It’s ok to let your child smoke at a young age

Sooo a lot of people keep talking about how they don’t know if it was the right decision to let their kid smoke at a young age... If my child wanted to start smoking I would let her as long as she was 8 or older. I started smoking when I was 12....both of my parents are heavy smokers going through about 2 packs a day. Even my step parents are heavy smokers. On my dads side their is a lot of drug and alcohol use..Not a surprise that I smoke! Your child is pretty much growing up in a world filled with different tobacco products that lots of people use. If you let your child smoke and they have never done it before and they try it once and they end up hating it ask them if they would like to try a different brand if they say yes then support them don’t tell people that will get mad at you for letting your child smoke! Remember you are not a bad person for letting your child smoke. Lots of people say you have to be 18 to smoke and buy cigarettes. That’s not true. It is not against the law to smoke before the age of 18.

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  • You are not a bad person for letting your kids smoke

    Now where I live (UK) it's unfortunately illegal for kids to buy cigarettes, but there's no law stating that they can't smoke them (and if there is I don't give a **)
    This is great that you let your kids smoke.
    How many have you got and what do they smoke?

  • I do! 9 kids, 8 smoke, 1 is going to get introduced to it when he turns two, he already begs me for puffs

  • That is great

  • Do u have any that smoke

  • Are u giving him puffs yet

  • Sorry I haven't been on in a while
    Yes I am now. Ollie turned 2 on the 15th. He's getting used to it quite nicely, just having puffs on my and his older siblings' cigarettes when we are at home or in the car
    Also my wife is now pregnant with our tenth child expecting child 10 in early October :)
    Obvs gonna make baby smoke asap

  • U are a great parents let your children smoke

  • U and your wife are doing a great job do u have friends children smoke drink do drugs

  • Good when u have the baby i can not wait to start puffing on cigarettes

  • Does ollie inhale the cigarette

  • Yes

  • Does het let the smoke go out of his nose my 3 children do that so good

  • Sometimes yes

  • I have one she started smoking at 7 and first had ** at 8
    She's ten and she's got triplet sons.

  • That is great

  • Is she giving her babies puffs yet

  • Any other friends let there children smoke

  • Does she put cigs in there mouths yet to ** on it

  • That is great what brand does she smoke

  • Any other parents let there children smoke young

  • What do you mean "as long as they are eight or older"
    Let them smoke when they want and let them ** when they turn ten (or if they feel comfortable earlier, great!)


  • Sorry folks,
    We haven't been around here for a while. Ren and I are both pregnant but will have her babies about before mine. I smoked 5 packs of cigarettes when I found out I was pregnant last Monday bc I was so excited.

  • Mum said she'll think about letting me and Ren get pregnant when we're 14. The only things she's worried that she'll have to help us with the babies and because Ren and I are twins there's a good chance we'll have twins. The other thing is mum has twins of her own and they'll be 3 next month and Ren and I are going to teach them to smoke then.

  • I like older men f ucking me when I'm smoking


  • How old are you lilly?

  • I'm 13

  • Lilly,
    Sure I'll let you and Ren drink until you're both drunk. You can swear as much as you like and how many cigarettes do you smoke a day. You both can f uck your little as sess off too.
    Who is prettier, you or Ren?

  • Hi Pam,
    We're both fairly pretty, Ren and I are identical twins.

  • Pam well you know Ren and me swear like real f ucking bad and we drink and sometimes get f ucking drunk and we smoke and we f uck. Are you sure you want a pair of 12 year old twins like us.

    Will you let us do all those adult things.

  • I have one like you so whats more?

  • You don't make any sense. More than what b*tch?


  • Who gives a f uck b*tch

  • Sorry I have a 12 year old like you so whats 2 more? haha

  • Lilly,
    I don't care how much trouble you and Ren cause me, I love you twins and I'll love you like my own.

  • Iivvy, Megan, Freja and Izzy,
    Come back you bi tches
    Love osky

  • Cate,
    Come back please

  • It isn't against the law for kids under the age of 18 to smoke.

    So come on girls, spark up a cigarette.

    Read this


  • It was me who posted to you Ren,
    I'm Pam and I have posted to you and Lilly before.
    I wish you twin girls were my daughters because I love you both.
    Okay darlings have a smoke with me.

  • Pam

    Ren and me are double trouble.


  • Yes our real lets Lilly and me smoke but we're only allowed a pack and a half on weekend days and holidays and she won't let us drink as much alcohol as Belinda did. Our real mum doesn't let us f uck boys either but we can f uck each other. But we still f uck boys behind her back.

    I wish people would put their name when they post to us.


  • Ren and Lilly
    Does your real mum let you smoke like Belinda does?

  • Lilly and me are living back at home with our real mum and Belinda is not real happy about it and we are not happy about it either. But we're closer to our friends that we used to go to school with.

  • Cate,
    Come back.

  • Ren, Lilly and all.

    About a week ago I wrote that my mom is teaching my 4 year little sister to smoke. She's doing so well at smoking now and she is inhaling every drag.
    Last night was the first time she woke up to have a cigarette. I told mom that she might be ready to start having s** but mom said she's too young and too small, what do you think.

  • What brand does she smoke

  • How is she smoking know is she smoking a ppd

  • Where are the twins - Ren and Lilly, I miss them?

  • My mom is teaching my 4 year old little sister to smoke.

