank almost all of it before she went to her mum's. Ren and Lilly are the same in that respect, they can't get drunk when they drink alcohol in excessive amounts when something's bothering them.

    I had a good think about Ren and Lilly getting preg and then I thought, I can't be so harsh. You got pregnant at 13, I got pregnant at 13 although I lost the child I was carrying and I often wonder "what if'.

    Lilly doesn't want to come home just yet because her mum's boyfriend is away with his work and she wants to spend time with her. She rang me this morning and said she loves and that the only person she loves more is Ren which is comforting. she thanked me for being an amazing mum and not too many mums would f uck their daughter and she loves that so much.

    They went to her mother's neighbours cocktail party last night and she drank seven cocktails to Ren's 4 but couldn't get drunk because of the thoughts running through her head about us fighting and told Ren she only told me she'll leave my in the hope of her getting her own way about having a baby.

    She read the post about you and Izzy going to bars and picking up men to f uck and said mum that's what i want you and me to do. We've been out drinking in restaurants but it's not the same. I said to her we are disadvantaged in that way cos I have the babies at the present time but it's something I want to do with the older twins .

  • Lilly was sitting on the knee of the father of the 13 year old girl and Ren said she looked so f ucking hot drinking and smoking when she was kissing him open-mouthed. She said the father is in his late 30's and his hand kept creeping up her short leather mini skirt that their mum had bought them some weeks ago but Lilly kept taking it away from her p.u.s.s.y because she's on her period. Lilly told Ren that had she not been on her period she would have f ucked him.

    I told Ren I don't mind that in the slightest and Ren said their mum thought nothing of it either and saw everything. She said she heard Lilly often say to him I want you to f uck me but I've got my periods.

    Oskana is a sweet girl but I give her more guidance than her mum. She often tells me if it wasn't for me then she'd still be a virgin, wouldn't be able to smoke and definitely wouldn't be allowed to f uck men. I'm not bragging in saying that, I'm merely pointing out the difficulty she is facing because of her upbringing. I was running a risk of her not being able to hang out with Ren and Lilly when I told her mother she should allow her to smoke then I took a bigger gamble and told her my kids f uck one another, girls, boys and more recently men and that Oskana should b allowed to f uck. I have told her that I
    f uck Ren and Lilly and they f uck me and it's the best thing that Lilly has encouraged me to do. We all thoroughly enjoy it.

    Honey we all love Olivia here, and we'v built up a love for Izzy and Freja I want you to know that.

    i picked it up long ago that Olivia was ready to be f ucked, her inquisitiveness alone is to be reckoned with. We're all so proud of that little girl.

    Finally, I allow my kids to get pregnant when they're 13.

    I love you sweetheart and I thank you for your meaningful and constructive post.

    Love Belinda xx

  • Oskana! ,
    (Freja writing for Olivia) hey girlfriend! What are you doing? I been smoking lots again and drinking but not getting drunk hehe. I've just had a se xy shower with my Izzy we wash each other cu nts and kiss, it's fun. Izzy says you can shower with us 2 but I just want me and you in shower cos I love you and your my girl.

    Guess what.. we have been to the Zoo with Grandpapa today it was well good, we so all the animals and grandpapa bought me t-shirts and cuddly animals. I couldn't smoke tho after so long I really needed a ciggy as well. So mommy took me to grandpapa's car so I cud have 2 ciggys then we went back to zoo.

    We go to our new house tomorrow I'm dead fu cking excited. I wish you was there so I could kiss you and have nice fu ck.

    Your my se xy Oskana cos I really love you.

    Livvy xxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Lilly,
    Hi sweetheart, omg I hate that you feeling sad babes. I'm sending you big cuddles and a million kisses. I love you, I'm so lucky to be your girl.

    Babes you know I would always support you in any decision you make.

    Babes you know Belinda loves you deeply, she just trying to look out for you.

    You will make an amazing mother babes, but don't forget your a twin, so you might have not one baby but two babies. Do you want the baby to grow up at your bio moms house or your moms house with your twin sis? Who will support you and your baby best and where will you and your baby be happiest?

    It's hard being a mommy, cos now I've got to make decisions for not only myself but also for Olivia and the baby inside of me. I feel like the luckiest person because I'm starting to feel like Olivia is mine now even when Izzy is chatting to her Izzy refers to me as her mom or mommy. But like 3 months ago I didn't even know if I wanted kids, now I have kinda adopted one and have another on the way it's crazy but also a ton of responsibility. But Lilly sweetheart if you decide to have a baby now you will do awesome, have you talked to your bio mom? If you have what did she say?

    Megan knows Izzy will have a baby when she's 14, it's like it's not even an issue, they both so matter of fact about it, they both agreed on it too, but Izzy also knows that's the agreement and if Izzy broke that, naturally Megan would be disappointed. (Cont..)

  • (...Cont) I so wish Auntie Megan was my mom, babes part of me thinks I wish my mom would just fu ck off, she causes me to much stress, it's like half of the time she's dead supportive and the other half of the time she's a bi tch. I'm really not looking forward to living with her again. Olivia, Izzy, Auntie Megan and grandpapa are my family now. If my mom just left me alone id call Auntie Megan mom (even though her own girls don't call her mom which is a bit strange but both girls have an amazing relationship with Auntie Megan and love her so much), cos she's so supportive and understanding.

    I love you just as much if you got pregnant sweetheart, I'll always be here for you and I will support any decision you make my love. You will always be my Queen Bit ch and I will always be your girl. I LOVE YOU.

    xx xx xx Freja and bump

  • Freja,

    Thanks for the big cuddles sweetie and million s exy f ucking kisses , I really f ucking need them. and you don't think i love you too b itch , then think again girlfriend. I love you so much Freja You might like to read the post mum sent to Megan, it pretty much says it all and it's spot on.

    I know Belinda loves me but that doesn't stop me from wanting a baby my love. I have thought about a few things you said even before you wrote. The biggest concern I have it is 4 babies will be living under the one roof if Ren and I get pregnant.

    Megan said perhaps i should wait and see if i can "mother" Liberty and Summer" Ren and I are very good with them sweetheart, we feed them their formula out of the bottle when mum is unable to breast feed them. We often change their diapers and bath them and we play with them so much and smother them in smoky kisses although we don't mean to, it's just that we smoke a lot when we're home. They appear to like cigarette smoke and they let us kiss their lips when we've been smoking. Ren and I sleep naked especially in this hot weather and the babies don't wear singlets to bed cos it's too hot, they only wear diapers in case they wet the bed. Liberty and Summer suck on my b****** and Ren's b****** when we're naked beside them, it feels so f ucking good. I think you they think we're their mummies. You and Olivia will love it if you let Olivia s uck your t***. And Ren and I think it'd be wonderful if Izzy and Megan f uck each other, they've gotta do it honey.


  • Ren and I went to a cocktail party of our bio mum's neighbour last night and I met this gorgeous man, he's 37 and is the dad of a 13 year old girl that attended. I was sitting on his knee, in my black leather mini skirt, high heels and red shirt that our bio bought us weeks ago. I had a drink in one hand and a cig in the other and we were kissing with our mouths open in front of the guests. I'm gonna let him f uck me tonight cos my periods will have been cleared. Our bio was there but she seemed as though she couldn't give a f uck which was good. Ren met a guy too but she doesn't like him, he brought her over another drink and cupped his hand on her ars$e cheek and said "how about a f uck love'. She said in a loud voice "f uck off'. Then he tried to talk to her using a better choice of word so i said stop f ucking harassing my sister you f ucking j***.

    Belinda is my mum and she will be the first to know when I'm pregnant, I won't be discussing my pregnancy with my bio. We still love each other dearly as I say she's the best f uck I've ever had and puts feeling into it. My bio doesn't have any say in what i choose to do. I will then tell Ren and then Belinda can tell my dad. Belinda has got a certain calm about her and knows how to handle situations. I finally got an answer out of her yesterday before i stormed off to my bio's. She said she'd like me to get preg when i'm 13 and this is what Megan said a few hours after mum Belinda spoke to me about that. But I didn't think about it too much. i was head-strong and wanted so much to be f ucked and get pregnant straight away. I can fully understand why you've adopted Megan as your mum and I think it would be a good idea if you called her mum. she'd love that cos mum, Ren and I can really tell she loves and that you love her. Furthermore mum said Megan has your total trust in what you do for Izzy and Olivia.
    Does your grandpapa think Olivia is a s exy little smoker and know that she f ucks. Love Lilly xoxo

  • Freja,
    I'm having a f ucking s*** fight with mum. I need so many kisses and cuddles from you honey and my periods go today so I need you to f uck me.

    Why the f uck doesn't she let me have a baby to keep me happy.

    I love you for understanding me about this
    Lilly xoxo

  • Belinda,
    Hi honey, sorry to read your Lilly is giving you such a hard time, I just wanted to tell you I support your efforts in getting the girls to wait a few years before getting pregnant.
    Also I have an idea as you know Freja is now mommy to Olivia. When Olivia started calling her mommy it did tug at my heart strings a little. But now I realise that Freja absolutely adores Olivia and she is becoming a brilliant mother to her, and she loves Olivia calling her mommy. I'm happy that she calls me Megan although I will always be there for Olivia when she needs me. I trusted both Freja and Izzy to ensure that Olivia was safe when she got fu cked my Noah and they did that so well. Also it gives me a sense of freedom to enjoy myself without worrying about the girls. I'm looking forward to being a grandma when Izzy has her baby at 14. But then I'm also looking forward to having nights out with Izzy, going to bars, being hot ladies seeking men....... So what I'm saying is that if the girls want babies so bad give them Liberty and Summer to bring up and if they do that really well for a year and they still want to get pregnant and they have proved how good little mothers they can be then maybe you could agree to them having babies even younger than 14. Also for you it's gives you a bit more freedom, more time for fun and your hubby. Let me know your thoughts honey.
    I didn't try Olivia smoking at 3yo honey but she wasn't much older than 4 when she started, I'm happy for her that she's having se#x now, I'm glad it was Noah and not some very young boy who had no clue what to do, I think boys 12+ will be fine for Olivia now after Noah.
    I'm missing Izzy especially so much already it's so quiet, she always has something to talk about or some great drama going on. Cont......

  • .......Awww also I'm happy that Olivia and Oskana are girlfriend's now. I think it shows how intelligent Olivia is she kinda worked out on her own that Ren is with Izzy, Lilly is with her mommy but then there's Oskana, so she started asking questions about her, when the girls explained she was Russian, she wanted see pictures of Russian girls then as soon as she so them she wanted Oskana to be hers. Olivia loves listening to the girls when they read the messages out to her. She's very curious about everything.
    Take care of yourself Belinda lovely.
    Megan xxxx

  • Isabella, Freja and Olivia,

    You might remember me saying a few weeks back that there is going to be a cocktail party held at one of our bio mum's neighbour's place tonight and Mark won't be there. There will be adults and a 13 year old girl there. Our bio said we're allowed to drink and smoke and if we find suitable men we allowed to
    f uck them.

    We're staying overnight and if we find men our bio is paying for a hotel room for us. Belinda is so worried that Lilly won't want to come home tomorrow.

    Love you my b itches and sisters - even Olivia is my little b itch and cute sister but I love her soo f ucking much.

    Ren xxx

  • Isabella and Freja,

    I talked to mum heaps last night about Lilly wanting to leave mum and mum's so upset. Lilly asked me if I'd come with her and live with our bio. I said no, she said she'll have to think about living with our bio very seriously without me cos she wants a baby so f ucking much

    I said Lilly is a c unt mum. She just said she doesn't like Lilly being b itchy. I
    f ucked mum afterwards to make her happy but she can't f uck me cos I'm on my period. Again she told me she loves Lilly and me more than she loves liberty and Summer. She said it hurts her so much that Lilly is wanting a baby right now and that she is talking about leaving her. She can't sleep.

    When do you leave Canada and go to Alaska,?

    Your grandpapa must think Olivia is so
    f ucking cute when she smokes. Does he know that Olivia f ucks honey?

    I love you babe, and Freja and Olivia. I love Lilly so much too but she's a c unt right now.

    I'm gonna write to your mum.

    Love Renae Xxxxxxx

  • Ren,
    Hi beautiful, Lilly is a bi#tch for making your mom cry. You both should wait till your 13 to get pregnant and you should get pregnant together and have your babies at 14. Megan had me when she was 14 and she's an amazing mom. Also Megan say if I had baby younger than 14 my pus#sy (She never says cu#nt ha) might not be big enough and then they have to cut you to help get the baby out, so it could ruin your cu#nts.
    We been shopping with Grandpapa for things for our new bedrooms in Alaska today. We got lots of things, best were the teddy' s they were so cute. Grandpapa also bought me and Olivia this bottle of lemonade and vodka, it's really nice it's got a French name on the bottle. We 3 are all smoking in our hotel room with the windows open, we not sposed to but Grandpapa sat it ok.
    Olivia my little fu#cking hot little girlfriend gave me love bites today. Her mommy Freja taught her so I got like 6 love bites on me haha.
    We went ice skating today, Olivia's first time she fell over a few times at first but then she could skate after about 20 mins trying. She's such a hot clever little bi#tch.
    Yesterday I telephone Megan like lots of times. I telephoned her when we got to Germany, when we were about to get on the plane to Toronto, when we got to toronto and then when we got to hotel. Today we her she says it to quiet especially without me cos I'm loud and dramatic ha.......

  • ......Thank you for telling Freja to beat my se#xy a#ss baby. I think she's going to buy a paddle but she says she going to use a belt on me when we get to Alaska, even if cry I will have a nice cu#m to. Every time she spank me before it as hurt but I feel so loved after , it's hard to explain why. Freja thinks I'm freaky but she says I am more caring, better behaved and more loving for upto a week after a spanking.
    Baby also if you and Lilly wait to get preg just think of all the cool baby things Belinda will buy you both. But if you get preg now she might not buy you as much. She loves you both so much. You don't want to live with your bio-mom and her bf do you? Just think if you have babies together you can feed both babies while one of you rests.
    I love you.
    Your sl#it Izzy xxxxxxx

  • Izzy, Freja, Olivia, Oskana and Megan,

    Lilly has made mum cry. She blackmailed her. She said if mum's against her getting preg, she'll go and live with our bio mum but won't tell our bio mum that she will THINK about getting pregnant.

    it's the first time Lily or me have tried to blackmail mum so we can get our way.

    I think Lilly is a spoilt little b itch.

    Love Ren xxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Izzy,

    Lilly and I want to get pregnant right away honey but we don't want to upset mum too much, she's been so good to us. I think it'd be awesome if we have babies this year and Liberty and summer were like aunties to Lilly's and my babies when they're one year old. That'll be so f ucking cute.

    Mum thinks so too but she wants us to wait. I asked how f ucking long. She said she hasn't decided.

    If we go against her and have babies anyway, she'll be very upset with us.

    Love Ren xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Freja,

    You gotta spnk my girlfriend really g=hard, she likes it hard. Do I have to send you mu's paddle so you can tan her f ucking ar$se. Make her scream and yell like the sl ut she is honey. She needs to cummm real bad.

    Now if you don't spank and f uck her good, then I'm gonna have to come over there and show y'all how to spank and f uck.

    I hope you enjoy your dinner babes. Are you gonna f uck afterwards when you get back to the hotel room?

    Mum wants us to meet other guys, not cos she doesn't like Todd and Lars it's cos she thinks we should get involved with other men a bit more. But she wants us to find guys like Todd and Lars who respect us so much.

    Ren xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Rennnnn!,
    Hi beautiful se#xy girl, we are here in Toronto canada. We just got into the hotel. We set off from home at 8am, 14 hours ago so it's midnight nearly in Sweden but here it's only 6pm that's fu#cked up haha. We stopped in Germany for 5 hours to change planes, that was so fu#cking boring but we could go outside to smoke, we find somewhere quiet so it was ok for Olivia to smoke too cos we all needed cigs. It was kinda scary cos it was just us 3 and most people just speak in german. But Freja looked after us really well. So then we got another plane to Canada and that took 8 hours. Olivia slept for like 5 hours, me and Freja couldn't sleep. When we got to Canada grandpapa was here already waiting. Freja cried with hapiness when she so grandpapa, she's cute haha. We all real tired now but the hotel is really nice we 3 are sharing 1 room and grandpapa is next door. He taking us out for dinner in a few hours. So we going to have a little sleep now.
    I love you and I love being your ska#nky wh#ore and I deserve to be spanked hard with your paddle. Freja is going to spank me when we get to Alaska, but she's a bit soft, you should tell her to spank me harder.
    Love you your girl,
    Isabella xxxxxxx

  • IzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzY

    I'm so happy all three of you arrived safely sweetheart. Did you ring your mum and tell her the you arrived safely. Hmmmm I'd like to f uck you in public on a plane honey. That would be so good and I'm pleased that you all three of you were able to smoke.

    Don't forget to get Megan to f uck you love, I mean it honey.

    Love Rennnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn !!!

  • Freja, Izzy and Olivia,

    We were baby sitting Hayley yesterday probably cos her mum wanted to go out and get a f uck. Anyways we went to the beach and bought fish and chips (do you call chips french fries in Sweden?) they are the same thing. Oskana was with us and when we were walking home Ren, Oskana and I had a ciggie so Hayley said to me she needs a smoke. I told the little c unt she is too young to smoke and then she started to whinge. I then gave the b itch a cig and all the people were looking at her smoking but I didn't give a f uck cos Ren, Oskana and I had been drinking and we were a bit drunk.

    Queen B itch
    Lilly xoxox

  • Hi babe,
    Izzy I love you my love and I guess mum was meaning to say what Megan is saying in calling us badass#s but mum calls you and me little b itches ha. Honey if it wasn't for Lilly persistently wanting mum to f uck us it wouldn't have happened. When mum f ucks us it better than any girl, boys or men f ucking us. She puts so much love into it. I cumm so hard when I'm naked in bed and she kisses me but when she f ucks me or Lilly we go f ucking bananas. Even your mum said it's nice that Belinda f ucks us and I think she should f uck you. Keep asking her to f uck you honey, you'll both feel so f ucking hot. I'd let Mega
    f uck me.

    It's so nice that you bought those lovely gifts for your mum, now she owes you a f uck haha and I understand that you needed to spend your last day in Sweden with her.

    I'm proud of little girlfriend that she's smoking so much and I agree with Megan, you have to keeping f ucking Olivia so she gets her cunny stretched and she'll enjoy being f ucked even more.

    Well you and Olivia have a safe trip my darling girls and write when you can.

    I love you so f ucking much isabella and remember you're my wh#re and no one else's or ill spank your f ucking a#s with mum's paddle.
    Love Ren Xxxxxxx

  • Hi my se#xy girlfriend Oskana,
    - Izzy writing for Olivia- I love that you are my girlfriend! I want to kiss you all over! I love you.
    Izzy asked if we are better girlfriend's than Ren and Izzy or Lilly and mommy and I say yes! Cos we are se#xier and cuter!
    When Noah fu#cked me he put my legs in the air cos he couldn't put his co#ck in my cu#nt the other way. My cun#ny is all better now it feel a bit nice to fu#ck Megan says next time it be even better.
    I want kiss your ti#ts and su#ck your cl#it hehe
    Oh I smoked 20 today for first time! I love cigs so fu#cking much. They make me a big big girl and now I just wake Izzy up to have another ciggy.
    Oskana your the best sweetest girl ever. I love you.
    Olivia xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Olivia,

    I love you too my darlkng and yes we are much sweeter, much hotter and much sexier than those sl uts Ren and izzy and Freja and Lilly. You're the love of my life Olivia. I'm glad you enjoyed being f ucked sweetheart and that your cunny is all better. You will get used to being f ucked honey and it's a good feeling in your cunny. It makes you a big girl and WOW my little hot girl has reached 20 cigs a day.

    We can kiss each other all over, our tities, our c unts, our ass#s. You have a safe trip to Canada my lovely little big girl and show Grandpapa how well you can smoke, I'll be thinking of you at school today.

    All my love to you honey bun

    Oskana xx oo xx

  • Hi Ren baby,
    Sorry we haven't wrote much today, but it was our last full day in Sweden with Megan before we fly out tomorrow. So me and my little se#xy girlfriend Olivia promised we wouldn't spend time on our phones or tablets.
    Freja has gone to her moms for the night. So it's just been me, Megan and Olivia. We bought Megan a new watch, a nice necklace, flowers and ..... a dil#do haha.
    It's been a awesome day, Megan has been a naughty se#xy lady today, she encouraged Olivia to smoke lots, she hit 20. She got me to fu#ck Olivia in front of her, she told me I had to kiss Olivia's cun#ny better which I did. Me and Olivia even kissed her, I wanted to fu#ck Megan but she wouldn't let me. Megan is so beautiful and se#xy. We talked about s#ex lots, I told her she should find someone nice to fu#ck. She told me that she knows I'm going to find a man to fu#ck soon but I should wait until it's the right man. She told Olivia that she should let me fu#ck her with the strap-on often cos if she don't have s#ex for a bit it will hurt just as much next time. She's really happy her two girls are girlfriend's and lovers but not to forget Freja. She said she loves that I'm such a crazy little bada#ss.
    We can't believe we will be in Canada tomorrow with Grandpapa. We both excited but sad we going to miss mom too but we will see her everyday on
    I love you sweet pea.
    Your little girlfriend,
    Izzy xxxxxxx

  • Freja, lizzy, Olivia, Oskana, even mum and Megan lol.

    F ucking periods,

    I put my p.u.s.s.y plug up my c unt at about 8 this morning, now my c unt is bleeding. Lilly will probably get her period today while mum has her plug buried deep in her c unt. She's such a lucky b itch.

    Izzy I want to insert a plug up your c unt my love.

    Ren Xxxxxxx

  • Freja,

    I've got it all worked out my darling b itch. We're all going to the sydney gay and lesbian Mardi gras and we'll pair off. It'll be you and Lilly, Ren and Izzy and my heart throb Olivia and me. We can all go back to the twins' place to f uck like rabbits.

    Sl utty Oskana
    Xx oo xx

  • Izzy,
    Wake up you f ucking little wh#re. I need to f uck you and I want you to play with my c unt. Mum said Lilly can stay home from school today so we're both going to the city to get guys to f uck us. Lilly knows a place that will sell ciggies to underaged chicks in case we run out.

    So there you go my se xy sl ut.
    Love Ren Xxxxxxx

  • Hahahahaha,

    I asked mum if I can get a tattoo. She jokingly said yeah. You and Izzy can get the words "LITTLE B I TCH" tattooed around your ankles and the back of your necks.
    Ren Xxxxxxx

  • Izzy,
    How would you like a proper ar$e spanking from me you naughty little sl ut Hmmm mmm? I'll use mum's paddle on your sweet, se xy ar$e and you'll yell and scream like a f ucking b itch. Lilly is excited cos she's gonna wear her c unt plug to school today. I'm gonna wear mine with my mini skirt and f uck me boots when I go to the city today. I feel like picking up a random guy and f ucking him haha.

    You're going to Alaska tomorrow and I hope my little Olivia can have a cigarette at the airport. If I was there I'd give her cigs and if people looked at her or made bad comments I'd tell them to get f ucked.

    I hope you all have a good, safe flight love and look after one another.

    Mum likes it that we call each other love and said we would be little b itches together and get in the sh it all the time lol.

    Write back soon my love.
    Love Ren Xxxxxxx

  • Ren,
    Hi baby, I just woke up it's 10am here now ha.
    Omg cu#nt plugs a little cu#nt like me needs one of them ha.
    I fu#cking love you.
    To answer Lilly's questions when our Olivia was being fu#cked yes it hurt her, especially at first when he took her hymen and when he c**#med in her cos he went deeper inside her cos he lost control. Olivia said it 'hurt like a bi#tch' haha. It was all over in a few minutes. There wasn't much blood and she slept in panties last night and there wasn't any blood in her panties and her cu#nt wasn't red and only a little swollen this morning and it didn't hurt her this morning. Even after she fu#cked Noah she was cuddling and kissing him soon after which was sweet to see. Megan checked her cu#nt this morning and she said it's fine.
    I'm glad we are not a sweet boring couple baby. I love that we are both bad bit#ches, I know your going to spank my se#xy as#s when I act like a spoilt sl#ut and most of all I love being your cu#nt.
    Your girlfriend and trashy little wh#ore
    Isabella xxxxxxxx

  • Izzy,

    Get up you lazy little c unt. It's 8.35am in Sweden and 6.35 in Sydney haha.

    Yay, mum bought Lilly and I c unt plugs to wear to school.

    You're my little c***
    and I love you so much love

    Ren xxxxxxxxxx

  • Megan,

    I'm so happy for Olivia that she's started to f uck honey. I can just imagine that you're really going to miss her, Izzy and Freja so much within the next couple of days. The benefit is sweetheart is that you're going to have your operation and I'm optimistic of it being a raging success.

    I can't wait until my babies start f ucking and smoking. it's well documented that lungs are fully developed by the time they're 3. Did you try to get Olivia to smoke when she was three?

    I'm thinking 4 is the preferred age for them to have s ex but I can't see that trying them out when they're 3 will do them any harm. To hear the pleasure that Olivia gets from s x, it's difficult for me not to allow them the same benefit.

    I'll be thinking of you in the next couple of days, rest up and look after yourself.

    I bought myself a p**** plug at lunchtime. It's the best feeling having it in me when I'm walking around my salon and doing hair and makeup. I feel like
    f ucking the next man that walks in lol.

    i bought Ren and Lilly's theirs too so they'll probably read it first here before they see them.

    Oskana texted me this morning and asked would I talk to her mum about her getting a c unt plug.

    Love Belinda xx

  • Lilly & Freja and Ren & Izzy,

    Oh yeah you b#tches, you'd better think again you little c unts. Olivia and I would look much, much hotter and sexier walking down the street, smoking, half drunk, swearing and holding hands. In the other hand we'll have a cigaratte and smoking. Olivia will be wearing her mini skirt and ankle high books and I will be wearing my f uck me boots and mini skirt.

    So who do you think will look hotter and sexier now, answer me honestly you
    f ucking wh ores?

    Love to all my b#tches and sisters

    Oskana xx oo xx

  • Olivia,
    It's so f ucking hot that you got f ucked by Noah last night sweetie. So proud that you're my girlfriend. I love you with all my tongue, my tities, my c unnie and lips.

    Did you have your little legs up in the air when you were being f ucked, that's how I like it soo much? and doesn't a c ock in our c unnies feel so good whe we're being f ucked.

    When will you f uck again honey?

    Love Oskana xx oo xx

  • Feja my darling,

    Well that makes two of us my dear. I feel so lucky to have you as an online lover too.

    I'm writing this in class and my c*** is so overwhelmed as to what I've read about that darling little hottie Olivia. I'm gonna ask to go the toilet in a moment and sneak a ciggy. That's what happens when i get ho rny and reading that made me cummm.

    Mum was saying last night that she hopes Olivia wouldn't be in too much pain when she gets f ucked and she was concerned the sight of blood from her cunny would frighten her. Now that Noah has f ucked her, did she experience a lot of pain and did she get concerned about the blood?

    Mum didn't want to ask Brooke these questions when Hayley started to f uck cos she does't like Brooke.

    Mum wants to know that cos she can't wait until our babies start to drink, swear, smoke and f uck and of course the babies can f uck each other when they are old enough but Ren and I will take their virginity before boys f uck them.

    Mum will be so proud when she reads about Olivia.

    We've talked mum into buying us c unt plugs but she's worried cos Ren smokes more when she's getting f ucked and having a c unt plug will feel the same as being f ucked. Mum's also worried about me cos when I get ho rny I smoke more and this may be a distraction to us when we're in class.

    Mum is gonna buy herself one to wear to work but it will have a ball at the end of it to stop it from slipping out of her c unt and this is the type of plug she suggests she will buy for us.

    Love, your Queen B itch

    Lilly xoxo

  • Lilly,
    Hi sweetheart I love you, we are a very hot couple sweetie, I hope one day we will be able to show the whole world that and Ren & Izzy haha.

    I do think we have sweet loving connection with each other. Although we don't chat quite as much as Ren & Izzy I feel we are secure enough to know we love each other so much. I'm so happy when I read how much fun you have with Ren, Oskana and guys in your life.

    Your so se xy, fun and intelligent, I'm so lucky to be your girl.

    Love you my Queen bi tch,
    Your girl xx xx xx Freja

  • Lilly, Ren & Oksana,
    It's your girls Freja & Izzy here. We have good news our little Olivia is now a big girl. She got fu cked by Noah, she was so brave. After the other day Noah need no persuading about fu cking our hot little girl. Izzy made love to her hot little cu nt first and used her fingers to make her nice and wet and Olivia was loving it. Then Izzy added more lube to her darling little cu nny and to Noah's co ck. Then as I held my little girl and Izzy kissed her, Noah tried putting his co ck which was very hard after watching Izzy and Olivia in her after a few trys and with Izzy's help he finally got it past her beautiful cu nny lips, she was very stretched and moaned a little, then he pushed a few inches in her she kinda yelped as he took her virginity, she was a bit upset then cos of the pain, but I wiped her tears and me, Izzy and Noah told her what a big girl she is then Noah started to fu ck her, it was still uncumfy for her but Izzy got her giggling a bit and then as Noah cu mmed he pushed a bit deeper and that caused her to yelp again but then it was over and then he pulled out, so she was ok then. There was a little blood but mostly c um oozed out of her and I couldn't resist licking her clean as Noah kissed her and she enjoyed that. She was soon smiling and we could tell she was so proud of herself. Then we all chilled together for a bit and had fun on the PS4, Olivia and Izzy had a drink and we all had ciggys.

  • (Cont..)We all kissed Noah cos it was our last time with him. Then just before he went home he was cuddling Olivia, Izzy asked him if he wanted her to give him a BJ but shyly he said he'd love it if Olivia did it, so we got her to do it but told him not to c um in her mouth or on her face like last time, so when he was about to cu m Izzy took over and he cu mmed in her hot mouth.
    We all going to miss Noah, he was the right choice for Olivia. After I had gave my baby girl her bath I checked her little cu nny and it looks fine, was a bit red and puffy. She's now snuggled up between myself and Izzy. She's one hot se xy little big girl/very young lady.
    Your girls xx xx xx Freja & Izzy

  • Freja,

    You and I are hotter than Ren and Izzy when we walk down the street smoking with our arms around each others waists wearing our minis and f uck me boots than those b itches.
    Love Queen B itch
    Lilly xoxo

  • Izzy and Ren,

    It's sweet that you girls call one another "love" I can see and feel you have that love for each other. And yes I guess you'd be little b#tches together but I love you both. Haha


  • Hello Isabella my love,

    It's f ucked that we can't even write the word s ex on this f ucking site. F uck how many people have s ex?

    I love our little darling Olivia, she's a hot little piece honey and I thank you so much for being a good sister to her. I'm proud of you love. I'm soo, so happy she loves me.

    Bubs Lilly almost had to beg mum to f uck us but when she did it was so
    f ucking beautiful. I guess if mum was to breast feed me and you together it would be easy for her to f uck us cos she gets so f ucking h****. I'd love Megan to f uck me.

    i like rap music with lots of dirty words but I really like the song by the Swedish girls Icona Pop, singing I Don't care I Love Ii.

    I like to eat sushi when we're at a cafe but when we're out I like Thai food.

    When Lilly and I go shopping with mum we look at the packaging for salt and sugar content. Mum laughs and said we're worried about sugar and salt yet we smoke like chimneys and she said there's more chemicals in cigarettes that will harm us. haha.

    It would be hot of you and I were smoking and tongue kissing in public and grinding our c unts with a cig in our mouth wearing f uck me boots, and our mini skirts.

    I've got something to tell you about mum honey.

    Take care my love.

    Renae xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Sweetheart,

    Izzy I asked mum about us getting preg when we're 13 and she said she hasn't decided yet when she'd like us to get preg. I told her that you, me and Lilly want babies by the time we're 14. All she said was it'd be better if guys a lot younger than Todd and Lars made us pregnant cos young guys wouldn't get into trouble. It would be awesome if we could all get pregnant together love.

    I don't miss school cos I can drink and smoke as much as I want at home and the homework Lilly brings to me only takes less than 2 hours a day for me to do anyway. It's much better than being at f ucking school for 6 hours a day. Poor Lilly nearly smokes herself sick before she goes to school just to get her nicotine level up but at least I can f uck her every morning. Our period should come by the weekend and they last for 3 days so we can't even f uck.

    Guys have got it so f ucking easy. We have periods, period pain, all the f ucking mess, then when we have babies we have morning sickness, then go through labor pains and childbirth. A guy puts his co ck up our c unt and blows a, wad of s punk.

    I love you girlfriend.
    Ren Xxxxxxx

  • Hi my sweet beautiful Ren,
    It's so stupid this site sensors dirty words. These are just normal words even Olivia uses all the words now. She even calls me a lazy cu#nt most days when her and Freja try and wake me up ha.
    Our Olivia is such a fu#cking hot little sweetheart, she loves you, Lilly and obviously sweet Oskana. I fu#cked Olivia again tonight she's loving being fu#cked so much she even fu#cks my mouth when I tongue fu#ck her beautiful little cu#nt and tonight I fu#cked her with 2 fingers, I think she's ready for Noah.
    Belinda must be so fu#cking hot if so many people want to fu#ck her. Maybe one day you will let her fu#ck me your little wh#ore.
    What's your favourite food and music sweetheart?
    Are you missing school yet? I don't hehe

    Your Isabella xxxxxx

  • Ren,
    Please tell me what a mo#le is you se#xy little sl#ut. Also I think Todd will fall in love with you you little tart, Megan says when a boy or man tells you they love you it's time to tell them to fu#ck off cos they will want you all to themselves.
    I hope I meet some hot guys in Alaska and get my first man fu#ck!
    Your still think you will take Belinda's advice and wait till you older before getting pregnant?. I think 13 is a good age to get pregnant, imagine if me, you and Lilly all got preg at same time that be fu#cking hot. Imagine men looking at us dressed in our fu#ck me boots, mini skirts and top with our big pregnant belly showing and a ciggy in our hand while they are with their boring fu#cking wife's.
    I love you.
    Your little bi#tch Izzy xxxxxxx

  • Izzy,

    The word is mo le love. I wrote it as m#le cos this f ucking site censors dirty words. Everyone on this planet knows you and I are hot s exy f ucking b itches who don't give a f uck and we've got the best mums ever who want to f uck each other.

    Mum read my post about Todd wanting to f uck her and she said there's no way that will happen cos she said she doesn't want to get close to him and that she is there to guide me cos he's lot older than me and if he hurts me she can kick his ar$e out the door.

    I can't wait until MY Olivia gets her c unny f ucked babes.

    You stay safe my darling isabella, I love you, little c unt
    Ren Xxxxxxx

  • Oskana,

    The names you said Izzy and I call each other are not the only sweet names. We also call each other a b itch, a wh#ore, a sl ut, a m#le, and a c unt and we are each others skanks cos we love each other so f ucking much. We f uck each others tities, c unt and ar$e.

    look at the way I am signing off Izzy - check out the link you f ucking little b itch. It's a bird and it's a Wren (pronounced Ren) and they are native to Australia and these s exy little birds are s exually promiscuous just like us.

    I love you Isabella babe


  • Ren,
    I sweet se#xy girlfriend. I watched that YouTube clip those birds are ugly fu#ckers unlike me and you babes. We hot bi#tches who everyone would dream to fu#ck ha. But we are promiscuous.... had to ask Freja what that word and s**** mean ha. What is m#le baby?.
    Freja had a fight wiv her mom again cos she was sposed to spend time with her before she goes to Alaska but Freja is staying here now cos Noah is going to fu#ck Olivia tomorrow, so she wants to be here for her baby girl, obviously she didn't tell her mom the reason. Auntie Kristina is such a bi#tch to Freja sometimes, she's a proper moody cow, glad Megan is so chilled and relaxed. It annoys me cos Freja is so sweet, not like me cos I'm a wh#ore, cu#nt and se#xy little bit#ch and I get away with it cos I'm fu#cking so cute.
    Hope you are having an amazing day my love.
    Your cu#nt Izzy xxxxxx

  • Hello Beautiful Oskana (said by Olivia written by Freja).
    Thank you se xy girl for your nice messages. I still like you so much and want to kiss you! I sucked Noah's big co ck cos I'm a real big se xy girl!. We going to Alaska soon you can come if you want and sleep in my bed with me. It's a big girls bed so it's real big.
    Mommy say you think you not as beautiful as Ren & Lilly but I think you are more beautiful and that's why I love you most.
    I got a new hover board in Alaska I will learn how to ride it real well.
    I still like smoking lots and lots. I'm a hot little smoker mommy and Izzy say.
    I like fu cking now me and my Izzy fu ck me lots and she make my cu nny feel real nice with her kisses. I want kiss your cu nny to cos I love you sooooo much and if you want you can play with my vibe and my cu nny i will let you.
    I'm going to a big sister when my mommy as my baby.
    I want to be your little girlfriend pleaseeeeee cos I fu cking love you.