  • Lilly and Ren, even Oksana where are y'all

  • You are old enough to smoke at 12. As mum said If your mum and dad smoke I bet they tried their first cigarette before they were ten it's just that some people who try a cigarette at ten or before keep smoking. Mum said they are hypocrites if they don't let their kids smoke.


  • I love smoking, but 12 is too young to make that decision.

  • How old are you and when did you start smoking


  • This is a smoking fetishist's post... pay no attention.

  • There are plenty of ppl who love smoking fetishes. Join us.


  • To the person who posted the above, why do you think it's okay for children to smoke as long as they are 8 or older. My twin girls started smoking when they were 6. Am I REALLY that bad of a mum?

  • No daughters lilly and ren are the bbabies puffing on cigs

  • No belinda u are fine how are u from greg

  • Fetish post.

  • The government is supposed to relax some of the coronavirus rules tomorrow, thank f uck.

  • Let's not forget its Lola's 10th birthday this month too. I hope she gets her c unt f ucked so so good.

  • Hi Freja honey,
    Get back on here quick smartly or I'll f uck your ar$e sweetheart. I need to do that anyways as a present for your 18th birthday you little c unt. I can't wait until Ren and I are 18 bc she, mum and I are gonna f uck men for money. Yup we're gonna be escorts.
    Love Queen B itch
    Lilly xoxo

  • Where are the twin girls Ren and Lilly. I miss them on here?

  • Belinda
    You are a great mom for letting Ren and Lilly smoke. I'm 14 and my mom won't let me smoke although I do smoke and I love it lotz. How can I get my mother to let me smoke?

  • I mean to say,

    Does your mother smoke?


  • Mater,
    Does your mother smoke?

  • Sounds like u need a new mom haha just kidding. That ** but dont really have advice as i let mine smoke, she is 12

  • Mum is taking Ren and me to a cocktail dinner party on Saturday night. She's holding it for clients and she's going to let Ren and me drink but she wants us to drink responsibly. She wants us to sit on 3 cocktails throughout the evening. Mum said she doesn't particularly care how much we smoke.

  • Our ** clothes that we ordered online last week haven't arrived yet. They were supposed to arrive last Friday. I'll send you all links of what we have on order.

  • Oksana, Amelia, Tegan and April,
    Our new ** leather thigh high boots, leather micro mini skirts, red stilettos and red blouses haven't arrived yet. They were ordered online days ago and meant to arrive last Friday.

    I'll send you links of the stuff we have on order.

  • I want to hear from Cate real bad.

  • Oksana, Amelia, Tegan and April,

    Mum bought Chloe, Lilly and me some really f ucking hot leather gear and stuff online. They'll arrive by Friday. I'll send you all links


  • Now there're talking about pubs and clubs not opening until September. We'll never get to f uck. This government couldn't organize a f uck for themselves.

  • Lilly,
    Even if clubs and hotels reopen, everyone has to obey by the distancing rules. We won't be able to f uck.

  • When Ren, Chloe and I were at nan's place last night mum went shopping and ran into a friend who works at our local sports club. He told her the club may reopen in 3 weeks. It may mean that hotels will reopen too so we should be able to meet men for s ex.

  • April,
    It will be no fun at all if guys can't attend not to mention your mum wants to be there.

    We'll have to skip Amelia's birthday this year. She'll be watching our every drink.

  • Ren, Lilly, Tegan, and Oksana,
    Amelia's birthday is coming up and this is the first of our 13th birthdays and we can't get together to party. Mum is wanting to hold something for her but she's afraid we'll be noisy and the neighbours will alert police. If mum does something for her, mum will have to be here at our place to make sure noise is minimal. It's a shame we can't invite the guys.

  • Cate
    Come back

  • It's so f ucked up that Cate has had to leave. Thanks to Phillip and his c unt of a mother. I hope they get really f ucked off with Cate when they can't find her and Lola.
    I hope she is able to drop us a short message here and there.

    I want to see that Cate and Lola are also able to f uck men.


  • Mum said prime minister Scott Morrison may ease the restrictions on the coronavirus which may give us a chance to f uck for money if the government gives the go ahead to open hotels.

  • Ren and Lilly
    I need a f uck like right now.

  • Oksana,
    I was the first child to write to Cate and she's been great to have and mum told us this morning she's going to miss her bad. Cate mentioned to mum that she should talk to a barkeep so we can have paid s ex. This coronavirus is so f ucked, it could be costing us a lot of money. I had a ** about recently and my c unt jewellery was so f uckin' wet.

  • Ren Lilly and Belinda,
    I'm sad that Cate may not come back. I'd like to hear from her too and see if she and Lola can f uck men together for money. She has given me some advice and I thank her for that.

    Phillip, his brother and mother have f ucked up Cate and Lola's lives. I really hate the c unt.

  • Cate,
    Perhaps I'm selfish in that I'll miss your friendship here. Ideally I'd love to hear from you now and again but I fully understand Lola's safety is paramount to you both. Is Mark assisting you?

    Above all I'm very pleased that you and Lola have found one another.

    As always,
    Take care


  • Belinda,
    This will be my last post for awhile - perhaps never.
    I'm taking Lola and leaving. I've decided that I will not return her
    to that woman, or that life.
    I'm receiving some unexpected help with my situation. It requires
    that I go dark. Permanently.

  • Belinda,
    Sorry. Mark and his boys are leaving this morning.
    Lola and I are fine
    We've been a bit busy. Some news later.

  • Cate,
    I haven't heard from you for a few days. I hope you and Lola are well. Stay safe.

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