    Olivia xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • My dear little big girlfriend, Olivia,
    I love you too darling and I'd love to play with your cunnie and f uck you and you can f uck me all you want.

    Keep smoking and f ucking darling, you're a real treasure my sweetheart.

    Smoky s exy kisses
    Love Oskana xx oo xx

  • Oh Olivia,

    I forgot to say, you and I are super hot girlfriends now.
    Love you honey
    Oskana xxooxx

  • Freja, Lilly and Olivia,
    It's lovely that Ren and Izzy call each other darling, love, honey, sweetheart etc. Its beautiful they are so much in love. To a certain extent Freja and Lilly are the same.

    How's our beautiful Olivia?

    Love to all my sisters

  • Izzy,

    Hi my sweet f ucking little wh#re. You are a spoilt little f ucking b itch my love and you're in for a proper ar$se spanking my love. Your granddad has bought you lots of goodies and you're in for a real treat. Just wait until he sees that gorgeous little s ex bombshell, Olivia smoking. OMG he's in for a real surprise, I bet she can't wait to show off her talent.

    Lilly and I went out on a boat with in the harbour with Todd and Lars yesterday and they spoke about a friend of theirs that should be a good f uck for Oskana.
    We like getting f ucked by them, they know what they're doing to how to please us and yesterday and overnight wasn't different. Todd told me he wants to
    f uck mum but I don't know whether that's the right thing for him to do. Mum, Lilly and I have a deep and personal s exual relationship with each other. it's different that Megan and mum want to f uck or that Megan and dad wants to
    f uck, Lilly and I would be happy with that.

    Mum doesn't talk dirty all that much when she f ucks Lilly and I or when Lilly and I f uck her but she moans a lot. She says f uck, p.u.s.s.y and c ock but won't say c unt when she f ucks us or when we f uck her. . But it's different when dad f ucks her, f uck you should hear her language, it's as bad as ours. she then says c unt a lot and she likes to s uck his c ock. She is like me or should I say I'm like her, I always like to smoke when I'm being f ucked.

    I think you said Megan doesn't swear when she's being f ucked, is that right?

    Freja, wow, just f ucking wow, you're granddad bought you an SUV. and I can't wait until you let us know what surprises you've got from your mum Izzy and Olivia.

    Baby I love you, your hotness is so much off the f ucking charts, it's unreal.

    Love Ren xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Renae,
    Hi baby, it's your little fu#cking wh#ore Isabella here. We 3 hot naked girls are having a very early morning ciggy here.
    We all excited for Thursday and moving to Alaska. We so grandad on last night and he showed me and Olivia what mom has bought for both of us, ..... we got hover boards! I can't wait to have a go my one. And grandad has bought Freja a fu#cking car, it's proper big, it's like a SUV. We also getting new phones. Also we flying to Toronto in Canada on Thursday and grandad is meeting us off the plane, then we staying in a hotel and going to Toronto Zoo which will be cool before going on to Alaska on Saturday. I'm such a spoilt brat, proper deserve a spanking from you my love.
    But we all a bit sad to cos we're going to miss mom so much, so me, Olivia and Freja have got her a present too but I can't tell you until Wednesday cos she reads our messages here ha.
    I love you so much although I fu#ck Freja and now Olivia lots, I still have this need to be fu#cked by you so bad.
    What's my baby up to this weekend? Oh and another question does Belinda talk dirty when she's fu#cking you?
    Your sl#ut Izzy xxxxxxxxx

  • Freja,

    It's soo cute you have a noticeable baby bump honey. I really want so much to get pregnant but mum said not yet. She said it will f uck up my life.

    Yes see what gender your baby is and start working on a cute little wardrobe of clothes for it.

    Would you ask my little sl ut Izzy to send me a post. I miss my wh#re so f ucking much.

    Kiss her p**** for me and Lilly said you can kiss her c unt and eat her out anytime you want.

    Love to you, my b itch Izzy and our darling little s ex bomb, Olivia.
    Love Ren Xxxxxxx

  • Awww you posted a minute ago. It's mum's idea that Noah should f uck Olivia my lovely pregnant girlfriend but I agree with her that it should happen sweetheart.
    Freja you don't know how much I love you and I want you to spank my ar$e Red raw before you f uck me honey.

    Awww I love you,
    Your Queen B itch
    Lilly xoxo

  • Lilly & Ren,
    Hi Lilly my sweet girlfriend, I agree with what you say about yourself and Ren, you both kinda want to be dominant but I guess being twins that's normal. Where as with me and Izzy, Izzy loves being mine and Ren's little submissive sl ut and cu nt, with me and you I love that your my Queen bit ch and I'm your wh ore. But I still think you both love each other so much and you both clearly love your mom so much. I don't think I could bring myself to spank your cu te a ss, but I would kiss it hehe.
    Ren thank you for your support regarding Olivia and her starting to fu ck. I think your 100% correct that Noah would be an ideal first lover for her and he's the right person to fu ck my baby girl. His co ck isn't that small and would stretch her beautiful little cu nt, so Izzy will try to stretch a bit more it with 2 fingers probably tomorrow and see how she goes and if that goes ok Izzy will make love to her cu nt on Tuesday in front of Noah and get her really wet for him and with a bit of lube to, we think she will do ok and we trust Noah so much, we know he'll be careful and I will be there holding my baby's hand and she will have her girl Izzy there kissing her too. We think it be better for her than losing her virginity to a strap on and if it isn't Noah it could be while until we find another boy we trust enough to fu ck her. We know it might hurt her a bit but that's normal for a first fu ck but both myself and Izzy will be there encouraging her and she will feel safe and loved, also Noah never takes to long when he's fu cking us, so it will probably be real quick gentle fu ck. I know I will be so proud of her if it happens.
    My baby bump is definitely more noticeable now when I'm naked, less so with clothes on, I've decided I'm going to find out the s ex of it as soon as I can. Then I can start getting cute clothes and baby things.
    Love you both.
    Lilly's girl xx xx xx Freja

  • Freja,
    Hello you beautiful pregnant girlfriend, thank you for your input honey.. Mum said the reason that Ren and I have our disagreements is that each of us wants control over the other and we'd better get our heads together and our sh it in a bucket cos she doesn't like us being that way. Anyhow I f ucked mum last night and it was pleasurable for me so I had no right to refuse her a couple of nights ago. Mum then f ucked me while Ren sucked my tities and Ren tongue kissed me as she watched me and mum f uck. So really I had no reason to be a c unt in the first place. Mum then asked if Ren if she wanted to f uck her and be f ucked. Naturally Ren wanted to.

    Izzy, it's fine to let Megan see you and Olivia kiss. When Ren and I first moved in with Belinda and dad we started to walk around the house naked then Belinda started being naked and she walked around the house with nothing on too. It was something we could do easily at dad's but we couldn't do the same thing at our bio mums with Mark there. We didn't feel comfortable. Ren and I often recline the leather lounge back into a double bed and f uck one another in the lounge room even when dad's there. We tongue kiss, fondle each others tities, finger f uck and have a lot of or al s ex in the 69 position and Ren comes really quickly when she smokes when she's doing anything s exual.

    Dad thought it was strange for us to f uck each other but mum told him quick smartly to get with it and read documentation about twincest (twins being incestuous). So mum handed him a book about it and said 'get used to it Rick, Ren and Lilly are welcome to have s ex in this house together when they want. Its their house too now.
    Honey I'm so wet now after writing this I wish I lived around the corner from you, I'd love an ars#e spanking from you right now followed by a good, long, deep, hard and fast f uck.
    Love Lilly sweetheart xoxo

  • Izzy,
    Olivia is such a hot little girl and yep, we're so proud of her. I deep in our hearts we'd all like to have or all s ex with her and maybe Megan. I showed mum your post and she said Olivia is so so ready for s ex and become Noah said she was too young for him mum said it's apparent to her that he should f uck her on Tuesday night provided his d ick isn't too big cos he sounds like he'd be ever so gentle with her and you'll be there to look at the expression on her face to see that he's not hurting her. Mum said if our babies were Olivia's and had the same experience as Olivia she wouldn't waste any more time and introduce her to s ex right now. Mum said she'll love it so much and she shouldn't be denied that pleasure any longer. It's so naughty to think that but so s exy.
    Love Ren Xxxxxxx

  • Hi Ren, Lilly and Oskana!
    I just got to tell you that my little hot girlfriend and sis isn't so little anymore,
    So Noah came over and I sucked and then fu#cked him in front of our Olivia, I didn't have any problem getting him to do that. Then we all hit the shower I got Olivia naked with me in the shower. Then I was drying her off I whispered to Olivia as Noah was showering to ask Noah to play with her. So she did and he was like no way your to young. So I got on the bed kissing him cos we were all naked and I started playing with his co ck. I started sucking him again, then I stopped when he got all hard and excited again, I said I wouldn't continue until he let Olivia play, so he said ok, and then I got Olivia to give him a hand job, she was a little scared at first but I encouraged her. Then I got her to kiss it, then kiss it using her tongue like when she kisses me and then.... She got it in her mouth just a little... Then Noah tried to get her off it...I said let her, he said fu#ck and just as he moved her mouth he c#um on her face, she was a little shocked I thought she was going to cry, but I told her what a big girl she was, and as I licked her clean she started giggling, she even tasted a little hehe. Omg girls she made him cu#m in seconds with her mouth, what a fu#cking hot little girl. Then he was relaxed about playing with her, I got him to eat her little c***, and he fingered her to, which didn't hurt her this time at all. Then we all kissed lots and then we got dressed had dinner, played PS4 then Noah fu#cke d Freja and Olivia watched them fu#ck and now he's gone home, but he's coming back Tuesday evening before we go to Alaska for more fun, he's a sweet guy. Hope your all proud of our se#xy Olivia .

    Izzy xxxxxxxx

  • Hi Lilly & Ren,
    Sorry if you thought my Izzy was mean to you two beautiful girls, I just know she/we care about you both so much. We hate when you two fight, we love you both so fu cking much in different ways. I also know sometimes fu cking guys can put a strain on my and Izzy's relationship, even if we are both fu cking the same guy. It just changes things for that moment in time. You girls are far to beautiful and important to each other to let little things like co cks upset your relationship. The only exception to that is Noah who we both think is sweet and funny, like a little brother and that's why he's perfect for Olivia to hopefully play with his co ck tonight, I think Izzy will persuade him to let Olivia play with him.

    Look after each other girls and beautiful Oskana.

    Lilly my sexy queen bit ch I love you.

    Lilly's & Izzy's girl xx xx xx Freja

  • Ren and Lilly,
    Hi se#xy girls, you bit#ches need to stop fighting with each other. Both me and my lovely girlfriend Freja have noticed when your fu#cking other people that you two start to fight and bi#tch with each other. You both need your fuc#king as#s's spanked cos you both need to stop it. Fu#ck Larly boy and Toddy boy, you shunt give a fu#ck about them, what's important is each other. You need to stop fighting with each other and start fu#cking each other you silly little cu#nts. You both so fu#cking hot, I love you Both, maybe Renae a little bit more but Lilly you have Freja anyway babes.
    Me and my little girlfriend Olivia fu#cked last night again, it was amazing again, omg she is a little se#x bomb, she squeezed her entire hand in my cu#nt and fu#cked me. I then made love to her little cu#nt and I put my finger inside her cu#nt for first time, it hurt her a little as I put it in but then she loved it and I finger fu#cked her a little. Omg she is so se#xy and I love her so much. She loves kissing me so much, even in front of Megan, I adore her. Love my Freja to of course, Freja is so amazing!, I suc#ked her cu#nt this morning, so well she screamed hehe.
    Love you girls.
    Your little cu#nt Izzy xxxxxxx

  • Izzy baby,

    Lilly and I can't f uck each other all the time sweetheart, we nerd real c Ock sometimes, that's when it's so good to have Todd and Lars f ucking us.

    Lilly f ucked mum last night and then mum f ucked her. I don't know what all the unnecessary sh it was About cos they enjoyed themselves.

    Then i saw my beautiful twin sleeping so I kissed her eyelids and I played with her c unt and I just woke her up to have a ciggy so we'll f uck again before we'll have a shower together and I want to dress her for school.

    Awww so so cute to hear about little girlfriend, Olivia being finger f ucked bubs and I've been thinking about you baby.. Noah is going to f uck you so good or maybe cos he was a virgin, you're going to f uck him so good haha

    Spread your f ucking legs for me b itch
    Love Ren Xxxxxxx


  • Ren baby,
    I just hate the thought of you twins fighting. I know you both need co#ck though, please don't fight with each other makes me sad. I know me and Freja fight a little sometimes too specially when I'm being a spoilt brat, but I hate that to. I might be a little sl#ut, cu#nt and who#re but I can be sweet and sensitive too hehe.
    I love you Renae. Can't chat long we all playing on PS4 with Noah. But we had a real good fu#ck n Olivia had fun to. But I will tell you all the hot details soon of what we did my love.
    Your girlfriend,
    Izzy xxxxxxxxx

  • And Izzy,

    I hope you had s ex with Olivia last night like Izzy was mentioning. Did she enjoy it sweetheart?

    We all love that little girl. Please tell her love.

    Lilly xoxo

  • Freja my sweet girlfriend,

    I think I'll have to make amends with mum tonight and give her s ex.

    Love Lilly, the Queen, b itch, of all b itches it seems. xoxo

  • Izzy, Freja and Olivia,

    I got all f ucking worked up for the fight of my life with Lilly but she walked in the front door with a bunch of flowers and a card each for me and mum. On the card she wrote "I really thought about things today and I'm sorry for being a c unt last night.

    Mum will see her flowers when she gets home.

    She gave me the best smoky kiss ever and said " we'll f uck each other tonight honey, do you love me? "

    I said" of course I will always love you".

    Love Ren Xxxxxxx

  • I'm gonna have a big argument with Lilly when she gets home from school.

    F uck that b itch


  • Isabella sweetheart,

    This is our love song honey. It's for you and me.

    All my everlasting love,

    Here's the URL

    Renae xxxxxxx

  • Freja my honey,

    I know a few dads that are good relationship with their daughters but Ren and I won't change our dad for all the dads in the world. Mum has total control of us anyway and if we're in trouble she takes care of it. The reason I said I was undecided if dad f ucks us is that it may destroy our relation with him and that will f uck us up cos we love him and he's so good to us. We don't want to f uck up our relationship with him. We have been attending a women's self defence class on Tuesday nights for some months now that dad is paying for, mum, Ren and I attend, Oskana joined about 2 two after we signed up. The idea is that we'll know what to do In case we're attacked.

    Babe, it's sad when kids lose their mum or dad at an early age but in your case Megan and Kristina have been very good to you, after all they're your mum and dad rolled into one and are strong enough to do that. Belinda is the same, she said she'll have no problems at all in taking Ren and I and the babies if dad is ever a b@stard to her or us. She said she'll sell her half of the business, she'll get the house, dad will have to child support for us two sets of twins and she'll be work as a top class escort from a luxurious hotel in Sydney and will service only businessmen for their s exual needs.


  • Ren has got the sh its with me today, I went to school and she didn't kiss me at the door before I left. That really hurt me and it's f ucking me up real bad today. She called me a c un t and really meant it cos I wanted mum to f uck me and I didn't give mum a f uck. She said I am selfish and mum agreed but what pleasure do I get when I use a f ucking glass c ock, ( a fake c ock) on her. It's not like a real c ock, I don't feel it when I'm f ucking but I feel it when I'm being f ucked. Ren said mum f ucked us and it's only right that we f uck her when she wants it. After I told mum she loves Ren more than she loves me, she said, don't play that sympathy game with me young lady, she was placid when she said that, she didn't rant and rave. she said I don't have a favourite. She said I am upset a little as I was when Ren went to the music festival on Australia Day and came home drunk cos she had a disagreement with Izzy before we went out for dinner on the night of Australia Day and we rightfully blamed her for that disagreement.

    Perhaps you and I should have a f uck honey and then Ren will wake up to her stupid f ucking herself.

    Love Queen B itch
    Lilly xoxo

  • Lilly,
    Hi my sweet se xy honey. Hope you have some lovely girl loving with Belinda.

    I guess it be hot if your dad did fu ck you honey, but might change your relationship I guess. Me & Izzy have talked about not having a dad ourselves and we both agree we really don't miss not having one, maybe they would try to restrict our freedoms and not be as cool as your dad. My dad died when I was small but he didn't live with me at the time, he didn't see me that much, I can't remember him, my older sis can but only a little.

    My older sis Hanna is 19yo she lives in Alaska with her boyfriend, she like me hasn't always good relationship with our mom and currently they not speaking but I speak to her often and looking forward to seeing her soon.
    Izzy and Olivia are sleeping in Olivia's bed tonight, probably fu cking, they been kissing lots today and I think my little girl has been very hor ny and needing Izzy's love.

    Lilly I need some Lilly Love hehe. I love being your pregnant wh ore sweet girl.
    Your girlfriend xx xx xx Freja

  • Freja, Izzy and Olivia,

    Oskana wanted to come over to our place tonight to sleep and f uck but Ren and I are gonna sleep with mum in her bed while dad's away for a few days. I don't think we'll be sleeping all that much cos we want her to f uck us.

    Ummm I asked mum what dad's big co ck feels like in her c unt. She said ask him to try it out on us but I don't think he'll ever f uck any of his daughters. I'm not sure if I want him to f uck us. I'm still undecided but if I ever had the chance to get f ucked by a co ck as big as dad's I'd take it in a flash.
    I love you sl uts,
    Queen B itch
    Lilly xoxo

  • Hello Olivia my little sweetheart,
    I've been reading that your sister, Izzy has been giving your cunny a workout with you vibe darling. It won't be too long now before you enjoy a boy's co ck in your pu ssy. Are you still enjoying smoking?

    You're a good / badar$e little girl and we all love you for that honey. Keep up the good work.

    Ren calls you our little s ex bomb and thinks you're the loveliest girl she has ever heard of.

    I love you soooo f ucking much. We all want you as our little sister coz you're sooo f ucking irresistible and soo
    f ucking s exy sweet pea.
    Love Oskana xxooxxoo

  • Oh there you are Freja, I'm sorry my little c unt, I didn't see your post. i guess I was too f uck drunk to even notice haha.

    Yeah babe, circumcised co cks are the best, it's better to s uck on a k.n.o.b sweetheart and when I pull c ock out of a man's mouth - I hear a pop, it's so
    f ucking hot and s exy.

    I will get Oskana to get her ar$e on here and write to our little s ex bomb, Olivia quick smartly.

    Your Queen B itch
    Lilly xoxo

  • Freja,
    Where the f uck ru my f ucking wh#re.
    Lilly xoxo

  • Bubs,
    It'd be so, so hot if mum and Megan could f uck. Let's watch them honey.
    If you wanted, I think mum would breastfeed us both together. She runs her hand through Lilly and my hair while she feeds us and she smokes when she's feeding the babies cos she wants to get them addicted to nicotine. It makes her so hor ny so I think she might want to f uck us too and she does that so well, lizzy my sweetheart.
    Love Ren Xxxxxxx

  • Ren baby,
    It would be hot if Megan and Belinda got together, they both still young and they should have fun and fu#ck each other!
    Also I would love Belinda to breastfeed me at the same time as you breastfeed from her other t**. I think that would be so sweet for both of us and I know it would bring us even closer. I love you so fu#cking much.
    Love you girl.
    Your sl#ut Izzy xxxxxxxx

  • My beautiful Ren,
    Hi se#xy babes, are you still recovering from your fu#ck session with Todd and Lars, is your cu#nt sore, if it is it should get some loving from me your little fu#cking who#re. When we are together I will look after your cu#nt so good baby. I love you.
    Freja is next to me writing to her Lilly, she says that she's a sweeter girlfriend than me, hmmm I don't think so baby I love you and your cu#nt so much baby. I'm so happy your my girlfriend. Hope I can post my message before Freja posts her message to Lilly.
    Love you.

    Your girl Izzy xxxxxxx

  • My girlfriend Lilly,
    Hi my lovely Queen bi tch, I'm so happy for you that you had a nice time and fu ck with those guys.

    My girls Izzy and Olivia had no idea what a circumcised co ck even was, not many Sweedish guys get circumcised over here honey unless it's for medical reasons. I can't say if I had a boy I would want him circumcised sweetie. But Rhys sounds like an as shole anyway, Oskana can do so much better, give her love and kisses from both myself and Olivia, Olivia has a big crush on her, she always asks about her.
    Love you honey,

    Your girlfriend xx xx xx Freja

  • Izzy my little f ucking b itch,
    Mum said she understands now how you and I can have an online les bian relationship. She has the same feelings for your mum and said that she and Megan would teach you and me or Freja and Lilly a thing or two about the art of f ucking one another. She said they'd scream the house down until the walls caved in. I doubt it sweetheart because we'd be more f ucking raunchy together and use everything in sight on each others c unts. Besides we talk so f ucking dirty when we f uck and we'll get drunk and light ciggy after ciggy while we're f ucking.

    You're my b itch sweetie
    Love Ren Xxxxxxx

  • My girlfriend Freja,
    Ren and I get a better f ucking from Todd and Lars when we're at their place cos they're not worried that their mum hearing us screaming. We changed partners again last night and they wanted to Ren and I f uck so we put on a good performance for them. Rhys is being a c unt to Oskana. He won't get tested for any diseases he may have so Lars told him to f uck off. Oskana has been tested for him so I asked Lars to find her a man who has been circumcised. I hope our little bump is doing fine honey.
    Love Queen B itch.
    Lilly xoxo

  • Megan,
    The babies are doing well thanks honey. They've found a happy medium and better sleeping pattern. I bought sound effect CDs of the ocean and rain. They've just started o sit up, they'll be 6 months old on the 6th March. You might remember a song that came out about 7 years ago by the Swedish chicks, Icona Pop titled I Dont Care, I love It. There's reference in it about 90 b itches sweetheart, you and I are 90 b itches honey. When I hear that on the radio, I tell Ren and Lilly to turn it up. Then I dance and the babies giggle their little faces off as they dance.

    They touch one another and hold hands which is cute.

    All my Love,


  • Megan,
    I look forward to receiving your messages so much sweetheart in fact I've become addicted to being an avid reader of this site if only to read what Isabella and Renae have to say to one another. They're outrageous or out of control lol, as is Freja and Lilly. Ren is constantly playing Rod Stewart's Your in my heart" song and singing along to it. She said she's singing it for her lover, Izzy. It came out about 30 years or so before they were born.

    I absolutely adore Olivia and as I've said Freja and Izzy have invested a lot of time in her with their love, education and interaction through conversation, unlike Hayley, a 5 year old we know who smokes, f ucks and drinks and has a f ucked up mum who has allowed her to go into this blindly. I said a couple of weeks ago that Olivia is ready to f uck and I mean that wholeheartedly. I base my assessment on what I have already mentioned.

    I told Rick that I have a burning desire for you and I to f uck and that it's only the distance that's stopping us. He said that's sweet babe just don't fall in love. I told him that if I do, sobeit but I can love two people. Then I kissed his lips and said that's from my sweetheart, Megan. That put a smile on his face.

    If it was not for Lilly, I wouldn't have given a thought about having s ex with you. If it wasn't for her asking me to bre ast feed her and Lilly I wouldn't have thought about it. If it wasn't for Lilly I wouldn't have taught them to tongue kiss, help find their G-spot nor would I have f ucked them if it wasn't for Lilly. I must say I thoroughly enjoy everything about that. It's so stimulating honey.
    I'll be thinking of you on March 11 and hope all goes well honey bun.

    Love Belinda xx

  • Belinda,
    Sorry honey I missed your Valentine's message, happy belated Valentine's sweetheart. I have just been catching up reading all the messages. Wow the girls write a lot to each other especially our Isabella and Renae, they are so close now, both have rebel streak in them, which I think is fun, a bit like their moms I think ha.
    It's cool honey you had se x with the girls sweetheart and you breastfeed both sets of twins. They have so much love for you, it shows what an awesome mom you truly are.
    I love that Izzy and little Olivia have become lovers, little Olivia has matured so quickly since she started smoking. I'm proud of how Izzy is introducing her to se x. I trust Izzy so much with this, I knew I didn't need to give her advice, she probably knows better than anyone as she was still a young girl when she had se x herself all be it a few years older than Olivia. I will be honest I find it really exciting and naughty that Olivia will be fuc king soon. (Cont)..

  • ..Olivia is starting to copy her sister by calling me Megan which I thought might happen when she started calling Freja mommy, but actually I feel probably closer to Olivia than I have for months, we have so much fun together now I'm more mobile and in less pain, she's always giving me snuggles and telling me she loves me. Next week Freja is going home for a few days before the girls travel to Alaska. So I'm going to spoil my Izzy and Olivia so much. Izzy has volunteered to drive me anywhere we want to go, but she looks far to young and we would get stopped by police lol, so we will use taxis if we go out, but we all going to share my bed for those last few days together. It goes without saying I will miss them and Freja to of course but it's for the best and my dad will love having them about.
    About us having a baby, that would be awesome, seeing Freja pregnant has got me thinking about having another as soon as I'm well enough, I will have to get in quick before my Izzy lol.
    I hope you and your beautiful baby twins are well, give hubby a kiss from me :-)
    Megan xxxx

  • My sl utty Izzy,

    Awww you're such a little c unt cos you're gonna f uck Noah. I guess you taught him to f uck well honey. I had a good night with Lars and Todd f ucking me babe, I'm a bit tired and a bit sore in the c unt but it's nothing you can't fix with a few kisses down there sweetheart.

    Their mum said it shouldn't be any concern to the teachers that I need to smoke so she's supportive of my me being suspended from school.

    Mum heard over the weekend that the boy who's f ucking Hayley is ten but he can't s punk so he gets to f uck her for a long time. He and Hayley are not cousins but Hayley calls his mum aunty and the boy calls Hayley's mum (Brooke) aunty. Mum doesn't know the boy's name, Brooke didn't tell her.

    Izzy's prime b itch
    Renae xxxxxxxxxx

  • My beautiful Ren,
    Hi baby, awww happy you had fun with Todd and Lars and hope they both fu#cked you good.
    You remember Noah who me & Freja fu#cked a few weeks ago, he was a virgin but I took that from him hehe. Anyway he was such a sweetie, even Megan and Olivia liked him. So he's coming over Friday and hopefully I can get him to fu#ck me in front of our se#xy little sis Olivia and also for him to let Olivia play with his co#ck and maybe even let her suck it a bit hehe, cos she needs to get use to playing with co#ck. But no fu#cking cos she's not ready for that. But it's good cos I know she thinks he's cute too! So hope that you think that's a good plan for our Olivia baby.
    She loves us reading ur messages to her so much.
    I'm glad Lilly fu#cked you good baby, I know boys/men are good you little sl#ut but remember to be a good little wh#ore for your twin cos she loves you so fu#cking much and she's so beautiful and se#xy just like you.
    Love you my Renae.
    Your sweet sl#ut Izzy xxxxxxxx

  • Olivia youre such a darling for helping mummy Freja put her c Ock on to f uck Izzy. You should get a little boyfriend to f uck you good sweetheart.

    I slept between Lars and Todd's legs last night and both f***** me cos I'm off school. Lilly is coming to their place after school today to be f ucked.

    Izzy's b itch
    Ren Xxxxxxx

  • Freja,

    Take ur panties off beautiful, I wanna play in your "playground" (c unt) and make u c unt queef and squirt.

    Love Queen b itch
    Lilly <3

  • Isabella ,

    I want you, Freja and Megan to share Olivia with me and let me be a big sis to her too. She's so f ucking cute. I love her that she smokes, drinks, f ucks and swears. As mum said, she's sounds so adorable.

    Love Renae xxxxxxxxxx

  • Freja and lizzy,
    I gave my s exy twin, Ren a good f ucking with my strap on up her ar$e and so far up her c unt before school this morning. We both came. I'm going to school with a sticky cummmmy c unt.
    Queen B itch

    Lilly xoxo

  • Isabella
    Now that I'm off school for 3 weeks I wish you were closer bubs so we could get drunk, f uck all day and smoke and no c unt can tell us not to.
    Our c unts would be so sore but we couldn't give two f ucks.

    Awww I love you baby girl, you're my sl ut, my b itch and wh ore.
    My c unt aches for you girl.
    Love Renae Xxxxxxx

  • Renae,
    I wish, we would have so much fu#cking fun, we would have so much fu#cking se#x, If your cun#t was sore id love to kiss it better for you and I'd love you to make my a#ss and cu#nt sore baby.

    I love being your cu#nt, nasty sl#ut and wh#ore. Don't listen to anyone trying to tell you off baby for smoking it's our right to smoke.

    I will share my se#xy fu#cking little girlfriend Olivia with you baby, she loves you to.

    Your cu#nt Isabella xxxxxx

  • Izzy baby,
    Belinda made us come hard when she
    f ucked us and when she was kissing us. She came too and said being pregnant in later months is difficult if people have a huge s ex drive like her. Lilly hounded her for weeks before she finally agreed to f uck us but when she did f uck us she f ucked us really hard. She explored our body and t#ts with her hands ever so gently but gave our c unts a thrashing with her strap on c Ock.

    She's a great mum to us but like all mums I spose she gets mad at us, but doesn't yell at us. She talks with us and not to us when we do something wrong.

    I've got a dark secret that f ucked me up last year. I'll tell you, Freja and Olivia about later honey.

    We think we know who the c unt is who dobbed me in for smoking. Lilly is gonna have a talk to her today.

    It's so cute that Olivia is playing with her c unt bubs, she must be begging for a f uck.

    Megan must think Belinda is a weirdo mum
    Love you bit ch
    Love Ren Xxxxxxx

  • Renae,
    Hi baby I love that you been suspended from school and don't give a fu#ck. I got kicked out of school baby too. We are bad a#ss bi#tches. I bet some little sl#ut has been telling teachers that you are smoking outside, Lilly needs to find out if someone told, then slap the bi#tch if they have. Teachers should let you smoke it's none of their fu#cking business.
    It's good with no school baby, we can drink everyday if we want baby and smoke more. Don't worry about ur homework honey hehe. We are such bad bi#itches babes, I love you.
    You should be proud of our fu#cking Olivia she's a hot se#xy little girl she loves her little vibe against her little cu#nt.
    I think it's fu#cking hot Belinda fu#cked you and Lilly, did she fu#cked you girls hard? Belinda is so fu#cking wild haha
    Love you Bi#tch ti#ts.
    Your fu#cking little sl#ut Izzy xxxxx

  • Se xy Lilly,
    You shud fu ck Ren really really hard cos she's a naughty little cu nt. She will stop you and se xy Oskana smoking at school, mommy says if she carry on being a bad fu cking girl. And big big girls need to smoke.
    But Isabella say she still love Ren.

    (Said by Olivia - written by Freja)
    Olivia xxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Hahaha,

    I knew Olivia will always love me no matter how much sh it I'm in.

    Lilly f ucked me really good today Olivia

    I love Izzy and you two other girls.

    Love Ren Xxxxxxx

  • Hey se xy Lilly,
    I help mommy fu ck my Izzy last night I put her strap on co ck in her cu nt and then she fu ck her and then I had to lick it clean cos mommy put it in my mouth. My Izzy and mommy say I will be the se xiest little co ck sucker ever when I fu ck boys. Do you know Izzy is my sister and my girlfriend now.
    (Said by Olivia - written by Freja)
    Olivia xxxxxxxxxxx

  • Olivia little sweetheart,
    It's Lilly honey. I'm going to f uck my twin sister, Ren tonight real bad. She's been a naughty little c unt. She was suspended from school today.
    Love Lilly xoxo

  • Sl uts Freja, isabella and Olivia,

    I got a 3 weeks suspension from school today for smoking at lunchtime today. I've lost my transport badge for 3 months. Lilly has to bring my homework home every day after school and mum has to sign it.

    I can forge mum's signature really well tho haha.

    I love you both but my pants are off for Izzy.

    Love Renae Xxxxxxx

  • Renae,
    It's your girls Freja and Izzy here, well you know most of our dark secrets already especially Izzy's she can't think of any she hasn't told you, she does look forward to get spankings from both you and Lilly. You know most of mine (Freja) except when I was 13/14 I had a best friend and me and her dad used to flirt with each other usually he'd find some excuse to drop me off alone and he'd kiss me on the lips when I got out of his car, he'd always tell me how pretty I was and then it moved to him putting his hand on my thigh while he was driving, that kinda creeped me out, he was old n not fit so after that I'd always get mom to pick me up. I know it's nothing big but maybe that's why I'm attracted to younger guys and girls now cos older people do kinda creep me out, whereas Izzy and you girls are the opposite to me. Oh one other secret is that I'm hoping to nurse Olivia as well as my baby when it's born, but you may have guessed that. Have you two sweeties got any dark secrets?
    We go to Alaska on Thursday 28th Feb. Auntie Megan's operation is on 11th March and she probably wont be able to travel for 6 weeks, think if she was to fly she would be at risk of blood clots, so even if she could use a wheelchair she still couldn't travel. Also mom and Auntie Megan are looking for somewhere for us to stay from November to about February each year after we move to Alaska cos Alaska is way to cold during these months, so that's exciting, both me and Izzy said Australia right away but I don't think they are going to go for that they are thinking Spain/Portugal or somewhere in southern USA.
    xx xx xx Your girls Freja & Izzy

  • Freja,

    That f ucking old pervert would creep me out too. I would have kicked his
    b alls so f ucking hard.

    Hmmm you my think this is very, very weird but when mum Belinda was pregnant especially during the last month it was awkward and uncomfortable for her and dad to f uck although she always felt hor ny. Her head told her she wanted to be f ucked but her ar$se and c unt couldn't take the length of dad's shaft.

    Now you know how straight forward and cheeky Lilly is? She said mum you can f uck dad using a strap on in his ar$se or you can f uck Ren's and my c unt with a strap on. She still found it awkward because she had a huge belly carrying twins. She didn't think it was right that she hould be f ucking us but Lilly said mum it isn't incest cos you're not our natural mother. Belinda then agreed. She couldn't f uck for 6 weeks until after the babies were born but said she'll f uck us as soon as she felt comfortable. Mum then f ucked Lilly and me and she taught us a good thing and that was how to locate our G-spot.She said it was beautiful and the most exciting thing a "mother" and " "daughter" could do for on another was to have s ex together.

    It would be lovely if you bre ast feed Olivia and maybe have Izzy on the other t#t my love.

    I love you for doing that.

    Love Lilly xxxx

  • Hey Izzy and Freja you f ucking sl uts,
    What date do you go to Alaska and when does Megan have her op?
    Answer me you b itches or you'll both get a good f ucking and ar$e spanking from me.
    Love Ren Xxxxxxx

  • Izzy and Freja,
    You're welcome in our b itch club honey and Lilly and I appreciate your openness, guide and love you have for all we 5 girls and maybe our baby sisters. So cute that Izzy and Olivia are in bed naked and you looking down at them. Belinda tells us all the time she loves Lilly and me. We are so in love with her. We have decided that when we get married Belinda and dad will be at the wedding table and not our bio mum Karen and bf Mark.

    Belinda's brother won't be invited cos mum told him to f uck off. (not those words but that's what she wanted to say) He got married last October and told her that he didn't want Lilly and i to smoke at the reception cos it would embarrass his new wife and her family. Mum more or less said f uck that, I'm not having my kids sitting through 4, 5 or 6 hours at a reception and listening to speeches and not being able to have a cigarette
    Mum said she was happy not to go anyway cos she was going to do women on the bridal table's hair free of charge.

    All my love to you Freja and please give Izzy a kiss on the s natch for me honey.
    I love you all dearly
    Love Ren Xxxxxxx

  • Awww that should be Freja, I appreciate your openness etc.
    Love Ren Xxxxxxx

  • Freja and lizzy,
    Have you two honeys got any deep, dark secrets about s ex?
    Love Renae, the b itch to my lover, isabella. Xxxxxx

  • Lilly,
    Yes baby I will be breast feeding my little one, I think it will help form an unbreakable bond between myself and my baby and if it turns me on doing it that will be a bonus hehe.

    I think Belinda must love you girls so much to let you nurse at her b******, she's an amazing mother in so many ways.

    I would spank Oskana if you both wanted me to. Izzy likes being spanked but it's not something we do often, I let Izzy decide when she wants to be spanked, it's usually after she's been bit chy or been acting like a spoilt brat.

    It's morning here, my 2 girls are asleep besides me, both naked in each other's arms, so beautiful. Just by looking at them you can see the love they have for each other. Me or Auntie Megan have never spoken to Izzy about se x with Olivia, we knew without even saying anything she would be a gentle, caring and passionate first lover for Olivia. We always say that Olivia is amazing for a 4yo but Izzy is a truly beautiful amazing 10yo, as are you girls for 11yo. Your all awesome I feel so lucky to be the oldest girl in our se xy bit ches club.
    I love you Lilly my se xy Queen bit ch.

    Your girl xx xx xx Freja

  • Freja
    I do hope you consider bre ast feeding your little one honey, mum said it makes her hor ny when she feeds the babies but when Ren and suck milk from her t#ts it's even more pleasurable for her and then she comes and then Ren and I s punk the sheets.
    Love Lilly xoxo

  • Isabella,
    ThanQ for the lovely words sweetheart. I do love you so much and want you between my legs and I really need to kiss and cuddle you honey just to get my c unt juices flowing.
    Love you b #tch
    Renae xx

  • Freja my sweetheart,
    That's exactly what mum said, Olivia is so much more intelligent than Hayley cos you and Izzy take time to interact with her.

    I just spoke with Oskana on the phone. She said if only her mum was like Belinda and Megan she'd feel better about herself. She realizes mum does a lot for her, far more than her own mum and said if it wasn't for Belinda she'd probably still be a virgin, wouldn't be allowed to smoke or f uck men.

    She said Ren and I have a unique bond with mum that may not be understood by 99% of people and that makes her jealous. She said it's erotic that she brea St feeds us and when she does she has multiple org asms that she hasn't had before then wants dad to f uck her. Belinda also likes we twins to tongue kiss her as we play with each others c unts. After 14 months us living with Belinda she now loves it that they call her mum and wouldn't have it any other way. Oskana said could never do the things Belinda and we do together s ex ally, she doesn't feel anything close to her mother although she's a good mum in other ways but she "baby's" her too f ucking much and has to ask Belinda for advice all the f ucking time she said.

    Baby I love you sweetheart and yes you can give Oskana a good c unt and ar$e spanking and tell her please that we do love her and stop being a spoilt little c unt.

    Love Queen B itch
    Lilly o

  • Lilly,
    Hi my favourite honey, it's your girl Freja here. Thank you for nice words about me honey saying I'd make a good mommy.

    I've got used to Olivia calling me mommy and I'm starting to get used to having a little lovely cute daughter. Every time I hear her call me mommy I get a warm feeling of love for her that I've never experienced before. It's also awesome responsibility especially when we girls move to Alaska without mom and Auntie Megan. I think I will definitely feel like a mom then even though we will be with grandpapa.

    Olivia has grown up so much since she started smoking, it's awesome she's doing so well with her cigs. She gets more involved in our conversations about everything se x and boys included and she tells us what she thinks and it's still cute how she swears now just as much as me and Izzy do now when we talk. We try to ask her what she thinks and let her make decisions and she asks more questions for example she knows how I got pregnant which is good for a 4yo and I know Izzy & Auntie Megan are both so proud of her.

    Lilly your still my fave girl. I want to snuggle up in your bed with you. I imagine waking up and seeing ur hot body next to me.

    xx xx xx Freja

  • Ren, Lilly and Oskana,
    Ren baby it's ur little cu#nt Izzy here, Hi se#xy girlfriend, hope you've had an amazing day, we need to be together u little bi#tch. I'm feeling really fu#cking hor#ny today you need to spank my hot a#ss then sit on my face so I can please u se#xy sl#ut.
    I fu#cked my hot little se#xy sis Olivia with my tongue and a little vibrator we got which she fu#cking loves so much so much against her little pretty pu#ssy it gets her wet so I pushed it inside her a little and she loved it without it hurting her. Olivia even had a ciggy while I was kissing and licking her. She's such a hot little girl. Freja was with us and then she went down on me while Olivia was kissing me and she even kissing my little boobies which felt so fu#cking good. It was hot having both girls at same time.
    Olivia still only smokes like 10 a day most days, I think yesterday she smoked more just cos we were busy packing for Alaska. She is such a good little smoker though.
    Lilly don't be mad wiv Oskana pleaseee it's good she can be honest how she feels I think anyway. She didn't say anything bad about you or Ren. So let her be. There's nothing to be disappointed about. She loves so much being part of your family. And Lilly I think your amazing and I love you like your my big se#xy hot fu#cking sis.
    Freja will make an amazing mommy to our baby, shes such a good mommy to our Olivia. I should tell her more how much I love her, I'm going to try and make sure I give her lots of love especially while she's pregnant cos I know it's real fu#cking scary for her.
    I love all you girls specially my hot little bit#ch Renae.
    Izzy xxxxxxxx

  • Freja and Izzy,
    I should have said mum buys Oskana cigs and alcohol when we're out. She doesn't buy them for her all the time.
    Love, the Queen B itch of all b itches
    Lilly xoxo

  • Freja,
    You'll make a super mum honey and I'm pleased your little one is coming along nicely. I really believe that you have the mummy instinct cos you are that loving and caring to Olivia she calls you mom.

    I'm disappointed in Oskana for her post last night. She's our friend and we, mum Ren and I go out of way to ensure she's always happy. When mum bought her new car at the beginning of the year financial year for tax deduction purposes we all went to the new car dealer, Oskana included. Mum wanted a large suv. She wanted to seat herself, dad, Ren, Liberty, summer, me and Oskana in it. Mum said that to us all at the car yard when Oskana was there.
    Mum takes Oskana everywhere she takes us and buys her lunches, dinners, cigarettes and alcohol. Oskana is pretty in her own right. Mum spends not only a lot of money on her but a lot of time doing her hair and make up. I'm pis sed with her at the moment but I'll get over it cos I love her. As I said, I'm just disappointed.
    Love Queen B itch
    Lilly xoxo

  • Izzy and Freja,

    It's hasn't been 3 weeks yet since Olivia started smoking and she's already smoking 14 a day. it won't be long till she smokes a pack a day I don't think.

    Freja I want to f uck you and I want you to f uck me too. I want all us 6 girls to
    f uck eventually.

    I love you, you f ucking c unt.

    Ren xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Izzy and Freja,

    Oops another mistake. I should say I want all eight of us to f uck each other.
    Freja, Izzy, Liberty, Lilly, Olivia , Oskana, Summer and me.

    Love Ren xxxxxxx

  • Freja and Izzy,

    Then when our baby sisters start to f uck I want them to join us, so it will be 8 of us cos we're all sisters. Olivia can teach Liberty and Summer how to f uck.

  • Lilly, Oskana & Ren,
    Hi honey's just a quick message to let you know I had my scan yesterday, my baby is growing really well and seems very healthy. It's like still only a small little thing, but I think it looks cute already and I have so much love for my baby.

    Oskana don't ever put yourself down hun I'm sure your just has se xy and gorgeous as the twins, you have Olivia as a little fan of you also sweetie.

    xx xx xx Freja and bump

  • Freja,

    I think is so s exy that Olivia is gorgeous too that she smokes, has s ex, swears and drinks. F uck she smokes 14 cigarettes in a day is incredible for a 4 year old. She really enjoys smoking. She is so, so cute, and Ren is right, we all love her here in Australia. Even my mum thinks she’s adorable and Belinda is over the moon about her.

    I’ve been meaning to say this for a long time baby. Although some Russian girls
    are very, very beautiful, Ren and Lilly are more beautiful and s exier looking than me.
    Ren, Lilly, Belinda and mum say I’m pretty and I really think they mean it. Mum said it’s probably because the twins are taller than me but Belinda won’t get into an argument about it, she says it’ll cause trouble between us. My mum was more direct, which hurt me a little, she said the twins are s exier smokers and that’s only cos they’ve been smoking a few years more than me.

    They are taller than me too and when they wear make-up they are extremely s exy. I wanted to wear the same makeup as the twins when we went to dinner on Australia Day night for dinner. Belinda said I’ve got a different colour complexion and different colour hair and it wouldn’t look as good. She was right, she gave me what I wanted.

    When I’m alone with Lilly in public she gets looks from guys and men and when I’m with Ren, she gets the looks from them. When I’m out with both of them men and guys hardly notice me but take notice of them.

    They look identical, Ren is more sultry looking especially when she smokes but Lilly draws men and guys because she’s quick witted.


  • Oskana,
    Hi sweetie, it's Freja writing here on behalf of Olivia.
    She wanted to say hello and she hopes that you had a nice Valentine's. She wanted me to tell you she's a big girl now cos her and Izzy have fu cke d and she loved it. Also she wanted me to tell you that she smoked 14 cigs today. So she's a really really big se xy girl and she wants to kiss you so much and even kiss your cu nny and make you super super happy, she says she thinks you are beautiful like a princess awww and she loves u.

    Kisses love Olivia xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Ren,
    Hi baby hope ur ok, so happy that your date went so well and u got fu#cked so good.
    Honey with Olivia it was just a tongue fu#cking for her this time, she loved it so much, I did spread her lips a little so I could get my tongue right inside her beautiful cu#nt, she tasted so fu#cking good, I c**#med so good just from licking her. I didn't even finger her this time, save that for next time. She even went down on me a little, she said I tasted good, I had to try really hard not to c#um on her cos her mouth felt so fu#cking good on my cl#it. When she stopped I came and she giggled cos of the noises I made, she's such a good little lover, a very se#xy little girl. She's kissing me lots now even in front of our mom. She's just fu#cking perfect.
    Freja fu#cked my a#ss last night with the strap-on, it was ok I guess haha. But prefer it in my cu#nt, I'm a cu#nt girl :-).
    We been busy today filling a big box thing with all our things for Alaska that's getting sent tomorrow.
    I love you Renae, you so se#xy and hot.

    Love your little cu#nt Izzy xxxxxxx

  • Isabella,
    I should slap your cute little f ucking ar$e so bad for not writing to me earlier darling but I know that because you're packing up for Alaska that's so important to you to have all your things together. You know I
    Iove you so bad and I want to hear from you more often. You're my little c unt. I love my ar$e to be f ucked but I prefer my c unt to be f ucked more so. Its so cute that you and Olivia have oral s ex. I can't wait until we can f uck our baby sisters when they're older.

    Todd f ucked my c unt and Lars f ucked my mouth. Then Lars f ucked Lilly's c unt and Todd f ucked her mouth. Then Lars f ucked my c unt and Todd f ucked Lilly's mouth.

    Craig and Brett sent me and Lilly cards on valentine's Day but I think they only did that cos we are getting f ucked by Todd and Lars. They didn't bother sending anything to us for valentine's day last year, even though we sent them cards and text messages so they can get f ucked.
    I love you to pieces honey so keep in touch.
    Love Renae x x xx xx

  • Megan,
    Happy Valentine's Day honey.
    You and I should have a baby and show the world how to bring up kids.
    I love you and I'm proud of you for the way you have brought up Izzy and Olivia,

    All my love
    Belinda xo :))

  • Happy valentine's Day MY little big girlfriend, Olivia.
    It's cute you drink, smoke swear and f uck sweetheart. Mum thinks you're so much fun honey.
    We ALL love you so f ucking much, you're the bomb lovely girl.
    Love you forever more you s exy little thing.
    Love Ren Xxxxxxx

  • Happy valentine's Day Freja
    I love you forever more you little c unt
    Ren Xxxxxxx

  • Happy valentine's Day Izzy
    I love you forever more you little c unt
    Love Ren Xxxxxxx

    And thanks Queen B itch Lilly you stole my idea to write to these f ucking b itches

  • Happy valentine's Day darling little Olivia

    Love, love, love,
    Lilly xoxo

  • Happy valentine's Day Izzy
    Love, love, love
    Lilly xoxo

  • Happy valentine's Freja
    Love, love, love
    Lilly xoxo

  • Izzy,
    Did Olivia find it uncomfortable or did it hurt her when you f ucked her?

    I need to know darling cos the babies will start f ucking when they're 4 mum said and Lilly and I will get to f uck them.

    Love you, my Valentine,
    Ren Xxxxxxx

  • Izzy, Freja and Olivia,
    We had an amazing night dining out and f ucking honeys. The men bought us edible undies. When we were at the restaurant Todd whispered in my ear. Take your panties off Ren. I held them up and showed Oskana and Lilly my undies and put them my handbag. Todd then cut his steak into mouth sized pieces and picked at his food with his right hand while he played with my c unt with his left hand. I was hor ny for a
    f uck so we didn't get dessert, we went straight to their place after the main meal. Their mum said we look hot and Lars said we're going straight to bed mum. I saw the mattress on the floor on the floor that rhys and Oskana was to be on but I wanted it so Todd and I f ucked on it. Then Lilly wanted it but I said no b itch. I locked my ankles around Todd's neck with my legs wide apart and it was the best f uck he has given me probably cos he was comfortable in his own home. Then Todd f ucked Lilly and Lars f ucked me but no one wanted to f uck Rhys cos Todd told him Belinda said he has to get tested to see if he has any diseases and he's known that for a few days. Oskana said she's to be f ucked with condoms by rhys and he chucked a mental. Lars said if you don't like it you can leave. Oskana doesn't like c Ocks that haven't been circumcised, nor do we. I think mum made us think that way.
    We got up this morning and got ready for school and had breakfast at their place. Their mum said who was making all the noise last night when they were being f ucked. Lilly and I said that would have been us haha. She said this morning, you girls look so naughty smoking in school uniform.
    Lars is going to bring our mini skirts, f uck me boots and shirts over to our place when he finishes work today.
    Love Ren Xxxxxxx
    Love from. Lilly and Oskana Xxxxxxx xx

  • Isabella,
    It's okay to kiss ur loved one in a restaurant. Lilly and I kiss all the time and when we smoke when we're kissing people look at mum and think Wtf. We don't f ucking care. We've also rubbed our c unts together when we smoke and kiss in public. That's our right. I'm glad you had a lovely time and dinner and Iike the sound of the necklaces you bought. What clothes did you get you little c unts?
    Renae xxxx

  • Ren and Lilly,
    Me and Freja are having the best valentines day and night. We been together the whole day, we went shopping crazy in the city, we got so many clothes for Alaska. We got me, Freja and Olivia these silver necklaces with 3 silver hearts on with a tiny diamond on, so we all have one each. 3 like means we 3 but also you 3 including Oskana. Then we went had dinner at this nice restaurant, some people were looking at us cos we was kissing hehe.
    Now we at Freja's house... ohhh our se#x toys were delivered this morning, so we are having lots of fun with them, Freja has already fu#cked my cu#nt with the strap-on which was so fu#cking good. We are just in bed taking a rest now but later Freja is going to fu#ck my se#xy a#ss, we got the lube ready. I will let you know if I like it or not hehe.
    Last night me and Olivia had se#x it was so beautiful she's so soft and sweet, she loved it so much. I love her little pus#sy so much. She was so loving to me to. It was fu#cking amazing. Both me and Freja are missing her like crazy tonight.
    I hope you, Lilly and Oskana had amazing dates with your guys.
    Renae I love you so much baby.
    Love your cu#nt Isabella xxxxxxxx

  • Our sl uts Freja and Izzy and the ever so beautiful Olivia,
    That's not to say that you aren't beautiful darlings Freja and Izzy, we love you.

    The men are here here before 6pm. They arrived early at 5.40 with black vases to hold a single rose so we could put our red roses in. They said they have another surprise for us when we get into the cars. We have to go in two cars cos there's 6 of us. It's almost 6pm on Valentine's Day night and aunty Narelle, Belinda's sister is doing our hair and make-up and hair exactly the way mum does it for Ren and I, with same colour eye shadow, long lashes, mascara, lipstick, and our nail polish is red today. She's finished Ren and I now she's doing Oskana's in a different colours, the same as mum has always done hers. Oskana is chainsmoking cos she's excited and nervous. She told aunty Narelle that her c unt is buzzing.

    I wish you two beautiful ladies had men to f uck tonight and it'd be cute if Olivia had a boy to have s ex with too on such a special day.

    Ren, Oskana and I are taking our school uniforms to Todd and Lars place tonight and we're going to school from their place tomorrow morning. The roses we got delivered to school today are beautiful. Aunty Narelle said their they're gorgeous. Mum hasn't seen them yet cos she's not home so we left them on the dining table for her to see. Dad's gonna buy her flowers.

    Love you two b itches and "little b itch," Olivia so f ucking much.

    Love always
    Queen B itch
    Lilly xoxo

  • Lilly,
    I wish I could be with you on Valentine's day, have a awesome day sweetheart.
    You give me butterflies in my cu nt. I will hold your hand while you're asleep. I would love your beautiful face between my legs. I love you.
    Give Valentine's kisses to Ren and Oskana for me baby. I send you lots & lots of kisses just 4 u xxxxxxxxxx
    xx xx xx Lilly's girl - Freja

  • Freja,

    Thank you sweetheart. I'm in class and I can't stop playing with myself. I'm thinking of you beautiful but I don't know whether to f ucking laugh or cry. Ren, Oskana and I received a single red rose delivered to our school today. Ren got hers from Lars, Oskana got hers from Todd and I got mine from Rhys, the guy that hasn't been f ucken circumcised. I was furious. Then we got texts and said they were just kidding but it's no f ucken laughing matter. I had the
    f ucken sh#ts real bad. On the tag on the flowers saying who they were to and from, was a note written "More great stuff tonight babes". We ripped the notes off and the teacher said the roses are beautiful. I asked if were allowed to go to the canteen to buy a bottle of water and she said okay be quick. Oskana put her pack of ciggies in her panties and out we went for a quick cigarette before we came back with the bottled water. When we were outside we gave each other a Valentine's Day kiss and Oskana grabbed a handful of Ren's c unt.

    Thank you for the kisses honey and I hope you will want too try to swallow c#m someday, Ren, Izzy Lilly and Oskana love it.

    I love you babe and please take care of "our' bump" love
    Love Lilly xoxo

  • Izzy
    Those ankle high boots on our little s ex bomb Olivia sound so cute. She'd get good looks from the boys if she was smoking when she wears them
    Ren Xxxxxxx

  • Freja,
    It's a f ucking bullsh it. If Olivia wants to call you mummy and y'all happy with it she should call you mummy. Ren and I call Belinda mum and always will. She's our mum. Even Oskana calls Belinda mum cos she loves her now but Belinda likes it.
    If Lilly wants to get with you, you and I should get drunk and f uck and we haven't f ucking met either.
    Have a good date with MY little girlfriend and I'm pleased she was chainsmoking before you went into the cinema.
    Love b ith

    Renae xxxx

  • Ren,
    I picked up Izzy and Olivia from cinema, they both loved the movie. They both lit up cigs when they got in the car, then they kissed more as we were driving home. When we got home Izzy gave Olivia her roses and chocolates and then they both had a drink of sparkling wine. Both my girls were so happy and in love. Then they went to bed with each other and I'm pretty sure they had se x. I know Izzy would have been so gentle and loving with Olivia's cu nt and Olivia will have loved it, Olivia could not wish for a better first lover. I popped my head in Izzy's room just before I wrote this message and both my girls are naked asleep in bed, Olivia is in Izzy's arms. Both girls are so beautiful and adorable.

    I will be Olivia's mommy as long as she wants me to be, I'm so proud of her and I'm so lucky she wants to call me mommy. When we shopping I got her this cute little t-shirt it said " I'm going to be a big sister" and she will be when my baby is born.

    Mom telephoned me earlier and apologised for being a bi tch this morning with me. I don't know why she has to be so nasty with me sometimes and causing me stress when I'm pregnant.

    Ren you would be so proud of our Izzy tonight sweetheart, she was the perfect first date and probably first fu ck for Olivia and I know she's asleep in bed with Olivia, she would want me to tell you that she loves you.

    Thank you for your support to sweetie.
    Freja xx xx xx

  • Freja,

    Don't get mad at me honey. I was meaning to say you give Oskana a belting for telling you what I had to say to you. It was not to say I wanted you to get the ar$e belting.
    Sorry if you thought I was being a c unt.

    I want to get drunk with you and f uck you even if we haven't met.

    Love Queen B itch xoxo

  • Lilly,
    My se xy Queen bi tch I'd never get mad at you sweetheart, it was just my mom being a silly bit ch.
    I never thought you was a cu nt, your not a cu nt anyway, your queen bi tch. I'd love to spank Oskana if it was ok with you both hehe.
    I love you Lilly.

    xx xx xx Freja and bump

  • Hey my Queen bi tch Lilly, se xy Ren and lovely Oskana,
    It's your girl Freja here. I have just dropped off my two se xy gorgeous girls Izzy & Olivia off at the cinema for their date, picking them up in about a hour so all on my own for now, so I thought I'd write to you 3 se xy bit ches.
    Lilly don't mention belting, Izzy was joking with my mom and she said laughing something like 'I can't do that, Freja will spank me again'. So then my mom proper ripped into me 'why you spanking Izzy', 'why do think it's ok to hurt her?', 'your violent abusing her'. I just started crying, Izzy defended me so much telling her that she liked being spanked and she wants it to hurt her, then I tried explaining it was just a part of our relationship, then she said Izzy was just saying that cos that's what victims do. I was so hurt by mom saying that I just started shouting and she was shouting at me, then Izzy told her to shut the fu ck up. Then Olivia came in to the room and said 'leave my mommy alone' to her. Then auntie Megan came in and then my mom had a go at her for letting Olivia call me mommy cos she doesn't agree with it cos apparently the kid inside me is more than enough pressure for me (cont...)

  • So anyway Auntie Megan told me, Izzy and Olivia leave the room. So Auntie Megan told me later that she tried explaining to mom that Izzy was submissive in mine and Izzy's se xual relationship and Auntie said that's more Izzy's choice than mine, then mom said how can a 10 yo know they want to be submissive, so she wouldn't even listen to mom. Ren you already know how submissive our girl Izzy is se xually and u haven't even fu cked her yet, when she talks about fu cking you, it's always her kissing your cu nt and making you happy and she likes being called names especially cu nt. Mom just thinks I changed her to be that way which isn't true. Then she had a go at Auntie saying she shouldn't let Izzy call her Megan and she shouldn't let Olivia call me mommy cos it's not right. So Auntie explained it was Izzy and Olivia's own choice what they called her and what Olivia calls me and it doesn't mean they disrespect her or love her any less. But mom didn't get it, so Auntie asked her to leave and go calm down somewhere. So after Auntie Megan and me had a long talk and she cheered me up, she checked with me if I liked Olivia calling me mommy cos she knows I was unsure about it at first, but I told her now I feel so lucky hearing her calling me mommy and I'm so proud of Olivia. Auntie also said there are something's my mom would never understand and my & Izzy relationship is one of those things. So Auntie gave me a big and then I got kisses off my beautiful Izzy and my new little daughter Olivia which cheered me up and then I was smiling again. Then I took Olivia shopping for clothes for her date with Izzy tonight and lunch on our mommy daughter day out. Olivia got the cutest denim jacket, denim little miniskirt, cute ankle boots (cont..)

  • And little white top with a lovely printed red heart on it and black tights. When she got dressed I put her a little makeup, did her nails and put her hair in plaits. My little girl looked fu cking hot i have to tell you ladies. So did Izzy, she had those fu cking hot fu ck me boots on again. When we got in the car they both sat in the back kissing. I parked in a quiet area cos we got to the cinema early so my girls could have a ciggy each. Then they had time for another ciggy, couldn't believe Olivia had another in such a short time after her first but she did, she such a fu cking cutie when she's smoking. Then they still had time for more kissing before finally going I to the cinema hand I hand. I am so proud of them, hope they both have an amazing date.
    I will write later ladies xx xx xx Freja

  • Hey Freja,
    Give Oskana a real f ucking belting honey. I told the little c unt to say in her post that I want to be the first chick you f uck with your new a. n. al. Beads but she forgot and just sent the post.
    Your f ucking Queen B itch
    Lilly xoxo

  • Izzy, Freja and Olivia,
    Awww we wud love to have a 6 girl orgy with you.
    Belinda is so good to me. She explained to my mum that if I was allowed to go
    f uck older guys she would feel safer about me going out with them. She has met Lars and Todd and said yes they are older than Ren's and Lilly s bf Craig and Brett but they are far more capable of looking after them.

    Belinda is the reason I'm allowed to drink, smoke and have s ex, now she has convinced my mum to let me f uck Rhys who is 20. I've got a brother who is nearly 14 named Renat and my mum doesn't let him smoke because she said he's too immature. Belinda is the kinda mum I want. Now I can join Ren and Lilly and go out with them with Lars, Todd and Rhys on Vallies Day and sleep with Rhys in their home on a mattress on the floor with him. I hope he's got a k. n. o. b I can suck and I'm looking forward to getting f ucked really hard.
    Oskana x

  • Oskana sweetie,
    I hope you and Rhys have a awesome date and then have a amazing fu ck after. He's so lucky to have a date with an awesome beautiful young lady like yourself honey. Our 6 girl orgy needs to happen, it would be the best se x ever.
    Lots of kisses
    xx xx xx Freja & Olivia

  • Freja, Izzy and Olivia,
    I can't f ucking wait until tomorrow night, it's Wednesday today. I'm c#nt excited. Lilly, me and Ren got caught smoking at lunchtime today behind the amenities block. Lilly and I were facing a teacher as she walked around the corner and saw Ren light a cigarette (Ren was facing us so she didn't see the teacher and then she exhaled a plume of smoke. We couldn't warn her. Lilly and I already had a lit cigarette in our hand. She just smiled and said having a good time girls, so I don't think she'll say anything to the principal about it. Lars, Todd, Ren and Lilly are STD free. They got their results back. They're so happy they can f uck. Belinda said Rhys and I should have tests.

    Isn't Lilly so f ucking cheeky, we met Rhys yesterday and the first thing she said to him was that Oskana likes circumcised co cks so I hope you've got a big k. n. o. b to suck. He said he hasn't been circumcised which is a f ucking b itch.

    I'm gonna let Olivia jump on his b. a. l. l. s

    Love Oskana xx

  • Yay I was the 250th poster & wrote to the love of my life, Izzy.
    Love Ren Xxxxxxx

  • Renae I'm happy you were the 250th poster, I love you so much. I hope you have a beautiful sleep, and I hope when you wake up having a message from me your girlfriend Isabella will make you smile. I'm happy you have dates for Valentine's day baby, I know you will have an amazing day.

    But I hope you and Lilly also make time for each other, cos I know you are Twins in Love, be nice to each other and take care of each other, your both so fu#cking amazing and beautiful. And give Oskana lots of kisses and love too.

    I have my valentines date with my sweet beautiful se#xy little sister Olivia tomorrow, I hope i can make it extra special for her. Olivia and her mommy (Freja) are shopping together for new clothes for her date. I'm sure Freja will buy her some fu#cking cute hot clothes. I asked Olivia what she wants me to wear, she say my fu#ck-Me boots, denim mini skirt and a white top, she say 'I will look fu#cking hot' if I wear what she says hehe.

    I'm glad your mom talked to Oskana's mom about her fu#cking Rhys and convinced her it will be ok. If Rhys doesn't look after her, tell Oskana that Olivia says 'I will fu#cking find him and jump up and down on his fu#cking b****". Hehe I think she has a thing for Oskana which us so fu#cking cute.

    Stay happy, Stay beautiful and be Amazing like always my beautiful girl Renae. I want your cu#nt so fu#cking bad babes.

    Your Isabella xxxxxxxx

  • Isabella my love
    I love you so much it hurts my heart.
    Look after yourself honey.
    Good night love
    Love Renae xxxxxx

  • Hi Megan,

    I am very pleased with the choice Ren and Lillly have made in befriending Todd and Lars and I have no hesitation at all in allowing them to have s ex their 20 year old guys. They are gentlemanly toward them. I know it’s early days yet and that won’t leave my mind. I have asked my girls to be open with me and tell me when they feel they have been ill-treated by them. I know what it’s like to feel afraid of an older man and I was sh it scared when I had an affair and got pregnant to a much, much older man who was married. . That’s when I’ll encourage the girls to break off the friendship. I want to meet their mum and I’ll do that before Valentine’s Day. It’s easier if she comes here because I’ll have babies to take with me if I elect to go to their place.

    The guys have offered to have medical examinations to detect any diseases they may have and allow me to open the results. Likewise I think it’s only fair that my girls provide them the same. The girls have a doctor’s appointment this afternoon.

    Love Belinda. xx

  • Dear Little Olivia,

    Thank you so much for the sweet kisses babe.

    I love you so, so much, beautiful.

    Love Ren xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Izzy, Freja and Olivia my s ex bombs.

    Todd and Lars want us to wear our f uck me boots and demin mini skirts when they take us out for Vallies Day dinner. They also want us to our watermelon colour tops. They want us to wear stuff. Oskana is coming with us, she met Rhys late yesterday afternoon but she has to introduce him to her mum first. Oskana hasn't got a watermelon colour shirt. She has got f uck me boots but I mentioned she couldn't get ones like ours. She's got a demin mini skirt like ours so it seems that we should all wear matching stuff so it will have to be white t-shirts.

    I hope Olivia starts to have s ex soon babes. Awww that'll be so f ucking cute. Take it so so easy easy on her little cunny sweethearts.

    Love Ren xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Hi my beautiful Renae, Lilly and Oskana,

    Ren I hope you're ok baby, been thinking of you lots today and just want to be with you. You make me so wet baby.
    What did you do to Lilly, what were u a bi#tch about?, I hope she did wake you up and fu#ck you. I love when Freja just wakes me up and say she her cu#nt licked, kissed and sucked on. So I do as she says cos I'm her little cu#nt and I love her.

    Lilly we didn't buy chains or masks haha but we got an#al beads and butt plugs as well as our dil#dos, vibrators and strap-on. I can't fu#cking wait until they are delivered, so excited hehe. Freja sends her love to our lovely Queen bi#tch.

    Oskana, I think your mom is wrong to try and stop you fu#cking that 20 year old, I think you can fu#ck who you want babe. I've just had this with my mom doesn't want me fu#cking guys over 18 but I said to her why is it ok for Olivia to start fu#cking if she wants to but I can't fu#ck men if I want to. She said it's cos men have more se#xual diseases and it's a lot more trouble for the guy if he gets caught fu#cking me if he's over 18 and wud be more hassle for me, but I said to her I'm always careful who I fu#ck. So she said I cud fu#ck men now but only if Freja has met the guy and is ok with it.
    Your little girly Olivia sends you kisses to cheer you up.

    Love you all, we shud have a 6 girl all night fu#cking orgy. We love you 3 se#xy girls.

    Izzy, Freja and Olivia xxxxxxxc

  • Izzy my babe,
    It's only right that Freja meets the guys you f uck. Lilly and I have got to be very careful. Lars and Todd have volunteered to have medical checks for our sake. It's their idea and mum said we're to have the same for them so we're going to mum's gyno to that today. She wants us to be very careful and that Oskana and we are not to talk to any of our friends that these guys are f ucking us.
    Mum has spoken with Oksana, Oskana's mum and convinced her that these guys we are f ucking are sensible. She asked them about drugs and Lars said "stuff drugs, if we want to get high, we'll hire a helicopter' haha. Over here we have P plate drivers for drivers who have not held licences for 3 years. They cannot drink alcohol at all and they have been breath tested several times when they drive and each time they have not been detected for alcohol. They have all their points and have not been ticketed for speeding or running red lights etc. Todd was pulled over by police because his P plate was partly not displayed but was given a caution because of his good driving record.

    Babe what is my sister's Freja's sister's name and does she live in Alaska or Sweden?

    I want you to f uck me with your new strap babe.
    Love, your b itch
    Renae xxxxx

  • Freja,

    I wrote to you about 2 hours ago when I got up for a cigarette at 3am. It's 5am now and I got up to have another cig but instead of going back to my bed I'm jumping into Ren's bed. I'm gonna have to wake her up and f uck her. She shouldn't have a b itch about that I don't think.

    Love to you my sl ut
    Lilly xoxo

  • Freja and Izzy,

    Awww you've got yourselves some amazing s ex toys, big di ldos I hope. Freja I hope you were thinking of my c unt when you were ordering online babe. Mum has been into s ex shops with dad several times and bought really kinky stuff like bed chains and masks, vibrators and butt plugs and a. n. a.l. Beads.

    I want a c unt plug to wear to school. Mum said she'll buy them for us but not to wear them to school cos we'll get too hot ny and we'll want to smoke at school too much. My c unt was buzzing to be f ucked again after Todd and Lars f ucked us, it felt so f ucking good I wish you and Izzy were here when they f ucked us babe.
    Your m#le
    Lilly xoxo

  • Izzy darling,

    Its nearly 11pm here babe and I'm going to bed.

    I love you so much and too much beautiful. Babe I want us to f uck real bad.

    All my love
    Ren xxxxxxxxx

  • Lilly, Ren & Oskana,
    Hi there beautiful girls, it's your girl Freja here. It's Valentine's day on Thursday, I just wondered if you girls had made any plans yet?
    Me and Izzy are spending the day together, just the two of us in the city shopping (for Alaska) and then having dinner out somewhere nice and romantic, then we have going to my mom's house (Mom is staying here so we have the house to ourselves) to watch a movie and then have wild se x including I hope doing something we both have never done before se xually :)
    On Wednesday so Olivia doesn't feel left out we are going to buy her chocolates and flowers from both myself and Izzy, then I'm going to take my little girl shopping for new clothes cos Olivia and Izzy are going to have their very own date night, they going to the cinema together.

    Friday is going to be another amazing day, I get to see my baby again, going hospital with mom, Olivia and Izzy for scan.

    Love your girl xx xx xx Freja and bump

  • Hey Freja, Izzy and Olivia,

    It’s Oskana, Freja I have to apologize for not answering you earlier post baby. I’ve had some sh#t going on with my mum (not Belinda) more about that later. Lilly and Ren said I should write this one to you.

    Now ten ciggies a day is a lot for a little 4 year old girl to smoke, how f ucking adorable is Olivia? I read a post from Megan the other day that Olivia enjoys smoking. Belinda really thinks Olivia is ready for s ex and we four girls have spoken about that together, Belinda, Ren, Lilly and myself. We discussed the many good reasons and it was unanimous among the four of us that she should start. Hayley was nowhere near ready and Belinda out why. Belinda said you and Izzy interact a lot more both s exually and spiritually with Olivia than does Hayley’s mum.

    You have a good Vallies Day with Izzy darling and I know that Olivia will have an amazing time at the movies with Izzy. That’s another thing Belinda mentioned when she rang today Ren and Lilly to pick up the babies from childcare. She said Izzy and Freja give Olivia quality time.

    Idk what I’m doing on Vallies Day yet, Ren and Lilly are going out to dinner with Todd and Lars. Now for the sh#tfight I’ve got at home. Mum –not Belinda doesn’t want me to get f ucked by 20 year old men. Belinda’s gonna have a word with her. Apparently the male twins have got me a man (also 20) and his name is Rhys (pronounced Reece). Lilly is a wild little b itch, she aked Lars if Rhys has been circumcised c ock cos her friend Oskana (me) only s ucks c*** that has a h ead. Haha

    She said she's proud of herself cos she's lined up Belinda and Megan to f uck and it's sweet that mum calls Megan honey and sweetheart. Lilly said she she have gone a step further and invited Kristina to join them in a 3some but Lilly wants to watch. She's said she should be allowed that cos she's the Queen
    B ich of the Lilly + Ren / Izzy and Freja F ucking B itch Society.

    Love y'all
    another B itch

  • Hey Freja, Izzy and Olivia,

    It’s Oskana, Freja I have to apologize for not answering you earlier post baby. I’ve had some sh#t going on with my mum (not Belinda) more about that later. Lilly and Ren said I should write this one to you.

    Now ten ciggies a day is a lot for a little 4 year old girl to smoke, how f ucking adorable is Olivia? I read a post from Megan the other day that Olivia enjoys smoking. Belinda really thinks Olivia is ready for s ex and we four girls have spoken about that together, Belinda, Ren, Lilly and myself. We discussed the many good reasons and it was unanimous among the four of us that she should start. Hayley was nowhere near ready and Belinda out why. Belinda said you and Izzy interact a lot more both s exually and spiritually with Olivia than does Hayley’s mum.

    You have a good Vallies Day with Izzy darling and I know that Olivia will have an amazing time at the movies with Izzy. That’s another thing Belinda mentioned when she rang today Ren and Lilly to pick up the babies from childcare. She said Izzy and Freja give Olivia quality time.

    Idk what I’m doing on Vallies Day yet, Ren and Lilly are going out to dinner with Todd and Lars. Now for the shitfight I’ve got at home. Mum –not Belinda doesn’t want me to get
    f ucked by 20 year old men. Belinda’s gonna have a word with her. Apparently the male twins have got me a man (also 20) and his name is Rhys (pronounced Reece). Lilly is a wild girl, she aked Lars if Rhys has been circumcised cos her friend Oskana (me) only s ucks c*** that has a h ead.

    Lilly said (go mum) when she read Belinda's post to Megan. she said it's great they both want to f uck each other senseless. And mum is calling Megan honey and sweetheart. She said they should have a threesome and invite Kristina to be f ucked.

    Another b itch
    Love Oskana <3

  • Hi Megan,

    I was reading between the lines when I said I can say Olivia is so ready for s ex. I can honestly say I didn’t feel the same way about Hayley who turns 5 on Wednesday. She is eight months older than Olivia and just doesn’t seem to have the same maturity that Oliva does. I blame her mother for that. It appears she hasn’t got time for Hayley and when she does, she treats her like a baby. Hayley isn’t inquisitive enough, which is a tell-tale sign of her immaturity. She doesn’t ask questions, I think she’s thinking things over but she doesn’t speak her mind. By that I mean she doesn’t seek answers to what she may think or ask any questions (in general about anything) and this is the only way a child can learn. To give you an example of the difference between Hayley and Olivia, Olivia either asked Izzy or Freja (I can recall who now without going back to posts) that they were going to live in Alaska and Olivia asked is that where Oskana lives? Now I don’t expect Olivia to be reading every post or even reading at this stage but at least she asked a valid and purposeful question which shows she’s inquisitive. This is because Izzy and Freja spend ample time with her and show her the love they both exude for her.
    This added with their carefree love making in Olivia’s presence helps enormously.


  • I have no problem at all with Olivia calling Freja, mummy as well as yourself. I can tell you now, Ren and Lilly were little bit ches to me when I started going out with their dad. Not when they were two, but when they were between 5 and the time they started living with us. They probably thought it was wrong and their dad should have been with their mum. They treated me horribly and I would bend over backwards for them for Rick’ sake, It wasn’t until they lived with us they wanted to call me mum because they confided in me an told me they drank, smoked and were having s x as I already mentioned to you. So I took it upon myself to allow them to engage in all three. During the same month I fell pregnant and they said if you don’t include us in the family by allowing us to call you mum, we’ll get pregnant and we’ll have our own families. They were serious and they sat Rick and I down and explained their way, so instead of them having to listen to us, we had to obey their rule for a change. It frightened the sh it out of me. We get on famously now and last week they told me they love me more than their natural mum. I said I can’t accept that, she went through morning sickness, labour pains and childbirth for you both. But I told Ren and Lilly I love them more than Liberty and Summer because it’s the truth and if they ever leave me for their mum, I’ll be devastated although I will thoroughly understand it. They gave me a kiss and said mum that isn’t on our radar and if you and dad ever split, we’re coming with you and the babies

    Now Oskana calls me mum when we’re out and it’s so odd, she and the twins are eleven but Ren and Lilly have blonde hair and blue eyes and Oskana has black hair and brown eyes like me. The twins are 5 feet 4 and Oskana is 5 feet 2. Lilly and Ren are sun-tanned and Oskana is as white as a sheet, so people look at us oddly.


  • I was going to mention a strap on to be used on Olivia when she starts to have s ex but only to prod her with it. I bought the girls each a glass d**** with a harness (a glass strap-on) . It’s actually made of Pyrex and Pyrex is used in many medical devices and household glassware. Pyrex is more hygienic than rubber or silicone because it’s non-porous and it doesn’t absorb any lubricants or body fluids. Pyresx is easier to clean. I get the girls to wash their strap ons in warm water, using an antibacterial soap.

    When the young ones want to s ex I have a plan to get Ren and Lilly to each prod their p-u-s-s-y-s gently with a glass strap on before they have s** with them to break them in gently. I think the best way to take their mind off it is to have Ren and Lilly kiss them passionately while they do that. Tell them it will hurt a little but once their hymen is broken they will feel good about having s ex. I’ve read that inserting two fingers in their vag is the safest way to stretch them but I’d ensure no long fingernails. I’ have to be there for the sake of the little ones when it all takes place.

    I have no problem with Ren and Lilly having s ex with the 20 year old twins Todd and Lars. Their manners are impeccable and they looked after my girls so well. I feel they’re safer with them than they have been with previous guys. I had s ex with a man almost as old as my dad when I was 13 and became pregnant with his baby. Fortunately or unfortunately I miscarried but I have to allow my girls the same in life. I saw a poem written as a Last And Testament and I’ve had it printed on rice paper and had it nicely framed and hung on the all four bedroom walls for the kids. It reads:


  • I give devise and bequeath unto my daughter, Renae,
    the unwanted gift of my personal experiences, I think not.
    Perhaps only the right to make the same mistakes and later
    not saying
    “I told you so”

    I had the same done for Lilly’s room, Liberty’s room and Summer’s room although the baby twins sleep in the same room at present and will continue to do so for some time yet.

    It makes me wild when anyone has a go at me for allowing my kids to smoke when they see them in public. I stand up for their rights but only if the restaurant or other places I take them aren’t crowded. I won’t embarrass them in front of all. But I will if only a few people take objection.

    I hope you’re able to handle your business in your present situation and that it’s going well. Above all, I hope your operation is a raging success. Let me know the date you go into hospital, I want to give you a thought. It seems as though Izzy is delighted bout the move the move to Alaska however Ren said, it’s a shorter distance to Alaska mum but I couldn’t go there, it’s too cold.


  • It’s so strange, I haven’t met you and I don’t presume to know you but you and I have built a good rapport, a bond sharing the same realistic values in life and you’re certainly the one I’d dearly love to make out with. If it wasn’t for Lilly repeatedly bringing it up I would never have thought about writing how I feel about you now. I didn’t think anything of it prior to that. Since then my imagination and l*** for you have been running wild.

    I'm thinking of you during your recovery sweetheart.
    Belinda xx

  • Hi Isabella baby,

    It was cute when I woke up and felt Todd's c ock chock a block up my c unt. He's a real stud with a big c Ock. Both guys are well hung and they have been circumcised. Iove s ucking on a k n**. A c unt queef is trapped air pushing out of your c unt when you're being f ucked love. I apologized to Todd when I did it cos I was embarrassed but he just had a bit of a giggle and he said it's good that I enjoy s ex so much. I love to swallow s punk. Tell Freja it's got vitamins and minerals haha. As you say it's a good remedy to bring a c Ock back to being hard after you've been f ucked. The guys were amazing to us and even poured our wine and lit our cigarettes at the restaurant. We just met their mum and Lilly was smoking when we went to the front door of their place. She said where can I put out my ciggie. Todd said bring it inside, it's okay to smoke. When we got inside the house and met their mum I lit a cigarette and his mum said eleven is a good age to start smoking and that she started when she was 12. Lilly said we really started when we were 6 years old but didn't inhale until we were 7. She had Todd and Lars when she was 13.
    Todd and Lars has a bf also 20 for Oskana and she can't wait to meet him.
    You're my sl ut babe and I love you for it. Love Renae xxxxx.

  • Ren baby,
    I'm so jealous of Todd seeing you wake up. I'd just die to be able to be in your bed waiting for you to wake up. You are so beautiful girl. I hope you have a sore cu#nt today even if it feels good after all that fu#cking baby, if I was there I'd kiss it better and clean up any of Todd's c#um.
    Oh cu#nt queefs are funny they happen to me lots if a boy fu#cks me doggy style hehe.
    I tell Freja what you say about cu#m and vitamins she say she still not going to swallow haha.
    We finally at home now after our amazing week away, feels so good to not have fu#cking school tomorrow. Snuggled up in bed with my girls Freja and a sleeping Olivia.

    I hope your se#xy sis had just as much fun with Lars baby. It's also cool their mom loves you both.

    I need to kiss your lips and your cl#it baby, love you baby.

    Your girlfriend Izzy xxxxxxx

  • Izzy,
    A c unt queef is like a fart that that comes out of your c unt.

    I should have said that although the guys c Ocks are really big they didn't hurt us because they made us so f ucking wet when they were f ucking us. Our c unts feel really good today and we want more

    Love Ren en Xxxxxxx

  • Renae,
    Hi baby, I'm so happy your date with Todd went so well. It seems you loved Todd's co#ck and he fu#cked you so well. Todd obviously loved it to, cos he put his co#ck in you while you was asleep haha. It sounds like the men really looked after you on ur date treating you like the beautiful ladies you are :-) what is cu#nt queefing baby?. I always swallow baby, Freja spits it out but she hasn't sucked as much co#ck as Me, I love sucking co#ck cos you can see how the co#ck changes, soft to hard n I can see the guys face n what he likes.
    I'm glad they were respectful to your mom and she likes them too, I'm sure Todd's mom will love you baby. I never told you but my mom thinks your a sweet hot se#xy girl anyway. You so deserve the best fu#ck always you fu#cking se#xy hot bi#tch.
    I always wear padded bras... well they are the only ones I have haha.
    Me, Freja and Olivia did some online shopping with mom for se#x toys, we only had 1 di#ldo before now we will have vibrators, dil#dos and a strap-on of all sizes :-). Mom is so cool, we laughed so much as well with all the funny things they sell and mom even bought some toys for herself.
    Have an amazing day tomorrow baby, I love you.
    Your sl#ut Izzy xxxxxxx

  • Belinda,
    I just wanted to let you know that I agree with you regarding age for smoking, drinking and s ex. I agree that their should be no age limits, cos everyone is
    different, some 12 year olds may not be emotionally ready for se x where as my Olivia at just 4 year old who's been brought up differently and with more freedom is ready, thats not to say she's going to have se x today or tomorrow but if Olivia wanted to, she could.
    There's to many rules and restrictions for kids that don't need to be there, like smoking, Olivia loves smoking, no one is going to tell me or her that she can't smoke. It's her right to smoke.
    The girls are all excited about the move to Alaska, Olivia was given the choice of staying with me and Kristina or going with Freja and Izzy, she chosen to go with Freja and Izzy. This didn't surprise me she has a special unique relationship with both girls. As you may of read she has started calling Freja mommy now, I'm fine with it, I'm not hurt by that. I think it's probably Olivia realising that Freja is going to be a mommy soon, so she wants Freja to be her mommy too.
    Sometimes I think give all the girls more freedom then they even expect, but i just want to give them choices to show how much I love and believe in them.
    Love Megan xx p.s it's a shame that we don't live closer we could have our own fun xx

  • Izzy, Freja and Olivia,
    I just woke up to feel Todd's c ock in my c unt and him f ucking the s*** out of me. He's a good bad man. His beautiful big c ock worked my c unt into a frenzy. Lilly woke up so grabbed Lars' c ock and put it up her c unt. Todd was relentless cos he couldn't c#nt earlier but this time he was ready and I was super f ucking wet and I was c unt queefing. Lilly said let's change partners babe. I said f uck off cos Todd was so f ucking ho rny and I just started to have a wave of multiple or gasms. Something I've never experienced before so I had to have a cigarette while he continued to f uck me. Then I had another cig and I stuck my tongue in his mouth as we kissed and this sent him wild. He f ucked me harder then he said open your mouth babe and blew s punk down my throat.
    Izzy and Freja, have you ever swallowed?
    Love from this f ucking b itch that f ucks men
    Renae xxxxxx

  • Our s exy girls, Freja, Izzy and Olivia,
    It's just on 10pm here and we arrived back at our place about 2 hours ago with Lars and Todd. We had dinner at a local seafood restaurant and Lars drove although we could have walked the short distance. The guys opened the car door for us and I was in the front with Lars and Ren was in the back seat with todd. They are thorough gentlemen and put napkins on our Laps and picked us up while we were still in our chairs at the restaurant and moved us closer in to the dining table. They bought us a, bottle of chardonnay and Ren and I shared a, seafood basket for two. The men didn't drink cos they said it wouldn't be fair on Lars cos he was the driver. Mum is really impressed with them. When we arrived home they said so we could hear girls, let's allow your mum to get to know us. Mum thought that was sweet. But after about half an hour she said goodnight girls, goodnight todd and Lars and she shook their hands and gave Ren and I a, kiss. She handed the guys a fresh bath towel.

    We all headed for rens bed for a foursome and the guys got us into the 69 position and ate us out good and proper while Ren and I sucked their big c ocks. F uck we've never had c Ock that big but they are beautiful big c ocks. We sucked then off until they blew their load of s**** on our ti ts then Ren and i came within minutes of each other.

  • They gave us good o ral for about 20 minutes. There was cigarette ash all over the bed by Ren and I smoking so the guys moved the nightstand closer to the bed for one ashtray and a small table close to the bed for another ashtray so we could both continue to smoke. We all had a ciggie but Ren and I smoke way more than the guys. It didn't take them long before they got h ard on s again so they lubed our c unts and their c ocks and as soon as they put their c Ock in our c unts Ren and I said Awww f uck.

    We rode their c ocks reverse cowgirl and they matched us every thrust, raising their ar$es off the bed with everyone of our plunges down on their rock hard sh aft. Every time we said f uck that f ucking c unt or give me that f ucking c Ock, they ploughed into us deeper, harder and faster. We changed partners a few times but Todd is getting so frustrated cos he can't come and they're both been f ucking us for nearly 30 minutes now. Ren and i tried letting him f uck our ar$e but he's too big, both guys are nearly 8 inches. Not as big as dad, but still big. We told todd and Lars when they feel like another f uck just roll us over cos Ren and I want to f uck all night.
    The men liked what we wore tonight and said they couldn't wait until they could f uck us. They said they can get Oskana a f uck and we're going to meet their mum tomorrow.
    We haven't finished f ucking tonight b itches.
    Love Queen B itch

    Lilly xoxi

  • Hi Heartthrob Izzy,

    Mum made us change out of our f uck me boots and into our black and red heels we showed you. She said we've got s exy calf muscles and lovely legs to show off. Mum spent over 4 hours on each on our make up. She' put our hair up and this makes us look older. Mum bought us padded bra s today just to give the impression our t its a bit larger. We've got them on. She said we can hold our guys hands tonight and told us to take our gold electronic cigarette lighters she bought us. She told us we look so f ucking hot and she's proud of us. She must mean it cos she don't swear much these days, not since the babies were born anyhow. The men are here now so I'd better go love.

    Love Ren xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Ren and Lilly,
    Hi sweethearts, have you decided what your wearing for your dates yet with Todd and Lars yet, both me and Freja think you both will look fu#cking hot in whatever you wear? Do you know where the guys are taking you yet? You both deserve to have a fu#cking amazing time, hope they are good in bed and give you two girls a good fu#ck. You both so fu#cking beautiful on the inside and out. We love you both!
    Ren baby Zak is black, Mom says black guys always have big co#ck and that's why he can't fit all of it in Me, I'm ok with other co#cks haha. Theo was cute I fu#cked him 3 times this week, but Freja thinks he loves himself to much, so she didn't hate him but didn't want to fu#ck him, he and Olivia's little girlfriend Elsa go home tomorrow anyway.
    Me and Freja was shocked by what Belinda and Megan said about little Olivia being ready for se#x so we talk to Auntie Kristina about it and she say we should look at it like Megan is trusting us by telling us that if Olivia really wants to have se#x that if it is with a young boy or even another girl that we make sure it's good for Olivia and we are aware of Olivia maybe having those feelings. So like a test for me and Freja maybe?
    Lilly, Freja says she loves you more than I love my Renae but that's totally impossible, cos I love you Ren so fu#cking much!
    Isabella and beautiful Freja xxxxxx

  • Our hearthrobs izzy and Freja,

    ThanQ for writing sweethearts. Mum suggests we wear our f*** me boots, our new red blousy type t-shirts and our short leather skirts when w go out tonight. They're picking us up in an hour and we're so excited. It's 5pm now. The leather skirt we showed you in the pic was modeled in the shop by a girl 5 feet 2, We're 5 feet 4, meaning the skirt is shorter on us than shown by the model. Oskana wants Todd and Lars to get her a 20 year old and we're taking a pic of her in our phones tonight to show them what she looks like.
    Izzy babe, it doesn't matter how long a c ock i sweetheart, a c unt can take it but don't let a guy stick int in your ar$e if it's too big.

    Freja and Izzy, mum is gonna write to you about Olivia having s ex. it's her personal opinion and her opinion only of how she will arrange Liberty and Summer to f uck as soon as mum feels they are ready. Mum said it may not matter whether you think she is right or wrong - there is no right or wrong because it's just an opinion.

    Hmmm it's hard to imagine that Lilly loves Freja more than I love Izzy, she's my f ucking little b**** and I want her that way.

    Love Ren xxxxxxxxxxx

  • Oskana, Lilly & Ren,
    It's your girl Freja here. Oskana I got to tell you when Olivia was told the news about moving to Alaska after a few minutes she whispered in my ear 'is that where Oskana lives mommy?', I could see she was a little disappointed when I whispered back 'no Oskana lives in Australia baby' I could see she was a little disappointed awww. Olivia smokes about 10 a day which is lots for a little girl. She has been playing with Elsa again today, it's there last day together they still giving each other lots of kisses and I think the most cute thing is that they hold hands like girlfriend's do and Elsa had a few more baby puffs. Olivia has seen real co ck hun, she even so it today with Elsa when Izzy and Theo fuc ked again. Auntie Megan agrees that Olivia is ready for se x which surprised me and Izzy. We not sure how we feel about it yet, I think we both kinda shocked what Auntie Megan said. Oh we girls are moving to Alaska in about 2 weeks, I'm really happy, for me it feels like I'm going home. Love you Lilly.
    xx xx xx Freja

  • Ren and Lilly,
    So Megan and Auntie Kristina told us the big news. On Wednesday Megan found out I have been excluded from my school forever for having lots of days off and bad behaviour. Auntie Kristina was sposed to go to a meeting at school this week but she forgot. So I would have to go to a different school which they know I would hate and it would make me very unhappy.

  • Hey

  • Then they put on and we talk to grandpapa and they tell us we are all going to move to grandpapa's in Alaska where lots of kids are home schooled. But also we can look after grandpapa and now he won't be on his own.

  • But also we can look after grandpapa and now he won't be on his own. But Me, Freja and Olivia are going to live with grandad first cos Megan needs her operation next month, so Auntie Kristina is going to move in with Megan to look after her, cos Megan can't have her operation in Alaska and would have to have her operation in New York but they have to sell our houses in Sweden so they are going to stay in Sweden and have operation here, then after Megan and Auntie Kristina will move to Alaska. Grandpapa has a big house in Alaska and he has a little house built next door, so when we move Me, Freja and Olivia can live in the little house on our own as long as we are good. But grandpapa will keep check on us and we have to help him to. And when Megan and Auntie Kristina come to Alaska grandpapa will live in the little house and we will all move into the big house.

  • I think It's so fu#cking cool I don't need to go school no more! Also Freja is so happy cos our baby will be Alaskan/American just like her. And we will all live together it's fu#cking amazing! We also very happy to live with Grandpapa and look after him, he so fu#cking cool he lets us smoke, drink and fu#ck and he was so happy when he find out Freja is going to have a baby. He is so happy we are all going to live with him, he say it's best news ever, we all love him so much, he is the most kind man ever.
    Megan say until her and Auntie Kristina get to Alaska that Freja is boss and grandpapa say she has to tell him if I'm bad cos he will tan my as#s haha.
    But sad thing is that we are all going to miss mom and Auntie Kristina so much but we are going to every day. So I'm really happy but a bit sad to.
    We all love you girls so fu#cking much!!
    Love from Izzy, Freja, Olivia and bump xxxxxx

  • Izzy, Freja and Olivia,
    You'e not moving to Alaska babes, that's too f ucking away from us in Sydney.
    Have you thought of me Izzy? Noooooooooooo you little c unt haha. I'm happy that you're happy about the move darling. I wish mum home-schooled us, we're allowed to be home-schooled in Australia and mum is a f****** qualified school teacher. It will save her and dad $16,000 a year each on Lilly and my private school fees, then they will save on our uniforms and sports uniforms if we're home-schooled. What's better will have more chance to smoke, drink and f uck.

    Mum said she has to work to pay for our cigs and acohol and just before the babies were born we had an extra two bedrooms built on and an extra bathroom. Dad even planned the bathroom for when the babies get older. He installed 5 lights above the vanity so mum, me, Lilly, Liberty and Summer can do our hair and makeup.

    The spa in that bathroom is nit working so it doesn't pump water through the jets. It's under warranty and dad is gonna call them up today. We love how the water jets spurt water in our c unts when Lilly and I are in the spa together.

    Lilly and I were were f ucking last night then she said to me she shouldn't have been such a c unt to me some weeks ago because she loves me likes she has loved no other person and then the little c unt gave me a love bite near my
    c unt. I said we're gonna get f ucked by Todd and Lars tonight and they will see it. She said well give me one on my c unt sweetheart, so I did.

    I love you little c unts Izzy and Freja and honey bun Olivia
    Renae xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Hi Freja,

    I haven't been on here very much so I've had to read a lot to keep up with the gossip.

    I knew someone had to reply to my post to Olivia. I didn't want Olivia to feel left out. I wanted her to have her own post. OMFG she's so cute, she smokes, how many does she smoke. Belinda reads these posts often and she thinks the time's right for Olivia to have s ex. Belinda is very open minded and says to us (including me) what adults enjoy, kids should always have the same privilege. She said age limits are a load of rubbish and asks "what is an age limit?" Her answer is when the child is ready and Belinda (whom I also call mum sometimes) said Olivia sees you and Izzy having s ex, she has seen pics of penises and strap-ons, she'll want the same s exual pleasure herself and she certainly is inquisitive enough or should be inquisitive enough (even if she's not saying words)) about s ex. Belinda mum she has been exposed to s ex. All this considered "mum" said Olivia is ready.

    "Mum" said you, Megan and Izzy might think that's extraordinary for her to say that cos she got a call from Brooke, to say that Hayley started school this year and told a lot of kids she smokes. Brooke was worried that Hayley might tell kids she was having s ex too. "Mum" is wary of Brooke and didn't offer her any support. Brooke could easily imply that Ren and Lilly got Hayley involved in s ex and mum is worried about that. She told Ren and Lilly not to f uck in front of Hayley any more.

    Love Oskana and I hope you all don't think Belinda is sl utty for saying what I told you.

    I have a certain mother/daughter love for Belinda myself, idk, it's hard to explain xxx

  • Lilly,
    Hi babes, hope you have had a awesome day baby. I just know you are so beautiful, I think there's something so special about you, I love you.

    Your girl xx xx xx Freja & bump

  • Oh thank you sweet Freja,

    I hope your day is filled with smokey kisses from Olivia and Izzy and I love you and your pending bub too.

    Thanks for being my girl honey
    Lilly xoxo

  • Hi Ren baby,
    You are right I deserved spanking for being a little cu nt. It hurt as well but it was ok. Mom calls it a good type of hurt cos it makes me wet to? I like Freja spanking me, Megan is proper soft with me. I hope you spank me one day.
    It's kinda funny cos Freja and Olivia are on one bed on Olivia's iPad writing to you guys and I'm on the other bed writing to my gorgeous girlfriend.
    When i go school I need ciggy right after it finish, when I get in car and it moves I have ciggy, I need it then then I have another one hehe, cigs after school are so fu cking good baby.
    Omg I'm so fu cking jealous you going to be fu#cking those 2 guys. I hope you cu#m lots baby. I know Megan is right that I should wait a bit before I fu#ck men cos Zak's co#ck hurt me last time we fu#cked he is so big and tall now. It's crazy that i could fu#ck him ok when I was 8. But now he got lots bigger and me not so much, I'm just a little cu#nt haha.
    I wish I was there with you, just to kiss your cu#nt better after you get fu#cked cos I love you baby.

    Your sl#ut and cu#nt Isabella

  • Hi Oskana, I'm (Freja) replying for Olivia she is super awesome but she can't read and write yet. So I read your full message, she was so excited she got her very own message. She's still calling me mommy, so don't get confused hehe.

    Hey Oskana I'm so happy I got a message from you. Mommy and Izzy say you are very beautiful and they show me pictures of Russian girls to show me how beautiful. I think you are fu cking se xy.
    I love smoking now it makes me the biggest coolest girl. I fu cking smoke lots now it's nice. Mommy say Ren and Lilly have baby sisters n they are twins and she show me photo of baby twins so I can see they are same. Mommy has a baby in her belly to I kiss it all the time I'm going to be big sister. I think twins smoke when they get big big girl like me.
    Mommy show me picture of strap-on for fu cking, so girl can fu ck like a boy. I seen my Izzy fu ck boys and I see mommy and Izzy fu ck lots now. They in love and kiss lots. I want to fu ck but mom (Megan she means) so I'm to little and I have to wait till I get lots bigger, so I have bigger cunny . I can kiss like big big girl now, I kiss mommy lots and Izzy. I want kiss you lots. I think co cks are funny they make me giggle. I am big big se xy girl now and can sleep in big girls bed. Can I sleep in your bed.
    Izzy talk about Ren all the time, all day she says she want to fu ck Ren so much. (cont..)

  • Izzy darling,

    Lilly and Ren have used mum's 9 and a half inch d***** in our c unt and it's safe sweetheart. Mum said keep the toy c ock well lubricated at all times and it ill slide easily into our c unts. If it isn't moist or our c unts aren't wet that's when the problems start cos the c ock kis made of silicon and it will grab on the c unt tissues. she said never put something that big up our ar$es it is way too big and and it may cause damage.

    She has instructed us NOT to allow Todd and Lars to f uck us a.n.a.l.l.y and she means every word of it cos she saw the impression of their c ocks through their tight football shorts when they dropped us off after their football training last Monday night. She said they are big guys.

    She told us if our c unts aren't wet enough when they f uck us, then we're to use plenty of KY Jelly and she bought us two tubes of it each and put them on our beds.

    It's interesting what mum said about Olivia being ready to f uck. I asked her if Liberty and Summer were in the same situation and 4 years old, would she encourage them to have s ex. Mum said absolutely and she's said many times, age doesn't matter to one's enjoyment and life shouldn't be controlled by age.She said, she'd set out stipulations about them having s ex but that is all.

    I love you honey and I want to s uck your t its and play with and lick your c unt, pash you and hold you in my arms.

    Love Renae xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • .....I got new big girl dress and heels (Freja- cute short dress and she got cute little heels, she's going to look a hot little girl!) at shop today. I'm going to wear it tonight when we all go out. Izzy is going to paint my nails and do makeup to

    I have new friend Elsa I make her try ciggy today she try 4 puffs. She didn't cough but they were tiny puffs cos she was scared. Elsa is at this hotel we play together after breakfast everyday in mommy and Izzy's room. Today I kiss her lips lots but not big girl kisses. I tell mommy I want to fu ck her cos she is funny and pretty. You can fu ck me if you want Oskana it's ok I'm big big girl.

    Byeeeee I give you lot of kisses

    Olivia xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Haha BIG girl Olivia,

    As Belinda said we all say you're ready to f uck sweetheart. Maybe you should start with some girl or even a boy younger than me. Now I'm not rejecting you honey, I think you're a f ucking hot little number, young lady. I think you're even too hot for Elsa.

    All my love to you darling.
    Oskana. <3

  • Izzy and Freja,

    School is out and we were too hot and bothered to get changed so Lilly, Oskana and I are smoking at the bus stop in uniform. Lilly and I are school transport prefects for our primary school anyways so if anyone tells on us we'll give them
    f ucking s***. We were dying for a cigarette.
    Another spoilt little f ucking c unt that wants her own way.
    Love you sl utty Izzy
    Ren Xxxxxxx

  • Belinda decided it'd be better if we go to school after lunch cos it'd look suspicious to say we all got food poisoning. She rang and said we all had takeaway last, Lilly threw up and Ren wasn't feeling too well, so she kept us at home to see how we go. She told the principal Oskana was with us. We were f ucking tired all day. Cigs would have kept us alert in class and we would have been able to concentrate had we been allowed to smoke. The lack of cigarette breaks we get at school is the only real thing we hate about it.
    All my love, ciggie stsrved
    Ren Xxxxxxx

  • Hi my sl ut Izzy,
    I'm so glad Freja spanked ur spoilt at sea so f ucking hard for being a little c unt. Serve you right. She should have f ucked ur ar se good and proper.

    I can't wait until Megan tells you the news tomorrow sweet ti ts, you'll have to share it with me when you find out.

    Only two nights until Lilly and I get f ucked by Todd and Lars. Mum said they're very polite young men and told us to be respectable young ladies when we're out to dinner with them but be really f ucking who res when they f uck us when we get home. Mum said they can stay the whole night. Yay.

    Your f ucking m ole,
    Ren Xxxxxxx

  • Olivia little sweetie,

    Awww I'm so, so happy you're a smoker sweetheart and you've joined the BIG girl brigade. So f ucking cute. Belinda wants to adopt you honey but we know Megan, Izzy and Freja won't hear of it. We can't wait until the baby twins start smoking and Lilly and Ren have been given the awesome take of f ucking them. Belinda said they have to use the smaller strap on c ocks Ren and Lilly use when they have ar ses f ucked.

    Belinda doesn't swear near enough as she used to unless Rick's f ucking her hehe. She said Lilly and Ren do enough of that for the whole family.

    I love you BIG girl and I wish I had a little sister I can corrupt.

    Kisses Oskana xxx

  • Ren baby,
    I'm sorry for being a little cu#nt and not writing to you. I love you. I have been a bad little wh#ore fu#cking Theo and not giving enough attention to you and Freja. Freja did fu#ck the sh#it out of me and gave my a#ss a spanking which I deserved she even told me off for not writing to you. I been a spoilt fu#cking brat again I guess.
    We all staying at this fu#cking lush hotel till Sunday now.
    I wish so much I could have been at your fu#ckfest last night in your bed with you baby. We got the best moms letting us skip school haha.
    I want to kiss and suck your ti#ts sweetheart, I know your beautiful. I love being your cu#nt so fu#cking much.
    Mom and Kristina got some big thing to tell us tomorrow, I hope it's something good haha.

    Love you always beautiful
    Izzy xxxxxxxxx

  • Freja and Izzy,

    I hope one day that all us b itches can f uck one another. Ren, Lilly and I had an amazing f uckfest last night in Ren's bed. They have a double bed each, I've only got a single. We f ucked, smoked and drank throughout the night. Belinda tried to get us up for school and Lilly told her mum we're so tired and f ucked, and asked her if we can we stay at home.

    Belinda said okay, I'll ring the school and tell them you've got food poisoning from the takeaway she bought last night. We didn't have takeaway. Now we can stay home, go to the beach and find guys to f uck Isn't she so f ucking cool?

  • Freja my b itch,
    I'm glad you and Izzy made up and now show your love to her and f uck the s*** out of her.

    It'd be so f ucking cute if Olivia taught Elsa to smoke.
    I love you baby girl
    Lilly xoxo

  • Hi Belinda, Lilly & Ren,
    It's your girl Freja here, Izzy and Olivia are here too. Me and my sexy gorgeous Izzy have made up and we're all having a ciggy in our room.
    Ren, Izzy says she loves you so much. Izzy been a little sl ut again she fu cked Theo the boy she met yesterday this morning again while they were both sposed to be looking after their little sisters. But Olivia got on well with Theo's sister has a new friend who's nearly 7yo called Elsa. Elsa doesn't smoke but Izzy said she was fascinated by Olivia smoking, Olivia offered her a cig but she said no.
    Me and Mom took Auntie Megan to a salon to have her hair and nails done this morning, when Megan fu cked the other day she only had a little pain next day. Mom has paid for us all to stay now till Sunday cos Auntie Megan seems to be happy here and she deserves to have all the beauty therapys and be pampered, after everything she's been through and the hot tubs are helping so much with her legs, she has less pain after and it's even helping with her walking.
    I feel so lucky that you wrote to me Belinda, thank you. Your right it was wrong of Zak's mom to try to stop Olivia smoking at hers. I could tell Auntie Megan wasn't happy with it, so I offered to have a word for her. I was calm when I spoke to Zak's mom I just explained that Olivia is addicted to cigarettes now and needs to smoke just as she does and that Auntie Megan was disappointed in her for her attitude and she was thinking of keeping Olivia at home now all day. Also that Auntie Megan was paying her to look after Olivia and keep her happy. So that worked I think. (cont...)

  • .....Lilly my love, I have only been sick once so feel so lucky my morning sickness is ok so far and the beginning of a pregnancy is sposed to the worse for sickness, so hopefully I will be ok. I'm more h**** than I was before and somehow being pregnant has given me more self confidence, I think everyone that matters to me being so positive about it has helped. Also increased my smoking too so this might have helped too. Thank you baby for being so sweet, I love chatting to you so fu cking much and I want to fu ck you so much. I'd love you to kiss my baby bump.
    Olivia has been calling me mommy again today, I told Auntie Megan and Izzy about it they both still think it's cute and don't mind at all. Olivia even said to Auntie Megan that she's mom and I'm mommy she just laughed. I still think it's just a phase and she will go back to calling me Freja soon. I do feel super priveledged though.
    Ren honey tell your dad that Auntie Megan does smoke during se x but Izzy has never heard her talk dirty, she's heard her moaning and even screaming during being fu cked though. She doesn't even say fu ck much, she's not like Me, Izzy or Olivia for that even my mom swears more than Auntie Megan. I try not to call our little cu nt cu nt when she's about just out of respect for her even if our Izzy loves it.
    Hope you girls have a amazing day. We all love you. I love you Lilly, Ren babes Izzy say she loves you and Olivia say she loves you both :-)
    xx xx xx Freja, Olivia & Izzy

  • Hi Beautiful Freja,

    Awww my mum wrote to you, how sweet is that?
    When our bio mum bought our bio clothes, she only paid for them.
    Ren and I knew we what we were looking for before we went shopping honey.
    Our bio said we were hot wearing them an looked s exy when we were smoking.
    Belinda was so excited she bought exactly the same as us, she loved our outfits, thank you for liking them sweetheart.

    I’m very well thank you and I’m like mum baby, I hope you don’t have a hard time with your pregnancy. It’s cute you’ve ot a baby bump, I want to kiss it and work my way down to your c unt. I want a baby so f ucking bad. . Mum - Belinda smoked dope when she first got up in the morning to get her through morning sickness because she had to go to work in her salon haha.

    Belinda is a gorgeous looking woman, I can say that honestly and she’s beautiful within herself. She often says we are pretty but there’s a difference between being pretty and her super attractiveness. She said we’re only young and faces develop differently with other attributes we will get by way of looks. Of course there are times she gets mad at us like when we smoke in school uniform and when Ren went to the music festival and we stole her jewellery. She doesn’t rant and rave tho. We ended up telling Belinda we love her more than our bio mum and she said it may be unusual that we do and she told us she loves Ren and me more than she loves Liberty and Summer but don’t ask her as the years go by because she may not know true answer. She said her biggest concern is that we might want to go and live with our bio again and that will destroy her. We said we wouldn’t. Then she said if if our bio- had a nicer bf would we go back and we said no way.

  • It's cute that Olivia calls you mummy. When we started living with Belinda we called her mum and soon after we were out having lunch with her when we called her that. We were smoking and an old man was giving mum the sh1ts. He said your kids are only 11 or 12 at the most and you allow them to smoke and what's more he said to mum you only look about 22 yourself so keep your legs closed young lady. Mum didn't think it was any of his business to explain to him that she's not our bio mum and she went off her t1ts and said don't
    f ucking tell me what to do with my kids.

    Freja mum said she feels so much for Megan and can't imagine the pain she's going through and it's a shame she can't enjoy s ex because of it. Please let us know how she's going from time to time.

    I want your c unt on the dinner table tonight you little sl ut
    Love Queen b itch
    Lilly xoxo

  • Freja,
    It's Belinda here. I've been meaning to write to you for several days now. I need to commend you for speaking to zac's mother about Olivia's right to smoke in her home, given she (Zac's mum) smokes in the house. As Megan rightfully said, her roll is to look after Olivia as a paid child sitter and nothing else.

    I'm proud of you for speaking up and I trust your aunty Megan is equally proud.

    I hope your pregnancy goes very well and that both your and your bump and eventual bouncing bonnie babe are very healthy.

    Love Belinda XX

  • My little c unt Izzy,
    Dad talks really dirty to mum when he f ucks her so that should really get her c unt squirming. He's got a smoking fetish too so it'd be good if Megan smokes when dad f ucks her. I know mum gives him smokey head little b itch.
    All my love

  • Lilly,
    Hi my sweetheart, my little Queen bit ch, I would fu ck you any time my lovely. I hope your ok, those 2 guys sound hot honey, nice age for you babes. They lucky guys if they fu ck you.

    Your bio mom sounds cool sweetie, nice clothes and shoes, you'll look so fu cking hot and gorgeous in those beautiful. Even if her bf is a co ck.

    I'm happy for you that Belinda is starting to trust your taste in guys. Belinda is so cool! I bet she's se xy & beautiful herself. How's your girl Oskana? I'd love to be in bed with you and her.

    My mom says I'm getting a baby bump, I don't really see it, yesterday after swimming I was sick for first time but felt ok a few hours later.

    That little cu nt Izzy fu cked another boy this morning he was 15 she got talking to him in the kids area Izzy was with Olivia and he was with his little sister. But I wasn't in the mood for fu cking so I took Olivia to the shops. I got stopped in Moms car by police which was super scary cos one of the backlights were out but I showed them my sis's driving licence, he did say I looked younger in real life than my pic hehe. Good job we looked so similar. I'm a good driver, started driving when I lived in a tiny town In Alaska when I was 12, no one cares there and I can park better than mom. Anyway me and Olivia had awesome day together, she's so pretty, sweet and funny, every time I bought her something I got the biggest hug, we went in a toy shop and her and another little girl were playing together and the little girl asked her if I was her mommy and Olivia said yes, I didn't know what to say and then the little girls mom started talking to me like I was her mom, and the mom was pregnant too, so i told her i was pregnant so we talked about babies for a bit while the girls played and before she went she said I wish I looked as young as you do with a 4yo. It was a bit crazy but was first time I've felt what it's like to be a mom, sorry for boring you honey.... (cont..)

  • Then Olivia kept teasing me all day after that calling me mommy. I told Auntie Megan when we got back and she just laughed.
    That boy was still in our room with Izzy when